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Joe And Camilla Finished! Jonas Cries During Concert

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Our Perezcious readers have been flooding our inbox with news that Joe Jonas has split with girlfriend Camille Belle. Their theory is based off some pretty strong acts of sadness on Joe's part during some of his performances while on tour with the other Jonas Brothers this weekend.

Apparently, at last night's show in Detroit, the middle JoBro broke out into ACTUAL tears during two of his performances. Many fans saw and heard Joe cry through his Camp Rock hit Gotta Find You and Turn Right, a song off their new album. Plus, a song usually reserved to take a dig at Taylor Swift was taken up a notch to include Camilla. A lyric from the song was change from "now I see everything I'd ever need is the girl in front of me" to "girls in front of me", suggesting he is very much moving on from just one girl.

Additionally, during the song Much Better, he changed the lyrics from "Get a rep for breakin' hearts, now I'm done with superstars" to "Get a rep for breakin hearts, now I'm done with movie stars."

And if you want some more proof, have no fear: we've got it! A week earlier in Boston, while performing the song he would change a week later, he symbolically took off the necklace given to him by Camilla, in front of all his fans.

Check out the video to see the symbol of teenage angst go down (above).

Fast forward tot he 2:30 mark for the good stuff!

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145 comments to “Joe And Camilla Finished! Jonas Cries During Concert”

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  1. 1

    theres so many things wrong with this post its not even funny. joe ALWAYS changes the lyrics to "girls in front of me" and then points to the fans. second, on july 19th, he didn't change the lyrics to "movie stars" its just the way that video is. i was THERE. if you look at other videos of much better, you'll hear he said superstars. annnnnnnd finally. joe always takes off camillas necklace during much better, because they do jumps.

    i would love for camilla and joe to be over cause i can't stand her but talk about digging for shit that isn't even there.

  2. 2

    the shmuck should have bought her a cheaper ring!

  3. 3

    Mario you pigface your site sucks big ones..just like you!!

  4. 4

    Haha. who cares???????? those guys will never get laid huh?

  5. 5

    Who CARES?!

  6. 6

    i feel so bad for Joe!! I always knew that Camilla was bad for him.if Joe's sad,I'm sad.I sure hope he gets over her.She's not worth crying over.

  7. 7

    Hmm, blah

  8. 8

    Who really cares ?

  9. 9

    yeah, this is totally being misconstrued.

  10. 10

    and this is why women date MEN and not little boys…

  11. 11

    Maybe he cried because he had a revelation and realized how shitty his music is.

  12. 12

    I can't believe that I actually watched it but in the end I'm glad I did just for the entertainment quality of the video itself.
    "Move your camera, you stupid bitch!"

  13. 13

    What a fucking baby!!!
    I hate it when people can't control their emotions and just cry over break ups in public!!
    You know what this mean? More annoying break up songs. *groans*

  14. 14

    Re: xjennp – But they did break up… And he doesn't always change the lyrics to Much better. He did it only yesterday (July 26th) plus he doesn't always cry at a concert like he did yesterday.

  15. 15

    Karma is a Bitch!!!!

  16. 16

    It's so fucking annoying when crazy fangirls are screaming in the middle of the song, doesn't matter what band it is. It's annoying. Show some respect bitches!

  17. 17

    OMG! Lame!! Are you kidding me?!

  18. fiera says – reply to this


    Re: xxstar21xx – SO true!!!!

  19. 19

    daym. haha he's done with super stars, country stars, movie stars. what's next? much better is awesome live (:
    joe took it OFFF. haha

  20. 20


  21. 21

    I was there last night in Detroit. His energy was down. I have noticed that he hasn't been wearing the necklace in public lately (there were rumors that they had been arguing a lot) but I think she finally broke things off. He cried during Gotta Find You and Turn Right and got really choked up during Lovebug (the song that she is featured in the video, that's how they met). He also changed the lyrics to "now I'm done with movie stars" on Much Better. I feel horrible because I can see how it's affected him, but I really do believe it was for the best. She had changed him and he wasn't as happy. I think that he will be back to the old Joe soon once he sees how much support he's getting from the fans. I'm also going to see them again tomorrow in St. Louis and I'm hoping for an impromptu performance of Video Girl. They should listen to their own lyrics sometimes.

