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R-Patz Is One Cheap Bitch!

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Either our darling Robert Pattinson is terrible at mathematics or he's cheap as all hell!

R-Patz and some pals grabbed a bite to eat at Il Cantinori in Greenwich Village last Tuesday and reportedly only left a $50 tip on their $350 bill!!!

Not even 15%!!

Even though the waiter described Pattinson as "nice and friendly," Robert and his friends closed the restaurant down by being the last diners in the Italian eatery after boozing on a $60 bottle of wine and numerous bottles of Italian beer with their food.

Regardless, learn some manners, R-Patz!

They don't tip in the UK, but they do in America!

[Image via WENN.]

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474 comments to “R-Patz Is One Cheap Bitch!”

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  1. epic says – reply to this


    okay.. i think i better not visit the usa - the math is way too complicated for me.
    personally i give tips or i don't - depends on what mood i'm in.. and 50 dollar sound quite a lot to me - but so do 350. guess i won't spend that much on a meal - i can cook myself.
    Re: tashbabes – you forgot the highest crime rate.

  2. 102

    Eww, we don't tip here and if I were in America I still wouldn't. Ridiculous. I work to get paid to give my money someone who's getting paid for working? Stupid.

  3. Vespa says – reply to this


    I don't understand the whole tipping thing - it's ridiculous! Why do you have to pay waiters and waitresses extra for doing their job? Their employer (i.e. the restaurant) should pay them their wage, not the diners. In Australia the price of a meal covers service as well. And to people saying 'Oh they only get paid $4 an hour! They need the tips!' Tough titties! Not my problem! Go get another job if yours doesn't pay enough! Other people in the service industry don't get tips all the time. What makes serving food and drink such a hard job!

  4. 104

    wow you Americans tip a lot

  5. epic says – reply to this


    btw: nice pic

  6. 106

    How much do you tip Perez? Maybe you gave the poor server a copy of your book instead of a tip! Now that would suck big time!

  7. 107


    Well, thanks to a loud mouthed server maybe Robert won't go back at all and maybe others should follow that idea. Who the hell are these people who get to bitch and moan to media outlets over trivial BS?? The tip was actually OVER what the food tab reflected.

    Il Cantinori's management should be ASHAMED of themselves at this point for allowing this server to remain on staff.


  8. 108

    We do tip in the UK as long as the service and food is good! We dont have a stupid set amount to tip though like 15%.
    I'm only 18 so i normally just leave my loose changing, normally amounting to something like £2.50 and they seem happy with that here! Although i loved new york, i hated tipping because me and my friends knew we had too, but always ended up leaving far too much as we werent sure what was right.

  9. 109

    Less $2.50 jeez. You Americans need to get over tipping.

  10. 110

    He tipped alright, I don't know if I'd be okay with it. They should have added gratuity. I'm going to be honest with you folks, we get paid minimum wage or less (think 5 an hour from 6 hours of work). The majority of our income comes from tips and 15% is the bare MINIMUM. If we do a great job you really should leave more. We don't just run back there and someone hands us beautifully arranged plates of food. We do the majority of the work ourselves whilst keeping clean stations that you never see. It's hard work, manual labor in hot conditions. There's nothing worse than knowing you did a great job and that you anticipated a table's needs and you were only left $2. At the end of the night things ache like I ran a few miles. Also, you should take into account all items (alcoholic beverages, food, deserts, service). We get taxed on all sales, if you leave less than the sales tax on the reciept you're basically taking money out of my pocket. P.S. For all those Southern Californian's out there $5 is almost NEVER an okay tip. If you can't afford to tip properly, you can't afford to eat out. Please go home and make yourself a sandwich, I don't work for free. Thanks!

  11. 111

    perez don't be dumb that is not bad at all so i'm guessing you tip all of your waiters 25% good for you that you need to tip so high so more people will like you

  12. 112

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  13. 113

    Tipping in the US is ridiculous. Just pay a salary.

  14. 114

    fuck you perez. they do tip in england. but they dont EXPECT 15%. why give some fucker something they expect. he spent 350 in the resteraunt and gave more than enough as a tip. Places like that make me so fucking mad!

  15. 115

    OMFG! WOOWWW! 2.50$$ off! who gives a fuck! thats a shit load of tip! 50$$ thats enough. doesnt even matter i mean come on!
    with the economy and shit some people dont even tip anything!
    ROBERT PATTINSON IS HOT so he makes up for it.
    its their fault that they told the paparazzi that he was there in the first place.
    omfg perez this is a stupid post.

