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Kelly's Contract With Clive May Be Already Gone

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Damn! This just proves that you don't bite off the hand that gave you a record deal!

Sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that Kelly Clarkson's record label is super pissed about the original American Idol shooting off her mouth about the drama surrounding her latest single, Already Gone.

And she might pay for it big time!

The story we're hearing is similar to Kelly's - she did, in fact, request that the song not be released as a single and the label denied this request. However, it was more a of a "do or die" situation for Clarkson, as the label actually told her that if they weren't allowed to release the single, they would be "done" with the album. No more money for videos, no more singles, no more promotion.

They compromised, releasing the single but allowing Kelly only to perform it acoustically (and re-arranged) in concert and on TV - her desire.

Now, because she opened her trap, the label is returning to their original threat and will attempt to kill the album, meaning " no more promo, no more singles, no more money into it." This might signal the end of Kelly Clarkson's relationship with Clive Davis, adding a more "cooperative " (aka naive) pop/rocker to the roster, like current Idol season finalist Alison Irehita.

Poor Kelly. Sucks to be her!

Have another donut, sweetie!

Update: A rep for Kelly's label tells us, "Kelly Clarkson is a valued member of the RCA Records family, we are very proud of her album "All I Ever Wanted" and happily continue to promote the record and support Kelly and her music."

[Image via WENN.]

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225 comments to “Kelly's Contract With Clive May Be Already Gone

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  1. 1

    whats wrong with her…..y cant she just find a good record label…oh well

  2. 2

    So the story is true, and when called out on plagiarism - she isn't allowed to set the record straight??? Sounds like she's better off anyways…

  3. 3

    "Iraheta" not "irehita". Aren't you Latino?

  4. 4

    Oh please, Kelly is the highest selling AI artist, EVER. The label can get as holier than thou as they want, but they are all about the money.
    Kelly has always been honest, and her own person. They're just pissed she outed them.
    Go Kelly. And I hope she does have another donut, if that is what she wants. She's a real person, not a fake wanna be like so many others.

  5. 5

    Have another donut? You are such a prick.

  6. 6

    Perez this is one of the first times that I have been so pissed with you, I can't stand it. Kelly is not fat, for God's sake, "Have another donut"? Wtf, crossed a line there.

    BTW, to Clive you are an idiot. You didn't listen to her about the amazing album called "My December" and you won't listen to her about this.

  7. 7

    shes amazing and she was right to request that tho her song will still do amazing. and perez your a fat ass why are you telling her to grab a donut? watch urself ass. She's a normal size she doesn't need to be stick thin. She's got the talent and is an amazing person thats what matters the most. YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT MOST!

  8. 8

    Perez.. come on YOU of all people should NOT make comments about DONUTS. It was a good article until you did that. Gimme a fucking break dude.

  9. HK314 says – reply to this


    I read Perez everyday and I have never left a comment. I know this is purely for entertainment purposes, but the 'donut' comment left me feeling a queasy. It seems a bit uncalled for, and doesn't seem to even fit what the story was about. As someone who used to be 'fat' and has lost a considerable amount of weight, I would never judge someone for their appearance that way (especially someone who isn't even that big, like Kelly). Perez, you should know that better than anyone else. I'm a fan of the site, but I thought you might need to be checked for that comment!

  10. 10

    IRAHETA, Perez!
    Get it right!

  11. 11

    Their loss! I hope she finds a much better record label. I admire her for being real and honest. And she's beautiful just the way she is! Shallow much, Perez?

  12. 12

    "Have another donut?" You are an ass!! You look like you could stand to skip on eating a couple donuts fat ass!! You call Lindsay Lohan "too skinny," Beth Ditto is "hot," according to you, and Kelly Clarkston is fat? What a dick

  13. 13


  14. 14

    clive davis is a prick.
    why do you hate kelly clarkson? what did she do to you? do you hate her only because she is not a perfect size 0? what size are you perez? do you eat donuts?

  15. 15

    what the fuck ever, kelly is talented and has an eons-long career ahead of her. if the hand that feeds her is cutting her off from what she really needs as an artist (uh hello, creative expression and the freedom to sing what she wants, much?) then she has every right to call them out on it. she'd be better off without them anyway. go kelly. do your own thing.

