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Janet Reportedly Steps Up To Become Jackson Children's Guardian!!

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Could Janet Jackson become the legal guardian of her brother Michael's three children???

Media outlets are claiming Miz Jackson has stepped up and offered to raise Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket, if the kids decide they would feel more comfortable being brought up by their aunt.

Sources say Janet has grown quite close to the children since her brother's death and has even said, "I'll step forward and raise them if this is what they want."

We think it'd be a million times healthier for MJ's kids to live with Janet rather than grandparents Katherine and Joe or Prince Michael and Paris' paternal mother Debbie Rowe!!

The guardianship hearing is scheduled to take place in a Los Angeles Superior Court on August 3rd, after already being rescheduled three times since Jackson's death.

Who do U think will win custody of the children???

[Image via WENN.]

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205 comments to “Janet Reportedly Steps Up To Become Jackson Children's Guardian!!”

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  1. 101

    I think it is best for the kids to be with Janet. she is the most grounded one out of the family. She wants children and children love their aunts and uncles. I am an uncle and love my nieces and nephew like they were my own kids. I would take care and raise them in a heart beat.

  2. 102

    Paternal mother? Isn't she just their mother?

  3. 103

    i think janet would be the right person

  4. 104

    I think Michael's children belong with Janet.

  5. 105

    sounds good

    she is young and can be in their lives for a long time

  6. 106

    That is the best idea to come out of the tragedy. I hope Janet gets custody or is at least second in line.

  7. 107

    Everyone acts like they know for sure Janet will be a great mother. Didn't she have a child her sister is raising? Not saying that will make her a bad mother but noone knows for sure what type of mother she will be good entertainer doesn't mean you're necessarily be a good parent.

  8. 108

    Re: nathanjones – Well if you have ever actually listened to a Janet jackson record you might actually realize that Janets music is VERY different. I dont think that Janet has come out with a record that sounds like anything she has put out previously. So perhaps before you try to be a music critic and put your two cents in you should actually know what you are talking about.

  9. 109

    i believe Janet would be great for the children. She as always seemed the caring person.

  10. 110

    If Jaent is willing to raise them and the kids want to live with her.. why not.

    As to Debbie Rowe I still can't understand how a woman can sell off her children. If she was a surrigant I could understand, but she sold her children for $$$$ and it would serve her right if she was shut out of their lives and left to her 50 pieces of silver !

  11. 111

    I think the children would be very well cared for and loved by Janet. Katherine can still be Grandma. It might be too much for her to raise 3 young children at this time in her life. No need to worry about Joe. He's really creepy.

  12. 112

    I'm sure the kid that she gave up when she was younger will just think that this is perfect.

    I guess Janet seems the least fucked up of the bunch.

  13. 113

    TEAM JANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 114

    Janet would be great!!!! I vote for her!!!!

  15. 115

    I don't know who will ultimately win custody, to answer your question, but it seems like Janet is the best option under the circumstances…

  16. 116

    i think the kids would be best left to the jackson family, except for joe… he has no business raising them, he'll just ruin them.
    The jacksons are the only family these kids know so they should be left with them.

  17. 117

    :) Janet's PR people make her seem much more stable, and her smile isn't all creepy. I think that she should change back into Justice and raise the kids.

  18. 118

    I think she will be at taking over everything really.

  19. 119

    I luv janet! She should definetly raise those poor children!
    Bcuz she's not 2 old & not 2 mean! LOL! plzzzz! Let her get those children!

  20. 120

    I would like to hear what the kids think of Debbie Rowe first. If they and Debbie agree on Janet then OK. NO TO JOE!!! who controls Katherine.

  21. 121

    I think it's wonderful that Janet will be there guardian. I'm sure she would give them the love that they need. I'm sure Katerine is great but she is much older and maybe not able to handle them as well as Janet could.

  22. 122

    paternal mother? wtf?

  23. Ink says – reply to this


    I think out of everyone who's trying to get the kids, Janet would be best.
    Joe is abusive…

  24. 124

    I think Janet would be awesome I was wondering why she didnt go up for guardianship at first I mean she is obviously closest to the children and the most normal jackson

  25. 125

    I think Janet would be SOOOOOO much better than their biological mother.

  26. 126

    JANET def….

