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Major Twilight Recast!

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Summit Entertainment has announced that fan favorite Rachelle Lefevre will NOT be returning for the third installment of the Twilight series as Victoria. Instead, she will be replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard.

The studio sites scheduling conflicts as the reason for the change and released a brief statement concerning the new Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Are we sure it wasn't money?????

Says Summit: “Rachelle brought “Victoria” to great screen life and Bryce will bring a new dimension to the character. The franchise is lucky to have such a talented actress as Bryce coming in to fill the role."

How do U feel about the recast Twilighters? Sad? Indifferent?

And how many of you are bummed that this post wasn't about Kristen Stewart getting the boot?

We're a little disappointed by that ourselves!

[Image via WENN.]

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331 comments to “Major Twilight Recast!”

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  1. 101

    It will not be the same!
    Nobody should have been replaced actually!
    So the people that said kristen, should been the one who's schould replaced
    can shut up their mouth!
    I think she's doing a good job!
    Why are you so jealous of her?

  2. 102

    Re: Team_Lily – Hell no! Niki looked EXACTLY how I pictured Rosalie and she acts well to.

  3. 103

    but she played it so well =/

  4. 104

    This suxs I hate when a character is replaced by another actor/actress how am I supose to pretend its the same girl!!!!

  5. 105

    i cant believe they r replasing her! she did amazing!!!! if anyone should hav been replased it should hav been Kristen Stewart!!! she is a horrible actress

  6. 106

    Can't stand it when they recast parts. I stopped watching soap operas years ago cause they always did this.

  7. 107

    no no no no!!

    I love Rachelle! She's crazy to leave now!

    They should replace Kristen since she sucks balls at playing Bella

  8. 108

    I think Bryce Howard is a horrible actress, The Village and The Lady in the Water have to have been the most horrible movies of all time. It must be a favor for Papa Howard. Victoria is the main point in the 3rd book.

  9. 109

    no matter what team your on, or who you dislike or love, the movie is going to lose A LOT if it replaces ppl and the faces change. it's really to bad that they have to hurt themselfs like that. ML

  10. 110

    ok first….k stew ISS bella…she's awkward and shy and thats bella! anyway back to Rachelle Lefevre i think its a mistake for her to not play victoria! Eclipse is the biggest part for victoria and it would just be crazy not to see her play it! Im sure this other chick is great but to follow the saga and not have the same actors and actresses is tacky in my book!!

  11. 111

    Nooooo!!!!! I want Rachelle to be Victoria! I'm not happy! It wont be the same because, they have a different chick playing her! :(

  12. 112

    Its unfair to make a judgement without actually seeing the new actress in action. But when Richard Harris, the original Dumbledore unfortunately died in 2002. I couldn't really get used to the new Dumbledore, so this may ruin the rest of the movies for me. Such a shame.

  13. 113

    this sucks!!! the producers of this movies are seriously screwing the books!!! and yeah why can they take out Kristen, she's is a terrible actriss!!! she can't act to save her life!!

  14. 114

    Too bad Kristen Stewart didnt get booted..she cant act! She is making Bella look slow and ed! I think she should leave!

  15. 115

    This sucks!!! this producers are screwing the movies!!!! and yeah why can they take out kristen, she's a terrible actris!!

  16. 116

    im absolutely pissed!! i mean y change her in he middle of the twi series i reckon something else was going on shes not stupid enough to leave a great movie in the middle like that twilight made her famous im definetly sad that she left i hate summit 4 changing things, and im glad they r keeping k stew she's a great bella.

  17. 117

    :( i really liked Rachelle.
    hopefully kristen"s next!

  18. 118

    bryce is a good actress. upgrade.

  19. 119

    nooo, i really liked Rachelle. I felt she really had the character of Victoria down. and yup totally disappointed it wasn't KStww….DAMN

  20. 120


  21. 121

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO =[ I really liked rachelle it wont be the same without her =[
    They should recast bella as me !

  22. 122

    wtf NOOOOOOOOOOOOO recasts are NEVER the same!

  23. 123

    what a blow to all twilighters everywhere. I love RACHELLE, she should definitely make the changes so she can remain in Eclipse. I`m such a huge fan, this is really asking me to question whether or not i should loose all hope for the twilight movies all together & i hate that Howard is going straight to stardom after starring in this movie, when she completely missed out for the first two. Rachelle has been climbing to reach this point & is just going to give it up? Rachelle understands this roll more than anyone else. It would really suck if she's really going to be replaced. I hope they can change their minds about this decision.


