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Airbrushed For Candies, It Does A Britney Good!

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Holy cow!

Just how much Photoshopping was done on dear ol' Britney for the latest Candie's for Kohl's campaign????

Brit Brit's lookin' hawt and all, but come on!

They're practically paintings!

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139 comments to “Airbrushed For Candies, It Does A Britney Good!”

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  1. 1

    The Queen is looking magnificent!

  2. 2

    Yah, too bad she's not this classy and sassy in real life.

  3. 3

    One minute you lick her ass the next you hate her.

    The other minute you lick Tranny Gaga's ass.

    Gaga is NOTHING compared to Britney.

  4. 4

    She looks like Barbie! Except in the last on they obviously skipped that one.

    Love ya Brit:D

  5. 5

    LMFAO! Airbrushing has gotten so ridiculous in recent years. You've got to be some kind of stupid to beleive Britney "Cheetos" Spears actually looks like that. Ha

  6. 6

    Britney is so pretty, no matter what you say…

  7. 7

    she looks beautiul , i love britney

  8. 8

    the queen looking good

  9. 9

    in the last pic she looks more like a man dressed as britney spears

  10. 10

    i think she looks pretty! and i hoped she would actually look like that on a regular basis

  11. 11

    she really needs a makeover……….she looks so 2003 girl from louisiana

    she needs some high fashion in her life

  12. 12

    Love me some Britt Britt!

  13. Lepus says – reply to this


    Love those boots

  14. 14

    They painted her fat ass good!

  15. 15


  16. 16

    what a strange concept for a photoshoot…

  17. 17

    think that might be katie price's equestrian get up on the horse there!
    and that's the thing that ruins the pictures.
    No one who seriously rides horses wants it dressed in pink.

  18. 18


  19. 19

    She looks better WITHOUT the airbrushing! The airbrushing makes the beauty look weird! Love you Brit

  20. 20

    God youre right. But even after all the photoshopping shes still not as cute as she used to be.

  21. zooby says – reply to this


    perez you are a fat idiot who is trying to be an icon for the gay community. funny thing is - all gay guys i know hate you. britney is nice enough to invite your fat ass on tour and you continue to bash her. no wonder so many celebs hate you. you're 30 and can't even get a guy … big surprise, right? britney is 1000 times better looking - even in her crazy days - than tranny gaga. gaga will never be as big as britney.

  22. 22

    they should have fixed her crack face and ugly nose

  23. 23

    her one eye is looking off to the left. hee hee.

  24. 24

    Lookin good Brit

  25. 25

    She looks beautiful! A little airbrushing never hurt anyone. Quite a different Britney from a little while ago, eh?

  26. 26

    Ugh. Remind me to stop buying Candies.

  27. 27

    other then the first pic, the rest are crap. too air brushed, they look nothing like her. it aint anything special.

  28. 28

    It's mostly just body retouching… her face is usually that gorgeous!

  29. 29

    They had to airbrush all those desserts onto the page b/c she would have vacuumed them into her gape.

  30. MsNay says – reply to this


    She looks 17 again when really she's 27 with 2 kids. but hey, she still looks good. Love u brit!!!!

  31. 31

    Who cares! I like those boots!

  32. 32

    As if, you praise Madonna's LV photos, but not these. Work of a true photoshop artist!

  33. 33


  34. 34

    she got a little chubby

  35. 35

    Reminds me Paris Hilton in her Simple Life shit. So original brit brit!

  36. 36

    I wish that was her in REALITY!
    And that is clearly airbrushed.

    but she should go back to her "not that innocent" look.

  37. 37

    my hole is itchy.
    maybe i should wash it.

  38. 38

    Re: ladygaga007Re: CrazydudeRe: pussileani – all 3 of u dumb fucks wish u looked like that! even if they did airbrush u u would still look like the spawn of flava flav and sherk! u r all some hating ass people, so get the fuck over it, and let's c some of ur talents since u can call others talentless! i would love 2 c u have a multi platinum album and sold out concerts, and i would love 2 c win a grammy, ama, and more! but let's face it u won't bcuz u SUCK!!!!!!!!!!! get over it!

  39. 39

    Vote for Half Truth!

  40. 40

    vote for half truth

  41. 41

    She's not just hot, she's hotter than hot! :P
    The first pic is too beautiful for words!

  42. 42

    Re: rachelinala – And what is High fashion for you? I hope it's not Gaga!…

  43. 43

    It doesn't look like her at all.
    I thought it was jessica Simpson.

