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R-Patz Is One Cheap Bitch!

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Either our darling Robert Pattinson is terrible at mathematics or he's cheap as all hell!

R-Patz and some pals grabbed a bite to eat at Il Cantinori in Greenwich Village last Tuesday and reportedly only left a $50 tip on their $350 bill!!!

Not even 15%!!

Even though the waiter described Pattinson as "nice and friendly," Robert and his friends closed the restaurant down by being the last diners in the Italian eatery after boozing on a $60 bottle of wine and numerous bottles of Italian beer with their food.

Regardless, learn some manners, R-Patz!

They don't tip in the UK, but they do in America!

[Image via WENN.]

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474 comments to “R-Patz Is One Cheap Bitch!”

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  1. 401

    The service was probably wack. Even if it wasn't it probably wasn't outstanding. So I'd say he tipped a fair amount. if the waiter is always expecting 15%-20% then they shouldn't even be in the waiting business. If I was serving Rob there's no doubt i'd give him the best service I could, and even if he didn't tip at all just him being there would be enough. HAH. But the water WAS a male. Manners? I could understand if he didn't tip at all. Sry perez, but i'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one.

    P.S. He looks absolutely amazing in that picture!!! =)


  2. 402

    If I was the waitress one of the last things I'd want from Robert Pattinson would be cash…………

  3. 403


    #1 the MANAGER sent them the freakin' wine (so now they tip on the gifts and woo'ing ploys to retain famous consumers??)

    #2 The server and manager were happy enough to "close the place down" with celebrities considering they were in fact sending over freebies. To turn around and BITE the consumers hand that is feeding you is tacky and in itself disrespectful. The resturant should be avoided for lack of tact and lousy services both before, during and after a meal.

    #3 Those who are "offended" by a 15% tip need to get another occupation, you're living in lala land if you think you deserve a tip out of "respect". A party of 3 dining when things are slow at night requires no more than what he paid. Do your job and be happy you have consumers still willing to spend in your over priced kitchens in the first place!

  4. 404

    let's be honest….he was probably with a group of 6 or more. The poor kid now has to travel with 3 bodyguards at least. usually with a bigger group….the tip is already included in the bill….so the 50 was extra which that's okay.

  5. 405

    Re: BubblesN_Strawberries

    that's GREAT in london. Now….USA….the waiter and waitess….make $3.20 hr plus tips. That's really sucks in usa.

  6. 406

    The funny thing is, for all you people who say that nothing to 10% is fair or should be expected, if this were really the case, no one would be servers. It just wouldn't be worth it.

    Servers have to tip out several people based on sales, not on the amount of tips they made. So, if everyone left 10%, every server I know would just get a job at Starbucks or somewhere else. The amount of work that goes into serving and the crap servers put up with wouldn't be worth the money…

  7. 407

    Re: cocoballs
    Yeah you're the only one!

  8. 408

    I tip in the UK! I give a few pounds, but I'd never dream of giving away 15% of the meal because it's a waste of money.

  9. 409

    UMMMM thank GOD someone knows that tipping 20% for good service IS a big deal!!!
    People these days think they can save $$ by tipping less and it's really just TRASHY! Servers get paid $2.33 an hour in 48 states, so getting 20% for their hard work is so important! Obviously if they SUCKED it's one thing, but if they kissed your ass the whole time, and got you everything you needed, there's NO reason to rip them off!!!

  10. 410

    Re: envyofthestage

    It's not presumptuous when they are only being paid $2.33 per hour! It's part of the dining experience to tip. Really it's just how things work in that industry.

  11. 411

    the waiter was probebly shit :)
    and we do tip in the UK :]

  12. 412

    tip shouldve been 52 so he skipped out on 2 bucks.

  13. 413

    Re: Starflower11
    UMMM FYI $2.33 per hour is NOT an hourly wage. It's strictly for tax purposes, 9/10 times we get a BLANK check! CLUE IN!

  14. 414

    wtf . we DO tip in the UK. well at least most of us do. How would you know anyway? Plus to be honest, who gives a fuck about what he tips.