  24. 124

    one, if summit wasn't so eager to pimp these out as fast as possible, i bet they wouldn't have hit this snag (how many harry potter stars managed to be in other films?)

    two, she shouldn't have to abandon her other commitment, what if it's something she COULD get nominated for something for? i mean, you never know. this other commitment could have academy award winners or big names that could make her more universal and known among a larger audience.

    three, I SO WISH this was about Kristen Stewart.

    four, i'm really upset because rachelle is flawless as victoria and i don't like bryce. at all.

    five, no, like i'm PISSED it's not kstew, even though it's unlikely lol

  25. 125

    changing actors is ridiculous!!!!

  26. 126

    Bryce is an AMAZING actress. . .too bad the twilight fans are too narrow minded to support her!

    She'll do it better. . .

  27. 127

    Man ! Actually liked her as Victoria.

  28. 128

    Kristen Stewart IS bella swan, you jack ass she is th eonly one who can play her.

    why would Rachelle leave, dumb.

  29. 129

    All you people who hate Kristen so much are just jealous.. I dont love her but shes perfectly awkward and clumsy just like the Bella I imagined that was written about in Twilight.. the acting in the entire movie was awful and it really sucked but it didnt matter because it brought to life the story we imagined.. Perez u fat monster get a life ur just jealous u cant stick it in RPatz yourself

  30. 130

    Awww that sucks it's not gonna be the same without her. I'm not saying the other girl can't act it's just that we're all so used to rachelle already. And to the Kristin comment. Her looks matches the Bella part well, but I don't see her doing the deep drama parts well. It seems hard for her to get her deep emotions out. Like crying for instance. It just seemed so hard for her to cry I'm twilight. I guess we'll have to see in New Moon. Hopefully she does well because the next twilight books get very emotional. She will make or break the next twilight movies. But I still think she's a good Bella looks wise.

  31. 131

    maybe she is pregnant or has health issues… those would be conflicts that she couldn't get out of. i just dont think its likely that she would just up and quit or that something happened that got her fired… it just seems like whatever "scheduling conflicts" she is going through are probably huge and completely unavoidable… why else would someone turn down a huge part like that? even if she does get killed. and i agree about k-stew. she is just not the type of bella that we have all grown to know and love in the books. I don't think she is the worst person for the job though… but changing it now would just mess up the whole series so i hate to break it to you, but we are stuck with her. oh and i dont think anyone is only hating on her because they would rather be in the role themselves, i just think that people dont like her because she doesn't bring enough of bella's genuine sweetness and cuteness that is portrayed in the books. book bella is loveable and movie bella is annoying

  32. 132

    Re: fiercebitch – I totally agree with this Nikki Reed is not beautiful enough to play Rosalie not at all. Shes the only one on the cast I think looks nothing like what her character was described to be!

  33. 133

    baaaaaad idea. rachelle looks way hotter than that chick and wasn't so bad of an actor.

  34. 134

    Wtf? She had to have been forced out of the role. She'd be a friggin' nut to walk away from playing Victoria right before they start filming Eclipse! What other role/project is going to get her more attention? Scheduling conflict my ass…

  35. 135

    Re: bluerose89 – that is so true! I missed Bella being funny and cute like she is in the book. Yes, she is strong but she is also very loveable. And she has a great sense of humor… and all of that was left behing in the movie. Sad.

  36. 136

    Booo : ( not impressed in the least. I dont like change! Altho they could recast Nikki Reed.. shes a horrible Rosalie.

  37. 137

    I heard about this yesterday. :( I'm bummed. I was looking forward to Rachelle getting more screen time in Victoria's upcoming juicy scenes.
    I wish they could have worked out the schedule conflict. Rachelle will be fine because the movie she's doing will be with Dustin Hoffman so congrats to her! She'll be missed though.

  38. 138

    RECAST Rosalie…Nikki is horrible…….I like Rachelle but whatever…..as long as R-Pattz is in it……..I'm not upset!

  39. YasJJ says – reply to this


    what are they seriously. OMG
    rachelle was such a good victoria and she fits in the cast.

  40. 140

    i kinda agree that rachelle didnt look fierce in the first one…she looked too nice…

  41. 141

    That bums me out. I really liked her!!

  42. 142

    that sucks! rachelle is like the nicest person in the cast. its so weird to have a new victoria, especially in eclipse where she play a major role!

  43. 143

    this is horrible……they can't do this b/c victoria#1 already has a fanbase…..

  44. 144

    Re: DunkinDonutsgirl

    Exactly. She plays Dustin Hoffman's first wife in a film called "Barney's Version." I don't know…it will probably be a pretty large role, and it's opposite Dustin. Maybe a good enough reason to walk away from Twilight?

  45. 145

    But Bryce Dallas Howard is ugly as sin and can't act for shit.

  46. 146

    is it because rachelle didn't have red hair?!

