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Candy Spelling Rips Daughter Tori A New A-Hole!

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Candy Spelling may have some valid points, but she negates them all by not taking the higher road.

YOU are the mother, bitch. Stop acting like a fucking child!

The estranged and horrid mother of Tori Spelling is once again bashing her daughter publicly. This time because the 90210 alum's reality show has made Candy's snubbing of an invite to meet her new granddaughter for the first time (on camera, of course) into the two-part finale for this season.

In a scathing new letter, Candy writes:


I Know many middle-aged people have issues about their parents and their upbringing. I did. My memories didn't match all those of my mother, and, funny thing, it's the same way with my daughter.

Life has consequences. What you say is on the record. Other people have feelings.

I have a vested interest in this subject. My daughter, Tori's, two-part season finale revolves around my granddaughter's first birthday party and how she has made what seems like an agonizing decision to invite me.

Cue music. Cue sideways glaces. Clue Lights.

I did get an invitation just in time for the RSVP deadline. I'm sure its delivery will be on next week's episode with some comment about my house or driveway or street or something they won't like. I wonder if that will be spread out over one part or two. Sigh.

A big party wasn't how I envisioned meeting my granddaughter for the first time; but, hey, this is Hollywood, and my grandchildren have become reality show props, too. At the time I emailed "yes," I didn't realize I was being set up for a two-parter, even though it was clear I was being invited to be part of a segment for my daughter's reality show.

Spoiler alert. Don't read this if you plan to sit through an hour of people looking at their watches and saying "she's late." I decided my first meeting with my granddaughter should be on home video, not primetime cable; so I emailed that i would not be attending.

Back to other reality stars. My husband taught me that the plots have to be fresh and updated. The same old whining gets tired after a while. Enough complaining about what may or may not have happened during first grade or YMCA camp, or what vegetable you were forced to endure, especially when you are privileged enough to be on TV and get paid for it.

For all the reality show personalities, please remember that real life doesn't get edited to make things better or worse or get better ratings. You're responsible for what you do. Life isn't just a show. And your families can't just be props. Make your own season finale without creating conflicts you will regret later.

Dear Candy,

See a therapist.

Work out your "issues" in private!

[Images via WENN.]

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295 comments to “Candy Spelling Rips Daughter Tori A New A-Hole!”

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  1. Sgirl says – reply to this


    This bitch has some serious issues. What decent mother in their right mind would treat their daughter this way? Candy Spelling is a horrible excuse for a mother. If she wanted to see her grandchildren, she would see them. Instead, she is a bitter old dried up hag using the internet and television to trash her daughter and create turmoil and pain for her grandchildren. She should be ashamed of herself. Do I think its a great idea to do a reality show and have your children on? No. But, it does not warrant the garbage this woman spews. She is the worst mother and grandmother ever. So sad. She seems like such a lonely, bitter old lady.

  2. 2

    I wish they would both stop talking to everyone else and talk to each other with a counselor……………so disrespectful of both parts.

  3. 3

    I love the irony of Candy's name — this woman is anything but sweet. At least Tori is working and in fact has many jobs going at once: what did you ever do in your life? Charity work? Don't make me laugh.

    Tori — I have a narcissistic mother too, and narcissists never change. There are books written about the issues of children of narcissistic mothers. As long as you have a successful life and are healthy and happy, she will never, ever, EVER be kind to you, because the attention is off her. The time will come for you to simply give it up and try to forget about her. She will not change, especially at her age. You make a respectable living and she will probably settle all her $ on your kids anyway, skipping over you, just to spite you, even though you probably don't care about the $.

    I get it — you just want a mother's approval and support and love, but it will NEVER HAPPEN with someone like Candy Spelling. That is like really wishing a donkey to become a unicorn. The donkey is a donkey, and no matter how much you wish it to change, it was born an ass and will die an ass.

    The best thing for you to do is move on, Tori, and keep being a good mommy to your kids.

  4. 4

    i hate to admit … but she's kinda right on this one

  5. tasha says – reply to this


    I'm sure Tori will be happy to know that at 36 she's considered to be middle aged. I thank God that I have the mother I do and feel sorry for Tori that she has the "mother", and I use that term loosely, she does.

  6. 6

    This woman is appallingly petty. This is just horrible. I'm amazed Tori is more messed up. See a therapist Candy, indeed.

    P.S. Funny, this woman calling her daughter (in her 30s) middle-aged, and she's still sporting a little girl nickname at her own venerable age?


