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I'm Sorry

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"People make mistakes. I have made many in my life, but this past week I have made more than I can count on one hand.

I am sorry. And I mean it. No one is forcing me to write this. I am not feeling pressured to say this. I am speaking out because I realize that the last few days have been more hurtful to me - and many others - than the repeated blows I suffered to my head in Toronto this past weekend.

I have been filled with incredible sadness and regret.

I am sorry that any good work I have done for promoting equality may be tainted by me reclaiming a hurtful word - that's been personally used against me and the gay community - to hurt someone that was verbally attacking me. It was stupid.

Apologizing for me is not easy. Writing this was not easy. Life is not easy. But everything happens for a reason and I will take away a lot of valuable lessons from this experience.

Violence is never the answer. Never.

Victims should not be mocked.

The "F" word will never be uttered from my lips again. Just as others use the "N" word to insult and hurt - or as part of their everyday speech - I challenge them to remove it from their vocabulary as well.

Hindsight is always 20/20, they say. I should have been the bigger man and walked away from an unfortunate situation. Instead, I chose - in a very misguided way - to stand up for myself and only made things worse by how I - under pressure, anger and extreme emotion - handled the situation.

I am sorry.

I am NOT apologizing to GLAAD. I could care less about them, my former employers.

I am apologizing to the gay community, to anyone who was hurt by my choice of words, and to all the people who have ever emailed me to thank me for all that I have done to fight for gay rights over the last few years.

I have reached out to Isaiah Washington, someone I incorrectly labeled a homophobe in the past, despite his own public statements that he was not.

I will be donating any money collected from my lawsuit against Polo Molina, road manager for the Black Eyed Peas, to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

And I will continue to speak out for equality and support the great work done by LGBT organizations, such as LAMBDA Legal and HRC.



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  1. 801

    Re: Svenja
    Er hat ihn schwul/Schwuchtel genannt…und Fergie fugly/f*cking ugly ;-)

  2. 802

    but by not apologising GLAAD, your not really apologising are you? you need to take proper responsibility for your actions mario

  3. Sezzy says – reply to this


    "victims should never be mocked" unless its rihanna

  4. 804

    DAMNIT! I HATE THIS!!! It is truly my biggest pet peeve.. it's I could NOT care less…. Fix it, Perez!!

  5. 805

    dude i think you should stop talkin so much shit about people and start worrying about yourself cause obvi ur the one with the problems and u have nothin better to do than talk shit about other people ur jealous of..if you only knew what people say about you my friend…ohhh ya grow up cause Karma's a bitch b…find a new Carrier where people can actually have some respect for you…ohh wait a min that will NEVER happen
    yours truly

  6. 806

    Perez stop being sorry, seriously. You said it once and I think it's enough. If people can't see how you really meant it the first time is their problem. Anyway this proves that you are really a good person..

  7. 807

    Perez, you are strong. I am a big fan. You say it like you mean it and I have great respect for you.

  8. 808

    i love you perez!

  9. 809

    lindsay lohan would know better mario. how dare you hurt multiple communities. you clearly heard Gaga telling you the right choice. jane fonda or kathy griffin can't even begin to get you out of this one.

  10. 810

    It was necessary for the little credibility you had left to apologize, else your career as a gossip queen would have been over.

  11. 811

    Some of the comments on here are so funny. You'd think if you were going to try to insult someone you would at least try to make sense, not type in all caps and use the correct spelling of words.

    Very nice Perez!
    There is never any need for violence!!

  12. 812

    very sincere, that would have taken alot.
    your a good person.

  13. 813

    If every other sentence fragment of "apology" wasn't follow by a fragment either trying to rationalize your "misguided" actions or shift focus on other people's errors it might be taken seriously. The lack of sincerity in this apology is more obvious than the Sally Kern’s stance on gay marriage. You made a huge blunder. A blunder that is gaining you attention that you didn’t want or expect from an obvious attempt to show the reach of your fame. This isn’t going to dramatically hurt your career, people won’t stop reading you site, so why care about writing this apology to make people think you’re something your not. You have no problem acting and being who you are so just OWN UP.

  14. 814

    i truly admire you for admitting to your shortcomings and apologizing. it's so easy to trash other people but very difficult to humble yourself and face your mistakes… bravo perez!

