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Roseanne Talks About & Apologizes To Michael Jackson

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Roseanne Barr, usually the kind of uncensored comedian that gets in trouble, took to her blog to send her best to the Jackson children, give her thoughts on his recent death, bash the entertainer's parents, and apologize to Michael Jackson for not reaching out to him soon enough.

There are two separate entries, the first addressing the passing of Jackson and Roseanne's own regret:

"I bet Michael Jackson signed up with those producers because they had the lab that made that diprivan shit. That is supposed to be the one drug no body who is just anybody can get. You have to have five doctors worth of speed in you and anti depressants too in order to get injected and put into a coma with that stuff! That is the stuff they gave to fritzl's granddaughter that shut down all of her organs so that she could heal while asleep. Michael freaks me out in that haunting video of his last rehearsal, he can hardly move at all, but he is giving it everything he's got. He knows this is his very last video, and that there will never be a concert. He knows that the producers will tour it around the world and break several of his never heard songs out this way—he brilliantly leaves this world in his own way. I was given his cell phone number the night before he died and asked to call him and I didn't, I was too afraid–i thought I would wait until shabbat to call him and then he was dead. He wanted to know about meditation, about getting out from under the DID. Michael, I am sorry I didnt call you but I will try to help your kids out by talking about them all the time. Debbie Rowe is welcome to call me and I will help her all I can! "

Then, Roseanne sends her words to the children of the King of Pop, extending a helping hand but warning them of the supposed dangers of living in the Jackson household:

"someone tell Paris and Prince Michael 1 and 2 that they have a granny out here who is like they are and who cares about them very much. Their dad really loved them and he has left everything he had in the world to make sure that they are taken care of. Their dad was a drug addict for many many years. What makes a drug addict is someone who has too much pain in the memory banks. Your dad was tortured and beaten and humiliated as a child by his own parents, and you can never get better once that happens to you. You always have a hole in you. You can try to fill that hole many many ways, but none of them ever work, and they all eventually kill you. The hole can be turned into a pipe and silence which is golden, can fill it. You can choose to feel the pain and release it by meditation. Do not ever use manmade drugs. I wish I could have helped your dad and been his friend. Your dad wanted to give you all the love he had, and he did.

You are jewish, and your dad really loved jewish people and considered himself one of them. He considered that it didnt matter if a person was black or white, rich or poor, Muslim or christian, but that it DID matter if a person was jewish. Your dad believed that the Jewish People would change the world just by changing themselves. This is a very important jewish concept! Your dad would want you to know these things, he was a student of kabballah. kabballah teaches us that the jews need to change themselves, and to do that, they need to accept that they came from africa, from ethiopia, and not from europe!"

Well, that was…interesting.

What do U think of Roseanne's posts?

[Image via WENN.]

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160 comments to “Roseanne Talks About & Apologizes To Michael Jackson”

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  1. 101

    I'm shocked, MJ was talented but a total pedaphile, I thought she would be harsh on him

  2. 102

    Re: thepinkyandthebrain – Debbe Rowe, their biological mother is which makes the children Jewish. The only way one can be a true jew by the way.

  3. 103

    MJ isn't Jewish, he converted to Islam. Rosanne is crazy, she always got on my nerves!

  4. 104

    uhhh wtf! Judging by all your comments, I know I am not the only one who is LOST by this post…

  5. 105

    Re: etoile14 – wtf does that have to do with the religion of the kids? they didn't grow with either of them, their real father MJ gets to guide them to what religion he finds proper until they can make their own decisions.

  6. 106

  7. 107

    I go to her blog often, but a lot of her entries never make sense and are just a mess.

  8. 108

    Re: 1heartgossip – Debbe Rowe, their biological mother is which makes the children Jewish. The only way one can be a true jew by the way.

  9. 109

    HUH???? What the hell is she talking about? I didn't understand a word of it but whatever! I don't believe it anyway. This is the first time anyone said anything about Michael Jackson studying Kabbalah. Madonna would have been ALL OVER HIM if that was true.

  10. 110

    Bravo, Roseanne. You are often misunderstood, and sometimes you are an ass, but this post seemed genuinely heartfelt and rang true. I don't know about the whole recognizing you are from Africa bit, but other than that - I hope the kids someday do reach out to you or someone who can help them become healthy human beings and not CREATURES of the Jackson clan.
    (oh yeah, and go VickTheChick!)