  44. 44

    Re: ladygaga007 – Even thought you call her fat and everything, she will always be better than Slutty Gaga.

  45. 45

    Re: pussileani – Well I guess you're gorgeous? Hahaha let me laugh, asshole!

  46. 46

    so much
    4/not showing
    uz y/r crotch♥

  47. 47

    After seeing that Advocate spread you should talk about photoshopping!

  48. biddy says – reply to this


    She is the sadest thing since MJ. She looks horrible and will never look good again. I wish she would stop trying–too sad to watch. No matter what she tries to do, she looks disgusting: fat ankles, fat legs and gut, horrific hair, dead eyes, soul gone. The next Michael for sure. And her fans are the worst: mindless, thoughtless star worship does nothing for her. You are all killing her.

  49. 49

    I think she is lookin' ferosh contrary to popular belief.

  50. 50

    How did you go from fat blimp yesterday to the pic on the Advocate cover you posted? You can't photoshop videos fatboy.

  51. 51

    It's "Washed Up Popstar" Barbie!

  52. 52

    How come you never comment on all that photoshopping of Lady Gaga's pictures?

  53. Poly says – reply to this


    Sorry but… she looks a little ugly in the last pic!

  54. 54

    oops they forgot to photoshop the last pic… it's not as hot as the first two. and aww, cute horse!

  55. 55

    Considering her pictures from the show I think she looks pretty similar. I would definetly not say Britney is in anyway out of shape that these pictures have been photoshoped to hell and back. Obviosuly they have been retouched…all models and celeb photos are retouched now a days.

    She's not looking that far from reality so it's all good.

    Stop hating Perez…who are you to complain about Brit Brit's body?

  56. @v@ says – reply to this


    No kidding. The first one barely looks like her anymore; in the second one, I'd guess her stretched out height to be close to 6 foot 6", and all three facially and otherwise have magically pared 25 pounds, minimum. At this rate, stars won't even need to show up at all. E-mail a color head shot, and let the CGI people go from there, lol.

  57. 57

    lol they sure do look like paintings.. way too much blur photo shop lol

  58. Scrib says – reply to this


    Hello. It's called A-D-V-E-R-T-I-S-I-N-G and everything in fashion-related advertising is usually airbrushed. Always has and always will.

  59. 59

    she is gorgeous,a natural beauty…she doesn't need the airbrushing…she actually looks better when not airbrushed

  60. 60

    In the last photo she looks swollen

  61. 61

    I think it's cute that most of you are calling her "washed-up" popstar when she outsold Lady GaGa, the "hot" new thing in 1 week.
    Lets see GaGa's album released in August 2008 was certified Gold in MARCH of 2009.
    Britney Spears last album released December 2008 went GOLD one week later and Platinum 2 weeks later and has so far sold 3.8mill WW, while tranny gaga has only sold about 2mill WW and it's been out 3 months longer.
    Yea, so much for washed up right?

    not to mention she has a sold out world tour in arenas of about 25,000 and GaGa has a tour on fucking bars that max like 100 people.
    get over yourselves.

  62. 62

    haha! the top one looks nothing like her! she looks like some 40 year old super model! (just in the top one) but the other ones are great! I love britney, I'm not trying to bash her. :)

  63. 63

    Ehh she looks like Barbie!

  64. 64

    1st pic looks like her sister. 2nd one seriously looks more of a painting than a photograph. 3rd pic looks the best

  65. 65

    Give the girl a break. She had a breakdown due to God knows how many sycophants spurring her in the wrong direction. She's getting healthy- and by the looks of things, happy. I don't understand why people hate her so muvh whe she obviously went to through some very, very real pain and is now working herself, well, back to herself. Give the girl a chance- she's so young.

  66. 66

    she doesnt need to be airbrushed, she's hott!!!!!!!

  67. 67

    she looks like a barbie doll.

  68. 68

    Re: HollywoodTown – i agree…perz u asshole!!! lady gaga is not near brit

  69. 69

    I like the pink hay.

  70. 70

    she's gorgeous, I like her new do better though.

  71. 71

    Just leave her alone, Perez. My god…You are such an ass sometimes!!

  72. 72

    Britney is dating 90210 actor Trevor Donovan

  73. 73

    Perez, you couldn't even be a pimple on Britney's ass! Jealous,much?

  74. 74

    Re: ladygaga007

    But enough about YOU, Lady gaga 007! You wish you could look that good!

