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Major Twilight Recast!

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Summit Entertainment has announced that fan favorite Rachelle Lefevre will NOT be returning for the third installment of the Twilight series as Victoria. Instead, she will be replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard.

The studio sites scheduling conflicts as the reason for the change and released a brief statement concerning the new Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Are we sure it wasn't money?????

Says Summit: “Rachelle brought “Victoria” to great screen life and Bryce will bring a new dimension to the character. The franchise is lucky to have such a talented actress as Bryce coming in to fill the role."

How do U feel about the recast Twilighters? Sad? Indifferent?

And how many of you are bummed that this post wasn't about Kristen Stewart getting the boot?

We're a little disappointed by that ourselves!

[Image via WENN.]

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331 comments to “Major Twilight Recast!”

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  1. 201


  2. 202

    Dumb move, Dont change up if you dont need to its not Bewitched.

  3. 203

    OMG!!!!! how could they do this!!! I really dont beleive that scheduling CRAP!!! she is so perfect for the role. i dont even like this new girl she looks so petit and not scary at all!!!! i am not pleased…..

  4. 204


  5. 205

    rachelle was great in twilight. she would have been the shit in ecplise.
    too dayum bad

  6. 206

    i totally totally agree. Kristen needs to be recast. I think camilla belle would be amazing in her spot. perez make this happen! =]

  7. 207

    WTF! Rachelle was so great! Summit has made a huge mistake. But no one really cares about twilight anymore anyway. So last year :-P

  8. 208

    she should thank daddy Ron Howard

  9. 209

    I'd prefer a new Bella… to bad we weren't that lucky.

  10. 210

    I wish they casted Bryce Dallas Howard from the start, or Rachelle just stay in the film. Now the saga is going to be awkwardly changed at the third movie with a new Victoria. Especially since Eclipse is basically Victoria's breakthrough film.

  11. 211

    nooooo it wont be the same :( if it was Kristen Stewart i would be happy cuz she cant act at all

  12. 212

    Bryce actually fits the character as she is written in the books better than Rachelle, who added too much of her own presence to the character. In the books Victoria has flaming red hair and is almost ghostlike - and she "feints" as Stephenie Meyer puts it. Rachelle played the character as catlike and sexy - she was too present. Bryce will be better. I'm fine with this.

  13. 213

    Re: lilybet – "nobody cares about twilight anymore" That's funny…everyone cares about it…

  14. 214

    Re: jmariag2 – the fact that you don't even know who this "new girl" is is proof enough that you're a twat. she is an accliamed actress who has done broadway, is an ivy league grad and comes from master bloodlines. she is a REAL acrtess, with real acting chops. the first chick hadn;'t done anything up until twillight. they needed a seasoned actress in the bigger role of the 3rd film. my guess, you're a 16- twit.

  15. 215

    i must admitt…im not happy at all it wont be the same and they shouldnt recast her but any way i must also admitt i kinda was dissappoionted when it wasnt k stew…i mean i like her..but she isnt the right bella

  16. 216


  17. 217

    Oh my God I hate recasts. Totaly fracks up continuity. Either summit is stupid for getting rid of her, or rachelle is nuts, thinking she'll find better work. She's really nothign without this franchise.

  18. 218

    Re: i love britney spears – If they replaced Kellan Lutz I would have to beat someone. Did you see him in Generation Kill? He was awesome.

  19. 219

    I think it's stupid to recast Victoria.
    Rachelle did a prety good job as Victoria.
    If anyone should be recast- it's Bella.

  20. 220

    I am so pissed. I love Rachelle. She is Victoria as far as I am concerned. She loved to be part of the franchise so I don't think this was her doing. I think they fired her for Bryce. I like Bryce, but this role belongs to Rachelle Lafevre. It's bullshit.

  21. Sezzy says – reply to this


    twilight does not deserve the likes of bryce. keep the crap actresses plz

  22. 222

    they both look the same anyways

  23. 223

    This is crappy! No recasting! It just totally breaks you from enjoying the movie when they recast. I seriously doubt Rachelle decided she was too busy to make more Twilights. Being Victoria put her on the map and there is nothing hotter right now than Twilight. It just doesn't make financial/career sense for her to want to quit.

    This recast stinks!!!

    Fix it Summit!!!

