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Warning: Lisa Rinna's Wonky Stomach

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Tara Reid is that you????

Surprisingly, it's not!

We think it's time Lisa Rinna gives her lips a rest and sends her surgery funds down to her tummy.

She was out and about on the beaches of Malibu this weekend, but we would have preferred she'd cover up.

What the hell is going on there? It's fit, yet flappy! How does one even accomplish this? It's like the flab is folding over toned muscles!

Eww! Just eww!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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157 comments to “Warning: Lisa Rinna's Wonky Stomach”

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  1. 101

    I saw your weight loss video. She's miles ahead Perez.

  2. 102

    She was a magazine with her "rock hard" abs, about 3 years ago. Her kids were already born. She had filler injected into her stomach, now it has disolved and is all fucked up. She had her face fucked up a couple of months ago with too much filler. Her lips are a train wreck. Looks like she has been sucking golfballs threw a garden hose. Don't fuck that much with Mother Nature, honey

  3. 103

    Re: Khaligrl – you are totally fucked. Csection scars are bikini line scars.

  4. 104

    when she stood outside the Studio with a sign saying "honk if you want me back on Melrose Place" I laughed so hard, jumped the shark in one afternoon.

  5. 105

    Just like Sean Young in the cat's suit. Stay home, Honey.

  6. LIP says – reply to this


    perez. fuck you! she had kids dumbass. Most normal women who had kids look like this. She looks fantastic!

  7. 107

    Its called having a couple of kids…give her a break - she still looks good, well except for those lips - Please stop

  8. 108

    Ok I think its shameful that a woman who is at a healthy weight, active, and over 40 is eing made fun of because she has a little extra skin fromlosing weight.

    Perez only puts down women, hasnt anyone ever noticed??? He has his obsession with R-Patz currently with his "your daiy R-Patz" when really its for him…..

    I am not homophobic, but I am wondering why many gay men hate on women. Its like if they cant be a real woman then they hate on those that are.

    Perez, you are not doing anyone anything positive by making fun of Lisa Rhina's abs. I dont care for her plumped up lips, but I cant think of anything else about her that I can hate on, she seems to be one of the more positive celebrities out there. She isnt a drunk, druggie, or ho.
    How soon you forget your own words after your Black Eyed Peas confrontation that you were going to be more positive…..yer such a loser.

    And yes you got what you wanted, controversy, and hits on your site.

  9. 109

    one, she's old. and two, she probably stopped working out. doesn't take long for the fat to build up.

  10. jemms says – reply to this


    fuck, I would rather have her stomach than a fat one!!

  11. 111

    She looks healthy..but some plastic surgery wudnt hurt….

  12. 112

    For her age, and having children, she is beautiful!! Be proud of the body she has, some woman who have never had children aren't fortunite enough to have that stomach! I think she looks amazing. I am 32 and have had two children, one just turned two and one will be 6 in August and my body does not look like hers!

  13. 113

    perez, you're an idiot and going downhill and nowhere fast.

  14. 114

    perez, Lisa and Harry are friends and i think you have lost your mind…she is perfect, drop dead gorgeous, and if Harry gets ahold of you, you will have more than a pinky scratch near your eye. Why don't you just back off of this very nice young lady and find someone else to pick on…

  15. 115

    She has kids you dolt…

  16. 116

    Its because she had kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people would kill to be her size, who cares about excess skin.

  17. 117

    Like you're the one to talk. She looks great for her age.

  18. 118

    Lisa may have a "wonky" stomach

    but how do YOU explain YOUR piggy face Mario?

    must be those fugle genes from yo piggy faced mama

    oink! oink!


  19. 119

    Mario - you just don't get it. Remember the 4th of July when you exposed your ginormous body for the world to see? You have no room to talk.

  20. 120

    She's had KIDS Dumb Ass. BE NICE!

  21. 121

    Jackass…she has had two kids! What's your excuse?

  22. 122

    maybe she never had a tummy tuck and she just worked out? She looks awesome though!

  23. 123

    Perez, aftery ou have kids - let's see what your stomach looks like. that is awful you would even comment like that.

  24. 124

    Ewe !

  25. 125

    it's called having children. Lets see you pop out a couple 7-8 lb kids and not have some loose skin around the tummy!

  26. 126

    Re: Sheba088 Without Her MakeUp & Wig – That's because you are a female. One that is missing today for a while. I know
    who you are now. Are you that insecure? OMG I think you have lost your
    mind. I am going to ask someone to do something for me. There is a way
    to find out. God girl you got it bad. Please get help! Stop the hate! Stop using my name and leave me alone and if I find out it's you I will out you. Trust!

  27. Lucas says – reply to this


    IT'S CALLED HAVING KIDS, AND AGING you bozo. I've had 3 c-sections, and those muscles do not contract unless you have surgery - still no guarantee. ME - I just wear a girdle. Leave this beautiful woman alone. You're no piece of arss either.

