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Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend: Her Other Secret Past Revealed!

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Your secret's out, Hailey!

In 2005, Jon Gosselin's 22-year-old fuck buddy, hard-pAArtying Hailey Glassman, went to fat camp! But, she left early in fear of being booted from the camp for cheating on her diet too many times!!!

We received a fantastically venomous email (complete with photos!) from a gang of girls calling themselves Revenge of the Chubby Chicks, outing their former fat camper!

It's a must read!!!

Check it out:

Helloooooo Perez!

Attached are some pictures of Hailey Glassman from her Summer before college, 2005. She attended a FAT CAMP with us in La Jolla, California called Camp La Jolla. These were before her alleged "coke diet" and football-orgies.

She left early because camp was going to kick her out for cheating too often with daily secret post-lunch trips to Panda Express, Golden Spoon, and her frequent underaged cigarette breaks. One of her famous quotes:

"Dude, I just got back from Panda Express! That shit was off the hook yo!!!" in a deranged ghetto accent.

Her annoying ringtone would go off at all hours of the day, and you might like this. The song was: "California" by Phantom Planet. Ironic little slut.

She was dumb. Period.

Enjoy the chub!

-Revenge of the Chubby Chicks

How long until this hobag is whoring it up and down Robertson Blvd????

You know she's just aching to come to Hollywood and be a Z-lister!

Maybe she can make a porno with Octo-Mom???

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125 comments to “Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend: Her Other Secret Past Revealed!”

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  1. 101

    It's not about her being fat or not. It's about the fact that she's obviously spent her whole life making enemies.

  2. 102



    TEAM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 103

    Holy shit. i thought she was ugly but she used to be even uglier! damn. looks like a bird. fat or not fat, she's frickin ugly. thought jon had better taste after dealing with kate.

  4. 104

    Re: caffeinated_princess

    Hi, your parents should have sterilized. Thx.

  5. 105

    Awesome. What a snatch-tastic famewore.

  6. 106

    So these girls are maliciously making fun of her for something they too were a part of?

  7. 107

    Right, let me get this straight. Angelina Jolie's a saint even though she broke up a seemingly happy marriage and Lady GAGA can shag just about every man, woman (or whatever is in between) on the face of the earth without judgement but this girl gets slated for going out with a guy that had already left his mrs. One minute you can't do enough to slate this kate woman but then as soon as he moves onto someone else she's the new worst scum of the earth??? Perez, can you do us all a favour and pick a stand point on issues and stick to them. Picking and choosing who's ok to do things and who's not is DISCRIMINATION on your part. If it's not ok for one person to do it, then it's not ok for anyone to do it!!! You clearly have no moral integrity whatsoever which is pretty pathetic for a man of your age. Grow up.

  8. 108

    Why the hell would she want to doink some dood with 8 KIDS???? :|

  9. 109

    stuff like this is why people don't feel sorry for you when you get punched in the face…

    for someone who suffers from weight problems this is oh so mean girls of you

  10. 110


  11. 111

    I am dyinggg.

  12. 112

    Re: GraphXGrrl – completely agree..i dont think this much dirt would be coming out about anyone else.

  13. 113

    ha! what a funny letter..

    "Dude, I just got back from Panda Express! That shit was off the hook yo!!!" in a deranged ghetto accent.


  14. 114

    this is dumb. we've all had ugly stages. sounds like these other girls are jealous, and mean and stupid to boot.

  15. 115

    baby got back…"Daddy when I grow up I wanna be a whore!"

    Jon likes big butts and he cannot lie!

  16. 116

    hmmm sounds like a bunch of bitter fatasses who wer elosers at fat camp (and THAT is saying something) and losers at life . . .
    bitter, morbidly obese weirdos who have to take out their anger by trying to sabotage someone . . . PATHETIC.

  17. 117

    also sounds like theyre really fucking pissed that her cellphone went of a lot, i.e. that she had friends, and that she lost the weight and is considered hot, which theyre OBVIOUSLY not and never (ever) will be . . .
    unless you find bruce villanch hot!!! ahahahahaha
    these bitches are so sad-
    revenge of them?? sounds like hailey got the revenge when she traveld to cannes and got famous!!! bahaha

  18. 118

    hahahaha this shiz is too funny

  19. 119

    haha notice how there are no photos of hailey with any of them- why? because im guessing theyre bodies resemble jabba the hut's!!!!!!

  20. ass says – reply to this


    You're such a child Perez. You of all people should know that it's not easy to lose a lot of weight. Obviously she eventually did it, and here you are being a complete douchebag.

  21. 121

    Perez isn't dating Jon, she is so lay off him. And btw that bulge on her stomach is FAT, she is FAT. He needs someone controlling him because when left to his own devise look at the woman he chooses…

  22. 122

    That was so long ago! What like 4 years ago?!? She's not fat anymore! Maybe pretty stupid though….Just maybe. ;-)

  23. 123

    you're kidding me right? seriously? ok people, this is not the proper way to get revenge…look it up in the dictionary and do someting better, because people do this all the time. And please find a better word then slut, because its just so over used and it has lost its meaning.

  24. 124

    All the people that are saying she's fat are probably fatties themselves. Oh, and Kate is a controlling bitch and that is why he left her.

  25. 125

    That`s really stupid!!!

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