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Major Twilight Recast!

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Summit Entertainment has announced that fan favorite Rachelle Lefevre will NOT be returning for the third installment of the Twilight series as Victoria. Instead, she will be replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard.

The studio sites scheduling conflicts as the reason for the change and released a brief statement concerning the new Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Are we sure it wasn't money?????

Says Summit: “Rachelle brought “Victoria” to great screen life and Bryce will bring a new dimension to the character. The franchise is lucky to have such a talented actress as Bryce coming in to fill the role."

How do U feel about the recast Twilighters? Sad? Indifferent?

And how many of you are bummed that this post wasn't about Kristen Stewart getting the boot?

We're a little disappointed by that ourselves!

[Image via WENN.]

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331 comments to “Major Twilight Recast!”

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  1. 1

    nooo, keep Rachelle Lefevre, a new victoria will not be the same, and too true that i was a bit disappointed that it wasnt k stew getting the boot, the girl cant act and is not bella

  2. 2

    I'm not pleased with this at all. I wish she could stay.

  3. 3

    Rachelle is crazy to leave this role. Eclipse would have been her biggest role in all three movies. Nuts! She should have gotten out of her other "commitments."

  4. 4

    this is fucked seriously

  5. 5

    I thourght Rachelle Lefevre did a good job as Victoria. I will wait and see before manking any judgments.

  6. 6


  7. 7


  8. 8

    I think you need to get over your kristen stewart thing. she's clearly not going anywhere, and the kids probably love her because she's all angsty and rude, like most teenagers

  9. 9

    Big mistake!

  10. 10

    I love Rachelle Lefevre but Bryce Dallas is a great actress as well.

  11. 11

    If they can cast a major role like Victoria's they can recast Bella's…HEY SUMMIT……THINK ABOUT THE NIGHTMARE OF KRISTEN GOING ON A PRESS TOUR AGAIN!!!! she's awful, RECAST THAT HEIFER!!!!

    that said, i'll miss Rach…at least she was nice and had a personality!

  12. elizk says – reply to this


    Bad idea. Should have kept it the same. They should have put Bryce in there first if she was going to end up with the part in the end…

  13. 13

    dude! like y the hell do u keep h8ing on k stew? i like her as bella! and if they change her that would seriously suck and b a big mistake, and if they do replace her which they won't, u will still h8 the girl who takes her place, bcuz it is not u! stop h8ing on her, and jus let her be man. however it does suck that they r changing victoria, i like rachelle n this role, but at least it's NOT Kellan Lutz being replaced as Emmett, cuz then i would have 2 raise all types of hell man!

  14. 14

    thats shit! will def not be the same without the real victoria!!! omgggg so disappointed in this decision!
    they need a new casting agency and kristen needs to get dropped in my opinion!!!!!

  15. 15

    I'm so mad about this!! I love Rachelle! I can't believe they're letting her go! And no I'm not sad it wasn't Kristen… It wouldn't be twilight w/o her either! She made be ridic in real life but I think she plays a good Bella

  16. 16


  17. 17

    "And how many of you are bummed that this post wasn't about Kristen Stewart getting the boot?" HA! Too true… too true. Disappointed to see this recast. I thought she made a great Victoria. And the 3rd movie's her biggest role. Stupid.

  18. 18

    ….leaving the movie franchise may be the 'Twilight' of her career.

  19. 19

    noooooo rachelle is sooooo much prettier than that other girl! the other chick looks like carrie from the movie in the 80s! wtf i hate this.

  20. 20

    Bryce howard is director Ron howards daughter, this is studio payback for something.

  21. 21


    but this does not make me happy at all. i like rachelle alot.

  22. 22

    I don't believe that it was scheduling conflicts. There is no way that Rachelle would give up Eclipse for anything else. Espcially since Eclipse has the biggest story line for Victoria.

  23. 23

    This is such a mistake! Rachelle was best for the part! And you guys should really stop hating on Kristen, because a lot of people really like her & I think she's just a naturally awkward person who takes her work very seriously, and she just doesn't sugarcoat everything she says, you know? But at times, she can be kind of sassy. But it's the way she is and she's a good, focused actress.

  24. 24

    It's a shame! I really enjoyed Rachelle Lefevre in this role, and as ChelleBerry said, I think it's the worst moment to leave the Saga, Eclipse would have been HER moment…I would prefer she to stay in the cast!