  16. 116

    wow he was 2 dollars short

  17. 117

    I've been a waiter and regardless I think it's stupid to assume you're getting the 15% tip. If you don't do a good job then you won't and even if you do a gr8 job - that's you're fucking job, you get PAID to do it - so shut the fuck up and deal with it. Or else get a better education to earn a better income - you shouldn't make it your career if you expect things, it's because you love your job. Perez, you on the other hand, are an idiot and a BAD tipper we all know that!

  18. 118

    Funny how servers out hear are all bitching and moaning about the economy….it's going to be a lot worse when people stop eating out all together OR avoid your place because you're assholes who expect more than you deserve.


    Sounds like a plan to me!

  19. 119

    Re: JNC85267

    Would you like some cheese to go with your whine.

    (now tip me 20% for nothing)

  20. 120

    [re=4078497]Re: JanaSophie_
    Tipping is just such an unnecessary waste of money. [/re]

    Are you kidding me? That sounds sooo white trash it's sickening.. Get some F'ing CLASS!!!

  21. 121

    Cheap ass. He can't use being British as an excuse, he has spent enough time in our country. I can tell we have a bunch of 15 year olds on here. I always tip 20% or more unless the service absolutely sucked. Even then, I would never tip below 15%.

  22. 122

    perez en el fondo disculpo si no tienes nada interesante q decir de él, con tal de q digas algo!!!

  23. 123

    WOW!! 2 dollars!!¬¬
    WHO CARES!? stalker much?

  24. 124

    UGH! BOOOOOOORRRIIIIIIINNNNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!! He's still sexy as hell!!! Watta boring headline ….its not like he's nick lachey or anything!!!

  25. 125

    Throw him to the dungeons!!

    Who'd complain about recieving $50?

  26. 126

    It's $2.50 shy of 15%, fuck off you fat bloated cockwad.

  27. 127

    Also why have i not heard about this 10% tip thing in the UK!? Ha! I dont do that and have never heard anything about it from my waitress friends. I work in a supermarket and if a customer tells us to keep like the £2 or something at christmas we have to put it in the till haha, lame!

  28. 128

    Re: JNC85267 – Just get a different job if you don't like it or demand a raise from your EMPLOYER NOT THE GUEST.

  29. 129

    [re=4078522]Re: bananaballerina
    I work to get paid to give my money someone who's getting paid for working?[/re]

    You just don't get it you moron, do you?? In the USA servers get paid roughly $2 an hour.. And then your tips get claimed.. So those $2 an hour you get paid, pay the taxes on your F'ing tips.. So at the end of the week, your check is nothing - LITERALLY!

  30. 130

    Re: cms613 – easy answer to that little whine there…get a better fucking job if you dont want $3 an hour. You want more money, charge more for the food, dont expect people who work just as hard for their money to go out and laden a large tip onto a server who cant be arsed to be there in the first place!

  31. 131

    Re: JNC85267 – "There's nothing worse than knowing you did a great job and that you anticipated a table's needs and you were only left $2" maybe the people are actually quite poor and wanted to eat out for once, its not their responsibility to give you money how do you expect them to know how much your wage is? if your not happy with the wages they why dont you find another job, you cant exactly compare a mere $2 tip to a $50 tip anyway. cleaners/maids get shit all as well and they dont get tips.

  32. 132

    ONce your bill hits a certain amount theres NO reason to tip someone more then $50 or $60.
    I'm sure if he had a $40 meal he would have tipped $20. much more then 15%

  33. 133

    Re: Vespa – $4 an hour!? God, i must of missed them comments haha. Is there not a minimum wage in the US, surely thats illegal!? In the UK min wage is something like i dunno £4 something or maybe 5 not sure. I get £6.19 and all i do is chuck items through a till!

  34. 134

    They should have left at least $100, esp with getting special treatment. Honestly, some people should calculate the tip, because they usually estimate too low.

    I don't know, I always leave big tips when a server is good, that's how they make their living.

  35. 135

    Fuck that, hes like 2 dollars off. 50 dollars is a good amount.