  15. 815

    You needed what u got and more. u can fuck up lives with your words so oh well. boo hoo

  16. 816

    I'm glad you apologized. I hope the drama is over!

  17. 817

    perez, it's like every time you learn a new lesson, you miss the many others that you are not yet mature enough to understand. one would be not to judge communities or individuals. you make a lot of false assumptions but when called on it, dismiss it because of pride or immaturity. this is the ONE case, where you ended up with your tail between your legs. welcome to adulthood.

  18. 818

    OMG, hes human. Thats what Im talking about now. This needed to happen to you Perez. Your stronger, wiser, and now hopefully a little more compassionte

  19. 819

    ok… u said sorry …NOW EVERYBODY OVE ON!!!!

  20. 820

    I really hate to say this, but your a mouthy queen and dude, your lucky your just got a black eye. You talk smack you get it back!

  21. 821

    IF YOU LIVE BY THE SWORD YOU DIE BY THE SWORD. you earn your money by using others, sorry but this is karma my friend. Remember your roots before fame came knocking.

  22. 822

    Perez are you loosing all your advertisers??????? maybe its time for you to check into rehab honey.

  23. 823

    I honestly think you're only apologizing because of the out cry your receiving not only on this as blog, but also Huffingtion post and a number of other sites. The amount of people who believe you got what you deserve is overwhelming to say the least. Violence is never the answer, but Perez you do go to far and provoke people all day long. It really amazes me why you haven't been attacked long before this. This should serve as a warning to you Perez. You should take some time and re-evaluate Your way of doing things. If not I don't see anything changing except you getting your ass beat a lot more. People are getting tired of your reckless bloging skillz.

  24. 824

    I'm glad you are taking some responsibility here and are apologizing for your part. I'd like to see you patch things up with Will.I.Am butthat is your business. Well, actually, it's everyone's business noiw isn't. Alologizing was a good start. Now, search your soul and do what's right. With this situation and in your life.

  25. 825

    I'm so glad to read this, using the F word was very wrong but you shouldn't have gotten hit for it..or anything else you said about Fergie or the Black Eyed Peas. Stay strong and keep fighting violence and inequality!

  26. 826

    I actually don't have a clue what this "apology" is all about but all i can see is someone who feels sorry for THEMSELF….

  27. 827

    What's the story here then ???? Wtf has he done…lol…???

  28. 828

    You live and learn.
    Believe it or not, you are the winner here.
    Learn from this lesson and be an even more outstanding person.
    You are on the wonderful path of even greater maturity.
    Good luck!

  29. 829

    much better.

  30. 830

    it wasn't right for you to be talked that way, no one deserves being talked a certain way because of who they are.

  31. 831

    Re: mmange[re=3970707]Re: mmangel831 – l831[/re]

    Are you really this stupid? Honestly are you this dense that you can't see the folly in your own logic? The HATERS never loved him. It;s why they are called HATERS. And I like how you assume all Haters are emo gits. I guess your stupidity and your love for perez hilton blinds you to anything resembling common sense eh?

  32. 832

    Let me guess, you've had a few calls from your sponsors worried that associating with you could be bad for business? This apology is for them, no-one else.

  33. 833

    the manager should have punched farrah fawcett instead, she's basically dead already and using up oxygen that some starving africans could have used. besides, she's a drug addict and has always looked like a blonde piece of fermented cabbage, no offense to people who like that nasty korean condiment Kimchi or whatever.

  34. 834

    Now let's see if you live up to your words… :)

  35. 835

    Oh bullshit - your swipe at GLAAD is more stupidity on your part, because you would have NEVER wrote this so-called apology if they had not asked for an apology from you, because you are too fucking stupid to even realize you needed to apologize on your own.
    I also love how you can't just fucking apologize for what you did without bringing up the behavior of other people, as if to say - everyone should look at all these other people saying wrong words, not just you - which is your way of trying to downplay something that backfired in your face.
    You are an idiot and I cannot WAIT until you get the shit beat out of you next time, because I'm sure it will happen again and again.
    P.S. - your dumb ass told john mayer that the incident wasn't karma, because karma would be something like losing your website, not getting punched. I have news for you jackass, karma is pain. The pain you inflict on everyone else, the insults and lies you fling around that tear people up and degrade and humiliate them. Sound familiar? THAT is karma you stupid asshole. Not losing your stupid fucking website. This was your karma.
    You keep throwing around your bullshit that words mean nothing - I have news for you, WORDS start wars. WORDS influence masses of people, which in turn, drives economies, influences trillions of dollars, and can lead to devastation such as stock market collapse. Ask Steve Jobs what WORDS can do you fucking moron.