  75. 75

    i love britney she is amazing

  76. 76

    shut up Perez ,Britney is really hot not like Lady CaCa

  77. 77

    every candie's ad ive ever seen in way severely airbrushed! whether its hayden or fergie or the other candie's ghetto poster models…extremely fake looking! this one is the least photoshopped ive seen…and britney looks bomb!

  78. 78

    i dont think britney was photoshopped like mariah and kelly clarkson level. i think they photoshopped the backgrounds and made it a barbie-feel shoot but nothing drastic was done to britney. she looks the same, the usual bubbly and beautiful ms. spears.

  79. 79


  80. 80

    The 2nd picture with the fake horse & weird pink tent is horrible.
    But nice to see Brit feeling well and being NOT crazy for her 2 cute kids.

  81. 81

    Are you serious? The Madonna LV photos were 10X's more photoshopped than this.
    It seems like you lovvveee making fun of people that are actually attractive..unlike yourself. Lmao
    because that shirtless video you made…hahahaha made me vomit in my mouth. Cow

    Britney is amazing and these pictures are gorgeous!

  82. 82

    she looks like a barbie..ick

  83. 83

    She looks great, Photoshopped or not! Perass, how much Photoshopping was done on you for your magazine shoot?

  84. 84

    how beautiful is she!

  85. 85

    And yet last week when you showed that airbrushed/photoshopped-to-death shot of Katy Perry, all you could say was how fresh and pretty she looked. What a hypocrite and major tool you are.

  86. 86

    They look nothing like clothingadds

  87. 87

    sadly its all fake.
    but britneys a fierce bitch.

  88. 88

    no matter whay brit brit is amazingggg!

  89. 89

    I saw those shiteous boots again in a current photo…the boots are usualy the first sign of the Brit-KNEE apoclypse… but hey the ones she is wearing that first pic are faboush !! maybe it was a false alarm

  90. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: e_ceja – Gaga was an unknown, while Spears was already a megastar. Gaga has well written tunes, and sings in a grown-up voice. Spears has her own following.

  91. 91

    she looks good all done up, she has a pretty face, i just don't get how people can say she's ugly? her body after two c-section isn't the same, but it is beautiful nonetheless. i think you're just being mean, it's nothing ridiculous like mariah, kelly, katy perry and all the other girls, just an average amount. it makes me sad because look at that smile in the last pic, she's really trying to turn things around. also as much as you say you like her perez, i think you just use that to throw backhanded insults at her, which is far more cruel in my opinion..

  92. 92

    I LOVE BRITNEY, and I think her body is just fine the way it is!

  93. 93

    Stfu "Parez", I swear one day you will have all hate comments on you. Brittney looks like that naturally, I mean sure they photoshoped a little but nothing drastic… I mean every fucking star in mags, etc are photoshopped. For once I wish that you could be perm Photoshopped for everyones visions sake.

    Grow up and realise that GAGA is a slutty porn star that can't sing for shit without it being computerised and that Brittney Is the real deal

  94. 94

    Love her…photoshopping totally does her good perez…haha she is so history lady gaga is so more impressive than her…BP=so yesterday!!!!(my opinion)

  95. 95

    She looked like a tranny in the last pic. Omgosh, how can they abuse photoshop like that!

  96. 96

    The super-saturated colors, plastic look is Candie's style. It's meant to be 'practically paintings' and I dont mind it.

  97. 97

    Smokin hot!

  98. 98

    ok im sorry if i affend but does anyone even know what airbrushing is? How can she be a painting? a fake? fat!??? omg! she looks healthy!!! and what air brushing is! is when they apply a type of make up like foundation but its airbrushed on. the makeup covers any inperfections. like wrinkles, age spots, discoloration, acne, scars. and so on. so its just like anyone wearing makeup. its nothing too amazing! so people need to stop acting like its something that does wonders for the quote on quote "ugly" WOW

  99. 99

    Looks like a Barbie ad from when I was little. And so what if it's heavily photoshopped? Looks to me like it's intentional for the look of the campaign. And besides that; it's never okay with some people… If she'd show up in an ad with a big pimple on her forehead, people would say "there's something out there called Photoshop", and now that they've used it it's also not cool. Also people still comment about what's ugly about her. Accept it; this is how she looks, this is what they did for this campaign and lets just be glad we all have opininions of our own about what's beautiful or not.

  100. 100

    She looks dead inside.

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