  22. 22

    fans who went to the concert yesterday are saying that it was happy crying. he was moved by the fans response to them. xjennp is right. joe always removes his necklace for the flips check out other performances and you'll see that. i saw other youtubes from the same night and he said superstars not movie stars. if this is all the proof you have then perhaps the break-up is still just a rumor.

  23. 23

    I do think they may have broken up, but not because of any of the reasons listed in this post. He takes off that necklace every time because they do flips and stuff on the trampoline during that song.

  24. 24

    wow, really lame

  25. 25

    really i dont care…but im making a guess here, i give it two days, three at the most before camilla and pattinson are rumored to be linked together in one way, shape or form….who's with me on this one??? lol

  26. 26

    what? he finally realized that he was nothing more than belles beard? she is very VERY much a lesbian. belle and maria sharapova have been rockin a secret relationship for years. they are more than just shopping buddies.

  27. 27

    maybe she's looking for some *good* sex with someone who knows what he's doing. she has needs too joe, looking at your pretty ring is not enough I am betting.

  28. 28

    umm…i NEVER saw or heard him cry in this video and the video itself was crap!!! how did u figure he was crying??

  29. 29


  30. 30

    Hahaha aw too bad. I really liked those two as a couple. They seemed really happy together. Hopefully this is all a complete fabrication

  31. 31

    who the fuck cares. Boo hoo hoo. Go rub some of that money on your duflinky, you'll feel better.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    ???who cares!!!

  34. 34


  35. 35

    i don't think this is proof enough..
    apparently he took that off because of jumps they were gonna do.
    and the boys cried b/c of fan reaction at concerts before.
    so, i'll just wait ’til an 'insider' comes up and reveals their story, 'cuz they are usually right about stuff concerning JB :D

  36. 36

    wow you're reading WAY too much into this.
    I hate Camilla but still…doubt it

  37. 37

    on the other hand i like the theory that he just realized how 'much better' taylor actually is. ;p

  38. 38

    I couldn't hear the song with all those teenage girls screaming and squealing and sobbing :-(

  39. 39

    I really dont know him very well but I knew alot of girls crazy over them . They all three brothers are handsome wow.. By the way Camille Belle, she is too young and wont stay together last longer or Robert always make girls broke up with their boyfriends. Im sure alot boyfriends hatred Robert. I start dont like Robert at all he is very very womenizers man and hurt alot of girls. He make me mad he dont know how to keep one girl longer he always dump every movies lady always.. That's him .. I hope Camille Belle would be smart to not date Rob if she is too stupid to date him and Rob will dump her shortly.. Watch.. Emma Watson is very very smart she refused date Robert she know him very well so she keep it good friend and she said he is not her type.. She smart.. Robert tried to make her broke up with her boyfriend but she deny him, she smart.
    I dont like Robert at all , poor kristen and I guess kristen pay him back to play with taylor. I guess Taylor care about Kristen they are only friends. I just guess Kristen is very hurtful by Robert dump her she ended up take something drugs, idk.. I still fan with taylor and kristen.. Camilla Belle is the high risk to date Rob , good luck she will ended up hurt that Rob will dump her shortly, watch.. He is a very very womenizers.. Camilla watch out with him.. I hand off and watch ..Good luck to Camilla.. Im sorry I put long comments Im here to drop you all people know how i feel about Rob I dont trust Robert at all..

  40. 40

    no way, i didn't see Joe cry and I don't think that they're over.

  41. 41

    Yeah in their live chats and stuff they always say that 'Much Better' is a song about the fans (which I've never understood, listening to it) so I guess changing it to 'girls' would make sense? I don't know. I saw them in Boston and it WAS right before the flips that he took off the necklace. Too bad if they did end things, though.

  42. 42

    Re: _Kataaa_ – ewww, taylor is NOT better–he never cried over her lol. Perez Mario loves taylor, she makes a good lesbian.

  43. 43

    It was inevitable, iBrows can't compete with each other. He needs to date chicks who have less iBrows.

  44. 44

    Re: superstarblue89 – Wow, way to over analyze someone you don't know.

  45. 45

    who can blame the girl? she probably wanted some peen!

  46. 46

    Who cares? They're teenagers with teenage drama going on. You could see the same at any Middle School or High School cafeteria.

  47. 47


  48. 48


  49. 49


  50. 50


  51. 51

    .. you got it wrong. he takes off that necklace every show because if you keep watching, him & nick do some flips off that trampoline. He takes it off every single time. Seriously perez, you're really laggin these days..