  27. 127

    awwww auntie janet to the rescue!!!! those kids seem like they are close to her and u hope she becomes the mother they need. fuck a debbie rowe!

  28. 128

    Janet would be a good parent…
    If the kids want to be with her because they are more comfortable with her then… Janet should get custody of them…
    Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket should go to the person they are most comfortable with.

  29. 129

    poor kids

  30. 130

    I want Janet to win, I think the kids would be more better off than with their grandparents or Debbie.

  31. 131

    Uhm did everyone forget that Michael Jackson named Diana Ross as the secondary nominee for guardianship of the children?

  32. 132

    I think its wonderful. I said from the start the Janet would be a great choice for these kids and MJ would be content with this decision from above. Good job Janet. =)

  33. 133

    yay! sounds like the best arrangement so far

  34. 134

    Re: nathanjones – Yo Yo Diet/ What a stupid fucking comment that is..what the hell does that have to do with raising the kids? That makes her a bad person because she has a weight issue? You have a stupidity issue, but im sure that doesnt make you a bad person. All her songs are related to sex? I dont think so, listen to her music again. That has nothing to do with her raising the kids either. It's her music, it's just entertainment.

  35. 135

    i think either katherine or janet would raise those children very well

    michael used to travel alot and janet was doing her own thing so of course she didn't get to spend much time with them before

  36. 136

    she looks pretty

  37. 137

    I hope to God either Katherine or Janet gets the kids. Preferabley Janet.

  38. 138

    Re: anniegirl – Why is keeping her marriage a secret morally wrong? It's none of our business truth be known. Maybe she wasn't close to them previous to this because Michael kept his family at bay. He didn't want them to see him weak and on drugs. They were not allowed on his property. Do not forget that hey were also in Barrain and around he world.

    Personally, I think Rebie (sp?) would be best. She is not chasing fame like LaToya, she's not a spring chicken but she is not as old as Catherine, and she is not so professionally tied up and buy like Janet.

  39. 139

    Re: anniegirl – Why is keeping her marriage a secret morally wrong? It's none of our business truth be known. Maybe she wasn't close to them previous to this because Michael kept his family at bay. He didn't want them to see him weak and on drugs. They were not allowed on his property. Do not forget that they were also in Barrain and around he world.

    Personally, I think Rebie (sp?) would be best. She is not chasing fame like LaToya, she's not a spring chicken but she is not as old as Catherine, and she is not so professionally tied up and busy like Janet.

  40. 140

    i think i´d be great if they could stay w aunty Janet!!!
    i hope DEBBITCH Rowe doesn´t get the kids !! …
    but must important: hopefully crazy famewhore bitch poppa Joe will keep his sick pedophile ass away from those poor kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 141

    I don't believe that she only got to know the kids after Michael died. It seemed at the memorial that the kids, Paris especially, seemed fairly comfortable with her and I really don't think you could get that after a week… even a traumatizing week like the kids had. In any case… if Janet wants to raise them and they want Janet and everyones happy with that, I think that would be amazing. People being concerned because she would be a single "mother"… really? Would we prefer Joe Jackson over a single mother? Or perhaps Debbie Rowe (who, btw, is also single… though that's the least of her problems.).

  42. 142

    I belive Janet should take the kids. I think they are closer to her. look at the footage after Paris' speech about her dad. they didnt hug there grandmother they hugged and cried on janet.

  43. 143

    Janet would make a great mom. Goodness she always looks soooo pretty!!!

  44. 144

    Re: genifur – right on genifur! I totally agree with you! :-) )

  45. 145

    -i hope that she gets them.
    i think shes the most suitable guardian, like MJ's mother is like 77.

  46. Dawo says – reply to this


    Janet is the right person :)

    Im sure Michael would Love to see her Sister taking care of his kids :)

    she is the right Person :)

  47. 147

    she's the only one who said "if that's what THEY really want" which shows that she really cares about them and does not consider them a package (full of money)….

  48. 148

    They don't want the kids.

    They just want the money.

    Awful people.

  49. 149

    YESSS !!! I was hoping for this! Janet should def raise the kids.

  50. 150

    janet adopt those kids, dont let those lunatics get them !!!!!

  51. 151

    Hopefully she will get custody.