  16. 16

    why would you tell her to have another donut?
    you are so insensitive… this is why you got punched out

  17. 17



  18. 18

    it's bitter not biter.
    And she's not fat she sure as hell looks better than you.

  19. 19

    Im confused Perez, do you like that Kelly is average sized, or don't you? because in your past post you say she is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with her, and now you are telling her to "have another donut" get over it.
    she's a pretty voice, thats about it…she has every right to explain herself
    because most people who know nothing about this situation will just
    throw stones at Kelly because Halo was released first. God I am so sick of Beyonce…she is so lame! Im done with her, and her bedazzled leotards!!

  20. 20

    Biter? You mean bitter moran!

  21. 21

    Oh man this sux for Kelly, hope she gets another record deal ASAP. The album is great!

  22. 22

    Re: Gossipdivaz – thanks for the tip…i like the site.

  23. 23

    Of fuck off perez, she looks damn good, who the fuck cares about how she weighs? Everyone should talk about music, not how much weight she put on, and you're the last one to talk about eating donuts you fat ass.
    Personally, i hope she leaves them, an artist should be allowed to choose singles and what they do with the album but they had a real flip shit on her last album and now this one because she was outspoken? Who the fuck cares, they wanted her to make money, and look pretty and now that she wants to do what she wants to do she will be punished for it, so screw them!

  24. 24

    Wow, Perez, did you ACTUALLY just make a fat joke about her? I know, I know 'it's your job'. But…it just looks really bad for someone to make fun of someone else for being fat when you're far worse then she is. That's like… really pathetique!

  25. 25

    She could eat a million donuts and still look better than you and your man boobs, fat@ss.

  26. 26

    Re: BenDover23

    "moran"? You mean "moron", idiot!

  27. 27

    "have another donut, sweetie!"

    do you not realize that you are just as fat. you do not have abs, you do not have pecs, you do not have any muscle definition. you have hair in all the wrong places, a black eye that is well deserved from Will-I-Am and a website.

    have a nice day sweetie =)

  28. 28

    [re=4121596]Re: I

  29. tasha says – reply to this


    The way Clive has treated Kelly she would be better off on a different record lable. With her voice and talent plenty of labels would grab her.

  30. 30

    "Have another donut?"
    Perez, you've never told Beth Ditto to have another donut, and Beth Ditto is at least 100 lbs bigger then Kelly.

  31. 31

    perez, shut up! go eat a donut or 10! you have nothing good about yourself, you just shit talk. hope you get hit again

  32. 32

    If he could ((NOT)) Spongeboobs would be doing backflips at the prospect of signing someone talented like KC to his label. So far the only signing is Sliimy. He's French don't you know - didn't think so. Have a couple dozen Twinkies gobshite media carp.

  33. 33

    Kelly is an idiot, it is all a game the label made her a star and now she is going to be a has been overnight

    The label made her a number one star not the fans, fans are still illegally downloading music, they have been doing it for the last 10 years

    only 20% of the fans still buy music, the label buys the rest to create the illusion and the label makes their money from shows, merch, artist endorsements

  34. 34

    I would kill to be signed under Clive Davis, she has no idea how lucky she is. STOP COMPLAINING!! I hope they drop her!

  35. 35

    STOP LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 36

    zhould do
    some good bluez…

  37. 37

    Ah not to worry anyways over the fat comments guys. P's site took such a nosedive (I'm here to argue with people I have for years), that he's going "clean" in a few weeks. He's trying to copy a model of another popular service because of how much money they bring in. The clothing line didn't do it. The book didn't do it. Smacked in the face, created drama and sucked away half his endorsements/advertisters. The lawsuits failing. Gotta keep up the Twinkie habit somehow!

  38. 38

    Re: nlpreppy0788 – Hahaha…. muscle definition? Did you see Perez July 4 shirtless video? He has a spare tire, moobs and flabby woman arms, and he held his arms above his head the whole time to try to make his moobs look smaller!