  24. 224

    It must be nice to be the daughter of a rich succesful director she would never have made it on her own!!!!!! I know several better looking and more talented people who can't get acting jobs because they don't know anyone, it seems so unfair. This happens so often, will smiths kids, demi moores kids, ect ect.

  25. 225

    Re: Team_Lily – Ahahahaha… Seriously, she's a terrible Rosalie.

    So first, there's what I can only describe as a hologram of Edward in New Moon, instead of just his voice? Now this? These people are crazy. And, I hate Kristen Stewart, she is so lame, but she makes a great Bella, I think, and you can't just switch one of the two main characters halfway through the series. These movies don't need to get any worse.

  26. 226

    victoria dies in eclipse anyway so it doesnt matter…

  27. 227

    thats some f***ing bull like what the hell i hate when the replace characters damn its going to be like weird now omg

  28. 228

    This sucks. The only person from Twilight I could actually stand and she's not coming back. Load of shit.

  29. 229

    Replacing any actor/actress in a movie series is never a good idea…people get attached to a particular image of the character and then are suddenly asked to believe a different actor? I feel like its especially damaging since its based on a book series…so many people see Rachelle's face in their heads when they are reading the books, and now we're expected to alter that?

    Bryce is a talented actress and I will be interested to see how the transition from Rachelle to her goes….and I really think Rachelle is doing herself and her career a SEVERE disservice by pulling out of a such a mega-hit series.

  30. 230

    no way
    thats crazy she shud stay

  31. 231

    Re: DaisyHalt – Actually, if I remember correctly, Meyer specifically described Victoria as having feline mannerisms and moving in a cat-like manner. So based on your observations, it appears that she played the part according to what Meyer envisioned…

    For me personally, Bryce is closer physically to what I imagined Victoria as in the book. However, I absolutely despise when characters are recast. It's very difficult to try to make that same connection you had with the original one. It's a disconnect that can't do anything but harm the films…

  32. jazzz says – reply to this


    Freaking awesome! Bryce is amaaazing!!

  33. 233

    lol I saw "Major Twilight Recast!" and I was like "YES THEY GOT RID OF KRISTEN!"
    But no.
    I'm bummed.

  34. 234

    Kristen is perfect as Bella! Exactly as the books describe! STOP being a jealous douche!!!!! When anyone is changed it is disappointing, they need to leave it alone or the rest of the Twilight series will be a fail!

  35. 235

    OMG no way !!! :( rachelle is one of my favs/. and shes so pretty .. how lame !! its stupid when they change actors around .. it won't be the same :(

  36. 236

    The 12 year old Kristen haters amuse me, especially the ones who think her acting sucks but Rob's acting is good. They were both crap in Twilight, and most of it was the directing and screenwriting. Rob's Edward looked constipated, not tortured, and he overacted horribly. Kristen's Bella was spastic, but at least it was closer to the awkward book Bella.

  37. 237

    i pictured bryce dallas howard as victoria anyway. she's such a wonderful actress and she will do this role justice.

    now, if only they would recast kristen stewart's monotonous ass, then i would consider seeing the movie.

  38. 238

    are you fucking joking? um no!! this is soo dumb!!!
    Rachelle was perfect as Victoria!!!!!!!!!!
    this new "bryce"girl will ruin it!! she doesnt look like she can do it!!!!!
    someoneshould start a petition to get Rachelle back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    :( :( :(

  39. 239

    I love the original Victoria…….. I love K-Stew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK you Perez!!!!!!!!

  40. 240


  41. 241

    WOOW ,
    why would they ever do that :O
    I really loved Rachelle ,
    annnd she was canadian too :P
    I thought she was perfect , they're such cruel people to replace her !

  42. 242

    say it aint sooooo
    i love Rachelle, she is so fierce

  43. 243

    Dude, why her!? She was a Canadian actress and to know there was a canadian in these films was cool. I agree with everyone else when I say.. "REPLACE BELLA PLEASE"

  44. 244

    EXCELLENT CHOICE! Coincidentally, prior to the movies release, when reading the first installment of the Twilight series, I envisioned Bryce Dallas Howard for the vampiress, Victoria. When Rachelle Lefevre came on the scene I thought she played the character well. She must have been offered more $ in another role. BDH is an AMAZING actress… (Terminator, Lady in the Water, M. Night Shyamalan's, "The Village", etc.) She'll do the role justice. . . Now Kristen Stewart? She's not stupid. She would never leave her role as Bella. Too much cha-ching! $$$ There's chemistry - like it or not - between her and RPatz that another actress could not replace. It would ruin the entire 21st century Romeo & Juliet ambiance.

