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Major Twilight Recast!

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Summit Entertainment has announced that fan favorite Rachelle Lefevre will NOT be returning for the third installment of the Twilight series as Victoria. Instead, she will be replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard.

The studio sites scheduling conflicts as the reason for the change and released a brief statement concerning the new Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Are we sure it wasn't money?????

Says Summit: “Rachelle brought “Victoria” to great screen life and Bryce will bring a new dimension to the character. The franchise is lucky to have such a talented actress as Bryce coming in to fill the role."

How do U feel about the recast Twilighters? Sad? Indifferent?

And how many of you are bummed that this post wasn't about Kristen Stewart getting the boot?

We're a little disappointed by that ourselves!

[Image via WENN.]

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331 comments to “Major Twilight Recast!”

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  1. 301

    i hate it when they change actors in a sequel :( , i really liked the way Rachelle played Victoria.

    and stop hating Kristen Stewart, i think she does a great job in playing bella!!

  2. 302

    Oh how I wish this had been about Kristen Stewart. Home girl's idea of showing emotion is opening her mouth and running her hands through her hair. And in interviews, she comes off as the planet's most sullen, whiny, bitchy teenager. Seriously, she acts like a 13 year old PMSing for the first time. Isn't she supposed to be an adult? I don't understand why she continues to be hired for roles that aren't blow up dolls or really pissed off mannequins, because that's about the extent of her talent.

  3. 303

    I'm happy that its not one of the main people like Kristen or Rob or Taylor cause its annoying in movies when people replace the main character. I wish they would keep Rachelle though. She was a good Victoria.

  4. 304

    Who the heck is that other girl?

  5. 305

    why is leaving cos shes well good!! :(

  6. 306

    lay off Kristen shes the best one there by far!!

  7. 307

    you know whats really funny is that rachelle laefevre said that she really wanted to do the fight scene in eclipse and couldnt wait to start shooting it haha

  8. 308

    Don't like it at all…..

  9. 309

    that's bullshit. rachelle was a perfect victoria. apparently it was because she signed a contract with twilight not to miss shooting, but another one of her projects overlapped by 10 days. really? you can't just work on something else for a week?

  10. 310

    Gutted :( Rachelle is such an amazing person and she rocks as Victoria. Not seen this new chick in a film, heard she's good but she doesn't look like Victoria to me, even with red hair!
    And…I like Kristen as Bella so no i'm not disappointed this post isn't about her!

  11. 311

    Re: justjemma – i agree completely. kristen needs some acting classes. and interview skills for the most part.

  12. 312

    rachelle didnt leave the role . summit kicked her ass to the curve & personally i dont believe its fair b/c if it was kristen stewart or even ( qod forbid ] rpattz they wouldve kept them. & hell yeah im disappointed. im sick of kristen & her mullet lol

  13. 313

    I'm excited about it! I love Bryce and I think she will bring new insight into the role!

  14. 314

    CUT K-Stew and Keep Rachelle!!!!!

    Doooo itttt!

  15. 315

    i am sooooooooooooooooooooo mad that rachelle lefevre is being replaced and victoria will not be the same but i really dont think k-stew should be replaced i luv all the members of twilight especially kristen stewart and she is bella and she always will be so i really think u guys should leave her alone because if u luv bella u kinda cant hate on k-stew …………… luv all members of twilight and we will all miss you rachelle lefevre

  16. 316

    malisimooo…..es lo peor que podian hacer…………………

    me da mucha bronca…es como en La momia 3—-Maria Bello es genial pero ni ahi puede cubrir a Rachel Weisz…

    la verdad….estoy completamnente desepcionada…

    maldita sea…la misma semana que descubro que Harry Potter 6 es malisima me vengo a enterar de esto…

    Hollywood….deja de cagarmeeeeeeeeeeee

    Perez…te amo!

    Belu de Argentina!!

  17. 317

    This is ridiculous! Why not recast edward or bella while we're at it… I have an idea, why not recast all the roles for the 3rd movie.. Twilight with different characters in every single role! these corporate bastards are really playing us for fools!

  18. 318

    wished it was kristen instead

  19. 319


  20. 320


  21. 321

    im utterly upset that summit has decided this!!
    im sure if they really want to, they could have worked around her other film!
    i guess we all can wait to see how Bryce Dallas Howard would do but still the cast would cease to be the same with even the slightest changes!
    as much as i dislike Kristen playing Bella-she is nothing to what i pictured in my head- it might be bad to change her now.
    but still i loved Rachelle Lefevre and wish she would stay on!!

  22. 322


  23. 323

    Have to say, I'm a big fan of the books they are fab. Rob played Edward brilliantly in twilight but from what i have seen of new moon so far.. it's looking pretty shit to be honest. I don't know if Kristen is just so pissed off she's not trying or what but the scenes i've seen and the trailer.. it's just grim. I mean the way she stares at her finger and says "paper-cut" it's like wtf.. why is that so angsty?! in the book she doesn't even realise the threat til edward throws her into the wall lol i dunno

    but shame about rach.. so much for the never changing frozen in time vampire

  24. 324

    personally i dont think that they should change any of the characters no matter how big or small there roll is. I have an obsession with the twilight saga, and everyone that was in the first one should be in all of them!!!!♥

  25. 325

    I love Bryce DH , she is so talented . I gotta say, i think it sucks they replaced Rachelle, i hate when they change actors/actresses when its a series. I defently think Bryce is a lot more talented than Rachelle, but i would prefer if they had just kept Rachelle for the series. Maybe they should cast Bryce for some other role in the movie? that would have been great. Oh well, too late for that now.

  26. 326

    haha Kristen getting the boot just imagine how all hell will break loose by those twihardboners

  27. 327

    lol Kristen sucks!

  28. 328

    they are super mean, sueing time

  29. 329

    Okay. No. Just no. Rachelle IS Victoria, she is one of the characters where I was like wow. That's the character. She was perfect with her like three lines in Twilight. Bryce isn't Victoria. No. Just no.

  30. 330

    This is soo gay i agree recast Bella umm i have a suggestion lol MEEEEE!!! eveyone says she me in a smaller package give me slim fast and am in lolz i have the hair the clumsyness and i know ALLLL her FUCKING LINES

  31. 331

    My question is why would they ruin the saga? Is summit really that stupid? A shame it truly is and I am simply disappointed that they would stoop so low as to recast her. They just destroyed the Saga by making such a dumbass move. My opinion if I were them accomodate the one day and not F*** around with something that has made them millions.


    Note: I am not saying that Howard will not do a good job, but Summit royally f***ed up this time! You'll never find a better Victoria despite what you think!

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