  11. 111

    Right on, no mad made drugs. If you have a bad day just get some weed. SMOKE A JOINT AND RELAX dont kill youself on man made drugs.

  12. 112


  13. 113

    Re: VicktheChick3 – i so agree with that!!!

  14. 114

    Re: KittyPurryFan – we havent heard any tox reports yet..dont be so sure he didnt out himself on purpose..no one knows….or may ever. he was selfish and didnt care he was a dope addict.. He cared NOTHING about killing himself with dope and leaving the 3 kids who called him daddy(even though his dermatologist is probably the sperm donator) behind. Everyone quit saying how fucking WONDERFUL a person he was..he disowned anyone who didnt like his drug use. His own FAMILY was banned…what a piece of shit he was to them in the end.

  15. 115

    Re: BetterFasterStronger – I think Debbie Rowe was a convert to Judiasm. I remember she was worried about the Nation of Islam being involved with Michael. Also, if reports are true and the dermatologist is the bio dad, then the kids are biologically Jewish. FYI, Michael was wearing an Kabballah bracelet recently, but I doubt he was fully into any religion.

  16. 116

    the bitch is tryna drill it in their heads that they're jewish when they're not! remember perez u posted that michael converted to islam…ummm she needs to keep her big mouth shut!!!!

  17. 117

    what kind of drugs is she on… she sounds fuckin retarded… and why does she say that shes their grandma???

  18. 118

    Is she drunk?

  19. 119

    Someone needs to give her cell number to a shrink.

  20. 120

    Just because u once had ur name on a tv show, and in the tabloides does not give u the right to speak out load about anyone!!! MIchael Jackson or anyone else for that matter!! How disrespectful !!

  21. 121


  22. 122

    Lame! It's sad that MJ passed but making excuses for his drug habit is super lame. Many people have gone through so much more and never had a drug or alcohol problem.

  23. 123

    Re: etoile14 – Debbie Rowe converted to Judaism (not a real jerw in my eyes) in mid 90's. also, the name klein/klien isnt just a jewish name. look at katie holsm ex, his last name is klien and hes christian. LAST, PEREZ HAS A PIC POSTED OF DERM DR. ARONOLD KLIEN.. GEE WHATS THAT AROUND HIS NECK… CROSS.. OHHH YEA, SUCH A JEW EH?

  24. 124

    I like Roseanne and think she is brilliant - but that rambling, frightening and possibly inaccurate message seems untoward to me.

  25. 125

    Re: Toronto_girl – That's not a cross! It's like a little SWORD

  26. Nikon says – reply to this


    That was, strange, to say the least.

  27. 127

    this lady is full of shit

  28. 128

    Looks like an elderly Minnie Mouse with those windows behind her head.

  29. 129

    um, what?? I usually support roseanne cuz I just like her but what is this all about exactly? still like her not matter what it would seem but I tend to think she's out of her mind.

  30. 130

    I am sure she means well, but very wrong of her to write negative things about the Jackson family. the kids don't want or need to hear about his dad's abuse.

  31. 131

    This woman must be really crazy!!! Who the fuck belives any of that respectless shit. It is really insulting on both M.J and his kids. SICK!!!

  32. 132

    was she drunk when she was writing these bizarre things?

  33. 133

    OMG Lady. You are crazier than a shithouse rat.

  34. 134

    I really liked Rosanne's posts. especially what she has to say about one of the supposed central tenets of Kaballah. That Jews must 'fix' themselves and rearrange their origination stories. The revision of history is a hotly controversial topic. But i believe in it. There is a lot wrong with the world, all problems need a holistic approach. From the top down, and bottom up the human condition can me improved by telling the truth, by being honest about our origins one can move forward to a brighter future, governed by memes that build, improve and support all living creatures. gay Straight, Jewish or African, Protazoan or Animal.

    Roseanne is one wise person, someone who can allow her emotions to overwhelm her wisdom. Not that is a bad thing, but it is perceived negatively.

  35. 135

    She is still just as wacked out as always. Most of what she says makes little sense anymore. Can't someone lock her away somewhere?

  36. 136

    wow. uhhhhhh that was sweet but kinda weird. i am glad she did write about how much pain he suffered. but, i don't think that she should be telling his kids he was an addict…

  37. smaa says – reply to this


    What the heck was that?? She sounds like someone on DRUGS!! "Your father was a drug addict"!! Way to go Roseanne, throw a dead man under the bus!! He was Jewish?? and believed that jewish people can change the world??""Of all the people that MJ knew, he reached out to her????