  15. 415

    Re: McBain

    Okay, try working as a server at a busy restaurant for a WEEK, it's SIGNIFICANTLY harder work than most other jobs. I'm sure what you meant was that sitting on your ASS at a desk all day MUST be more difficult, and more worthwhile, than making sure assholes like you can stuff their faces. If you don't think it's a real job, try NEVER going to a restaurant again. Thanks to your amazingly intelligent insight, I'm sure everyone has just quit their jobs and gotten "real" ones, so all the restaurants have now shut down.

  16. 416

    Honestly I can not believe that there is such discussion over a celibrity leaving a tip that is not "up to standard"!!!?? Who the hell cares?

  17. 417


  18. 418


  19. 419

    At least he paid, fucktards like you expect free meals or you blow the waiter. Either way, shut the fuck up, you fat bastard!

  20. 420

    Re: amyherbert – Wtf!? What a stupid thing to say! You had to be scottish tbh didnt you! You more then anyone should know that the english tip just like anyone. Tbh i would expect the scottish to be more stingy then us ha. You dont just cross the boarder and everythings different. Why do you think we (england, scotland, wales, northern ireland) are just known as the UK or Britain half the time (which really annoys me! WE ARE SEPERATE COUNTRIES PEOPLE!) alot of our culture and traditions are similar.

  21. 421

    In europe it's normal to give NO MORE than 10%. And who cares?

  22. Zooey says – reply to this


    50 dollars ? How much more can you tip ? Seems fine to me, if the service was good. Tipping is not mandatory anyway, just a sign of appreciation.

  23. 423

    Ok first of all as a ex server which I did for many years.A tip is only based on food quality and service quality.If It was a bitchy or Shitty server I would say he over tipped and if he had good food and service I would say 50.00 is more then enough.even if that server has to tip out to the kitchen staff they still see a good amount.The server could bitch if they were kept hours after the shift/closing and recieved less then 10%.Other wise they need to shut the hell up and deal with it.Its 2.50 big Frekin Deal

  24. 424

    Nice, Friendly, and Fckn gorgeousss! Hahaha. just cause you have money, doesn't mean you should do everything you can to make it all go away. What did you expect?! Him to leave a fckn 500 dollar tip or something?! Get a fckn gripppp. And tipping shouldn't be on the amount of the fckng bill. he could have ordered a fckn piece of cake for 200 dollars for all we know and the waiter didn't really have to do much. Agh, I read this shit over and over, and it just sounds sooo rediculous!

  25. 425

    i dont really consider this "celebrity juice" to be honest. lol!

  26. 426

    Ok, firstly I'm a Brit and I tip, no matter if I'm in the USA or the UK. I tip less in the UK as waiting staff don't get paid as shitty as they do in the US and it's also not an enforced rule to tip here. Some people do, some don't. If I'm in the US I will tip, as I know most servers don't get paid well at all and that's how they make their money. BUT…he was $2.50 short of 15% of the TOTAL bill incl drinks. C'mon it's hardly a crime. Maybe he was all out of cash? Maybe he asked whoever he was with how much to tip and they told him $50? Maybe he just thought $50 was enough. ****Maybe after all the wine and beer his math was off or he wasn't thinking clearly!***** WHO CARES! $2.50 is not a significant amount to moan about. Was the restaurant that bad that they had to call him cheap to get press on their establishment! Bad form!

  27. 427

    Clearly people tip in the UK or at least they do here in Scotland, we don't top up wages with tips though…

  28. 428

    Re: abbe_normyl – You are actually wrong! The server's tip is based on food. If you are at the bar, the bar tender should get $1 per drink on average plus at tip on food.

  29. 429

    Re: maricruzvirgo – That's exactly what I was thinking! I think Perez is the one that's pretty bad at math!!

  30. 430

    umm thought you should know.. that generally in England the tip is 10% if any.