  36. 836

    Well done-now move on and know you have done the right thing!!!

  37. 837

    Jeez… Suing? Let it go, n be the stronger one. I've been abused and taken the high road. Ignore and slander them verbally!! XO

  38. 838


    Love your blog, but..

    1.) You're not a nice person — you should expect people will want to hurt you physically. Honestly i'm not sure there's much of a difference between the blow you received on sunday night compared to the 100s of blows you unleash to celebrities every week on this blog.

    2.) Stick to the gossip.. i dont find your story very sympathetic and find it annoying that you're using your platform as a gossip blogger to push your side of the story.

    This is harsh, but so are you. Ever hear of the golden rule?

  39. 839

    Goog god man take yourself too seriously much?

  40. Ava J says – reply to this


    Good for you, Perez! We have ALL said things in the heat of the moment. And you had every reason to be angry. Words are just words…true, they can hurt. But that doesn't give anyone the right to EVER put their hands on another human being. And you speak the truth most of the time any damn way! You say what others want to say, but don't have the balls to. I have lost a lot of respect for will.i.am.

  41. 841

    It's kinda funny that your "followers" don't get that it wasn't the fact you didn't like the BEP's album. It was the shit you talk about Fergie that you were approached about. Perhaps instead of being a douchebag and saying you "couldn't promise not to" write shit about her or the rest of the band you could have avoided this WHOLE situation. I honestly don't blame their road manager for hitting you. I mean, first of all you've been talking shit about Fergie and then you hurl that word as an insult to Will.I.Am. I see it as him defending his friends. Yes, he could have handled it in a different way. But, YOU could have handled the situation in a different way as well.
    The sad part is, you think you're going to win this lawsuit. You said yourself you used the word to PROVOKE. What the hell did you think you were provoking? And, you say you weren't asking for it…but um…if you provoke you ARE asking for it something dumbass. Just turns out you provoked the wrong person.
    If you really want to be the bigger man in this situation, why not drop the suit and extend an invitation to the band and the road manager to sit down and hash this out like adults?
    As for this apology. I don't see anywhere in there where you apologize to Will.I.Am for falsely accusing him of assaulting you and then calling him a liar when he said that he hadn't. If anyone has grounds to actually sue it'd be him for defamation of character and slander.

  42. 842

    Re: MrsTenderloinz

    Says the idiotic Perez Hilton Fanbot…

  43. 843

    Re: glassy872

    Wow. I won't even grace this stupidity with a proper insult. You've done that your self.

  44. 844

    He's eating up the attention. Perez you've been hit harder in the eye by nuts from the tricks you used to turn. Why the sob story now?

  45. 845

    i don't think you have anything to apologize for, perez. period… stand ur freaking ground.

  46. 846

    This apology was a fake as Micheal Richards half ass attempt at an Apology. At least he had SOME decency to step out of the lime light after his racial rant.

  47. 847

    blah, blah, blah

  48. 848

    I guess the thought of losing all the $$'s and the support of the few fans you have left really scared the hell out of you huh? If you meant it, you would have apologized immediately, not because of the bad press and ridicule you received.

    You really are a nasty person deep inside and should deal with your own issues before you even DARE to criticize others. Lesson learned? I doubt it.

  49. 849

    China Syndrome.
    Seriously, Perez is in a state of classic meltdown.
    The good news is, if Britney can pull her act together, so can Mario.