    Please do not post anymore Roseanne. She is CRAZY!!!!!!!!

  38. zarle says – reply to this


    Good thing she didn't call.

  39. 139

    Another embarrassing attempt to get media attention.

  40. 140

    Nice that everybody wants to show their support to the family, but why does nobody just send an email or letter directly to them..? Everything goes through the press or other media for everyone to read. Everybody is concerned about the kids' wellbeing and concerned about them 'not growing up normally', so perhaps putting your opininions and wishes out there for everyone to see and discuss is not the way to accomplish a normal life for them.

  41. 141

    I ♥ Roseanne

  42. 142

    Re: minaroar – Learn how to spell before you allow such false and filthy shit to come out of your mouth. It is spelled P-E-D-O-P-H-I-L-E.

  43. 143

    Re: skippedit – Exactly! I like Roseanne, but she must have been half asleep when she wrote this.

  44. 144

    she really needs to keep her opinion to herself and have some respect for mj's children…their father was just buried on tuesday.i used to like roseanne but after this not so much.how Narcissistic can you be to come down on these poor childrens father who just passed away and go on about kabbalah,funny how all these celebs follow it right after madonna made it "creditable"just like celebs w/scientology bunch of friggen sheep

  45. 145

    wait i thought michael was a muslim? um what the hell im confused. this fat bitch is crazy. someone take her away

  46. 146

    ummmm SHE got his cell phone number and was asked to call him? By whom? And why is she the sudden authority on this substance? I love Roseanne but even this has me going huh?

  47. 147

    Looks like someone wants attention again. Geez. SHE is obviously high right now.

  48. 148

    She's an asshole,.. given his mobile number???.. whatever.. who are you? shit for brains fool

  49. 149

    Well Roseanne, for someone who has had allot of therapy and who has supposedly arrived to a place of inner peace, and who has learned to forgive … You sure seem to have forgotten all of your lessons. And perhaps are bucking for a spot on Larry King.

  50. DaLa says – reply to this


    Anyone who doubts Roseanne is nuts should listen to her radio show on Pacifica. She's a MESS who has no clear message and is all conflicted about the politics she doesn't seem to understand as she interviews (mostly interrupts actually) her guests on the local commie/la raza/kill-whitey talk radio station in L.A.

  51. 151

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !

  52. 152

    This is Jewish - trailer-park- which I didn't think existed
    …I get a hoot every time I see her!

    But I just want a glimpse…I don't want to listen to her. lol

  53. 153

    looks like she needfs another visit to Sheppard Pratt Hospital for more treatment herself and the other 9 personalitys she says she has living inside her…

  54. 154

    looks like she needs another visit to Sheppard Pratt Hospital for more treatment herself and the other 9 personalitys she says she has living inside her…

  55. 155

    Awwww!=) She's growing up! lol

  56. 156

    this is pretty weirdd. if he was jewish why would they have celebrated christmass??
    anyway and why would she describe to them the drug problem thing and him being beat by his parents, im pretty sure im not the only one who thinks its a disturbing and just totally wrong to be telling his kids that especially after he died.. anyway. yeaa this was completely weird nothing else to describe it

  57. 157


  58. 158

    The only problem I have with Roseanne's response is how she mentions his parent(S)! It's more like paren(T) that treated him wrong. If you look at videos of MJ with his mom, he treated that woman like the Queen she deserves to be. Why do you think he wrote in his will he wanted his mother to watch his children? I remember when his 30th anniversary special came on tv, the one where he sat next to Elizabeth Taylor and Macaulay Culkin. I caught a glimpse of him cupping his mother's face in his hands and gently kissing her on her forehead. I could understand her lack of defending this man and his siblings against their father being that she, and this is MY OPINION, probably came from the "to be seen but not heard" generation. I'm not saying she never defended them but that more should have been done during those times but that certainly does NOT make her a abuser. NOW her husband on the other hand……….

    Now when she went Kabballah, that's when she slipped on the ice and lost her mind in the process. WTF?!? LOL!!!

  59. 159

    Civilization did begin in Africa–HST 101.

  60. 160

    Oh, I'm sure she could have cured him all by herself. What planet is she from?

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