  45. 245

    Rachelle and Bryce look strikingly the same. . .

  46. 246

    WHAT? i hate victoria, but they cant do that! shes a main character! bitches!

  47. 247

    MAYOR DESAPOINTMENT!! why the fuck cant the cast just stay the same,
    once that they replace a member it`s not gonna be the same anymore ok! ppl from summit ent please reconsider! that idea of replacing rachelle!

  48. 248

    i read somewhere that nikki reed will not be in eclipse! :O it's totally impossible, she's perfect for her role

  49. 249

    Rachelle is backing out of Eclipse because she got an role in a Dustin Hoffman movie, which really is a better career choice, than working with Rpatz (No matter how much I love me some rpatz). I would be livid if Kstew was the one who backed out. Yeah she may be awkward, clumsy, and nervous…but so is Bella. I know she is going to do great in New Moon.

    Why you hate Kstew anyway?

  50. 250

    KEEP RACHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who gives a damn about "the new dimension"

  51. 251

    The only people who think that Kristen Stewart can play Isabella Swan are the people who haven't read the books. That girl has a permanent scowl on her face, even when she's supposed to be happy she just looks pissed off…. or maybe thats her extremely confusted interpretation of sexy! I'm pretty sure that Kristen Stewart is consistently high, but then again, I think that may be true for the rest of the Twilight cast as well!

  52. -kate says – reply to this


    this "Howard" chick will play a horrible "Victoria."
    Rachelle is the only Canadian actress in that movie, plus Perez, you need to get over your "hate" for Kristen, your just jealous because she hangs out with Robert, plus she is a great actress. Maybe Kristen doesn't like u at all?
    i just have to say, i will definately miss Rachelle, and summit is making a big mistake for letting Rachelle go!

  53. 253

    Why the frick did this happen? Rachelle is amazing!

  54. 254

    WTF, WHY? This is stupid. Rachelle was the perfect Victoria! I saw her at Santa Monica the other day :) Stupid Summit.

  55. 255

    what the fuck? They prob wanted a bigger name actress, thats a bunch of bull

  56. R3LS says – reply to this


    NOOOOO! I love Rachelle Lefevre! That other bitch doesn't even look a thing like her.

  57. 257

    I fuckin knew you were gonna use this as a cheap shot against k-stew….your fuckin' shameless perez, you bring my hate for you on a whole new level every fucking day!

  58. R3LS says – reply to this


    Re: AtotheJ
    Get the fuck over yourself.

  59. 259

    I wish kristen was getting replaced too

  60. 260

    they should get rid of that stupid K stewart, she sucks!! I love Rachelle

  61. 261

    It doesn't really bother me. After the train wreck that was the first movie, I'm not too psyched for the next two. (That's right, two, because I still deny the existence of "Breaking Dawn").

  62. 262

    hell no! she is insanely gorgeous and that hair! oh god that hair. can't picture anyone else as victoria.

  63. 263

    SHE SUCKS!!!!!

    SHE SUCKS!!!!!

    SHE SUCKS!!!!!

    SHE SUCKS!!!!!

  64. 264

    honestly, i don';t wnat the cast to change
    as much as i hate kstew, they shouldn't be kicking people out.

  65. 265

    Fuck you, Summit Entertainment. I won't be watching that movie.

  66. 266

    I am starting to think SUMMITT is a clusterfuck. Why can't they leave well enough alone? Rachelle was a PERFECT Victoria. After these movies I am done with Summitt. They are shitty to actors. They almost gave up Taylor Lautner for pete's sake. I'm still pissed about that. Only Summitt could fuck up the easiest money making movie saga in history. Can't wait to see what other decisions they make that suck!

  67. 267


  68. 268

    FUCK SUMMIT!!!!!!!!

  69. 269

    you need to shut the fuck up about kristen stewart. you are the only fucking one who has a problem with her, and its only out of jealousy. robert pattinson probably fucking thinks youre disgusting anyway. stop being dilusional.