  36. 136

    I'm not entirely sure why so many people are taking personal offense to the way restaurants are run in the United States. I would love to get paid "salary" or a flat fee like those of you with desk jobs. The hourly pay we receive takes into a account the estimated tips we will receive. When you fail to meet the minimum requirement of 15% you are in fact shorting us on our perceived wages earned. We didn't make the rules. Most of us are just trying to get through College. We don't deserve to be stiffed on our tips because it's socially unacceptable elsewhere. If you leave $10 dollars, minimum $1 goes to the bartender, $1 goes to the busser and in my case $1 goes to a salad/desert lady. I just made $7. And for the record I've worked desk jobs and jobs in childcare this is by far the most challenging and exciting job I've ever had. It is indeed a REAL job. FYI, if you walk out on the check, not only do we get in trouble we also have to pay out of pocket for your meal. You're not screwing over a corporation but individuals. Food for thought.

  37. 137

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  38. 138

    Maybe it was a math mistake or maybe the service was bad…but that is a pretty bad tip. In NYC, a 20% tip for dinner is standard unless the service is bad.

  39. 139

    What happens when people pay with card not cash. No way in hell I'd be giving a tip then and I don't. Maybe you should get better unions and fight for better pay. In Australia you would be getting a fair amount of money per hour.

  40. 140

    it's not big deal, if the service wasn't great he shouldn't tip so much.

  41. burf says – reply to this


    any waiter that emails a story like that doesn't deserve any fn tip.

  42. 142

    In the real world we tip depending on service. You EARN a tip you don't DESERVE ONE…laaaame! Restaurants need to PAY better, its not my job to pay for your light bill AND my salad.

  43. 143

    Okay first of all he's not used to tipping because he's English, second 15% would be $62.50, only $12.50 more than he tipped. It's not that bad, there's a large chance that his service wasn't good so he felt like he shouldn't give the full 15%.

  44. 144

    Wow…. slow news day. This post is stupid as hell.

  45. 145

    well what can i say - the american hospitality industry is pretty much fucked anyway. why not just make the wages BETTER so people arent forced to "tip"?

  46. 146

    If the service wasn't good, they tipped correctly.

  47. 147

    who cares he is still gorgeous!

  48. 148

    once again you are being asswipe Perez. a big $2.52 off of the 15 percent.

  49. 149

    15% is 52 and a half of 350…

  50. 150

    If you choose not to leave a tip for your waitress/waiter, do not expect great service from them the next time they wait on you, or be aware…if you piss your waiter/waitress off you may get a little extra special ingredient call SPIT mixed in with your dinner!!!!…YOU NEVER NOW WHAT GOES ON BEHIND THE CLOSED KITCHEN DOORS!!!….always be nice and always leave a tip

  51. 151

    Seriously, $50 is plenty

  52. 152

    Clearly none of you have worked in the restaurant industry. First, a standard tip is 20% of your total bill! Drinks included! Second, that "big" tip doesn't all go to the waiter! they tip out their bartender, host, and busser! Finally, when deducting income taxes the government ASSUMES servers make 20% percent of their sales whether they make that or not! Basically the server was kind but got screwed!

  53. 153

    14.3 % and you're calling him cheap for $2.50 ! that's not really fair…

  54. 154

    He tipped fairly . The tip is optional and should be at least 10% or 15% . For those traveling overseas they should know that in other country they are subject to what they have . Europeans don't have manners anyway. Salary at restaurant is very low because it's complemented by tips . Whether you like or not that's how it works and you should tip at least the minimum if you don't want anyone to spit at your plate next time .

  55. 155

    Some waiters are able to spit on the plates when they find out their guests are europeans because they know already how cheap and arrogant they are .

  56. 156

    ok you want to know something. . .everyone listen up! the people at the convience tores don't get tips, the people handing you clothes to try on and off don't get tips, the person in the information booth giving people countless amounts of helpful tips, don't get tips themselves. . . .

    It is NOT the publics fault that restaurants cannot step up to the plate and pay their staff properly. . .it's sickening to think that when you go out you have to basically add the price of another person coming to dinner in order to make sure you don't look like a snob!

    grow up. . .waiters and waitresses are doing their jobs!!! i only wish the rest of us doing our jobs would be given the same amount of respect. . .maybe we'd all look at it differently.

    the people bring my food. . .that's not rocket science. . .it's the job you applied for!

    get over it!

  57. 157

    I think that $50 is a really good tip, I mean…. is this really important? must be a slow day…..

  58. royce says – reply to this


    If you double the tax it would have been around $70. Big fucking deal.

  59. 159

    This is the problem with America. You are letting off the corporates by not paying your staff a living wage. Waiting staff in Australia and England are on around $20+ per hour. Our minimum wage in Australia is around $15.00. It is not up to the patrons to support the waiting staff, it is up to the employers. Why can't americans understand this simple fact?

