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R-Patz Is One Cheap Bitch!

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Either our darling Robert Pattinson is terrible at mathematics or he's cheap as all hell!

R-Patz and some pals grabbed a bite to eat at Il Cantinori in Greenwich Village last Tuesday and reportedly only left a $50 tip on their $350 bill!!!

Not even 15%!!

Even though the waiter described Pattinson as "nice and friendly," Robert and his friends closed the restaurant down by being the last diners in the Italian eatery after boozing on a $60 bottle of wine and numerous bottles of Italian beer with their food.

Regardless, learn some manners, R-Patz!

They don't tip in the UK, but they do in America!

[Image via WENN.]

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474 comments to “R-Patz Is One Cheap Bitch!”

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  1. 301

    lol he can come to australia any time - you dont have to tip here

  2. 302

    Ok. Frankly I don't giv a flying fig roll about robert patisson, but just wanted2point out the American tipping culture is beyond a joke. In europe, we do tip, but tipping is regarded as a bonus for exceptional service. eg. you wouldn't tip 4 a coffee because a monkey could make it, but you would tip for dinner. approx 10%. Americans expect tips in order to subsidise their crappy salaries which are ridiculous. If employers would give out a decent minimum wage you could do away with the whole tipping thing mostly. Why should anyone have to factor an extra 50 dollars in?! Which by the way is a pretty generous tip. Also, I highly doubt pattison could have eaten that much food all alone.

  3. 303

    Oh, knickers are being twisted all over the place over this issue! Tipping is not a common practice here in Australia either. The difference being, our wait staff and bar staff are paid a decent wage in the firstplace, so they feel they need to kiss up your ass so much for a scrap more. We have much more honest wait/bar staff here! LMAO!

  4. 304

    we do generally tip here but its more around the 10% mark. he left $50 on a $350 bill thats more than enough…..just because it isnt quite 15% doesnt mean hes cheap get over it!!!….and also who the hell cares about his tipping habits???

  5. 305

    you tend to put an interesting spin on stories. this actually appeared on E!online almost 1 week ago.

    brits and europeans (because the UK technically isn't in europe) don't tip. just ask any random waiter working in beverly hills.

  6. 306

    We tip in the U.K, but not for bad service. At least I don't.

  7. 307

    This is SO old. We DO tip in the UK BUT ONLY IF WE'RE A TAXPAYER. And it's usually around 10%. We never used to but America has invaded many parts of our lives hahA.

  8. 308

    Oh no he was $2.50 off leaving 15%- big wow! Give the guy a break

  9. 309

    Its not his fault wages in the US for waiters are crap. Plus, why should you even tip for good service, surely its just expected.

  10. 310

    I work in a restaurant and yesterday I had this group of 8 with a bill of 314,55 and they gave me 45 cents. so ehh yeah I would be happy with 50

  11. 311

    It's hard to tip right when you're not used to it, nobody tips in my country but when I got to other countries I have no idea how much to tip.

  12. 312

    in the UK we tip at least 10-15% you fcking moron!!!!

  13. 313

    he was two dolars fifty cents away from 15%. does that really matter?and could people please just remember that just because the english do or dont do something doesnt mean that the scottish are the same.we tip.dont confuse us with the english.

  14. 314

    I tip based on service I don't care how much I spent.

  15. 315

    15% is $52.50…so what ur bitching over $2.50…sounds like ur the cheap one perez

  16. 316

    gotta say thats pretty normal here in England, lol i think Robs forgotten where he is, either that or hasn't really realised. £50 tip on a £350 bill would be fine here. haha were tight bastards

  17. 317

    Well, as you said, they don't tip in England. We don't tip here either, I would only tip if I really enjoyed the meal and the service was fantastic. It's not really newsworthy anyway.

  18. 318

    And this matters because…..?
    Perezito…don't start with Rob! It was close to the 15% anyway!

  19. 319

    Oh my god, Mario… that's just over 14%!!
    He's British, and over here we tip 10%, so he probably thinks a $50 is good. I do tip 15% when I'm in the States, but he probably thought nothing of it.