  70. 270


    'KSTEW' is PERFECT for the role.!!!!
    i want rachelle back !!

  71. 271

    fucking LAME.

  72. 272

    Woah woah. This is going to make so many Twilighters upset. Rachelle brought sass and this character to life. One of my favorites. Switching to Bryce is gonna be risking a lot. Esh.

  73. 273

    i love rachelle she's a PERFECT victoria! and don't even let me get started on that kristen statement. your just jealous you'll never gt a chance with R-Pattz, face it, Perez. no need to hate :(

  74. 274


  75. 275

    k-stew is ugly,horribale actress,and she looks high… she is not bella at all bella is cuter and i loves rachelle shes great the new ones going to screw the 3rd movie up! even though its the last one with her in it! but still come on!!!

  76. 276

    i'm pissed.. she should have stayed.. and so should kristen, i mean its too late to change actors right now with the second movie coming out and all. summit is making a huge mistake and so many people are gonna be mad!

  77. 277

    aww, I thought she was a great Victoria!! The hair and everything about her is perfect for the role!!! WTF?!

  78. 278

    Oh man, what the hell!

    She was so…sinister as Victoria. I loved her. Bryce Dallas Howard - um, the blind girl..and a mermaid. Isn't that it?

    Let's just keep the Cullens & Jacob Black and replace everyone else!!


  79. 279

    It true that Rachelle missed out on the one movie in the twilight saga that was really gonna make her famous. As for K-Stew…its not that the girl is bad at playing bella. but i dont think she is acting, thats the way she is in real life, she is always fidgeting, scratching her head and stuttering. Since Bella is so clumsy they figured it was gonna come naturally for Kristen.

  80. 280

    I would be much happier if they gave kristen the boot. She is like the worst actress ever blahhh

  81. 281

    Bummer. I love K-Stew!

  82. 282

    this iz a good way 2 screw the movie up

  83. 283

    You can read Rachelle's comments about the recast on People.com. She seems pretty shocked herself. I posted the link but my comment never showed up. It seems Summit shafted her for one tiny little filming conflict….. how utterly stupid to recast for Eclipse when Rachelle has been in the first 2 films. Crazy shit. Summit, YOU SUCK!

  84. 284

    Victoria is suppose to be seductive… Bryce is not for this part. its crap

  85. 285

    Kristen may not be beautiful
    But I guess she's not that bad
    Of an actress

  86. 286

    nothing is ever the same when someone gets recast in a movie. especially since she is in the first two and then to have her completely change in her most important movie… not right.

  87. 287

    victoria needs to stay the same otherwise its gonna be retarded

  88. 288

    I am so pissed that Rachelle was replaced by that other person…she looks like an elf. What a load of drabble Summit is going on about.

    Also, I am not dissapointed this isn't about Kristen Stewart. Geez people she ain't that bad. Just because you don't like her hair, which she has because she is playing a role.

    ahh the state of society!

  89. Melme says – reply to this


    Re: Mssparkle – Agree with K-Stew playing Bella as "clumsy" and "awkward" because…newsflash…that's what Bella appears to be in the books. I think many who don't like her as Bella…are 1. young 2. younger then her 3. want to be in her place as Bella bc they dream being with Edward 4. want R-Patz for themselves and 5. just plain jealous.

  90. 290

    thats soo stupied how are you going to replace some one who came out in 2 movies already..it doesnt make sence

  91. 291

    this kinda makes me more angry than kristen's over-acting!!!
    but, maybe …uh…Bryce will be good too…
    DX , this is soo dissapointing!!

  92. 292

    what a Lame decision on Summits part..10 days..couldnt wait 10 days…I really dont think this Bryce chick will get the same support and love from fans that Rachelle has gotten.

  93. 293

    they should recast bella…lol no one will care or notice

  94. 294

    OMG, this is sooo dumb. Summit is a multi million dollar company and they need to stop being cheap. You can't have a character in the first movie and not in the sequel. WOW

  95. 295


  96. 296


  97. 297


  98. 298

    I'm so upset about this. Rachelle was amazing and she only had one more movie to do. They should have let her finish it because now Eclispe won't be the same. You just don't switch characters half way through the series!

  99. 299

    Not Happy! This is a big mistake by summit! She was amazing!

  100. 300


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