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Vintage K-Stew!

| Filed under: Kristen Stewart


Here's a photo of Kristen Stewart as a blonde, circa for 2007 when she appeared in Into The Wild.

We definitely prefer her with lighter locks!

What do U think????

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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272 comments to “Vintage K-Stew!”

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  1. 101

    She looks really pretty w. the blonde hair.!

  2. 102

    She looks cute here. In all her recent pictures she looks like she's been hitting the pipe,very unattractive btw…

  3. 103

    i think that she looks really pretty blond! like gorgeous!
    but she looks nice with any hair color.
    so it doesnt matter (:
    i love kristen stewart either way haha

  4. 104

    i remember her in those jodie foster movies too…

  5. 105

    dude!!! next you gonna say madonna looks hot with the 60 inch gap between her front teeth…no no think she looked delicious In twilight

  6. 106

    looks prettier blonde

  7. 107

    It's pretty, But No.
    Black Look's way better

  8. 108

    Re: Haagen-Dazs – Cool, I have such a weak spot for Mr. Cage. That young girl he is w/ is one lucky beyotch.

  9. 109

    She looks like an uglier version of a young Alicia Silverstone.

  10. 110

    I think she's gorgeous either way, but I prefer brunette.

  11. 111

    i loved her in 'into the wild'! i like the dark brown hair more though

  12. 112

    Eh. I don't like it.
    Was she blonde in into the wild? I don't remember.

  13. 113

    she looks MUCH better here.

  14. 114

    She looks hotter now. Does EVERY hollywood bitch have to be a fucking blonde?

  15. 115

    I think she looks much more sophisticated in this picture,maybe to sophisticated for her age.

  16. 116

    she looks good either way.

  17. 117

    She always pictures well

  18. 118

    She looks way better blonde

  19. 119

    Hot either way

  20. 120

    Damn a little tan and some blonde locks and she goes from awkward to hot! A much better look for her.

  21. 121

    Wow, she looks so different here. She looks heavier or maybe just her face is fuller. She kind of reminds me of Alicia Silverstone in this pic. I actually prefer her look better now with the paler skin and reddish/dark hair. She looks kind of average here.

  22. 122

    She looks too much like Alicia Silverstone.

    I wish she'd lay off the pot and develop a friendlier personality.

  23. 123

    Still can't stand her, but she looked much better w/ the lighter hair color.

  24. 124

    i like her with darker hair, it brings out her beautiful eyes :)
    i don't find blondes attractive at all.

  25. 125

    She's looks better with darker hair.

  26. 126

    shes ugly either way… ew

  27. 127

    she looks pretty and not demonized here

  28. 128

    very cute!!
    and the only reason people dont like her, is cause she gets to be mackin on *you know who* in Twilight.
    although i love him to:)

  29. over says – reply to this


    everytime they put a pic of her it gets like 100+comments, everyone else like eh 20 comments, i wish perez would attempt to be nice to her, she's very pretty

  30. 130

    She looks like a young Alecia Silverstone here!

  31. 131

    I prefer the blonde hair. She doesn't look as dozy and pale.

  32. 132

    i think she looks gorgeous as a blonde, however she also looks like 90% of the other blondes in hollywood.. as a brunette she has a more distinctive look which i think is way better than being generic

  33. 133

    Wow, she looks different. She looks cute in this pic.

  34. 134

    she looks better blonde but i still hate her, she can't act!

  35. 135

    wow, she actually might be pretty… GO BACK BLOND!!

  36. 136

    i like her dark hair better

  37. 137

    She looks so much better with dark hair(especially red hair)! Just annthing but the joan-mullet.

  38. 138

    The hair is almost the same color as her skin, sexier with dark hair and pale skin.

  39. 139

    FINALLY… she looks [clean] like is she showered!

  40. Chief says – reply to this


    So fucking hot that I almost broke my dick just thinking about this pic.

  41. 141

    I couldn't recognize her at first
    she does look nice but I perfer dark

  42. 142

    I wouldn't call two years ago "vintage"

  43. 143

    She's GORGEOUS with her brown hair! She looks pretty here too, but i like her better with dark hair.

  44. 144

    keep the tan and go dark haired. The washed out look is only for the already ugly.

  45. Laury says – reply to this


    She looks beautiful! So much prettier than she does in Twilight. She should go back to blonde! Makes her looks less like a cold bitch.

  46. 146

    Ah shes always looking beautiful…plus shes smart unlike all the other celebrity bimbos you promote on your website..

    surprised u didnt say anything bad about her, you must be in a good mood.

    I LOVE HER SHES freakin amazing! a role model thats actually talented and smart

  47. 147

    she looks awesome as a blonde

  48. 148

    omg she looked so pretty!

  49. 149

    she's definitely hot in this pic but i love her best when she has that auburn kinda look to her

  50. 150

    She looks like alicia silverstone.