  25. 25

    There's no way a lesser known actress like Rachelle would walk schedule anything that conflicted with the movie that features the role of Victoria so much. Something is fishy. Seriously, who would walk away from this movie franchise? I highly doubt is was a money issue - she isn't well known enough to have that kind of negotiating money power. I think Summit isn't telling us something…

  26. 26




    *except K-Stew

  27. 27

    Replace Nikki Reed!!

  28. 28

    ugh kstew is just so boring. she doesnt act good. shes just blah…

  29. DALE says – reply to this


    Who cares? Can't they recast the whole cast with actors who can act?

  30. 30

    thats disapointing…Victoria is a major part of the third movie….u cant do the movie with out Kistin though u need her awkwardness and klutzyness to portray Bella

  31. 31

    they look totally diff. whos not goin to notice this

  32. 32


    1. Whatever it is u have with kristen stewart, u need to sort out with either her in person or through skype.
    2. All this checking out of taylor lautner u are doing is repulsive, he is 17…and ur what 36?? sickness. Im 22 and i feel perverted for checking him out.

  33. 33

    i love bella but kristen stewart really sucks she can't act rachelle was great damn it!!

  34. 34

    Bryce Dallas Howard is a good actress. She does not belong amongst that group of no talents!

  35. 35

    Re: Spindoc – you are probably right. I never put it together.

  36. SRM says – reply to this


    Who cares! Rachelle was in the Twilight Movie for what, a hot second. Bryce is a better actress anyway. Kristen Stewart on the other hand is a sucky actress. Perez is right on this one. She is absolutely painful to watch. Everyone I know that saw it hated her flat, monotone Bella. The character is not like that in the books. But to behonest while the twilight books were decent the movie sucked so much ass. It was awful. Worst movie I saw this year. It only did well on the strength of Pattinson (the perfect Edward) and the fan-base of the books. Hopefully with a new director it will get better. But Kristen Stewart OMG get rid of her.

  37. Fia says – reply to this


    I love Bryce Dallas and thought of her before the movie was cast, so this is fulfillment for me!
    I just rewatched Twilight yesterday and am still underwhelmed with Kristen Stewart's weird 'keeping it real' performance.

  38. 38

    awww mahn; they can't replace her.
    this is messed up :/

  39. 39

    stop hatin on k stew!

  40. 40

    she's a dumbass for not doing it. from what I remember, the 3rd book is her biggest role

    sooo i'm thinking the movie peeps just didn't want her in the movie b/c of her acting?

    i agree that something is fishy….and it's certainly not money. had to have been the movie execs. remember they tried to get rid of the jacob character too.

  41. 41

    There was something I never really quite liked about Rachelle being cast as Victoria… dunno what, just didn't. I love Bryce but I don't like cast changes this late in the game… I had gotten used to the idea of Rachelle as Victoria, and I agree that Eclipse is her biggest role in the movie yet, so she should have cancelled her other obligations.

  42. Fia says – reply to this


    I can't imagine anyone let alone a well known actress taking another more serious role to let it conflict with the highlight of their career, but remember there were talks of only doing Twilight and New Moon not Eclipse. Summit made some decisions based on favors me thinks.

  43. 43

    very disappointed in this…….Rachelle was perfect for this role!!!!

  44. 44

    personally, i hate twilight with a passion but kiersten stewart is drop dead fucking gorgeous and she is the only reason i will even go see any of the twilight saga with my friends…i love her…she does not need to be dropped from the saga. Rachelle Lefevre i could care less about…so w/e

  45. 45

    is this a fucking joke? i think she was probably one of, if not, the best cast character out of them all.

  46. 46

    This is really sad… I was so happy that there was an awesome Canadian in the film and now she's not anymore :( . I'm all for KStew leaving as well.. at least Rob Pattinson has become somewhat more talkative in interviews.. Kristin should just suck it up and grow up.. if the 17 year old can do it.. I'm sure she can too… Anyway… really sad that Rachelle is leaving!

  47. 47

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    pull him out….awwwwwwwwwww
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  48. 48

    I'm quite indifferent when it comes to these news. Wish it was Kristen getting cut off

  49. 49

    Rachelle Lefevre was perfectly cast! This royally pisses me off.

  50. Paty says – reply to this


    A new Bella, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. 51

    I'm MAD!!! Keep Rachelle!