  7. 7

    I think she expressed her opinion quite thoughtfully and maturely, to be honest.

    And Tori is the one initially putting this all out there for the public on a goddamned tv show. I think the mom has a right to respond in kind (publicly that is).

    Not that I think she is mother of the year or anything, but she does have a point here. The only reason she was invited to meet her granddaughter at a huge party was because it would make good TV.

    bad form.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    …I think I'll rent Mommie Dearest. I need something sweet and motherly after reading this post. "Bless The Beasts and CHildren".

  10. 10

    like perez said she has her point but she as a mother bettter yet as a better person should take the higher road and aparantly shes not.

  11. 11

    That woman is INSANE!!!!!!!!

  12. 12

    This Bitch does need therapy!! go wipe your tears with a hundred grandma… NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU OR YOUR STUPID DAUGHTER!!

  13. 13

    Her mother is beautiful!

  14. 14

    Did you Forget that You are supposed to be the Mother??

    You sound like a Spoiled Brat!!

    Stop Punishing your Grand Children!

  15. 15

    Is her mother a hip hip apponomus!

  16. 16

    I'm kind of on Team Candy for this one. As much as the playing out in public of this is unfortunate, let's be realistic - Tori chose to make this a centerpiece of her TV show for the public, so you kind of can't blame Candy for wanting to respond. In addition, if I were Candy, there is no way I'd want to turn the occasion of meeting my granddaughter into a reality show segment designed to bash me. If Tori sincerely wanted her mother to have a relationship with her granddaughter, its a shame she couldn't have arranged for it privately.

  17. 17

    I love Tori… she is a great mom and her kids are lucky to have her. She is really trying to love that little girl (and her son) and tell her she is beautiful every day!!!!! You can tell through her loving friends!!!! Who are now her family.

    Candy needs help. I too have in-laws that are all about themselves… my husband decided to move on years ago. He is much happier!!!!!!! Even through all the stuff that he has gone through I would never tell him what to do with his family. He has chosen not to include them in our lives!!!!!!!!! or our kids lives. Do not put kids in the middle even if it is their only grandparent… she is not a good person!!!! If Tori choose to reach out and very kind to invite Candy anywhere!!! well at least she now knows that her mom is scum!!!! The rest of the world knows it too!!! If Candy really wanted to see the kids she could show up early to the party and spend the morning with them before the guests arrive!!!!

    Move on TORI… focus on your beautiful family and friends!!! You deserve it!!!!

  18. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    She's right. Tori tried to add drama to her reality show by inviting her long lost mother to meet her granddaughter. Tori probably hoped that this plot would improve her ratings. I'm glad Candy wouldn't let herself be used that way…now Tori has to think of something else to make her show interesting.

  19. 19

    She's kinda right this time.

  20. 20

    I'm on Candy's side. She's absolutely right, and has a right to defend her apparent "blow off" which would be blown up on the show as something nasty. She doesn't want to make it a public showing, meeting her granddaughter on TV for the first time. I can't say I blame her. I hope she reads this and knows that people see and support her.

    There's nothing wrong or bashing in this letter. She called her daughter middle aged- which she is, and she's telling her to live her life and not a reality show… whats the big deal?

    You did the right thing Candy. Good for you.

  21. 21

    They hate each other because they are exactly alike.
    dumb bitches.

  22. 22

    are you guys on TEAM CANDY fucking kidding me!!!! Do you want her for a mother???? I am sure Tori would be happy to trade with you!!!!!

  23. 23

    She's right in this case. Well put.

  24. 24

    That Candy is one ugly moll. No wonder Tori looks this way

  25. 25

    I love Tori and Dean SO much! I am huge fan and I think her mom is a psycho. It is SO sad she won't reach out to Tori over these random rants. Tori works her ASS off making that show and pimping herself out to support her family!!! Because her mom was too damn stingy to hook them up with some Spelling bucks. I am totally team Tori :)

  26. 26

    Uhm… I see a lot of speculation here on Tori's motives. No one knows why Tori did it the way she did. A real mother and grandmother, who loved and cared for her child and grandchildren, would have handled this privately. Real simple… "Though I would love to attend Stella's birthday party, I would prefer my first meeting with my grandchildren to be private. You and I have things we need to talk about, and I would like to keep these things amongst family, rather than televise them to the world."


  27. 27

    I now have a new found respect for Tori Spelling. Growing up with a mother who chooses not to mother but to criticize will make you twitchy and really consider whether you want your children subjected to the same.