  51. 151

    ktew is def a pretty ok not gorgeous girl…i mean look at her she can put both brunette or blonde but i must say that her beautiful blue eyes look amazing with her dark hair…n i am not so sure about joan jett's hair is really not working i mean nobody can put off that hair even kstew who can put off blonde n brunette

  52. 152

    Hate her and love her at the same time, she's gorgeous no matter the hair color.

    P.S Kristen, give Rob a big kiss from me! :)

  53. 153

    Def looks good. Not as B!tchy :)

  54. 154

    Before pot….

  55. 155

    yeah she looks pretty as a here

  56. 156

    yes, she may look better with blonde hair, but she looks super generic. just like any other hayden panettiere type of hollywood girl. at least she's trying to stand out with her dark hair and beautiful light eyes. … yes that was creepy i know, shes my girl crush =p

  57. 157


    Many of my friends who've seen her with blonde hair before have always thought she was attractive and that's because we saw her with blonde hair from the past. Go back to blonde, Kristen, when possible (not filming).

  58. 158

    she looks like that one girl from gossip girl…leighton something..
    she actually looks really pretty here

  59. 159

    deff NOOOTTT
    dark is better

  60. 160

    She looks amazing blonde. I never realized how pretty she is, of course I guess she looks more vampiric with the contrast of dark hair and pale skin.

  61. 161


  62. 162

    She looks great but she also just looks like everybody else.

  63. 163

    i thought she was fine with dark hair i cant even think of a word 4 how hot she looks with blonde hair

  64. 164

    She's a hotty isn't she. This was when she was like 16 years old.

  65. 165

    No matter what she is ugly and a bad actress. What happened to you Perez, now you love her? Hypocrite.

  66. 166

    i prefer her darker hair

  67. 167

    I think she looked better in twilight with dark red hair. Blonde makes her look ordinary..

  68. 168

    def blonde! hate her new hair!

  69. 169

    I think she still a BIATCHHHHH

  70. 170

    She has one of those faces that can pull off blonde and brunette. Very beautiful.

  71. 171

    lol, her hair is axactly like mine is now :P i think this looks much better than dark hair on her.

  72. yggr says – reply to this



  73. yggr says – reply to this


    She looks "baked" alot of the times not because she is, but because her eyes are not very large, she once said that, just like lias marie presley. But the reason she looks more beautiful blonde is because is does soften her looks and doesnt make her look as harsh, but i love her any her hair is coloured, red was also hot on her!

  74. 174

    I think she looks older with blond hair but I think she looks better darker hair.

  75. yggr says – reply to this


    must add i also agree less eye make up, i like the makeup in this picture, but as i always say, i love her anyway i can get her!

  76. 176

    also from when she was in In The Land Of Women…
    she had blonde hair in the film, whereas for Into The Wild, she had brown hair.
    She can pull off both colours, but i prefer the brown

  77. goho says – reply to this


    I just came and came HARD, that fuc-wit Rob better not touch my girl, she is mine, now back to playing with myself, this picture is blown up on my wall, how dare you release this to the world, i have had this to myself for almost a year.

  78. 178

    wow she looks pretty !
    go back to the lighter locks kristen :)

  79. 179

    she's stunning brunette, and definitely stunning blonde. HOWEVER, i can't wait till she's done filming as joan jett. the pitch black mullet on her is not too cute.

  80. 180

    did you see her in into the wild? She looked very sexy model-y…

  81. 181

    oh my days i love it :) i think she can pull off any hair colour tbh shes stunning

  82. 182

    She looks good but she just looks like every other blonde person, I prefer her with darker hair!

  83. goho says – reply to this


    Dont forget rob went fugly with his hair in little ashes, kristen is playing a part, not her fault joan has shit hair!

  84. 184

    She looks LOADS better with blonde hair. Muchos improved…

  85. 185

    wow. sooo much better!

  86. 186

    shes stunning with the blonde hair but the dark hairs more her style

  87. 187

    shes pretty in this picture…but i prefer her with darker hair! my bad, i always prefered darker hair to blond hair.

  88. 188

    I like the dark hair though.

  89. 189

    Wow she looks gorgeous as a blonde! Love that photo!

  90. 190

    she i soo pretty here, i definetely like it

  91. 191

    She looks gorgeous with both blonde hair and as a brunette!!!!

  92. 192

    wow, soooo much better!

  93. 193

    Brunette for sure! Everyone is fucking blonde these days…brunette is way sexier…

  94. 194

    pretty! - but she looks good brunette too…plus she had to be brunette to play bella
    but shes pretty either way

  95. 195

    I think she looks pretty whatever the colour of her hair. But I do think she looks better as a brunette.

  96. 196

    Looks better dark. Perez is wrong, as usual.

  97. 197

    She looks hot there. But vintage? lol

  98. 198


    I like her more as a brunette. It looks a lot more natural.

  99. 199

    Wow the first nice post about KStew lol
    she does look gorgeous here, but i think the same when she has darker hair too like in Twilight, not a big fan on her Joan Jett cut mind

  100. 200

    Re: whaduphoe – Too TRUE!

    But Kristen was brunette in the movie Into The Wild, anyone knows that who has seen the movie….get it right Perez!

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