  50. 850

    Perez, You are SOOOOO out of LINE, reaching out to Isaiah, you should also be reaching out to miss California, the one you slandered for ages because she made a homophobic comment in your eyes, you made the SAME ONE, the same comment that cost isaiah his job, and the same thing you crucified her for, YOUR NO BETTER.

    and your a horrible person for drawing cum on peoples faces, wishing hurt and pain upon others, and getting so wrapped up in your backwards thoughts about people, you think there is no other opinion but yours!!!

    you really need to think more if you think that you saying sorry is really ENOUGH

  51. 851

    OMG…it's been almost 48 hours, and Jon and Kates divorce news has over-shadowed you…ATTENTION….ATTENTION….ATTENTION…not getting enough?……go away…

  52. 852

    everyone says things in the heat of the moment… you have alot of people standing behind you.. stay strong.. :)

  53. 853

    Perez… Please apologize to Will.i.am. You slandered him and he did not hit you. You slandered the BEPs and they did not hit you. You slandered GLAAD and the did not hit you. Go ahead with your lawsuit against Polo, but you really need to apologize to the above-mentioned.

  54. 854


    Stop embarrassing yourself!

  55. 855


  56. 856

    Well said Perez

  57. 857

    Isaiah who?

  58. 858

    The "F" word will never be uttered from my lips again. Just as others use the "N" word to insult and hurt - or as part of their everyday speech - I challenge them to remove it from their vocabulary as well.

    –> Maybe you should also remove words that are hurtful and denigrate women as well.

  59. 859

    The first paragraph was great, the second was understandable.

    But the rest.. eh? Back to the original self-pitying? Camoon Perez! What you do for living, defines you - you ARE what you do. If you are in war with half of the Hollywood, that is because of your own actions. Take it like a man! Being a public figure is not always fun and as you've said it yourself, it's stupid to complain the downsides of publicity if you've deliberatedly pursued fame. It is as stupid as to complain about the fact that not everybody loves you if you've gotten where you are by insulting them.

    Now it's time to move on. We are here to read your gossip. If you have learned something, show it by being nicer to the underaged slut, the fallen beauty queen and the girlfriend of your favorite pretty boy.

  60. 860

    Sug Knight and now you, only a few more losers to go before we even out the gene pool

  61. 861

    It's great to see a person in the public own up and admit that they were wrong. It's a difficult thing to do.

  62. 862

    You are a pig and it is only a matter of time before someone smashed you up you worthless piece of poo. How can u complain when you say awful hurtful things you do. You even picked on ADAM SANDLERS little baby girl for being FAT., which has always made me HATE your guts- and i would slap you if i ever met you too! Who do you think you are, What sort of disgusting person says those things about little children that cant even defend themselves?? Have you looked in the mirror lately buddy you are pretty hideous yourself… I think you would have to pay for anyone to go near you. You are an ugly person on the inside and you more then deserved to get a punch in the head. Next time you may not be so lucky you nasty low life so maybe you might wanna watch what comes outta your mouth….There are always gunna be a reaction to an action so bad luck buddy- suck it up princess HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH.

  63. 863

    Oh and by the way i wouldnt go near Bruce Willis or their family after you repeatedly called rumer a potato head and made hurtful comments about her appearance. You are so fucked up in the head you deserve EVERYTHING you get and no one should ever feel sorry for someone like you. You are the reason people these days have low self esteem and girls dont know if they should be FAT or SKINNY or whatever. Do yourself a favor and get a REAL job that means something- You are a joke and you will get nowhere acting the way you do.

    Anyways that is my opinion on you perez

  64. 864


    "I should have been the bigger man and walked away from an unfortunate situation."

    Then be the bigger man now and SHADDUP ALREADY.

    Fucking publicity whore!

  65. 865

    hi perez, to the best of us , shit happens..
    no point thinkin or brooding over this. what happen was the past…even if it was 5sec ago, it was still the past! just learn and move on..

    Love u perez!! be strong

  66. 866

    I don't know what insults you hurled at Will.i.am before, but It was when you dropped the "F" word that all hell broke lose. You cannot deny that it was your usage of this particular word that instigated the violence that followed. If you are really sorry for saying it, then you should drop the lawsuit altogether. Molina was only defending his friend. If you had a friend like that, someone who would defend you when you are insulted, then you are a lucky man. It's something that you should understand and appreciate.

  67. 867

    its ok perez we still love u xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  68. 868

    don't apologise! u have nothin 2 be sorry for!