  52. 152

    What the children want should be the main concern, and if they want to be with her I think she'd do a good job, and they'd probably still be able to see their grandmother.

  53. 153

    I'll bet Janet could teach the kids how to prevent wardrobe malfunctions…..

  54. 154

    Janet is the best choice for Michael's children.

  55. 155

    katherine===> too old
    Joe====> too mad
    Debbie====>please no ahaha

    janet is a good option, she's the only one who seems not crazy in this family

  56. pj88 says – reply to this


    If Katherine gives her blessing (why she wouldn't… i don't know) and the kids want to be with Janet… thats they way it should be.

  57. 157

    Go Janet!!!!!

  58. 158


  59. 159

    at MJ's memorial the kids seemed so close to Janet so i think it's for the best if she gets custody. Paris especially seemed close to her.

  60. 160

    Do not have any opinion on something that is none of my damn business. Frankly the whole Jackson clan seem dysfunctional.

  61. 161

    You go girl! She would be a great guardian.

  62. 162

    why is she smiling??
    I think I also saw a pic of LaToya smiling when they were leaving the ceremony… aren't they supposed to be sad??
    or at least pretend to …

  63. 163

    Janet?? Did everyone forget the weird vials of drugs she injects into herself that were uncovered and reported by her former staff after her divorce from her last husband (Rene Elizondo-spelling?). She also had staff lie and get medicine in their names for her and took a lot of diet meds and other drugs. I personally don't think any Jackson is suitable to raise anything except wolves. Leave them where they are with his mom-that way nannies will raise them (like they have been raising them all along) and there won't be much change in their lives.

  64. 164

    i think she should have got them anyway

  65. 165

    Re: RedBlueSnake
    Wow-you are blind. The oldest son is identical to Dr. Klein, the girl looks just like Debbie Rowe and that last one looks Hispanic, so who knows. Interracial children would not come out with thin noses and white features, straight hair (Michael did have an afro and a wide nose as a child). Vitilago only happened to MJ after years of bleaching his skin. When you mess with mother nature you will reap what you sow.

  66. 166

    i think janet would be the best choice…but of course that decision should be left up to the children.

  67. 167

    yes she definetly shoudl lookafter them, she is close to them and a perfect age.

  68. 168

    yes she definetly should look after them, she is close to them and a perfect age.

  69. 169

    Judging from the comfort that Janet provided to his daughter at the memorial I think that it would be great thing for them to be raised by her. She obviously has the cash flow to financially provide for them but most importantly she is already close to them and they know her and would be safe with her, not beaten by Grandpa Joe.

  70. 170

    The will says they go to Grandma Jackson. Michael knew that meant they'd be with Grandpa Jackson as well. Aunt Janet has only been supporting them since his death? Nice Aunt. They need their grandma.

  71. 171

    Janet would make an awesome guardian and now that she has no boyfriend she could spend her time focusing on them.
    Anyone wonder if her last tour failure was her body showing a physical premonition to the soon to be loss of her famous brother.

  72. 172

    I think the judge should ask the children what they want - and he or she should make the decision on the basis of their wishes. I'm quite confident they will mention Janet.

    Apart from Joe and apart from the fact that Katherine could not protect her own children - did anyone think about the possibility of Katherine dying within a few years? Then the children will have to cope with yet another loss. Yet another reason to send them to Janet.

  73. 173

    Yeah giving the kids to janet would be a good idea. Imagine the diet they would have. Pizza and Twinkies one week, water and a carrot stick the next. Really this girl can't even manage her weight consistently let alone manage children.

  74. LIsh says – reply to this


    I've said all along that Janet should raise the children. I believe that Michael wanted it that way but he drafted that will almost 8 years ago. It's funny because people will let a Will go for years with out updating it but your mind and feelings change often, so sometimes you may want something when a will is drafted but it can change. I also think that Michael never really thought about death, sadly we are all that way, but I think his point in the will was that he didn't want his father raising his children, he didn't leave him out for nothing. While Michael loved his mom to pieces, she is not able to fully take care of those children, she's old enough to be their great grandmother, plus with the stress of him dying, this is not the job for her. They should however stay close to his family, Michael and Janet were very close and he often said they were alot alike and think alike. Janet was successful just as he was, I believe she is the only one that can really do it. She knows how to keep their lives private, she's not always running her mouth off to the media, she's finanically stable and I truly think Michael would be able to rest knowing his sister has them.