  52. 52

    I LOVE RACHELLE LEFEVRE….noooooooooooooooooooo!

  53. 53

    Eh. kinda upset about the victoria replacement but whatev really… and the movie wouldnt be the same without Kristen as Bella… why is everyone hatin on her so much.. shes gorgeous.. good actress.. so what its not you with R-Patz.. you probably dont deserve him anyways.. get the fuck over it and stop being so jealous talking shit just screams "IM JEALOUS"

  54. 54

    lmao. she will fit right in because Bryce can't act to save her life. Her FAMOUS father must've pulled some strings to get her that role.

  55. 55

    i think she was fired, i don't know why

    kstew is shit, but she's the main character lol, you can't replace her. bitch just needs some serious acting lessons.

    i'm dying to know why she was fired

    i bet she's crying right now:( really upset


  56. 56

    This sucks. Rachelle was perfect as Victoria. It's not that I don't like Bryce, but I just hate replacements. It sucks that Rachelle won't be Victoria in Eclipse, because Victoria is pretty important in that one.

  57. 57

    so, this doesn't exactly put a damper on my dar. BUT, i can't say it makes me happy. I'm not a fan of change, unless they were to revamp the entire thing. It's just going to be weird to get used to a different face, not the same chemistry, it's just going ot feel like a whole other person there. Not necessarily ’cause i think rachelle's an amazing actress that brings a mountain of talent to the franchise (far from) but seriously, it's the 3 movie, and now you're changing ONE central character? couldn't they have just waited till Eddie bit the living shiznit out of her…she wouldn't be back for BD anyway

  58. 58

    no no no ! she was good as victoria !

    And stop hating on kristen ! Please she not that bad ! you guys are just jealus !

    OMG !

  59. 59

    This is such a crock. There is no scheduling conflict. Rachelle was forced out. I guess when your father is Ron Howard….. Of course that is the only reason BDH gets roles in films. She has absolutely no personality on or off camera and cannot act. This will RUIN Eclipse.

  60. 60

    Love the way they waited till after Comic Con to anounce this news! They know how the fans will react - sneaky!!

  61. 61

    LOL!! Yes! You're right. I do wish it was about Kristen Stewart! Now THAT would be some incredible recasting news!!! FINALLY the films would be worth watching!! =) =) =)

  62. 62

    Byrce Dallas Howard is a great actress but Rachelle Lefevre IS Victoria!!

  63. 63

    NOOOO! I'm so upset! I thought she did an amazing job as Victoria! Yes it would be nice to have Kristen leave….however I hate when they change cast in a movie so I don't know if I'd be happy over it or not. This sucks!

  64. 64

    BDH would cost more than Rachelle Lefevre.

  65. 65

    I think Rachelle was a great Victoria… i thought they casted her the best!!!! this is bull s**t! A new Victoria will f**k everything up! keep her… damn summit with there cheap a**

  66. 66

    fuck this rachelle was THE best and none can replace her
    and kristen stewart is actually good for this role, a whore and mental issues
    shes perfect to be bella

  67. 67

    Kristen gets all the boys. Barbara, none.

  68. 68

    Re: Serrenity – I agree. This smells fishy. Payback to Ron Howard?

  69. 69

    I really didn't care much for Rachelle Lefevre.. I think she was fine for what was a small-ish role in Twilight, but the depth that her character needs in future installments will be MUCH better conveyed by Bryce.

  70. 70

    Oh dammit. I hate bad news. I really liked Rachelle in this character. She definately had promise.

  71. 71

    Not very happy about this at all. ALL the actors should have signed a contract that they had to be in ALL the films. Change the actors will change the outlook of everything. I don't think Eclipse will have the same fell has Twilight diid without Rachelle has Victoria. Summit needs to fix this!!!!

  72. 72

    I think this is wonderful! I love BDH!!! Rachelle didn't provide anything special in the first movie in terms of acting. Bryce will do great.

  73. 73

    Also Rachelle was at Comic Con and talked about how she couldn't wait to get started on Eclipse.

  74. 74

    Woah. Well all the better, I guess. Bryce Dallas Howard IS the better out of the two, really.

  75. 75

    wow. does anybody else feel like they are totaly selling out? if they want to upgrade, why couldn't they start with the lead female?K stew is such a robot.

