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Americans Really Love Their TVs!

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Are Americans really this lazy? Turns out we now own more TV sets in the country than the number of people living here!

As of 2009, each household now averages 2.86 TV sets, and with almost 115 million homes with TVs, that's almost 330 million TVs!

According to the Nielsen study, there's only an estimated 307 million people living in the US.

So where are the extra TVs going?

And the number keeps growing. In fact, the average number of TV sets in a household went up by 18% from 2000 and up 43% since 1990.

According to one analyst, "TV sets are, on an inflation-adjusted basis, becoming cheaper and cheaper [to buy]. If somebody looked at what the cost of an average TV was in the 1960s and looked at the inflation-adjusted cost of an average TV today, it's a quarter of the real cost."

Do U own more than one set?

We have three and watch none! Ha

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39 comments to “Americans Really Love Their TVs!”

  1. 1

    yes, more americans really are that into tv…but i know quite a few people that dont watch or even own tv…what is one man's trash is another man's treasure…

  2. 2

    Because tv's are like ten dollars now.

  3. 3

    We have 3. Got 2 more when my mom died total now being 5. Had the cable switched off in Jan cause we dont watch it.

  4. 4

    Why are they tv SETS?? I only got one when I bought mine. :)

  5. 5

    I can believe it. We have four and one up in the attic. We seem to have collected some over the years.

  6. Laura says – reply to this


    Haha, I am a true american! Tv in the kitchen, living room, basement, bedrooms, shit we got 7.

    but remember, peeps are also watching TV on their comps, so we're more lazy than they think….unless you're those white people who like telling other people they don't own TVs, but instead go hiking.

  7. 7

    I have two and a 10 foot movie screen in the basement.
    I rarely watch TV, but I watch movies on my movie screen, it's great!

  8. 8

    we have 5 and their are currently 3 people living in are house.But my uncle use to live here so one is his we have one in the dinning room,my room,living room,parents room.

    so yea ahahah

  9. 9

    we have 5. but only really watch 2

  10. 10

    I live alone and I got one :)
    I do live in Belgium so I can't participate in the study :)

  11. 11

    had 3 downsized to two

  12. 12

    I have three. Two 48 inches and one 60 inch. Believe me they were not cheap.

  13. 13

    haha yes we own more then 1 tv haha and yes we r kinda lazy we just like 2 chill out playvideo game waching mtv vh1 cartoon networrk etc….we just love our tv r a good friend 2 keep us entretein XD

  14. 14

    They are going to landfills dude! I have basic cable and digital, but I don't have digital TV's.. you can watch a 1980 color tv in high def… soooo thats what its doin.. I have 3 tv's about 4 computer monitors, ohh and 2 litte portable tv's.. anyway.. and its jus me here by myself.. Why do people think they have to buy these superexpensive tv's and probably don't even watch tv because they are so busy working they can afford it.. I dunno Don't throw away TV's give them to bums.. LOL

  15. 15


  16. 16

    we have 5 TV's, but I live in Canada.. haha

  17. 17

    Everyone has a TV in their room, and we have two in our living room.

    We own six, including one in the kitchen and one above my dad's computer in the living room that used to be in his room. There all plasma screens except for the one in the kitchen…yes we are getting lazy. In fact, we've always been lazy~!

  18. 18

    guilty! We have 4 TVs and only watch two of them. The other two are in the guest rooms and are only for guests.

  19. 19

    im not american but there are two of us in my house and we have four tvs, two downstairs and one in each bedroom

  20. 20

    i have one…but i live in a studio. when i move to a bigger place…im getting a big one for the living room…small one goes in the bedroom =]

    my parents have 4 … living room, kids room, kitchen, & their bedroom.

  21. 21

    We have 8 TV's in our house. One in each bedroom upstairs (3), one in the office (1), one in the main floor livingroom, one in the main floor family room, and two in the basement. We're planning on getting one more.

  22. 22

    i have 7…lol

  23. 23

    We have 4. Flat screen in the living room that we barely watch. 1 in each room. Everyone basically watch tv in their rooms. My son watch my tv more often than I do. I'm mostly online all the time.

  24. 24

    I am single, live alone and have 7 tvs. But in my defense, I own a six bedrooms home.

  25. 25

    3 TVs

  26. 26

    I haven't owned a tv in four years and don't plan on getting another anytime soon.

  27. 27

    i have 7 tv's in my house lol! i dont watch all of them…. we probably watch 3 of them.

  28. 28

    Are these numbers taking into account only households or all tv's sold. If it is ll tv's sold then the results are untrue. Just look at places like gyms for example they have 20 tv's in front of cardio alone.

  29. 29

    So are the Dutch. I have 3 tv's, i know more Dutch folks who have more than just one tv in their houses…..

  30. 30

    I only have 4. But one is a 64 inch and HD. The rest I had to upgrade to HD and flat screens. Since I have kids they have their own. I like to watch the news and PBS, Discovery channel, history channel, hgtv so I'm in the kitchen a lot that's my favorite one. Oh, and when I can't sleep TCM!

  31. 31

    Yes, we are lazier and lazier. How many people are guilty to spending at least 10 or more minutes looking for the remote to turn on a tv instead of walking over and turning it on manually? Even though it's harder work to look for the remote, the purpose is so you don't ever have to move once it's found. I own 3- family room, my daughters room and my own bedroom. We do watch them, and I'm not ashamed to say thats how I relax. I worked for a homebuilder in design- people, nearly everysingle one, would order cable jacks to be put in everyroom- every room, not just bedrooms- kitchens included. It's actually quite normal. Is there a corrilation between this and being the country with the most overweight people?

  32. 32

    have 5 watch one

  33. 33

    i have 5 tv sets 4 are plasmas XD haha goddamnnnn thats just crazy

  34. 34

    i have to admite .. I LOOOVE MY tv :)

  35. 35

    I admit it. I'm in the US and I can't sleep at night without a TV on. So if I go and stay somewhere there had better be a TV. We have 5. One is strictly for gaming on my 360. One in the kitchen, living room, our bedroom, and a guest bedroom. Could be worse, I used to have one in the basement too. lol There are only 2 living here in our home.

  36. 36

    we own 4; watch on 2; play playstion on 1; and the lasts an "emergency" tv in our basement and we also have a desktop computer and a laptop computer so yeah were like the worst family ever!!

  37. 37

    I own four flatscreens and I watch one. The one in the t.v. room of the house. I use to watch the one in my bedroom but I hate watching t.v. in bed, because it makes me feel lazy.

    Anyhow yeah…lol I feel pathetic now. I should just like give away the other two I don't watch.

  38. 38

    lol wow, so umm I totally an a sloth. I just realized…I own four flatscreens and I live alone…..shit

  39. @v@ says – reply to this


    When people upgrade to the latest, bigger technology, they keep their old sets if they're still working well. Hence the growing sets per household. You can't sell them easily, if they're outdated, so you just park them in another room.