  31. 431

    Re: elo – So, where do you get your "facts"? Since when is the alcohol NOT included? I've been to several major cities (Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Dallas, etc.) and the drinks have ALWAYS been included. Same with the small towns as well. Until you can make the claim that you've been to all restaurants, particularly the little hole-in-the-wall type of place with the FRIENDLIEST staff you'll find, then quit baggin' on America. Are you from here? Not satisfied with the US? Then MOVE!! Performance is NOT a lost art here! Quit making generalizations just to be rude. Maybe it's just you - maybe they don't like you, because I always seem to get wonderful service.

  32. lexyS says – reply to this


    Re: italiano89 – thats not the case at all. i am a waitress. i tip appropriately. I also understand what its like to serve ppl from other countries. we arent in canada. were in the US n whatever country you are in you should tip accordingly. Chances are in countries where its rude to tip they make at least minimum wage. Thats not the case. waitresses work for tips. n its something everyone needs to realize. If u cant afford to tip. u cant afford to go out to eat.

  33. lexyS says – reply to this


    Re: greenbean – if i can afford a $350 meal i can afford a a better tip.

  34. 434

    Re: lexiXD

    significantly harder than most other jobs?!? On what planet sweetie?

    Oh, right my bad…I forgot about universities currently offering degrees in "don't spill", "say hello" and "write what others clearly tell you onto a pad of paper", and "walk a straight line holding a plate". All of us are wrong, you're right…what YOU do is significantly hard. Get real.

    $50 was perfect, if not TOO much.

  35. 435

    I think 50 on a 350 bill is MORE than exceptable.

    All the servers are doing is bringing the food to the table.'

    The real money should go to the chefs.

    I think tipping in North America is way out of whack. Servers are usually snobby and arrogant, expecting their tips. Why should I pay for food and then pay for them to slam my plate on the table and *not* re-fill my water.


  36. 436

    Some gossip news … someone needs to give you competition already so i can move my attention away from all this pink.

  37. 437

    you call that cheap? it could have ben way WAY worse. a

  38. 438

    ehh, what!? You´re calling him cheap because he gave a 50 dollar tip? That´s kinda much, I would never tip that much! :S

  39. 439

    what happened to his beautiful face and hand ??????

  40. 440

    I would have been disappointed with that tip. I work at Mel's Drive-In on Hollywood, and we get foreigners all the time. We do have our occasional people that do not know that they need to tip, but most of the time they actually ASK ME how much they should tip if they don't know. He's been in America long enough, I'm sure this isn't the first time he has gone out to eat. I am sure that he knows that he is supposed to tip. And the tip is also based on the bar tab. Where I work, I have to tip the bartender for whatever they make/bring for me, so that takes money out of the tip that I make. When you go to a bar, don't you tip the bartender?

    Whatever. Sometimes it happens, sometimes they don't have enough cash on them, they don't even realize it. At least he tipped. I just know that every time I've had a celebrity I've gotten more than 20%.

  41. 441


  42. 442

    Re: waitress123
    It is not up to the patrons to pay your wages. Your employee should be made to pay you a living wage. It is up to the population of america to insist that you are paid wages that you can actually live on. There would be riots in the streets here (australia) if someone dared to pay employees $2.00 per hour. My 15 year old son works after school in McDonalds and gets $10 per hour and that is considered a low wage. I am outraged that you continue to allow your employers to pay such shit money.

  43. 443

    ohh! my god you fucking idiot your ripping him for $2.50 you fucking fat fuck!!!

  44. 444

    omfg you swear perez!

  45. 445

    They don't tip in the UK and obviously wouldn't know to tip 15% either. At least they LEFT A DAMN TIP! Hello?!

  46. 446

    ha! glad australia or uk doesnt tip; we can't all be that money hungry

  47. 447

    $50 sounds like a big tip to me. But maybe that's cause I'm English…how do you come up with this stuff Perez? Of course we here in the UK tip.

  48. 448

    wow .. id be happy with a 50 dollar tip !
    and how would be know what to do .. they dont tip where hes from ,
    so hes probley still learning . (:
    haha, i didnt like him before .. and now i do .. thats kinda really weird .

  49. 449

    Re: elo – exactly

  50. 450

    i wouldnt know what the fuck to tip either- so back off! these times, some people like to save money! (*even stars*-shush its a secret!)