  39. 39

    STFU Perez. Kelly can eat hundreds of donuts and still look better then your fugly fat ass. And if you're going to spell someone's name spell it correctly, it's Allison Iraheta damn you're so incompetent

  40. 40

    yes she is fat and f*ck to that record label
    i cant believe that "if i cant have you" willl never go to the radio

  41. 41

    how said that it happened to michaelyoutube.com/watch?v=DqDCOoPTFhE

  42. 42

    Stunning voice, stunning looks, stunning morals - LOVE HER!! Maybe who ever looks after Beyonce (think its Columbia) can offer Kelly a contract so the same music doesn't get offered to both girls. They can collaborate too - that would be a major coo lol I am a fan of both girls and both the songs. Labels shouldn't screw the talent.

  43. 43

    I'm all for artists sticking to originality and what they feel is right. Just because they're on a major label, doesn't mean that they should be subject to things 'bullying' from the label.

  44. 44

    Perez, I'm sure you don't even any donuts left to offer her with, since your fatass ate the whole fucking box.
    Before you judge people on their weight, I suggest you hit a workout room and lose 20 - 50 pounds k.
    Calling other people fat (in other words) makes you a huge hypocrite doesn't it?

  45. 45

    Have another donut?? WTF is wrong with you?? Take a look in the mirror! Jerk!!

  46. 46

    okay, if anyone is seriously trying to say that kelly clarkson isn't fat then they are blind or fat people are taking over the planet and she is normal looking to the rest of the fat ass population…… the donut comment was funny as hell. Jesus, if you people hate Perez so much and cant handle the shit talking then why do you come on here?? Kelly Clarkson is fat. Welcome to reality

  47. 47

    Have Another Donut? How Can She When Your Fat Ass Ate The WHole Dozen

  48. 48

    mmhm, eat another donut. As if you're one to talk obese prick.

  49. 49

    HA. get rid of kelly clarkson? that would be a horrible decision on their part, and i highly doubt they would even think of doing that. Kelly clarkson is still the highest selling American Idol artist to this day. Shes sold over 12 million albums world wide. The secoend they get rid of her, another lable would pick her up in a fucking HEARTBEAT. her lable knows it, she knows it, everyone knows it.

    Also, she can eat as many donuts as she likes, but your still fatter than her, and you always will be regardless of how much you think youve shrunk.

  50. 50

    Go eat a Herpes Infested Dick Fatso! You Don't Have an Ounce of Class or Talent so I would shut the Fuck up Already if I were you.
    P.S. You Really Did Deserve to Get Punched in the Face
    Why Don't you Go Cry and Eat those Donughts You were Talking About!

  51. 51

    that record company sounds nasty! poor kelly shes better than this! and shut up pig YOU go eat another doughnut. why would u make fun of someone for being over weight. when YOU yourself have been there !! =(

  52. 52

    have another donut?
    i cant believe you, someone who has weight problems has the audacity to call someone who looks as good as her fat, im prettty sure u are too soo shut the fuck up

  53. 53

    Clive Davis can suck my non-existant dick. he's an asshole. leave Kelly alone, she's fucking amazing, jesus christ.

  54. 54

    perez you are a fucking asshole, why don't you have another donut, cause you're a fatass too!! stop hating on people who aren't fucking stick figures. for someone who has "help these causes' shit on your pages you sure know how to promote annorexia! the only big person you don't beef on is beth ditto, but anyone who is marginally bigger than your beloved megan fox and other skinny bitches of the like, you critisize their weight and act like they just eat mcdonalds everyday…not everyone can have a fast metabolism. it doesn't make them any less worthy as a person!

  55. 55

    This is not the first time Kelly has inserted foot in mouth. Her sales have dwindled with the last two releases so I highly doubt RCA gives a shit what Kelly thinks. After Carrie Underwood releases her next album in the fall, Kelly will be an afterthought in overall idol sales.

  56. 56

    how can you promote 'more to love' on your page and tell kelly c. to eat another donut??? think before you type perez……

  57. 57

    For that donut comment, you deserved that punch in the face.

    I hope they don't drop Kelly, I love her music and if they do drop her, they will probably regret it.

  58. 58

    Poor kelly she speaks her mind on something and everyone gives her shit. Her label is awful to her I don't see what the big issue is, she just wants to make it clear that she had the song first what's so bad about that? Why aren't they giving the producer a hard time?

