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All The Single Tonys, Put Your Hands Up!

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There's no remorse to be seen on Tony Romo''s face as Life & Style caught him pAArtying it up only a few days after dumping Jessica Simpson.

And who did he choose to party with? Why, another Ghost of the Simpson Bitch's Past, Ashlee Simpson's ex, Z-list musician Ryan Cabrera.

Call up John Mayer and you guys can start a "He-Man Simpson Haters Club."

Tony seemed to be enjoying his single status as he hung out with his boys at LA’s Key Club on Monday night. Witnesses commented that he looked "like he hadn't a care in the world", while he and his new buddy Ryan "checked out all the hot chicks dancing onstage.”

He even shared a little diddy with the crowd when he was dragged on stage by the band and Ryan. A source adds, "As soon as Tony stood up and showed his face they tossed him the mic. He got into it and sang a few bars of a Guns 'N Roses song. It was awesome!"

We bet! Guess the place holds no sentiment to him. In the olden days, the paps could usually find Tony and Jessica at the bar as they were regular Monday-night patrons.

And while Tony was getting drunk off life, Jessica was home, eating a case of Chicken of the Sea, left-over from her endorsement days.

We kid, we kid.

She ate all that a long time ago!

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43 comments to “All The Single Tonys, Put Your Hands Up!”

  1. 1

    why the heck would they be hanging out together?!?

    and i kind of feel bad for jess, but maybe she is just looking for love in all the wrong places, who knows.

    i think her and nick would be cute together again, she should stop letting her dad control her life and maybe it would work!

  2. 2

    Gaaaayyyy Clubbbb!!!!

  3. 3

    All the single people called Perez that probably haven't dated or fucked in years make a site called PerezHilton.com… I think we have a winner!

  4. 4

    Funny how guys who get out of long term relationships can so easily forget all there problems.. Hmm.. I'm not a fan of Tony Homo..

  5. 5

    tony lame-o

  6. 6


  7. 7

    AHAHAHAHA. how dumb.
    i like this line - Call up John Mayer and you guys can start a "He-Man Simpson Haters Club." bahahaha, how great.

  8. 8

    Yay! Good for him and I love that he is with Ashlees ex.

  9. 9

    She's NOT fat!!!

  10. 10

    I feel bad for her, but he does need to stay positive so he can play well this season.

  11. 11

    ugh he's such a jerk. I hope that Jessica finally does meet someone that'll make her happy

  12. 12

    Ryan Cabrera is from Dallas…so no surprise he gets along with Romo.

  13. 13

    Jessica has more class than you ever will Perez. Leave her alone. She is the most down to earth celebrity you will ever meet.

  14. 14

    Regardless of how he ended up feeling about her, there is a thing called human decency. How can you be so cold as to break off a long term relationship the night before someone's bday??? That fact alone says that he is a fucked up douchebag.

  15. 15

    funny perez! i bet they had alot of disease stories to swap. or more realistically "joe simpson's a creepy douche" talk

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Putting on a good game face doesn't mean a person isn't feeling sad.

  17. 17

    Way to go Tony! Got a load off his back.

  18. 18

    I don't know how u can not read that " stupid " face. He seems charming, seet…blah, blah….but he's not, he's WORSE than J MAYER.

    Jess u need 2 grow up, and star 2 read boys faces..and not pinch ur claws 2 b safe.. U DONT"N NEED A MAN. U NEED @ B ALONE for a while , put urself 2 gether and refreshed. Somebody it's there 4 u. It's a matter of time.

    And about HIS CARREER.. KEEP ON DRINKING and PAArty…BIG SHIT…UR TIME its UP.. We HOPE…..CARREER OVER..then ur gonna b KISSING Jess ass..when all she does was supporting U . ASShole.

  19. 19

    Oh Chubs, aren't you the ironic one, making fun of Jessicas eating habits> Pot meet Kettle

  20. 20

    Tony and Ryan are not "new" friends. They've been friends for a few years, even before Tony dated Jessica. Ryan just got back to L.A. on Monday from touring. They could be catching up, the fact that Tony just broke up with Jessica and Ryan used to date Ashlee is a coincidence. I bet neither one of them still gives two shits about the Simpson's. Ryan gets pissed when people bring it up because it was so long ago and he's moved on, but that's all anyone wants to talk about if they see him. I saw Ryan play on Sunday and he's really good.

