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Daytime Drama!

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One Life To Live star Patricia Mauceri has been fired from her recurring role as Carlotta Vega due to her reservations about appearing in a gay storyline.

You're an actress, sweetie. You do what you're told!

Patricia objected to a small role in which her character would have a positive attitude regarding the show's relationship between Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Fish (Scott Evans) because it conflicted with her personal beliefs.

Why couldn't she "act" like she was okay with it?!

Saundra Santiago has taken over the role of Carlotta, a gay friendly Latina mother.

What a self-righteous idiot!

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104 comments to “Daytime Drama!”

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  1. 101

    Re: redvwbug Umm… k? I didn't say it wasn't on OLTL, I was making a point that not ONLY has OLTL been the one to feature it. During the GH ball, the featured the backdrop that was the AIDS quilt, along with Ryan White's square. Ryan White's story was featured prominently (a true story of a boy dying of AIDS). Also during the ball, as it was the backdrop, during Robin's speech, she was wrapped in a made patch for Stone, while sections of the quilt were behind her as well.

  2. 102

    yea in this case i agree with perez. actors are paid to act. it's not like someone asked her what her personal opinion was. soap operas are not known to be moral pillars. but whatever, if she wants to be fired, that's her business. doubt she'll get a job anywhere else in hollywood with that attitude, unless hassleback dies unexpectedly.

  3. 103

    What a stupid bitch.

  4. 104

    Disgusting. All of this homophobic behaviour should have ended a long time ago.

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