  59. 59

    Oh please!! Clive Davis has been a thorn in her side for years. He's been holding her back. I think she's going to be huge once she gets rid of that old coot.

  60. DALE says – reply to this


    Attack a womans talent and credibility that's o.k, but mention weight and it's "OMG! HOW DARE YOU!". If people are just noticing hilton is a douche, where have you been the last 5 years?

  61. 61

    It's BLASPHEMY!!!! How DARE she say anything without checking with the puppet masters first?!?

    Anyways, I adore Kelly Clarkson. Love the song.
    Halo is an inspirational song and I think it's good. Too bad I can't get past Beyonce's horrid gutteral singing.

    And Perez, about the donut comment? You yourself are about as attractive as a dog's asshole so quit flapping your jaw about other people's Perez-imposed weight issues.

  62. 62

    Perez, have you LISTENED to both songs? They sound NOTHING alike. I love your site, but seriously? Grow the fuck up. Don't let the donut that Kelly is eating tempt you to YOUR old body weight.

  63. 63

    I admire Kelly's talent and stand behind her!
    If she loses her relationship with Clive Davis, there will be other offers.
    She is not fat, Perez .. you had to end the story with a mean comment, of course.

  64. 64

    Ah not to worry anyways over the fat comments guys. The site took such a nosedive - I'm here to argue with people I have for years, that he's going clean in a few weeks. He's trying to copy a model of another popular service because of how much money they bring in. The clothing line didn't do it. The book didn't do it. Smacked in the face, created drama and sucked away half his endorsements/advertisters. The lawsuits failing. Gotta keep up the Twinkie habit somehow!

  65. 65

    its Allison Iraheta, perez :(

  66. Doop says – reply to this


    Wow… its no wonder this site has gone from my most read site to now a page I go to out of sheer boredom. You can't have your cake and eat it too Perez. You can't play the "love your body" card and then turn around and make fun of a celebs weight…. especially Kelly Clarkson who isn't fat by any means. I'm really shocked and I have to say you have reached a new low. Sad really because I think its only a matter of time before karma comes back on you. Ofcourse after seeing last years shirtless video compared to this years maybe we can all tell you the same thing "put the donut down"

  67. 67

    Clarkson needs to get away from Clive..he screws her over all the time. she was screwed with her last cd with the lack of promo…and now this. i hope they do drop her..that way a label worthy of her can have her.
    and perez go fuck yourself with the donut comment.

  68. 68

    Re: female version of a hustler
    Shut the fuck up, ass wipe.
    God, you're so fucking ignorant to think that Kelly is fat.
    She's not, and get over yourself.

  69. 69


  70. 70

    are you seriously telling her to have another donut? she isn't pin-thin, but she isn't fat by any stretch of the imagination.

  71. 77777 says – reply to this


    You're an efn dick!

  72. 72

    I can't wait for someone to give perez the ass smackin he deserves! I want him to get in a fight with a woman that way he can be punished for hittin a girl!!!… sorry … well why the fuck is he talking about Kelly, when that Beth DITTO woman is waaay bigger, and he's always kissin her ass and being YOU GO GIRL!! .. ugh..

  73. 73

    perez as a gay dude myself, i have to say you're one of the bitchiest people i've ever observed. i don't even know what the story is about but to say have another donut sweetie when you yourself look like an overgrown donut with no hole in the middle is pretty shitty. make fun of the craptastic music, but you of all people should be sensitive when it comes to weight gordo.

  74. 74

    fuck you barbara or perez, kelly isnt fat, youre way fatter than she'll ever be
    i thought you liked kelly 5 minutes ago? what gives?

  75. PAH says – reply to this


    What the fuck she can't say anything… it's her music career that's being shit on by these recored producers and writers. Why are they always giving her somebody's left overs… she is an amazing artist w/true talent. I would be outing people left and right 2 if they were trying to fuck w/my cash cow!!!! lol DB's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. 76

    Just goes to show that there is no respect for artists, it's all about MONEY! TEAM KELLY!!!!!