    Listen "GRANDMA" (using middle-aged as a hurtful slur when you're HER age and look like THAT), be grateful for your PRIVILEGED life and that you have grandchildren. Wise up, old lady..or you'll never get to know them.

  28. 28

    she needs help i mean u dont see tori talkin about there relationship every five seconds, yes she has talked about it but her mother is just ridiculous….TEAM TORI

  29. 29

    Grow Up Tori! It's your mother and grandmother to your children. Life is too short. She will always be there for you. Reality show! c'mon you're better than that.

  30. 30

    IF Tori is going to go on National TV and play it up for the camera's about Candy's blowing her own granddaughter off, and see what happens when I invite her and she doesn't show at the last minute…..

    Then Candy has every right to publish this letter to the public too.

  31. 31

    They are both wrong! Moms and daughters have all kinds of issues. Their problem is they are so absorbed in self that they lack empathy for the other. Tori needs drama in her show so until her skank hubby is unable to keep his pants zipped, Mom issues will do.

  32. 32

    Candy Spelling is certifiable!! WOW… I thought Tori was being sincere, she is NOT that good of an actress, you can tell she just wants her children to have a relationship with the ONE grandparent that they have. She has expressed many times that she only has Candy, Randy and an uncle that is like 90. She *wants* the family for her children. The only reason she ever talks about her mom is when others bring it up. She has been talking about it lately cause of her book tour and all interviewers were asking her about CANDY's PUBLIC EMAIL.

    Tori you are better off without someone as selfish as CANDY SPELLING. Your kids are too. If she hasn't stepped up to the plate by now to see your children or even MEET her granddaughter she is NOT worth it. She is the LOSER! CUT HER OFF as Dean says.

  33. 33

    I have to agree! These reality shows are getting out of hand to create ratings! Tori enough already with your Mommy drama! Your children may watch this someday and maybe just maybe they might wonder how this all mattered and why what little family they have was left out of their birthday party for rating's! They might wonder why Denise Richards (or other "E" A listers) was invited but youhad NO idea who she was and most likely still don't! Like candy said nobodies childhood was perfect and you should cherish the time youhave with your mother! Both my parents are gone and what I wouldn't do to have just one more day or one more conversation regardless od how I felt they raised me! Tori always talks about how her number one priority is being a good mother! then be a better person and find a way to make this work!Not FOR YOU, but for the sake of you children!

  34. 34

    Being the media whore that Candy Spelling is, I know she'll read this.

    So….Dear Candy,

    Please stop playing the vicitim…YOUR plot is old and tired, as are you. So find something fresh and exciting ..say, therapy and keeping your piehole shut. Stop resenting the fact your daughter is younger, prettier and more creative than you …and that she has found success without having to lay her soul at your feet for approval.

    Arguably, you may have a point here and there, but these all too frequent publicly displayed tirades, really should cease…work this out in private and get help for this odd form of Munchhausen syndrome you seem to have.

    All my love…and then less….



  35. 35

    hmm… some things she said were not that bad actually.

  36. 36

    candy spelling is a rich bitch who doesnt care if she hurts her own children, let alone her grandkids from the black sheep of the family. Tori ur mother is a bitch cut her off and make it on ur own. everything u do without her help or support makes it that much better for u. the fruits of ur labors are that much sweeter not having to share credit wit an evill woman like that! she acts more like an evil step-mother than a loving caring women. TEAM TORI

  37. 37

    duh, Tasha., how can 36 not be middle age?life expectancy these days is still in 70 to 80 range.

    grandchildren and children always serve as props for parents. it just depends on how big the audience is and whether it's a t.v. audience.

  38. 38

    Candy wins this round — she expressed her feelings well, and cleverly!!

  39. 39

    I am on Candy's side on this on! The no Talent Tori was trying to using Candy to boost ratings on her stupid reality show and I am glad Candy didn't buy into it.

  40. 40


  41. 41

    LOL some of this is so true…..The fact that 30 is the new 20 and middle age is being pushed back to the 50s is sad example of how society in general is going downhill. With age wisdom was expected….what about a society that is obsessed with staying young and repeatedly refuses to learn from the error of their ways. I feel sorry for our children…they're being raised by "adults" grasping onto childhood for too long.