  21. 21

    he's so friggin ugly. looks like a bird. eyes close together. jessica you're sexy and beautiful. you're better off without this douche. she made him "famous." before her no one barely knew him or cared. except some sports fanatics.

  22. 22

    I'm no Jess fan, but she can do much better than this jerk. Guy just looks like he has the intellect of a box of hair.

  23. 23

    Ya and I bet you ate the whole sea! That's where all the fishies have gone to! In your stomach!

  24. 24

    She cheated on Nick - John Mayer was texting her - she is a "not so nice" woman! The Simpsons screwed Nick out of a lot of money - google "Jessica Simpson sued for 10 million" or "Jessica Simpson Payola" I'm happy for Romo!

  25. 25


  26. 26


  27. 27


  28. 28

    Tony Jessica is way to good for you !!!

  29. 29

    Jessica made Tony stupid. He kept his shit together when he was with Sophia Bush and Carrie Underwood. If you find text messages from an ex, you end it then, just because it's her birthday doesn't mean you just wait until after. I'm so glad Tony finally saw the light. GO COWBOYS!! Now we can win a Super Bowl this year without that distraction =D

  30. 30

    HAHAHA! here we go again. Perez it really shows your just bitter because they have actual talent and you havent got any to speak of. Bravo you just put a cherry on the the top of your loser sundae.

  31. 31

    jessica is doing this for publicity. joe planned it all out. stage a party, call if off, have tony come to town - he can go out wiht the boys and stay in a hotel. PROMISE = by September - seh'll be showihng a baby bump. that's why they staged this to take the eye's off them. then she'll come out in sept/oct pregger with his baby. and wiwth that the cowboys will have teh WORST season ever. i knida with romo would hook up with aniston

  32. 32

    They're prolly just both relieved to be the fuck away from that creepy ass Joe Simpson!!!

  33. 33


  34. 34

    I'm kinda bummed to hear about the breakup. I've served Tony before and he's a really nice down to earth guy. Who knows, they may just get back together.

  35. 35

    when I watched JESSICA + NICK'S reality show I was AMAZED at how stupid and brainless this girl is, I am surprised the guy even married her (well he's not a rocket scientist either but…) - and now he got another bf, amazing… oh wait, I know why, she's a pretty bimbo… I always forget that's essential to most men in the world

  36. 36

    Re: miss ash – Um are you forgetting that Tony was calling Carrie while he was with Jessica? Then he lied and said he wasn't and Jessica went on live radio twice and called Carrie a liar. Anyone that knows Carrie knows the girl doesn't lie or say a negative word about anyone. Jessica's CD was dropping in 2 wks and she pissed off all the Carrie fans and ruined her sales and whos fault was it. TONYS! the liar He knew darn well he was calling her.

  37. 37

    Ew your haircut belongs on a fat lesbian to the left

  38. 38

    That break up was a long time coming… :|

  39. 39

    I thought he was cute when he was with Jessica. I think she makes all her guys look better than they probably are. I hope she finds some real lasting happiness with someone. It's not going to happen with another "star". She has to remember there is life outside of Hollywood. She has to get off the treadmill and start living real. She has her shoe biz and other business stuff to sustain her. She can do good works like Jolie and find real love along the way.

    Jess is always on mag covers because she is so photogenic. Tony might end up missing the publicity he had when he was with her.

  40. 40

    Looks to my like he's busy working on his career. (LOL - end sarcasm;) )

  41. 41

    Like the way you put her weight down but you are twice bigger!
    Like the way you insult others for being gay but you are also.
    Like the way you befriend someone but then puts them down in you blog.

  42. 42

    Why do say she is a bitch? She seems sad and lonely to me. I'm sure she'll have a great relationship, one day, after she tells her Dad to get his own life.

  43. 43

    Re: operac – since when is she responsible for who is sending her a text? Did she majickly somehow type it? Could it possibly be that J Mayer was wishing her a happy birthday? Or that T Romo is an insecure douche? And maybe it's his partying that f*cks his game up?