  51. 451

    Ahh, I wouldn't tip anyone if I lived in America. New Zealanders just say thank you and get on with their lives.

  52. 452

    I don't get what all the fuss is about. The waiter is getting paid what… $50 in less than an hour, and this is somehow a crime against humanity? I'm sure they were waiting on more than one table. I bust my ass 40 hours a week and I don't make anywhere near $50 an hour. This is going to make me stop tipping as much as I do. Seems like waiters/waitresses are greedy and expect 20% or they spit in your food next time. What a joke.

  53. 453

    It is not customary to leave a tip in England or any European country. The gratuity is included in the bill. I seriously doubt that they realized the error.

  54. 454

    yada, yada, yada

  55. 455

    big freakin deal…wow perez.. have you really ran out of things to gossip about?

  56. 456

    Who gives a rats ass how much money he tipped.
    That's his choice. STOP GANGING UP ON RP.

  57. 457

    why does he look all beaten up in this pic? =o

  58. 458

    wow, look at that jaw! Yummi

  59. 459

    see they should all be happy with what he gives them cause its better than nothing, ang they were probly drunk when he tiped

  60. 460

    I think you'll find we do tip in the UK…

  61. 461

    The tip is based only on the food and does not include alcohol. Get your shit right. Otherwise, you are OVER tipping.

    Besides - I don't think people should use tipping as an incentive to be a pleasant server. They don't tip in other countries. ONLY America would.

  62. 462

    Well well well, poor Robert is it not a bit too much of sitting on his head like that .
    I do agree that tip is based on food service this how we do it in uk.
    And i wish he will be back uk soon to get rest you guys are giving !him hart time
    in usa. Robert take care -and one more remember you are stronger then you think :) Kiss kiss monica

  63. 463

    Haha,he still is beat up! Thats what you get for being a self-concious asshole! Who's good looking NOW! Ugh! No one gives a shit of what you do,just make the damn movies!

  64. 464

    C'mon. Who gives a shit? Leave him alone!

  65. 465

    i agree with elo, the tip is based on service and whose to say that rob patt didn't think that the service was worth leaving a good tip. I base my tip on the serivce, not the total bill. He's still hot, even if people think he's cheap!

  66. 466

    Re: maxey love – OMG how ignorant are you. I can't believe your "would be speaking German" comment! Read a book and quit being so arrogant!! These are the comments that make the rest of the world despise you!!
    You need serious changes to your labour laws if servers are only making $2 - $3 dollars per hour. With wages like that, you might as well be in a third world country. My 16-year-old nephew makes $10.00 an hour working part time at McDonalds.

  67. 467

    leave him alone…hes prob just not used to tipping..

  68. 468

    Everyone bitching about if servers don't like their pay get a new job, you bitches would be the first ones bitching that you have to wait longer for a table because the restaraunt in so under staffed! Everyone should work in a restaraunt just one day in their lives and then they might understand! Fucking ignorant people!

  69. 469

    ok seriously this is so dumb, who cares!! plus, just because he ordered $350 worth of stuff, doesn't mean the waiter benefits! geeze some people. a tip is based on the service received and nothing more, and if you ask me $50 is a GOOD tip.

  70. 470

    Tipping based on price rather than service is stupid as hell

  71. 471

    What the hell???In Canada we only give 10% and tats $35 and how do you know if the waito/waitress wasnt the best…… start thinking!!!!!!

  72. 472

    Ok.. so the tipping scandal seems a little silly when you see the he seems to have wrsetled with a mountain lion, looking pretty ruffed up there… WTF?

  73. Loz11 says – reply to this


    hey if he's british and he never tips, then consider yourselves bloody lucky you got that out of him! We don't tip in Australia, and if it were me you'd be lucky 2 get $5. In my books he's more generous than stingy.

  74. 474

    Perez you don't know anything about the UK. Tipping is down to the person and the service and people do tip in the UK so shut ur pie hole. And its like $2 dollars of 15% ur just trying to make a story out of nothing and make ur self seem all superior. You aint!

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