  20. 320

    It's customary in the UK to tip 10% so therefore he probably thought he was being generous, don't be so closed minded to people from a different place!

  21. 321

    Like you'd know anything about manners fatass. You're still living with your mommy, how much do you tip her for making all your meals, making your bed, doing your laundry? You're a useless sack of shit.

  22. 322

    10% is the tip you give in the UK…where he comes from

  23. 323

    we do tip in the UK 10%, quite enough

  24. 324

    this story is stupid. 50 bucks is heaps

  25. 325

    god americans are so fucking greedy with tips. in england we tip like 10% at the most, and if it's a small bill then maybe not at all, and nobody expects more - i'm a waitress, i know. in america it's like you expect customers to pay twice the amount to account for a tip. so fucking greedy.

  26. 326

    50 dollars is basically 15% of that, maybe a bit short by like $3

    Sakes, if people dont want to tip it should be fine.
    maybe the service was shit.

  27. 327

    besides, the service was probably shit, or average. i think r-pattz would have left a bigger tip if the service had been really good.

  28. 328

    since when don't we tip in the UK?

  29. 329

    $50 is not TOO bad
    this kind of rule about the 15% doesn't exist in Europe

  30. 330

    at least he left a decent tip.
    jeez just because hes rich doesnt meen he has to leave a 200 dollar tip everytime he eats something!

  31. 331

    oh, and perez, i bet YOU dont tip over 10 percent!

  32. 332

    plus, 10% in england is like 20% in america. if you say theres $2 to £1. all in all, we tip more. and honestly, who would say no to $50?

  33. 333

    haha your an idiot. 52.50 is 15% so because he didn't leave two friggin dollars all of a sudden he's cheap? Did you hit on him, and get turned down? Your "gossip" is all biased. You're only nice to the celebs that kiss your butt. Get over yourself. Maybe the service wasn't that great. At least he tipped.

  34. 334

    I've been to the USA and I have to say your money is fucking weird. I'll give Rob that one but also what you gotta realise is… Rob isn't American, you can take him away from Britain but at the end of the day he's British and we do tip actually we're not tight bastards but we only tip if we actually like the thing and the money he already paid… if it was awful service then I think he payed enough! He's not a mug.

  35. 335

    This is an OLD story - heard it days ago already. And $50 is pretty big tip in my book.

  36. 336

    brits see tipping as a waste of time just imagine all brits to be just like Mr Pink from Reservoir Dogs, so the waiters get paid shit for hard work - is that my fault? did i give em that job no they chose it themselves its basically making sponging off people more acceptable by calling it a tip. money is money not to be wasted don't tip

  37. 337

    we do tip in the UK! you're supposed to leave 10% of your total bill, although i doubt a lot of people do.

  38. 338

    Actually we do tip in the UK, maybe get your facts right before having a go at us, we tip if the service and the product are excellent and warrant a tip, if you're crap then no you don't get or deserve a tip, and if you make your money off tips then get another job, i earn rubbish money but i don't expect people to give me tips for doing the job i'm paid to do. Expecting a tip is just plain rude!

  39. 339

    ugh. Perez, shut your dumb hole. who gives a fuck about this? you're only starting rumors. did he break you heart or something?

  40. 340

    Re: amyherbert – Scots generous!! HA Ha!!! Don't make me laugh!

  41. 341

    Does it really matter where anyone lives? geeze so what if the guy left a fricken $50 dollar tip, the waiter should be happy he got his tip and leave at that. IF this story is valid then there are a lot of things to take into account, especially if the server was friendly and did his job.

  42. 342

    To be $2.50 short of a 15% tip is not necessarily being cheap. Tips are based on a number of things. Just because you're in the public eye doesn't mean you have to leave more than anyone else when it comes to tips for fear the media will make a big deal over nothing and report you as being 'cheap'. Give the guy a break and stop being so petty. Your column is better than that.

  43. 343

    um, at least he DID tip.