  52. 52

    Hmm…I wonder if they really broke up. Seems like everybody is saying a different thing.


  53. 53

    Re: Sara79 – Wow, way to be a hoe. Bitch, aha/.

  54. Logan says – reply to this


    …….wtf? really? are these fro-boys still around?

  55. 55

    poor baby :( ((

  56. 56

    Joe cries in another video. Not this one. Search for it on YouTube and you will find it. They really broke up.

  57. 57

    he was not crying….. and if he was is not that big deal…………….. and then if he actually broke up with his girlfriend, then you know why he cried and still not a big deal

  58. 58


  59. 59

    even if its true or not the fans are always there fore joe!

  60. 60

    joe did seem a little sad at the concerts in philly and he was a little out of it but he also took off his necklace thursday night at the concert during the same song cause he was about to do a tricks on a trapoline on stage but then friday night he didnt wear it. I'm not sure but i give him my best it sucks to get your heart broken

  61. 61

    Re: jonasbrosrockmyworld – Oh shut up.
    You don't even know him. He doesn't know you.

  62. 62

    Wow this girls voice is FUCKING ANNOYING! I love how at around 1:55 she goes "move your camera stupid bitch!" I bet people were so annoyed at her screaming.

    And btw this is no proof. I agree with xjennp comment.

  63. 63

    I couldn't really hear any crying. Can someone tell me which exact point in the video it is?

  64. 64

    Omj ! I'm so happy they broke up ! Joe needs a way better person then "cruella" I hated her so bad. For next time Joe, choose the right girl, please ! xxxxX

  65. 65

    Re: perezisavindictivebitch – DUDE!!! Is that true?! Coz if it is, thats HILarious!!

  66. 66

    holy canoly. this is heating upppp. i feel bad for him.
    there are many videos where he seems down

  67. chang says – reply to this


    first of all who really cares? secondly, how annoying was the chick screaming Joe, I love you???? UGH I just don't get the Jonas Brothers

  68. 68

    yahyah, sad. this video sucks ass though. I didn't hear ANYTHING. I hope it's over. then again, Jonas = dunzo. Disney kids aren't even kids anymore. lame x|

  69. 69


  70. 70

    i saw the boston performance, and he took off the necklace because they have a trampoline center stage during one of their songs- so i think he didn't want to loose it while jumping.

  71. 71

    every other video from that night shows him saying superstars, so yeah i completly agree with xjennp you should just take this post down and not even argue, anyways is it any of your buissness within the first week of being dumped you should just lay off.

  72. 72

    Poor kid. I've been watching videos from Detroit and Philly and he looks so upset.

  73. 73

    I never liked her for him.ever :/ —-I like that, "Now I see everything I'd ever need, is the girls in front of me":) that's us!! His fans. He knows we love him no matter what.

  74. 74

    ha, good for him. he was so mean to taylor swift.

  75. 75

    The person who made that video is annoying.

  76. 76

    Ugh! In a was I'm sooooooooooo happy they broke up. I never liked Camilla Belle at all. I thought it was always seemed strange that she hardly ever seemed happy while with Joe. But, when she would hang with Rob Patt she's be laughing histerical. A lot of Jonas Brothers fans said she was just using him for publicity. As much as I hate those comments I agree with them. Out of all the people I asked about Camilla hardly anyone of them knew who she was until, "Joemilla!" But I'm also pissed! She obviously hurt him!

  77. 77

    Wow. That girl really loves Joe. Psychooo.

  78. 78

    "move your camera you stupid bitch!"
    totally worth watching this.

  79. 79

    BITCH DESERVES IT!!!!! Go Camille! Go back to Rob, Get him away from Kristin. Joe completely deserved this in every way. He wrote a rude and spiteful song about Taylor rubbing Camille in her face, but now Camille left HIM! Yep! Camille is sooooo much better! So much better that infact she's TOO good for him! So is Taylor. They both deserve someone with a little more maturity and who won't drag up ancient new (like what Joe did with Much Better). I mean, did Taylor really deserve that? She hasn't said anything about him since November and her song "Forever and Always" wasn't even that bad. She didn't say one negative thing about Joe at all. She didn't call him names or say that he was trash or anything. All she said in the song was that she was upset and pissed, which she has full right to be, because he just stopped talking to her. Instead of trying to work it out and tell her the chemistry wasn't there,, her just left her feeling like shit and frustrated only to break up with her over the phone. That my fellow readers, is a true asshole. Taylors song gave me the courage to break up with a guy who was doing the same thing to me because we all know how it would have ended anyways. Team Taylor and Camille!

