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9-Year-Old Slumdog Slams Nicole Kidman In Memoir!

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9-year-old Slumdog Millionaire actress Rubina Ali's memoir is less of an autobigraphy and more of a trashy Hollywood tell-all!

A memoir at 9???

Talking shit at age 9???


Even though her money-grubbing dad is most likely the one behind this shiz!

Slumgirl Dreaming: My Journey To The Stars, penned by journalist Divya Dugar, is a meager 192 pages with only 24 pages detailing Ali's life before Slumdog.

Dugar shadowed the young actress for 6 months in the slums of Mumbai, with the remaining 168 pages of the autobiography detailing Ali's life coming off of the Oscar-winning film.

Even though Ali's dad claimed the autobiography would recount his daughter's struggles, the memoir specifically hones in on the behind-the-scene details of the French commercial Ali shot with acclaimed actress Nicole Kidman for Schweppes.

Even though the two shared a trailer, Ali calls Kidman "strange" in the memoir, saying the actress refused to leave her trailer during the day because she was "scared of the sun."


Rubina is a gossip blogger in the making!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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57 comments to “9-Year-Old Slumdog Slams Nicole Kidman In Memoir!”

  1. 1

    If I were that white, I would be afraid of the sun too.

  2. 2

    Here comes the sun! and I say, it's alright!

  3. 3

    Wow Kidman is weird. Neways, bless her. Hope she lives a fufilling life as all children should.

  4. 4

    How oportunist is that ? It's not her writing . How daring criticize Nicole Kidman for taking care of her skin . She wasn't even that long in the movie . The credit of the movie is not hers . Grow up little girl !!!!!!

  5. 5

    does she have a little nosering?

  6. 6

    Loves it!

  7. 7

    That doesn't make you strange - for avoiding the sun - it makes you smart. I bet this little imp doesn't have dual citizenship like Kidman so she needs to STFU.

  8. tasha says – reply to this


    And how exactly is that "slamming" Nicole. Nicole herself has said she trys to stay out of the sun because she is so fair skinned she burns very easily.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Re: Nero007 – You say; "Grow up little girl"… She is exactly that a LITTLE GIRL who doesn't know any better. She wasn't even bashing Nicole and it sounds like YOU BASTARD'S need to grow the fuck up lashing out a child. You aughta be ashamed.

  11. 11

    "Scared of the sun" was probably their interpretation of her avoiding going out in the sun. Nicole is so pale, like duh! People who live in the "slums" probably don't even know what sunscreen or skin cancer is.

  12. 12

    such bullshit….that poor girl needs to be taken away from those creeps and put into a good home

  13. 13

    stupid little bitch

  14. 14

    is anyone going to actually buy this book?

  15. 15

    Not everyone has dark, sun proof skin, my ignorant little Ali. Red heads get nasty burns from the sun.

  16. 16

    Saying she was 'strange' and 'afraid of the sun' is hardly what I'd call slamming Kidman.
    Anyway, this girls father is stupid. He won't make more money by making enemies out of A-Listers.

  17. 17

    lol i cant stand kidman either. but seriously a memoir at 9???

  18. 18

    i AM as pale or white as Ms. Kidman and it sucks having to wear SPF 50 or 70 always wearing a hat or something protective..it REALLY is annoying…so i do not blame her

  19. 19

    lets hope not, I hope this girl isn't tainted by money.

  20. 20

    I always knew Kidman was a soul sucking vampire. Even a little kid can figure her out

  21. 21

    Not much of a slam. Nice misleading headline, there.

  22. 22


    i would hardly call being scared of the sun a bad thing, its better than skin cancer you twit!

  23. 23

    when you are that pale and acting, you can't afford to have a burn from the sun on your skin, totally nothing wrong there!!

    so perez, if that's a blogger in the making, that makes you at the same level as a 9 year old! LOL

  24. 24

    I don't think that's talking shit.. hahaha
    it's just probably stating a fact. and maybe this is exaggerating.. i don't like going out into the sun either, number 1 ager!!