  28. 128

    Not the best looking tummy out there, but have you guys seen some of the broads walking the beaches in binkins/one-pieces that SHOULD NOT be AT ALL! I would say this is one of the better ones out there.
    Could be WAAYYY worse! Plus she's like 46 or something. Not THAT bad! Maybe a sarong or something next time…

  29. 129

    I don't know why people pick on her so freakin' much. I think she is GORGEOUS! I mean she is in her 40's!!!! She's a hawty and not just for 40ish. She's just a nice looking woman. I don't give her credit for all the lip stuff, but it doesn't look tragic. I really like her…. She has a very muscular body and it's HAWT!!!

  30. 130

    if she had kids its not her damn fault.. thats what a normal woman would look like anyways, at least celebs can pay for surgery and be fake.

  31. 131

    Ya dude, it's called having kids. Why don't you try it, then see how much 'shiz' you wanna talk. Granted a cover-up would have looked better than that mess, but at least she's got confidence.

  32. ebee says – reply to this


    it's called PREGNANCY. we sacrafice our bodies and all we get are insults…great.

  33. 133

    Exercise can tighten the muscles but NOT the skin after babies.

    Perez can be mean, but I agree she should cover that up. It takes the focus off of her good characteristics. The eyes are just drawn there and it isn't attractive.

  34. crt45 says – reply to this


    perez, your stomache is not even toned and YOU HAVEN'T HAD 2 KIDS - asshole.

  35. 135

    she looks like a fucking freak with all that plastic surgery..why cant women age gracefully anymore?

  36. 136

    stomachs go like this when uve had kids……………
    but she should cover it up……………..

  37. @v@ says – reply to this


    How? Pregnancy. Look what women do to give life to you critical idiot ingrates; and then you mock them. No respect, I tell ya… (although I've seen bad lipo do that, too…)

  38. pj88 says – reply to this


    If that's Eww… I want to have an Eww stomach as well….

  39. 139

    perez, she's like 200 years old, and her body looks better than a 25 year old's… don't give her shit about that, she is one of the ultimate cougars out there…

  40. 140

    I bet Angelina's stomach looks like that too. It's just what happens after carrying around tiny people in your belly. SHAME PEREZ. You are normally pretty funny, but you missed the mark on this one. LEAVE MUMMY TUMMIES ALONE.

  41. 141

    It's called having a baby you jerk. Sorry it offends you, but that's what your stomach looks like after stretching to about 10 times its size - kinda like what your belly will look like if you ever lose your extra weight. I'm a size 2 and I still have flabby skin since I had a baby, only surgery can cure that.

  42. 142

    Barf! Now THIS is sick

  43. 143

    Okay… have to admit! after having kids.. she looks great! sorry…. didn't really think about it..

  44. 144

    Okay.. sorry.. didn't quiet realise she have had babies… therefore! she has a great body!!! again.. sorry :)

  45. 145

    Re: shittin_condoms – Women can't age gracefully anymore because if they did, they would get twice as many negative comments as they already do from people like Perez who spend their entire day making personal attacks on people. They may be celebrities, but they are still people. I am getting so sick of the shit he writes on this blog anymore that I come here less and less often.

    Perez, don't you see the comments people write on here about you and your blog? People are sick of your bully attitude! Get over yourself! You have no skill! You pick on a bunch of people. You are no journalist! You are a bully!

  46. 146


  47. 147

    no No plastic surgery promoting here Mr. thats enough of that!! shes natural, that should be embraced not this phony shizzz

  48. 148

    3 kids later she looks like that - probably bad shadows too - she looks amazing - and you perez shouldn't take about body imperfections unless you start with your big ass

  49. 149

    thats what happens when you get lipo/ abdominal sculpturing- it looks like they got a wet towel under the skin…attractive
    (when you go to the gym- fat comes off evenly)

  50. ass says – reply to this


    Are you fucking kidding?! She's almost 50 years old, and looks fantastic!

  51. 151

    She looks good, If I were her stylist I'd like to see her in a one-piece. Damn I wish I were in Malibu. Money is wasted on the rich lol!

  52. 152

    obviously she either had kids or she lost weight and has a little extra skin. its not a big deal she still has a hot body what the eff are you talking about?

  53. 153

    Moron, she's had a few kids and hasn't had a tummy tuck. It looks better than YOUR stomach, that's for sure. Why don't you go shirtless on the beach so everybody can criticize YOU?

  54. 154

    It's called getting pregnant. It stretches out your skin and makes it loose

  55. 155

    She's had Kids!!! Damn. I'm going to be having a kid. I would hate to think that I can no longer wear a bathing suit because I can't have a flat stomach. Sometimes having kids is just going to not give you the ability to have a flat stomach. And I don't want to have plastic surgery to fix that. It's just nature. What about you? Your most likely will never have tight skin and a flat stomach. Because you've been over weight for a long period of time. But no one is giving you crap.

  56. 156

    i wish i looked this 'gross'! after having kids, it's REALLY hard to get your stomach back into shape, unless you're one of the few blessed with really fantastic genes. the rest of us work for it! and i doubt i'll ever look this good again, though i hope so!

  57. 157

    omg…i know women who would kill to look this good after kids…u suck horse cok!

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