  80. 80

    ur so gay perez!!!

  81. 81

    oh lawdy
    he cried?

  82. 82

    ugh im sorry the jonas bros are one of the most annoying boy bands ever, i still cant understand why they are such a big dealRe: UrMajestyMsG – Agreed! I am with you on that one!

  83. 83

    omg, someone needs to calm down…soz xjennp.
    perez is only doing his job, hes bound to get a few things wrong every once in a while! stop giving your mouth out.

  84. 84

    That's not even the necklace Camilla gave him. He hasn't been wearing her necklace for about a week now. You can tell b/c that necklace is really long and if you look at pictures the one she gave him is more of a short simple string with a pendant

  85. 85

    Now's your chance.
    He's gayer than you!!!!

  86. 86

    i honestly don't see (or hear) what you're talking about

  87. 87

    WHO CARES…..

  88. 88

    Oh Perez. Why do you care about these little boys?

  89. 89

    I was there last night. Joe Jonas was crying because he was HAPPY. Everyone started screaming very loud cheering on the Jonas Brothers showing them their support and how much they care about them. Just because there are rumors they broke up doesn't mean that they actually did because JOE JONAS cried during an emotional part during the concert. If you really think this then why isn't anyone talking about the fact that Nick Jonas got VERY emotional also during A Little Bit Longer/Black Keys. I've been to four other concerts and this was the most emotional he has gotton I think in the past concerts at Detroit. Honestly, I HOPE Camilla and Joe are done. She doesn't even want him living with his BROTHERS. HELLLLLLLOOOO? he's in a group called the JONAS BROTHERS they obviously do everything together and it's not like they are just not going to live together…

    But really, just because a Jonas brother cries during a concert because they truely LOVE their fans, doesn't mean that they are done in a realationship…I only wish though.

    They did look very tired at the concert last night though. Nick and Kevin stayed on the middle part of the stage as joe tended to stay to one side of the stage only. Kevin barely said ANYTHING the whole concert and I feel as though there wasn't as much energy. They needed a break today.

  90. 90

    I was there last night in Detroit.

    *He was NOT wearing the necklace she gave him
    *He DID cry. it was the saddest thing I have ever witnessed.
    *He did NOT say 'movie stars'. it was super stars.

  91. 91

    Re: xjennp – im pretty sure your psycho obsessed but WHATEVER hes just having fun with the gossip given to him. HOP OFF

  92. 92

    hahahahahaha poor thing

  93. 93

    who the eff cares??? i had no idea what the hell was going on in that video other than a bunch of teenage girls whose heads are about to explode from screaming so much over these dbags. Perez i'm surprised you are so easy on these guys! That video was so annoying i couldnt make it 30 seconds through. BORING

  94. 94

    Dear Joe,
    its ok BBY!!!
    there are A LOT more girls out there
    you just have to find the rite one

  95. 95

    lmfao. i'm in this video.
    over by ryan's side. front row.
    and he always take his necklace off before they do flips.
    i think joe&camilla are done, but for other reasons than this.
    also, it looks like in the "gotta find you" video he was crying over the support of the fans.

  96. 96

    I love that the girl says "move your camera, bitches." I think that's the best part about the video. AHAHAH!

  97. 97

    Poor Joe,but seriously no one gives a shit! It's stupid,lame,and sappy. A guy doesn't cry. Be a man a suck it up!

  98. 98

    i cant see the video!
    it says it was removed by the user
    does anyone know where else i can find it ?

  99. 99

    Joe has been known in the past too to get emotional when he sings some songs due to the amazing fans that scream for them. He's also been really happy lately, so my guess is that 'gotta find you' is especially poignant for himi as he looks out over all those adoring fans…. and he is now single again (after he decided Camilla is not the one) and searching for that girl.

    I love Joe so much. He's an amazing guy and I love when he shows us his feelings. There was one great youtube with WYLMITE where the fan love overwhelms and he cries too.

    LOVE YOU JOE!!!!!

  100. 100

    Camila is really not a good-looking girl but she was to him. I guess it's all that matters. Did she even have much of a personality? Anyway, these things are always for the best. I mean, look at how he treated Taylor Swift and she was so good rising above it like she did-he deserves the songs about him. Truth always hurts cowards. Karma is a bitch. Universal balance is even, I hope.

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