  42. 42

    u poor thing//
    I feel u and
    y'r kidz…they will
    suffer at her unGodly
    mizery..I have a grandma
    juzt like her…she hazn't been
    2/one of my parteez or sent a card or called…
    keep y'r kidz away from her

  43. 43

    36 is middle-aged? Candy is making this all about her. And it's not. Tori didn't have to invite her at all, after years of putting up with crap like this. She would rather be right than meet her granddaughter, and that's her problem.

  44. 44

    i think that Tori is making herself look awful and spolied. PLEASE - this girl grew up wealthy with so much love from both parents. Tori's parents never beat her or made her go hungry. Tori had the greatest childhood and now she is acting like a SPOLIED RICH BRAT - so unattractive TORI! Hey Tori - some of us where beat up as kids, put down by our parents and some of us have physical bruises forever from childhood beatings. Tori was brought up like a princess - GET OVER YOUR SELF TORI AND MAKE PRIVATE PEACE WITH YOUR MOTHER because before you know it life is over and you are going to regret behaving so stupidly.

  45. 45

    Re: Jaded Pinkclit-Smith – ROTFGDFLMMFAOPIMMFP OMG your screenname is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Thanx for the gigglz

  46. 46


  47. 47

    Re: Sgirl – Agreed.

  48. 48

    I personally think the "advice" Perez gave Candy applies to Tori as well.

  49. 49

    I think she's spot on. Her darling daughter threw down a gauntlet and tried to paint her into a corner publically, so she responeded the same way. She shouldn't have done it publically but she's hurt and upset. they are throwing so much shit at eachother it must be confusing…

    i think the daughter needs a slap

  50. 50

    Aww, I missed her open letters!!! Remember the one she wrote douchebag Joe "Girls gone wild" Francis? Classic!!!!

  51. 51

    I personally don't care who is right in this situation. What is sad is the disregard for the grandchildren.

    Candy, whether public or private, you are a celebrity, and whether it is caught on Tori's show or through a sleezy magazine, your actions will be seen one way or another. What should be central is that you are elderly and Tori is your only daughter, and those grandchildren are your legacy. Years down the road when you are dead, your money and your celebrity status will no longer be of importance . Your words will be recorded and your grandchildren will remember you for your ill words and through your hateful letters on the internet or your pityful books.

    From a simpleton in Wisconsin, I urge you to make change in your life and reconcile with your daughter, for the sake of your grandchildren. —Family—- is what is most important in life. I highly doubt you are truly happy, I see you are lonely bitter woman who feels they must hyper react to past discontent with your daughter, because you are guilty of being wrong and scared of being alone.

    Think not of yourself….. Think of your precious grandchildren. Bond with them now, take them to the zoo, read books to them, enjoy your time now before it is too late.


  52. 52

    Re: Evilyne – Shes not middle aged. Middle aged is 50…

  53. 53


  54. 54

    WHY are these whack jobs on tv AND in the news???? They belong on the psychiatric ward! They're even too ugly too look at! I don't like seeing them!

  55. Wrenn says – reply to this


    This bitch is bat shit crazy.

  56. 56

    I am starting to think this woman just loves attention.

  57. 57

    It's not ok to air family issues in public, but, I have to say, I agree with most if not all of what Candy Spelling wrote. You don't invite your mom to meet her grandchild for the first time in front of tv cameras.

  58. 58

    She needs to put up or shut up and go see her grand daughter if that is her intention. Making a big show of why she isn't visiting just buys her time. She can easily go see her grand babies anytime she wants to make the effort. The babies are probably better off without her but she should try, anyway.

  59. 59

    Re: Kasey19 – Most ppl won't live to see 100. The average life span for american women is 82.67 years, so middle age is around 40.

  60. 60

    email? why the hell didn't you pick up the phone Candy. Infact, why haven't you picked up the phone to ask to meet your grandaughter? This is all on the record so get your ass in gear granny and meet your beautiful grandaughter. You are getting old and your days on this planet are limited - don't waste them on being petty.

  61. 61

    Hey fucktards (Mario and/or Babar), what the fuck did the young spelling promise you to become so fucking retarded?

  62. fiera says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for Candy Spelling. She is obviously jealous of her own daughter and has serious issues of her own-very sad!!!! She really needs a therapist ..Also, her petty behavior doesn't look good to her grandchildren.

  63. 63

    TEAM TORI all the way!! candy spelling is a crazy bitch. tori is at least working for her money!

  64. 64

    Sad, why make it so public! And, to say she is middle age man have she looked in the mirror she is the one who is middle age unless she is already 73.
    This should have been held between the family. Tacky!