  75. 175

    I am hoping for Janet to win custody!

  76. 176

    Re: anniegirl – So you mean its a bad thing that Janet didnt parade around her marrige to the world? Lmao! Gimme a break!! Janet is very private and has a calm private life.. forgive her for not making a statement or sending out a pressrelease when she married. Lmao.

    And so what about superbowl incident. It was only in the US it was made a big deal. All other countries look at this incident and wondered what the heck was it all about. Give me a break!

  77. 177

    SHe became close AFTER MJ's death. Please. Debbie Rowe is the only person who displays any sense of normalcy. These kids need that. She should take the kids AND the Nanny as that is the only mother they have ever known.

  78. 178

    She looks really pretty in that picture.

  79. 179

    Re: Stephanie – Are you crazy?? That is the worst, most stupid idea!!

  80. 180

    STEP UP??

    TEAM DEBBIE!!!!!!!!!

  81. 181

    janet should have those kids! when paris started crying onstage, who did she turn to? janet! it's quite clear where they should be.

  82. 182


  83. 183

    It's not MJ's wishes according to his will.
    But I'm sure he would have no objection,
    as they always seemed very close.
    MJ's mother must realize that she can't
    do it alone and while Diana Ross must be
    flattered by MJ's confidence in her, I think
    she would do the right thing and step away,
    and let the family take over. Without knowing
    any of these people, it does seem like Janet
    is the only one with smarts (and means) to
    raise them right.

  84. 184

    I want Janet to get them! Or really, who the kids like the most. As long as the kids are with someone they want, its good.

  85. 185

    I do hope janet gets to take care of them. she's a lovely person and was very close to michael. i wish them all the best.

  86. 186

    i think janet would be a great mother to these kids.. i have been saying from day one janet should get them. There are a lot of single parents out there.. y does this make it any different if her and JD did break up.

  87. 187

    i hope janet gets the kids since she's the most normal of the family. btw, could this be the reason she and her BF split?

  88. 188

    No such thing as a "paternal mother" unless we're talking about the pregnant man.

  89. Lucas says – reply to this


    Okay "Janet has grown quite close to the children since her brother's death". Where was she since they were born? It's all about the almighty dollar, and the children will be in one heck of a tug of war. I feel so sorry for them.

  90. 190

    The kids were very attracted to Janet at the memorial if one didn't notice, leaning on her, looking for her support, it was completely obvious.

  91. 191

    "paternal" mother…really.

  92. 192

    I think Janet would be perfect to raise those kids ~ Keep them the hell away from Joe!!!! :|

  93. 193

    I agree Debbie the money grubbing bitch hasn't been in their lives at all. She only cares about money. Out of all the Jacksons she seems the most normal one, besides Katherine who is getting too old to raise anymore kids. Plus she will keep them away from the creeper Joe.

  94. 194

    i hope janet does!!

  95. 195

    Yes! Janet! I saw her with the kids and she seemed like the most motherly out of all the Jacksons.. they would be best off with her. I hope that she takes them

  96. 196

    Ok, I love Janet, but as a singer. We don't know what she's like a mother? Do we?? How many times have Janet seen these kids in the last year? How close was she as an aunt to them? She may be younger, but does that mean she would be a better mother? NO Mrs Jackson has the experience for the job. My only concern there would be if Joe Jackson would present in the their lives. I think he would want to take control of their lives just like he did with his own children and try to take control of their money. Thats all I see Joe Jackson being there for. This would a hard decision for anyone to make. I guess it would be up to the kids to decide if the courts asked them.

  97. 197

    I think Janet would be an excellent guardian and parent for the kids!

    They need someone more current and culturally aware then their grandparents. I'm sure Janet shares Michael's feelings towards their parents, I think she would give them a wonderful, long life!

  98. 198

    I think janet would be perfect for the kids…..and she probably would do a way better job….um hellooo!!!!! their mom didn't want them now all of a sudden she does I don't care if it's not true…she wasn't around so she basically is just a birth mom…not a real mom…these kids deserve better…so janet all the way!!!!!

  99. 199

    I think Janet or Katherine should get them.

  100. 200

    janet ftw!!!

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