  47. 147

    i can understand why they didnt get a new bella, seeing as she's the main character and it would just be strange to swap halfway thru.
    But tbh i think Rachelle is crazy to leave the part, she was good as victoria.

  48. 148

    they shouldn't mess with any of the peeps at all!! THEY make the movie what it is….and this chick rocked! Even as much as Kstew is a freakin mess, they still shouldn't replace her either………

  49. 149

    I love Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria because she was the original. I hate recasting. But apparently she's doing a movie with Paul Giammati and couldn't reschedule. So I guess they didn't have much of a choice. Vampires can't age after all. And as far as Kristen Stewart is concerned, we all know she wasn't perfect for the role, but she's Bella. You cannot recast the main character. That'd be like recasting Robert Pattinson as Edward. Just not happening.

  50. 150

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! victoria is such a main part of eclipse i can't believe they would change her role!!! AND STOP HATING ON KRISTEN STEWART SHE'S AN AMAZING ACTRESS AND IS PERFECT FOR BELLA.

  51. 151

    I hate that they keep switching everyone. First we have three different directors, they wanted to change Taylor. It's like just make up your mind! Victoria is such a vital part to the series, espiecially Eclipse and now they're taking away the perfect actress for that?

    It's a joke..i hate summit

  52. 152

    I wish she would stay. I am not a fan of role changes and no, Perez, it wouldn't be good news for Kristen to get the boot. Changing a main character would be hell.

  53. 153

    Rachelle shall be missed ): i still think neither fit though, victoria is ment to be blonde!

  54. 154

    I LOVE YOU PEREZ BUT SOMETIMES YOU ARE JUST RETARDED!…Imagine Twilight w/o Kristin as Bella for the rest of the movie series?…That would just FUCK UP the whole vision now that we are all used to Kristin as portraying Bella in the first place…..STUPID STUPID…I know you have this fucked up mindset on her ( Why???Who knows) but she plays the role well and I'm a fan…As for the recast on Victoria…I don’t care for the change.

  55. 155

    replacing kristen after two movies would be stupid just like replaceing Rachelle Lefevre is stupid!

  56. 156

    NOOOO!!! :'( I loved Rachelle! She's not even a sucky actress. She was a great Victoria, imo.

  57. 157

    I'm pissed and I'm not buying the "scheduling conflicts"

  58. 158

    Aw, shit! That's Ron Howard's daughter. They should not recast! Bad idea.

  59. 159

    I couldnt care less, i know it'll be shit cos its got K-Stew in it!

  60. 160

    that sucks big time, changes a lot dude! not cool!

  61. 161

    funny how she walks out on the one movie where her character shines.
    *sigh* shell be missed.

  62. 162

    it should have been kristen and her fugly mullet…

  63. 163

    Re: fiercebitch – They did that with all of the characters, though. I found book Edward to be quite funny… They removed all of the humor and made the movie so…angst-y. I mean, where was Edward's half smile that they always talked about in the book?! In the book they actually had fun together, where in the movie it seems like they're always miserable.

  64. 164

    Rachelle is SO much prettier than Bryce.
    and perez, why are you such a HATER?
    you can't replace the main freaking character.

  65. 165

    first of all i love Rachelle she brought the character of Victoria to life and second of all im glad Kristen steward wasn't the one to not come back because she is the one who brings the character of Bella to life and with out her twilight would not be twilight

  66. 166

    and what part of Stewart's portrayal of Bella you dont like??? I'm talking of a professional point of view, now about that part of u that gets wet for R.Pattz…

  67. 167

    Great news! I did not like Victoria in the first one…. I thought she looked weird. I just hope Bryce can play evil. I do think they are just trying to get well known names to play these parts now which sucks for Rachelle.

  68. 168


  69. 169

    i liked the fact that relative unknown people where given the opportunity in this mayor franchise. No I have my doubts…. seems to me that being Daddy's girl payed off for the new Victoria (she is Ron Howard's daughter). Sucks for Rachelle, I really doubt that she wouldve turned her back on the very thing that made her famous.

  70. 170

    RECAST KRISTEN!!!!!!!!!

  71. 171

    poor rachelle!!! she was a good victoria this girl isnt even close to victoria!! and perez thats mean Kristen Stewart should not ge the boot she is an amazing actress!

  72. 172

    Okay Really everyone needs to leave KStew alone. The girl can act and obviously she ain't going nowhere. In my opinion she brings Bella to life. The Bella in the book is kind of a wanker. KStew's Bella is much stronger. If you don't like her then keep ur opinions to ur self, ur just making her more famous! Duh!

  73. hannn says – reply to this


    thats so dumbbbb rachelle was great as victoria.