  69. 869

    Re: backseatsurfer9 – oh fuck off dickface and get off his website

  70. 870

    This would have nothing to do with the fact that you have had it pointed out to you that in Canada you have broken the law yourself would it!
    Damage control, hope they arrest your sorry arse and throw the book at you

  71. 871

    I am SOOOOOOO glad you insulted GLAAD in this apology - because even MORE LGBT'ers will turn against you, just as they have been doing for the last year. YOU ARE HATED IN THE GAY COMMUNITY and your outright slap in the face at GLAAD in this so-called apology will be the nail in the coffin. GLAAD has done for the LGBT community than you EVER will and you just insulted everyone associated with them.

  72. 872

    I love you. Everyone makes mistakes and the fact that you are in the public lime light makes it even worse for you. stay strong.

  73. 873

    Mario you are a:


  74. 874

    I have so many mixed feelings on the topic. You have to keep in mind, you have a "posse" whom follows you, you keep them updated, you keep them as your fans, as a job. Many people respect the fact that you are "so FOR" the gay community. I myself am not gay, yet my best friend is, and whenever I hear someone say that word I just walk away. Maybe thats what Will.I.Am could've done, it would have saved you a lot of trouble. Then again, the word by then was already out in the public and said, you still had said it. It was shocking for me to hear someone like you say it, someone SO MANY people had looked up to you for standing up for what they believe. You were both victims, one physically and one mentally. Words stick with someone forever though, just like I hope everyones words here stick with you so you learn and grow from the experience. Yet, just like mentioned in other comments, it was bound to "come back to you" at some point, like mentioning minimal possible about major events going on in the world and only picking on celebrities, and picking out all of their flaws. You feel so "victimized" yet that is what you do for a living. How do you think those people feel every day? They have to live with your words, AND people's comments half the time agreeing, every single day. The hurtful things stick with you.

  75. 875

    perez, good for you. I'm proud of ya!!

    Another lesson you leaned, makes you stronger…

  76. 876

    well you better donate your own money, cause you won't be getting any out of a court in Canada.

  77. 877

    I think in fits of passion and emotion - true sentiments surface and your apology is too late and too lame. The fact that qualify your apology - not to cover GLAAD's plea - further indicates your fickleness.

    I am glad a wide cross section of the gay community is really seeing you for who you are - self-absorbed was one thing - but self-hating is sad.

  78. 878

    I don't think anyone can label Perez Hilton a homophobe. At least he chose to fight his side with words and not violence, people HAVE to stand up for themselves. It's not about being a bitch and walking away, 'the bigger man' or whatever. It's about expressing yourself. Christ, Hollywood must be freaking tiring.
    Oh, and Fergie realy is fugly.

  79. 879

    Go Perez! I've been reading this blog for a long time and became addicted instantly. This place is why I don't have to spend money on magazines and magazines are going down because of this site. It's free for us. He as everybody else should have freedom of speech and what he says might not be always the nicest things but in the end they're his own opinions. He's intitled to them. Somebody to go hit him in the face for that is aweful and I agree with violence never being the answer. Never.
    I never thought he should appologize but good that he did if someone got offended. :) I'm sooooo Team Perez.

  80. 880

    Great letter perez now be fantabulous !! :D

  81. lcmc says – reply to this


    Be a freakin' man. Stop whining and get a life. Stop harassing people. You are the kind of guy who gives gays a bad rap.

  82. 882

    Stay strong P, we all make mistakes!

  83. 883

    awh Perez finally realized what he did went against everything he stands for, but even when he's apologizing he still manages to talk some shit!

  84. merez says – reply to this


    you think your an amazing role model, your not, you call people fat and ugly, i like your blog, but it angers me a lot, you are not invinsable. stop being a bitch for the sake of being a bitch, your better than that

  85. 885

    the world is harsh. we always have to stand up for ourselves.

  86. 886

    Everybody says things in the heat of the moment, people say things that they regret and people do things that they regret and hopfully they learn from it!
    I hope everybody just leaves this now.
    I believe that you meant this apology and to be honest I dont even think you should have felt the need to apologise to anybody but the person who you acted out against in the heat of the moment!
    Fuck everybody else Perez, most people are just jealous of you and your lifestyle!
    Good luck and I hope everything turns out ok for you :)

  87. 887

    Will.i.am's press statement makes you look psychotic and really uneducated. I hope you're not counting on winning your little lawsuit, especially when you threatened him in the video response. Yeah not a chance and something tells me its not the last.