  65. 65

    What people need to realize - Tori doesn't talk about Candy on the show unless CANDY has said something in the media. Tori offered to turn the cameras off, not film a lick of footage of anything to do with Candy. Losing a parent through their own idiocy (I don't speak to my father for his cheating) is never easy and yes, the feelings after years don't go away - should I, shouldn't I. But Candy exacerbates it by forcing Tori to speak about it publicly when she accuses her daughter of forcing her father's death when she knows everywhere Tori goes, people will ask about it. And today, when Tori goes for coffee - 100's of reporters will be asking if she's seen the letter, and Tori will be frustrated in her real life which is on camera. If anyone is on Candy's side in this - they have no parents of their own.

  66. 66

    Tori is a hott mama…Candy is an OLD bag of douche. :)

  67. 67


  68. 68

    I think she had some good points, but regardless of all that, shes still immature and childish. Why wouldn't you want to see your grandchild? Pathetic. Who cares if its on TV…its your flesh and blood! Moron.

  69. 69

    The thing is, she's RIGHT. You shouldn't use your kids as props and meeting your grandaughter on camera is not the right way to go about things. TORI needs to see a therapist and realize her mom may not have been the best mom, but ultimately she's not a grown up and should act as such.

  70. 70


  71. 71

    tori has open forum through her reality tv show to talk, bash, and paint a picture of her mother. it's only fair for candy to give her side one way or another! I agree with candy… although smart girl, tori… great ratings for her to exploit all her dirty laundry on tv. not to mention her kids… :(

    candy may not be the best mom, infact she definitley probably is a bit psycho, but she has very valid points!!

  72. 72

    Tori is one of the worst looking actresses ever, but I love her outfit. It rocks. What you wear actually matters. It really makes a difference.
    Yesterday I wore a low-cut black lace tank top with jewels on the boobs. I got a lot of attention, whether I wanted it or not. The clerk at the video store was a little TOO ANXIOUS to help me, so I made a run for the exit and ended up buying nothing. Then there was the priest at afternoon mass who usually says very little to me. He's not even supposed to look THERE. I thought to myself, this is how those girls with implants must feel. The clothes you wear are damn important, Mario!

  73. 73

    why she keeps telling she was being used for the show when tori herself and the producers guaranteed her that if she went to the freaking b-day she would not appear on the show!? somobody tell this SENILE that this excuse is void, lol.

  74. 74

    Tori- First let me get the bad parts out. Do you feel bad at all for contributing to the breakup of a family with one son and one child on the way? That's not something to be proud of, nor create a reality show around. Shame on you. Then, why did you invite your mother to your child's birthday party (a child she has never seen) that will be filmed for a reality show? Double shame on you. You've ruined a marriage and are exploiting your children.
    Now for the good parts (for you, anyway). You're mother is a whack-jub. Bonkers. Nutty. If she thought your invitation was for publicity, why didn't she write you a letter instead of CREATING PUBLICITY FOR HERSELF. I have to let you off the hook a bit for some of the things I mentioned earlier, because growing up with that nut-case must have really f*cked with your mores. She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worse than anything you've done- as far as I can tell - and if you have cut this poison out of your life, then you have to.

  75. 75

    what a total bitch!

  76. 76

    What a horrible exuse for a human being. I could never bash my child like that. Just look at Jon Voight- Angelina hasn't talked to him in years, but he can keep his mouth shut and stay pleasant. And since when is 35 middle-aged???

  77. 77

    Oh- and last time I checked, your 30's aren't middled aged. That was a low-blow designed to hurt you. If you're middle aged, then your mother is RipVanwrinkle. Or maybe Old (wo)man Moutain.

  78. 78

    Re: Evilyne – Totally agree with you on this one.

  79. 79

    What a C U Next Tuesday! Thank GOD she is not my Momma. Tori, Hang in there. It's sad your mom is such a *&^%$^&(() job & you and the kids are better off with out her.

  80. 80

    I have a father like Candy. I cut him out. I don't need the drama. It was always about him and how everything I tried to do was wrong.

  81. 81

    Good, now Tori can be TP'd!

  82. 82

    I agree with perez. She does have some points in there, but this is no way to express them. Candy doesn't have the balls to tell these things to Tori's face.

  83. 83

    She makes some good points. Tori could have brought the children to her or invited her anytime-not just when the cameras are on. But Candy created the monster that is Tori.