  77. 77

    oh PH, Kelly was within her right to set the record str8, also if she is being threatened her label, then it's up to her fans to stick by her now and to prove that the old man aka Clive Davis doesn't know everything… think about this, compare clive to gladd when they had a lot to say about a certain incident PLAY BY THE RULES OR SUFFER! btw I personally believe GLADD does not speak for the gay community they just protect their fat pay checks , etc… also no more donut comments please

  78. SaraT says – reply to this


    You have been in hollywood far too long if you think that is fat. I think you are, pathetic ever since your video about the Black eyed peas. You said no one has the right to physically harm you not matter what you say. but you just used that for an excuse for what you do. I think that the verbal abuse that you use is far more damaging

  79. 79

    First of all it's spelt Allison Iraheta and she's not signed under RCA or Clive Davis so thank goodness! But poor Kelly, she deserves better…after all she's the top selling Idol.

  80. 80


  81. 81

    Get over Perez… you are doing this to Kelly just because her Interview in Canada about your "hit case"…


  82. 82

    is it me or is perez sounding more and more jealous and bitter? Afraid you'll catch the chub back?

  83. 83

    Clive would be an idiot to let her go. This is getting freaking ridiculous. Any source, media outlet, and the charts will agree that she is the most succesful American Idol, so for Clive to drop would be a huge mistake.

  84. 84

    You're just pissed cause she laughed after you got punched in the eye, and said you deserved it for being such a bitch.
    I guess you never got pass the elementary school mentality, huh?

  85. 85

    And the world wonders why there are so many girls with eating disorders…. Kelly is anything but FAT.

  86. 86

    a donut perez? your a fuckin pig! u porker!!!! and kelly is still hot! the sight of you makes me gag. atleast she doesn't go flashing people on camera…i can still taste the food that i threw up watching the first time u flashed. i didn't even bother the second time. ew. I LOVE KELLY! and the record deal should be thanking her for the car they're driving!

  87. 87

    your a dick.

  88. 88

    Re: Achmat – He ate the whole dozen plus some. Perez you need to look in a mirror, u fat slob. I don't care ur "job" is to make fun of people. I admire Kelly for being real. Real nice, Real positive and a real weight. She is a better role model for young girls then some of these matchstick thin, blond bimbos out there. Hows the black eye poor baby

  89. 89

    Wow Perez I've always been your supporter but "Have another donut" seriously?? Look in the mirror sweetie before you climb on that high horse.

  90. 90

    You calling her fat? Sucking cock has eaten your brain

  91. 91

    Right, since when is being a normal weight considered wrong? Good message to send to kids. Yay Eating disorders, Boo healthy relationships with food! /sarcasm

  92. 92

    Really? 'Have another donut'? Yeah I guess you're allowed to be an asshole, it's your job. But I think if it has NOTHING to do with the rest of the article it's a little bit unprofessional.

  93. 93

    I don't understand you, she tried to do a good thing and is being treated horribly. Why are you so schizo, supportive at first an then being an asshole…

  94. 94

    As Faye Dunaway said as Joan Crwawford In "Mommie Dearest", "I might as well have "property of Clive Davis tattooed on my backside".

    Might as well. Her career isn't going all that well, is it ?


  95. 95

    Hey dumb ass the word is spelled…. BITTER not biter. Loser.

  96. 96

    Mario is mad because Kelly told the media she wondered why it took someone so long to bitch slap him after his BEP incident. LOL so true….you are about due for another smack down. This time don't cry like a bitch when you get slapped. hehehehehe

  97. jjjj says – reply to this


    I feel so bad for her! she has NO LUCK. She's just trying to be involved in HER OWN work!!!!

  98. 98

    Wow, you're a moron.

    With all the money she has,
    she should just go under an indie record deal
    and make another album like the underrated "My December."
    This departure with her record company may be the best thing to happen to her in a while.

  99. 99

    bummer. lol @ "have a nother donut, sweetie"

  100. 100

    "Have another donut, sweetie!"

    What an asshole you are… you're basically implying she should eat when she is stressed..
    you do know finding comfort in food can lead to an eating disorder.
    Yes, you idiot,
    using food as an outlet can lead to binge each,
    which is in deed an eating disorder.

    I'm sure whoever reads this comment will see that I am over reacting, but from overcoming an eating disorder myself, I know that I am not.
    I've been there, and I've done it; I'm no stranger, unlike you.

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