  88. 888

    Perez, you were the load that your mother should have swallowed.
    I love your video, crybaby - no one there to change your diaper.
    Your mother should have saved her water and drowned you when she had the chance.

  89. 889

    This site was once about celebrity gossip. You could come here for a laugh and not take too much of it seriously. Then it mutated into being all about you Mario, about your unrequited lust for young men like Efron and Pattinson, your bitchiness about Hugdens (what did she ever do to you?) whom you mercifully deface and disrespect, and about you soapbox for gay rights. All of this has made it boring and irrelevant because no-one is interested in you. Your acute narcissism won't let you accept that but I believe this latest incident is a true watershed. You've gone too far and if I were one of your spnsors, I'd cancel the deal. You don't deserve success and your insincere, damage-contol fuelled "apology" is as fake as your self-proclaimed caring attitude.

  90. merez says – reply to this


    think of all the nasty things youv said about fergie, there mates i would have attacked you, you are not within your right to file a lawsuit

  91. 891

    I knew you wouldn't post my comment……………

  92. 892

    Bravo!!!! And BIG hugs to you sweetie!

  93. 893

    Much better Perez =)

  94. 894


  95. 895

    It's great you apologize, everyone makes mistakes, God made us human and we make mistakes. Awesome you apologize, seriously. God bless you!

  96. 896

    Sweetheart! you are the bigger person for taking this so seriously and because you feel deeply hurt and ashamed with the whole situation.
    The "f" word that you used has been used before by and towards gay people. It is as human as breathing. You are an amazing person for apologizing and doing all that you do for homosexuals.
    We love you. People like you is the kind of people I want for my world and my son`s.
    Love, Luz & Santos

  97. 897

    Too little, too late. You can spin this all you want and try to make us believe you're the victim. The real victims are the people you have slandered and verbally assaulted over the years. The only reason you're sorry is because you got caught, it's the same as politicians who publicly apologize when caught cheating on their wives. No one believes they are sorry and bottom line is they are still cheaters. You will always be a hateful human being. Maybe you realize now how your victims feel. Have you apologized to Will i. am yet? This lawsuit will only bring more hate towards you. I have never respected you and I never will, you can't erase your past. I'm glad you're suffering, it's payback for the suffering you caused to so many others (Miss California for example). I'll continue to write your advertisers and any sponsors of events you participate in. You have helped end others careers with your smear campaigns, this is the end of your career. Good luck trying to get back on the z-list asshole.

  98. 898

    Re: backseatsurfer9 – It's only slander if it's not true. Will.i.am would have to prove that he is indeed not gay. How does one go about doing that? Just by saying it?

  99. 899

    When does the "leave britany alone" style remix of Perez's sobby 3 year old tantrum via video coming out?

    Seriously that video is like the little kid that has been talking shit about this and that person in highschool, and then everyone finds out and a whole bunch of people want to beat the shit out of them for talking shit, and the other half want NOTHING to do with you.

    ALL the commenters sayng "oh we love you perez" are loosers on the internet that LOVE some FUCKHEAD they don't even know THAT IS CONSTANTLY FUCKING SPEWING HATE FILLED BILE at everyone.. HOW AWESOME must your SUPPORTERS be… *all* they know about you is the despicable things you say are you surprised they are socially fucked or turning on you?

    Oh please someone do a remix of his hysterical video.
    lmao lmao lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!


  100. 900

    youre a disgrace not only to the gay community but to humanity as a whole. youre an insincere hypocrite and a drama queen who could care less about the greater good. how is it that youre helping the gay community or fighting for equality when youre constantly questioning peoples sexuality and/or forcing them out of the closet? youre delusional. and though i dont advocate physical violence, your case is definitely an exception. for years youve been verbally attacking celebrities for no apparent reason other than to boost your own ratings. youve dished it out incisively without any repercussions and now those people are finally starting to fight back. i say its about damn time. its funny how someone gave you a huge dose of your own medicine and not only were you not able to handle it, but you completely buckled under the pressure. pathetic, really. maybe now youll think twice about insulting people without merit, but I highly doubt it. "sticks and stones may break my bones but words could never hurt me” couldn't be further from the truth. your bruises and cuts will heal over time but the damage youve done with your words to certain peoples psyche will live with them forever.

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