  25. 25

    It has actually been stated that Kidman has a slight allergy to the sun so, yeah, she WOULD try to stay out of it.

  26. 26

    Nicole Kidman is awesome this idiot needs to go back to africa and take that little whore with him

  27. 27

    Not a slam.
    And white people with British heritage scorch in the sun, something she's probably not used to seeing.

  28. 28

    whats so bad about avoiding the sun? So Kidman has a quirk, so what? Anyways, this whole family is really weird, just a bunch of famewhores. File them under "Z list" next time Perez

  29. 29

    Kids say the darndest things.

  30. 30

    Um little kids don't have a childhood ambition to be a gossip blogger. Surprisingly.

  31. 31

    Good for her to protect her porcelain complexion, the sun ages you like crazy!

  32. 32

    as she should be. have you seen her flawless complexion? amazeballs, perez, it is.

  33. 33

    Another day, another minor wannabe trying to milk the cash cow. Clever Nicole protecting her skin. And nope. I am never going to ready a nine year old's memoirs.

  34. 34

    It probably wasn't even her idea to write a memoir.

  35. 35

    Re: Nero007

    Shes a child. How the hell are you gonna say that? Shes acting like a normal child you idiot.

  36. 36

    Pretentious and boring. Nine-year-old's are a waste of time. I hope Kidman smacked her for that.

  37. 37

    This kid looks like a troll, Nicole Kidman's turds look better than this street urchin. Nicole stays out of the sun to avoid getting sunburn. When she's older, she will have great skin while all her tan/sun-loving friends will have terribly wrinkled/sun-damaged/leather faced skin or worse - melanoma.

  38. 38

    Re: PerezTheBlogNazi – i am that white and i barely go out in the sun. I don't tan, i burn

  39. 39


  40. 40

    One of Nicole Kidman's afterbirth's would be more talented and successful than this dothead. Nicole is worth an estimated $75 million and this gutter-rat was paid what, $20,000 for her role in Slumdog Overrated. Who's strange now bitch?

  41. 41

    Re: Cullen Girl987 – Ok, well good for you. Im just talkin to the assholes who are attacking a 9 YROLD GIRL. She clearly doesn't know any better, so why bash her.

  42. 42

    Re: Dick Hurtz – No WRONG. Skin Cancer is most common on lighter skin. So stfu you tool!

  43. 43

    You all need to get the fuck over it. Not everybody loves that pastey faced Nicole Kidman. She look's like a fucking washed out ghost!

  44. 44

    Well if this is the writings of a silly little girl…then maybe she should learn to respect her elders!!
    To slam such a great actress is such dis-respect!! Maybe someone should live and grow-up before slamming other people!!

  45. 45

    Re: Nero007 – You do realize this is a little girl talking right? A little girl living in a very hot climate, where she probably have never seen people stay out of the sun on purpose… And she's 9! Are you going to be offended by the words of a nine year old? Also….She's 9! Growing up is kinda what she does!

    Although I hope she does better than a gossip blogger…no offence.

  46. 46

    People suck up to Nicole so much that they forget this is a nine year old talking. No harm I'm sure. You dumbass bimbos.

  47. 47

    i'm not surprised, nicole kidman is very white, she could burn within minutes. HA i swear i jus got de ja vu, her kids in the others were allergic to the sun.. maybe i just think too much!

  48. 48

    love her!!!!!!!!

  49. 49

    pimp alert, pimp alert… poor girl having that man as a father!!!???

  50. 50

    You could hardly say she slammed Nicole…

  51. 51

    It's pretty well known Nicole Kidman does not go into the sun easily. She's got extremely fair skin.

  52. 52



  53. 53


    because she might get her freckles back!

  54. 54

    Re: Nero007 – YOU SHOULD GROW UP


  55. 55

    Re: darth nylus – They're not from Africa dumb fuck, they are from India. Why is the black man blamed for everything. Get the fuck over black people!!!!! Scape-goating MF!

  56. 56

    This little girl clearly looks Indian. That just shows how prejudice you are against black people you dumbfuck!

  57. 57

    Aww Bless! xD