  44. 344

    Seriously? In the UK we do tip but here it is 10% of the bill thats expected….

  45. 345

    i think i'd be pretty happy with a 50 dollar tip. why should they have to give 15%? they'd already spent enough there. maybe he should come back to england where people don't expect tips from him…

  46. 346

    WTF!!!! How much was he suposed 2 leave?! $50 that is more than generous!!! We dont leave tips at all in ireland wow dats stupid wat a complete waste of money!!!

  47. 347

    Re: Sasha Ireland – Exactly! Im irish 2 and dar is no way in hell u wud give 50 euros as a tip!

  48. 348

    Yeah we do tip in the UK! Get your facts right! Grrr! LOL

  49. 349

    Re: cocoballs – No you aren't, don't worry :-)

  50. 350

    You're a fucking idiot Mario.
    He tipped just fine
    And you can't tip for a bottle of wine.
    So really he paid more.
    Your fat ass should know this if you're going to slam people for being bad at maths

  51. 351

    R-Patz is english, here its standard to tip 10%!

  52. 352

    Its not true at all that we don't tip in the UK!!
    What a load of baloney.

  53. 353

    to be honest, that would have been a tip i left. so someone famous should have left a slightly bigger tip. so i agree it's a bit stingy for a celebrity… but then again, we DON'T know if they received good service… the service might not have been good enough for an extra 10 or so dollars. But if the restaurant is complaining that he was stingy… than that's soooo unprofessional…

  54. 354


  55. 355

    WOW…everyone defending this tip knows NOTHING about the restaurant biz.

    TIPPING IS PART OF GOING OUT…if you can't afford to tip - stay at home! Last I checked, you don't have to tip your microwave!

  56. 356

    This is OLD. All this for $2.50? Pathetic!!

  57. 357

    Perez shut up and get out of the States more, before you start bitching.
    $ 50 is over 10% so it is a nice tip. Maybe a decent salary and benefits for staff is a good start, so people don't need to count on tips.

  58. 358

    Re: Vespa – well said!!!

  59. 359

    Yes I do not think it was a big deal. This is normal. You pay for service. And you dont have to pay 15%

  60. 360

    Re: Yesenia

    Perhaps you should consider dining at McDonald's from now on??

    You aren't classy enough for anything more than counter service.

  61. 361

    shut up perez!! he was only $2.50 short of 15%
    besides… 50 bucks is a very decent sized tip.

  62. 362

    reading these comments it seems america needs to change its system. $2.50 is what, £1.25 an hour, thats disgusting! dont you guys have minumum wage? even in mcdonalds in britain you earn at least £5 ($10) an hour! then in restaurants youll usually get left 10% but its not obligatory. cant they just increase their waiters wages and stop making people give huge tips to keep the staff above the poverty line?

  63. tonia says – reply to this


    GOSH it's 2.50$ less than 15%. who cares?!

  64. 364

    Re: nexxus_replicant – the UK is in europe, it is just that UK/Ireland are not on the mainland continent

  65. 365

    in england it's customary to leave a tip of 10%, so in his mind i'm sure he was being pretty generous!

  66. 366

    Yeah, he is SOOOO cheap because he was short $2.50 of the usual 15%…


  67. 367

    usually 10% tip in the UK… but its never been set in stone.

  68. 368

    its base on the food service like elo said what if its was disgusting

  69. SaraT says – reply to this


    I would pay him $50 to wait on him ;)

  70. 370

    Re: maricruzvirgo

    Um no you fool, he left out 25.00 NOT 2.50. Yikes!! You must tip in the same manner!! OMG!!!

  71. 371

    Hey leave the UK alone we rock over here and you have to take into consideration the fact that he was on the alcholc so his brai was working slowly i'd love to se eyou work out 15% of a bill when you're drunk

  72. 372

    Re: melonia – While I agree with you on most of your post a tip is just that…a tip for GOOD service!! If I go out to eat and get shoddy service from my waiter I will NOT be leaving a good tip. It's not a given that any waiter will be getting 15-20% of the bill. They do have to earn that tip. Let's not forget that. Meerly serving the food isn't part of being a good waiter.