  84. 84

    Dear Candy, your children are what you make them to be! You are just as guilty as Tori. You are making yourself look like a bitch.

  85. 85

    omg she's definitely fucking crazy. loopty loop. Wow. She thinks Tori is middle-aged!?

  86. Woko says – reply to this


    I agree with everything that Candy Spelling said about her daughter and reality tv shows.
    She should not have her first meeting be on camera at a crowded party.
    Although, everything she said in that letter she should have sent to Tori, not the public.
    Maybe Candy should sent out a quick response when the show is done to state her side. Something like, "Unfortunately the reality show in which my daughter, Tori, stars chose to paint me in a bad light on a recent episode. Remember, there are two sides to every story, especially in relationships and they should be resolved privately, not in public."

  87. 87


  88. 88

    For all anyone knows, Tori could have invited Candy over a million times to meet her daughter prior to the party. Candy happened to pick this moment to say it would be her first meeting. I feel bad for both of them, but as the mother, Candy Spelling should know better than to use the media to garner attention/sympathy and to try to manipulate the public. Doesn't she have anything better to do with her time?

  89. 89

    Clearly she wanted to settle it in private but couldn't because of the reality show. I completely agree with her.

  90. 90

    I actually think Candy is right on this one. I never had children, but if Tori were my daughter, I'd give her smug little face a good slap, and then I'd slap her again. Candy is probably not lonely. I know from reading her book that she has a large doll collection, a son, and several cats. If I were Candy, I'd mail one of my cats to Tori with detailed instructions on where and how deeply to scratch Tori's smug little face.

  91. Cura says – reply to this


    Both of these women are in pain and need to connect with one another. However, Perez is right: the mother has to be the adult and suck it up for the child and not stubbornly perpetuate this. Mom's are the forgiving and loving arms no matter how f'd up they think their child has acted. Tori is obviously bitter and in pain and wants to show the world how distant her mother is. Her mother takes this as a cue to fight back rather than to soothe this child.

    The mother in this scenario is missing the maternal bone. Suck it up lady and embrace your daughter. You are not the child in this relationship - you are the mom. The cycle of pain will end if you act like a mom and call your daughter "home" to spend some time together. Just do it lady, before it's too late.

    The brother should insist these two get together too by the way. He could broker it given how immature the mother is acting.

  92. 92

    Team Candy!

  93. 93

    They're both idiots that should fade into obscurity.

  94. 94

    You tell it Candy! Torrie is a middle aged hag!

  95. 95

    Oh give me a break!!! If Aaron Spelling could have made money off of a reality show like Tori's in his heyday he would have. And Caaaaaaaaandy would have sat back and reaped the benefits. And he would have sunk anyone or anything to up the ratings on his show too. Note to all young parents out there……if you do your children wrong when they are young they WILL get your ass when they get older. Trust me on this. They do not forget a thing.

  96. 96

    Hate to say it but Candy is completely correct. Tori is using her family as a bunch of props, in hopes of increasing ratings, and her mother has the right to respond in the same public venue. Her mother does not have to be embarrassed and publicly insulted by the show that her daughter signed up to do, and she has the right to clear the air about what is "real" versus what is scripted. She is a human being.

  97. 97

    Wow…I think she made her points quite well! Tori Spelling IS using her kids as props in her "show". Week after week she's whining about her husband's hobbies, his time away from their family while working, their lack of money (riiiight)…alternating between her nasal whiney voice and her ridiculous baby talk voice. Tori Spelling needs to grow up (being married and having 2 children should be her first clue that it's now time!) and get on with her life. Stop dwelling on the fact that she and her mother are bitter, jelous women who don't get along….we get it! And this bizarre idea that she considers herself an "actress" because her daddy put her in one of his shows….ugh. Grow up, hon.

  98. 98

    Tori is looking to boost her ratings by exploiting the situation with her mother and daughter, and Candy is trying to publicly damage Tori's reputation…They BOTH need therapy!!

  99. 99

    well, it's candy's loss then. she's chosen not to be a part of her daughters life and not a part of liam and stella's lives. it's going to be one of the hardest things that tori's ever done, but she needs to just move on. her mom obviously couldn't care a shit less about her and that's very sad :(

  100. 100

    That said, i still dislike Candy and I think the tone of the letter was, while understandable, unnecessary. She could have released a statement simply saying what she was going to do and why, without any personal digs. She could have also expressed her feelings privately. Also, I guess that Tori may have already offered that she never appear on the show.

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