  74. 174


  75. 175

    I think this was a bad call on Summit for letting her go. I loved her as Victoria! Also, as a person she seemed to really handle the press better then most the other cast.

  76. 176

    blahh. i till think as long as they dont change rob & taylor ill be okay(:
    haha but rachelle was amazing at vicotira.

  77. 177

    who gives a shit

  78. 178

    nOOOOOO! not a re-cast like a crappy soap opera!!! No Let Rachelle as Victoria Stay- isn't Eclipse the last Twilight Book Victoria is in????
    LAME-OH!!!! -

  79. 179

    Why would any fan of the Twilight movie want Bella re-cast? The point isn't whether you love or hate KStew. The point is that replacing her would ruin any future movies. The chemistry between Bella and Edward would disappear. We've all seen it time and time again with other sagas and televisions series. Once a major character is changed, the whole production has a different vibe. I'm sad to see Rachelle go, and I hope it wasn't about money! Good luck to the new actress with Victoria's role!!

  80. 180

    I'M SOOOOOO PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CANNOT REPLACE HER!!!!!!!!

  81. 181

    I'm mad. i loved rachelle as victoria!

  82. 182

    i wish it was kristen stewart getting replaced!

    but i like the new change. rachelle lefevre didn't even look like victoria as described in the book. but bryce dallas howard does!

  83. 183


  84. 184

    yall do realize that victoria dies in eclipse anyways so it doesn't even matter….

  85. 185

    I'm SO upset that Rachelle won't be playing Victoria. She really played her character well. I don't think Bryce will be able to live up to it.
    Hahahaha. I wish it was Kristen! Maybe they'd have chosen someone with emotion, or say, someone who can act?

  86. 186


  87. 187

    rachelle made the best victoria ever how could she not return for eclipse???
    and for all those who say they need to get rid of kirsten stewart and get a new bella, one question: who the fuck is gonna replace her??? no one can capture bella's akwardness like kirsten so unless you can find an actress that could be bella, shut the fuck up!!!

  88. 188

    Re: MishyVH1 – You said "mature" not old, but here's the thing. Rachelle was born in 1979–she's 30. BDH was born in 1981; she's 28.

    Rachelle should've remained as Victoria. I don't buy the "schedulin conflict" excuse. She was fired. No!

  89. 189

    i love her. she cant leave. i think she is one of the prettiest girls in the movie. she's also crazy for leaving the role.

  90. 190

    I love Bella's casting. It fits!

  91. 191

    I think the studio just wanted a bigger name or maybe something happened that she got fired. Thats so lame of the studio. I dont like Twilight but it's depressing to hear that an actress gets booted right before her really big break.

  92. 192

    I love Rachelle. I completely understand why she made the decision that she did, but I will miss her very, very badly. =( I am sad.

  93. 193

    I am happy about it for some reason i just didn't really like her as victoria, I do however like bryce as an actress so maybe she will be the one and only person in eclipse that CAN Actually act….. Kristen Should have been replaced after the first terrible performance Hell for that matter she should not have been hired…. in the short clip of them when she says the crap about it being her bday so kiss me thing she was totally horrid!

  94. 194

    i just can't get over kristen as bella. she's so robotic, i just want to slap her. emily browning is what i imagined how bella looks like. rob is the perfect edward though, with his intense demeanor and musical skills. but kristen is just ugh! back on topic, i'm really indifferent towards BDH as victoria.

  95. 195

    Recasting Bella would be the best thing Summit could do for the franchise - she sucks. She has to be the worst actress ever, not to mention having to suffer through her do all the press necessary for the films. She has absolutley zero personality or class.

  96. 196

    maybe they gave her the boot BECAUSE this role will be bigger than the other 2? they wanted a better actress to play the part.

  97. 197

    i find it hilarious that all these little bitches around here hate kristen stewart just because perez hates her. she is a good actress and proved as much with her role in, "Into The Wild". perez and these little bitches hate her because she gets the dude that the little bitches will never have……if it wasn't her it would be someone else.

  98. 198

    I agree I can't stand kristen either she is so damn boring and fake you cant even call that acting just saying words that have no feeling or depth behind them

  99. 199

    wow thats a shocker, rachelle fits victoria perfectly, she's amazing..how could she not be in eclipse!

  100. 200

    do any of your dumbasses realize that the twillight series wasn't written for teens? the series was written for 20 somethings and Stewart was picked to play bella for a reason. jealous bitches(re. 90% of the chicks who post here) are nothing more than jealous bitches. if you think you could do a better job or know someone who can go ahead and try it out. fake??? fake are the people who always wear a smile and throw out boring answers. i'd rather see a real person rather than a drone……fucking idiots.

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