  73. 373

    who cares how much he tipped, just looking at him AND getting $50 bucks would be even for me.

  74. 374

    He's probably just stupid. He sure looks and acts that way. He did leave over 10%, and if you check a waiter's rant page online, that's more than a lot of celebrities leave.

  75. 375

    …edward cullen would have tippped more than $50. and, he would have been groovier, and smelled more pleasant…

  76. 376

    Give it a break Perez. Before you get punched in the face again.

  77. 377

    … if the bill is literally $350, the tip should be $52.50 .. i dont think $2.50 is gonna piss anyone off. lol

  78. 378

    So, the would be speaking German if it weren't for the U.S. ,Brits think tipping is a waste of money? Hmm, something tells me they feel the same about dental care as well.

  79. 379

    But what the hell happened to his face and hands?

  80. 380

    …n/k. wtf is the matter with that guy's hands, period. they look absolutely filthy in twilight. speaking of which, what's with all the makeup they've got on him in that movie? he looks like the freaking joker i

  81. 381

    Re: waitress123 – and you are why the world hates americans… just sayin'

  82. 382

    We do tip in the UK and also, $50 is still a decent tip. Just cos he has a lot of money doesn't mean to say that he should tip more than everyone else. For all you know, the service was shit.

  83. 383

    $50 sounds alright to me… waiter/food might've not been worth any more than that. why do you care how much he tipped anyways. and in the uk we do tip.

  84. 384

    L O L Who Cares
    He Can Spend His Money As He Wants !

  85. great says – reply to this


    Re: agentmar – You're smoking crack. How are Americans the worst tippers haha. Lay off the pipe.

  86. 386

    And we care about this because……..?????

  87. 387

    15% of $350.00 is $52.50…soooo what was so wrong? they "jipped" her $2.50?

  88. great says – reply to this


    Re: Yesenia – Yesenia, you're not understanding that the price of your food is lower, because they expect you to tip the waiter. That's why they pay them less.

    You'd make a great child labor slave driver.

  89. 389

    14.28% - big fucking WOO HOO! i wouldn't complain about receiving 0.72% less tip, that's just lame.

  90. 390

    Maybe he had 400 in his wallet and thought that 50 should do? I mean, I'm from sweden and I have never tipped once, and i will never do. I can go get my food in the kitchen myself if i save 50 bucks.

  91. 391

    Who cares Hes british or whatever its Rob-patz he can do what he wants, just because he got a little confused…

  92. 392

    50 bucks is alot you fuck!

    and it is only 14.3%! pfft!

    you suck at math perez!

  93. 393

    Re: cocoballs – that depends, are the waitors and waitresses always happy when they see you and they start dancing on the tables singing 'i get more money!'?

  94. 394

    I think its absolutely pathetic when celebs are cheap at restaurants. They make a ridiculous amount of money and stiff those serving them…unacceptable.

  95. 395

    and…your point is? I think that was a more than fair tip. I tip based on service, not cost. In Canada, people still need to EARN their tip, it's not expected. The US expects everything to be handed to them, at least Canadians can work for it.

  96. 396

    Booohoooo… 15% tip is a theft… No matter what american practices are, it's a theft.
    Resturants should pay better to their staff so the staff wouldn't be so whinning about the tips.
    Porkes, as usual, you're a PENDEJO

  97. 397

    PEREZ, you dumb bitch…. the rule is for tipping is not on alcohol. A $60.00 bottle of wine and lots of Italian beer. C'mon… the tip was very appropriate… I respect the job of being a waiter but $50 for bringing a bottle of wine and some beers and food.
    The waiter made more in one day than I do…. Actually, do the math, subtract the wine and beer and the percentage is very high.
    By the way, who cares about your dead dog!

  98. 398

    They do tip in the UK Perez….And $50 is a good tip!

  99. 399


  100. 400

    You have a nerve to talk about manners

    you also have huge boobies :) :)

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