  60. 160

    For those who think they should not tip they don't belong to restaurants . They should eat at home or order at the counter . The moment you sit in a table to get service the rules apply . Hard to change the system at this point .

  61. 161

    Tips are ridiculous. Even $50 is generous for that total. Waiters should get better jobs if they want more money. Oh, they can't? Should've done better in school then.

  62. 162

    your tipping system sucks

  63. 163

    I fucking hate that people HAVE to tip servers, I have been a server and its not a hard job. i never considered people who didnt tip rude cuz i only tip if the server is awesome cuz i dont have money to just give away. ugh I fucking hate people who bitch about it

  64. 164

    perez…50 bucks is a lot of money

    you kno people here in America dont tip at all
    and if we do its like 10 bucks tops

  65. 165


    BUT HE TIPPED 14.29 %

    14.29 %

    14.29 %

    Gosh Perez.. I love you bb but not only are you horrible at spelling and grammar, I see you are no good at math! What high school did you go to???

  66. 166

    He may of tipped based on service. Tipping is not a requirement. This restaurant sounds real classy if they bitch to media about what celebrities pay them. They probably should have gotten SFA. Plus, they are probably getting more publicity and customers because of him going there.

  67. 167

    Re: HonestyPlease – Don't like the system don't eat at restaurant . How about eating somewhere you order at the counter ?

  68. 168

    err… thats only two dollars less than 15%. not a big deal.

  69. 169

    All I can say is if I ever travel to America I won't be eating out very often unless it's Maccas. As a customer you pay for people's wages when you buy the overpriced food and overpriced drink.

  70. d4n4 says – reply to this


    perez, you are such a dumb fat bitch. that is a decent tip. it's only $2.50 short of 15% and 50 bucks is nothing to sneeze at. i think that waiter is an douchebag for bitching about it. i wouldn't go to il cantanori now because their waiters are entitled douchebags who whine to fat gossip columnists about decent tips.

  71. 171

    What the fuck? You call this news? You're a fucking idiot Perez

  72. 172

    60 dollars sould be the tip..all the money he has.thats nothing to him come on.cheap ass..plain rude

  73. 173

    50 seems like alot. Hes not cheap.

  74. 174

    we don't tip in Europe! it's wasting money! –'

  75. 175

    Wtf?! Perez you seriously have no fucking life posting this shit honestly, he's a cheap bitch?! I DOUBT you would even fucking put $25 dollars down so shut the fuck up you're the little hypocritical BITCH! Complaining about freaking 2.50 cents grow the fuck up you panzy! You don't need to give 15% you give whatever you feel the service deserved!

  76. 176

    I went to this restaurant this past July 4th. It was great food and the service was nice. BUT, it is not a crazy super exclusive place. $50 tip is adequate.

  77. 177

    i was a waitress for 13 years and that is not a bad tip… a tip is optional just because you are famous doesn't mean you need to drop thousands of dollars why??? is the waitress that exceptional because there are few out there who are… no one is obligated to tip… just because he's famous doesn't mean he has to pay your rent.. im glad he isn't hollywood… good on you rob !! :)

  78. 178

    I mean , that's how the system is at restaurants . Everyone knows that . If the client is not happy about tipping then he/she should not sit at a restaurant. There are lots of places you can order and pay at the counter . But if you get a table , tip it's part of the bill , no questions about it . Lots of people get the restaurant job because they need and it was what they could get . Employer would not hire them if they demand higher salary . Can't change that at this point . I only go to restaurant when I'm able to pay the bill and tip . Otherwise I eat somewhere else . It's called respect .

  79. 179

    ok apparantly people is the usa are ripped off i made 18 dollars an hour and almost $800 a week why do you think waitresses stay in that profession forever its disposable income and tax-free oh and i had a union gig…. and i worked downtown vancouver where robert is headed in 2 weeks hope i see him again ..

  80. 180

    50 bucks? screw that. we don't tip that much in aus either.

  81. 181

    perez, ur such a douche

  82. 182

    people do tip in the UK, Perez….

    anyway, I thought you loved R Patz and everything he does, why the sudden change of heart?

    and what are those marks above his eyebrows, anyway?- it looks like he cut his head…

  83. 183

    Re: amandym


  84. 184

    Re: Nero007 – kids behind the counter are doing more "work" than a typical server, esp the place RP ate at.