  76. 76

    what the hell!!! how could they even think of replacing Rachelle! she totally kicks ass! who is this other person anyway? what movies has she been in? i hate it when they do this kind of stuff to sequel movies!!! what a shame

  77. 77

    Re: Jfabulous – I think Rachel McAdams is a bit too old to play Bella, might as well cast Winona Ryder.

  78. 78

    Isn't she a little too MATURE for the part?

  79. 79

    This is a really really bad move.

  80. 80

    Grrr, why not get rid of Stewart, she's doing my nut in… :(

    Rachelle was Victoria for me, really not happy about this.

  81. 81

    I can see why she left. She is probably trying to get any roles she can get now. Before she is known as that redheaded girl that played a part in twilight. When it comes down to it. She didnt have a MAJOR Role, so she was smart to take to prioritize more demanding roles over twilight.

  82. 82

    OMGGGGGGG I loved Rachelle!! She was a fantastic actress and had an AMAAAZING personality!!!!!!!!!! This is so friggin gaaaay, i HATE Kristen Stewart!!! She is such a horrid actor and she has NO friggin personality!! I can't even stand to watch her in interviews anymore!! This is a very sad loss for the cast and fans!! Damnit!

  83. 83

    wow this is the most upsetting news i've heard in a long time…

  84. 84

    I want to know the TRUTH (haha like that'll ever happen). I don't believe for ONE SECOND that Rachelle walked away willingly.

  85. 85

    wtf? I liked Rachelle and I hate when the same people don't come back! Wtf summit, wtf

  86. 86

    it's good recasting. Rachelle never came off as being truly evil.

    And leave Kristin alone. She's perfect as Bella.

  87. 87

    this shizz sucks.

  88. 88

    So Rachelle was def fired, but it doesn't really make any sense. it will certainly cost Summit way more money to cast a bigger name actress like Bryce Dallas Howard. It also doesn't make any sense for them to this because eclipse doesn't need more publicity, nor does anyone who plays Victoria need to have any acting skills. In the Book Victoria hardly says anything.

  89. diosa says – reply to this


    I am NOT okay with this! :(

  90. 90

    honestly, rachelle was definitely one of my top three favorites in the saga!! (kellan and ashley being the other two)
    a new victoria is going to suck so much!!!

    and yes, i am super bummed that it wasn't k-stew getting the boot. now there's someone who SUCKS BIG TIME.

  91. 91

    p.s: rob sucks too.

  92. 92

    Really deceiving, don't they know it kills a movie to change the actors? Why the hell did they give her the boot, she's one of the better actresses of this movie. I'm sure Bryce is just as talented, but it disrupts the mood viewers are in when they have to adapt to one character being changed for something else…I'll probably only be concentrating and bitching on that when i see the movie.
    Sad, Sad.

  93. leggs says – reply to this


    That really sucks about Rachelle, will not be the same.Perez you need to give it up on K Stewart, she is a great Bella and I think your just jealous! Why don't you talk more shit about M Jackson like you did and hours later he was dead then you had to stick a big cock in your mouth and after that every story was about him! Your 15 mins. are about up Julio or whatever your name is!!!!!!

  94. 94

    noooooooo! she was the ultimate victoria!!! no one can replace her!

  95. 95

    rachelle's a dumbass for not sticking w/ the whole twilight thing….

  96. 96

    Re: comet1989 – it was rachelle's decision..

  97. 97

    I really doub she left if because she wanted to. She was one of the most fan friendly on the cas and she was all excited about filming eclipse and talking about it on comic con! come on, no one would leave that franchise right now. Her role is not that big, so they could schedule things so that she would be able to be in the movie like they did before with Cam. First they hire a guy who dislikes the series and then they fire one of the best casting jobs they did? Why don't they fire Nikki Reed? She looks nothing like her character and has no particular talent. This is so much FAIL. At least BDH is a good actress… but still, it is an awful situation. SUMMIT SUCKS!

  98. 98

    I think this is GREAT! I mean it would be best to keep her, but Bryce is perfect for the roll IMO.

  99. 99

    I think this is just not a good idea. Rachelle had such a grace to be victoria andi definatley dont believe someone totally different should be taking her spot. And K stew really needs to be replaced. who decidied to have some one so borrrrrinnnng play bella?

  100. 100

    FUCK SUMMIT!!!!!! I can't STAND re-casting! It's the best way to ruin a movie!

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