  85. 185

    Umm thats 14.3 %
    what do you expect??
    who would tip 52.50 anyway??

  86. 186

    Why would you waste money on tipping? $50 is a HUGE tip!
    If the service was shit and the food not good, does that mean you still have to tip 15%? It's not like the waiters don't get paid a wage… weird things happen in America.

    We don't tip in Australia either - well, no-one expects a tip! Why should you tip someone who is just doing their job? Trust me, bringing food to a table, being polite and friendly, having knowledge of the dishes and drinks - it's all in your job description! It's what you're paid..by wage.. to do.

  87. 187

    when you have the money you should tip well…a big tip should be expected from a celebrity

  88. 188

    It's common to tip 10% in the UK, so actually he tipped more than is necessary over here. I'm a waitress, I totally get why tipping is important, but some people leave nothing. This is 10-15%, so surely nothing wrong?! Bitchy for bitchy's sake is pointless.

  89. 189

    The notion that servers are uneducated is plain ignorant. To suggest that we are all idiots is laughable. Most of the people I work with, myself included, happen to be finishing up our graduate studies. Most have college degrees. Others simply happen to find the flexible schedule accommodating to being a parent or an aspiring actor/singer, especially in Los Angeles. It's hard to find a part time job that let's you make your own schedule. It's not very intelligent to assume such rude things.

  90. 190

    oh please, this rumor has become such a big deal… why are all the gossip sites making such a big deal over $2.50?! Is there absolutely nothing else to talk about? I doubt its likely he'll be eating there again considering that began these stupid rumors. Il Cantinori clearly doesn't want Rob's business…

  91. 191

    omg! seriously this is retarded…why are you complaining that you got $50! If you can't appreciate the value of $50, you prob. won't appreciate the value of more.
    Plus it's in suuuuuch bad taste to even disclose that. Who ever spilled the beans hear deserved $2…in change.
    Oh, btw I bet half the people calling him a stingy bitch don't know that you tip at banquet halls too…just fyi.

  92. 192

    who really pays 15%? …tips are a reflection of the service that is provided.

  93. 193

    I guess we won't see RPATZ looking for a handout or begging for a job incase his career as an actor doesn't work out for him…maybe being a little frugle isn't such a bad thing? I'm sure he knows the value of a dollar, unlike some of the others celebs that are taunted on this site:o)

  94. 194

    Re: lexyS – Yeah, I'd like to see you drop 50 dollars on a 350 dollar bill for a dinner out. I don't care what you say online I pretty much doubt that you would ever do that.

    Re: cms613
    I don't know where you're living but when I was a server I made 13/hr - so okay yeah.. 3 dollars an hour.

    I don't get why everyone is crying oh no he didn't leave 20%. I'm so sure that every time you guys go out you leave a 20% tip. Oh well, I only make 10 dollars an hour- I only make 8 dollars an hour I can't afford that- and in this struggling economy it's that much harder. But he can, and he should. So what if he can. I tip based on performance. If you're good to me I'll be good to you. "Well servers make their money though tips." My cousin graduated law school by being a server, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't just tips. So quit crying. I'm pretty sure he wasn't her only customer that night.

  95. 195

    People in the UK who are saying tipping is a waste of money don't understand the American practice. Waiters don't just make "not very much," they make about HALF of what MINIMUM WAGE is. In my state minimum wage is $7/hr which is $1120/mo (before income tax), not wonderful. Waiter wage on the otherhand is $3.14/hr or $502/mo. Tipping is one of the things you check in a country as it is different everywhere.

  96. 196

    Who care's about the percent, that's a $50 tip, I would love for someone to tip me that much. Also, I wouldn't call him cheap if he spent $350 at a restaurant. I'm sure his manners are fine.

  97. 197

    Tipping in America is retarded, you lose so much time trying to figure how much you should give and people make you feel cheap if you don't tip enough, when you've actually already spent a lot of money on the meal. They should just make it like in France = tip included, that way waiters get real wages and don't have to depend on customers like they do in America. Also, when you actually tip in France, you leave whatever you want, not because you have to, but because you want to reward the person who took care of your table.

  98. 198

    This story was intriguing the FIRST time I read it two days ago…on another site. Old news…moving on…

  99. 199

    I'm a waitress. NOT offended. $5 tip

  100. 200

    Re: princessbingRe: princessbing – In America our tips are not tax free. We pay on what we earn.

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