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Taylor Momsen Has A Rockin' Sweet Sixteen

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For her big milestone 16th birthday on Tuesday, Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen decided to rock out with her band, Pretty Reckless, in NYC.

We'll forgive her ego - it was her bday after all - but what the hell is she wearing and what's going on atop her head????

First of all, she is wearing a babydoll. Don't even try to tell us that is a dress. We know a piece of lingerie when we see one and that is a sheer, pink babydoll. We'll guess it's from Vickys and move on.

The punk rock messy hair look went out when Courtney Love could still formulate coherent sentences. With the messy hair and the dark red lipstick, you look like you just rolled out of a rumble with a tacky drag queen. If it's not obvious, that is not a good look, sweetie.

And we hate your boots.

Happy belated birthday!

[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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137 comments to “Taylor Momsen Has A Rockin' Sweet Sixteen”

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  1. 1

    LOVES IT**

  2. 2

    Courtney Love #2 imo

  3. 3

    sorry but only Courtney Love can pull off the hot mess look. This Taylor chick looks like she dropped out of high school to join cracks are us.

  4. 4

    This is like seeing Megan Fox. All I think of is Angelina Jolie. Copycats are such losers. NO ORIGINALITY!

  5. 5

    16???? going on 35? hope there is room next to miley's double wide

  6. 6

    Ok. She is DEFINITLY ripping off Courtney Love.

  7. 7

    HELLO Courtney Love Jr!

    Seriously, you cannot tell me she's not channeling a kinderwhore thing?

  8. 8

    Why are you picking on a 16 year old? It makes you look so lame.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    If she's young enough for you to wonder whether her wardrobe is appropriate,
    She's probably too young for your comments to be appropriate either.

  11. 11

    Re: be1tsy – He IS lame. lol

  12. 12

    Doesn't TAYLOR make money? So…why does she look so trashy?

  13. 13

    what's wrong with this girl?
    who wants to be like courtney??

  14. 14

    The boots, I don't mind. But wearing underwear as outerwear is pretty disgusting, and worst of all she's only (sweet?) sixteen! She's trying to look like Debbie Harry, but to me it's just messy and drugged out looking ;) sorry.

  15. 15

    She's only 16??????? Wtf! She looks like she's closer to 30 than 20! Someone needs to help her look her age. Im afraid of what she'll look like when she finally hits her 20's!

  16. 16

    it wasn't good when courtney did it and we all know what a hot mess she turned out. without the hot.
    she borrowed those boots from 1989.—oh wait a minute, she wasn't born yet.

  17. DALE says – reply to this


    I have no idea who this is, possibly a hooker of some sort, oh well… get your party on hooker!!!!

  18. 18

    She looks like a drugged up 36 year old that was rode hard and put away wet.

  19. 19

    Hot tranny mess? Shes a sixteen year old girl having fun with her hair and makeup! Thats normal Perez.

  20. 20

    She's a whore

  21. 21

    OMG Biatch looks like Christina aguilera "Tranny makeup"
    PS I love Xtina, but still she looks like a tranny!!!!!!!!

  22. 22

    Hopefully she won't be alive long enough to celebrate her 17th…

    you look and sound like cow manure. that make you feel better ?

  23. 23

    She can be an attractive girl, because I've seen it on Gossip Girl before she turned all punk/hot-mess. She needs to wipe all that makeup off, throw on some self-tanner or bronzer, and comb her hair!!

  24. saray says – reply to this


    a babydoll is a dress, not lingerie. She may be wearing a teddy (lingerie) or a see-through babydoll dress. whatever. i like the boots.

  25. 25

    EW.. Is all I can say.. I don't like her, and I feel bad that everyone hates her.. But then I forget why I feel bad cuz I look at the bitch, and just think: fuck u slut.. The end..

  26. 26

    where are her parents in all of this?
    doesn't she know you can't really be a riotgrrl when you are on a top television show. talk about trying to change her image.

  27. 27

    well, she is only sixteen. no one is completely original at sixteen, she is still growing up. the dress is a little too much, but I kind of understand her… oh, that phase in your life when music means your world and you are really passionate about it, specially for girls cause there are very few women in rock n roll, so they find out those brave women that do what they want and fuck the rest… dont be so narrow minded because you only listen to crap pop music and dont understand what music really is, perez. for you it is only a way to make yourself look cool and now you are trying to make money out of it! you should be embarrassed!

  28. 28

    Re: palabras para usted

    i thought she looked like her to and courtney love

  29. 29

    guess she's mario's new teenage muse to poke fun at……WTG!!!!!
    on the other hand….where the hell are this girls parents?!?!?!?!?!
    and where the fuck is rob???
    happy fucken birthday to me asshole……..

  30. 30


  31. 31

    ew shes so disgusting!
    she looks like avril lavinge… nasty…..
    she used to be good..now i dont like her…

  32. 32

    she's a joan jett wanna be…..

  33. 33

    Re: dazed and confused – "she borrowed those boots from 1989.—oh wait a minute, she wasn't born yet." LMFAO that's tooo funny!!!!! That's hilarious and I love that movie, (dazed and confused).. Props to you bud, that was great!!

  34. 34

    this one is just WAY too pleased with herself. her ego will eventually be her undoing. in the meantime she needs to go away.

  35. 35

    When you're young and cute you can dress like that. Self expression.
    When you're 40 and still trying to pull it off, then that's just a disaster worth your ridicule.
    I must say, lay off tearing at the young girls. Not attractive.

  36. 36

    It's Courtney Love

  37. 37

    Re: SWEETPIECE! – I second that. Perez only like girls that look and act the same. That is why he is so mean about Taylor and Kristen. Even thought he asks for equality, he loves to put women down. He is just a male chauvinist who watches too much disney channel!

  38. 38

    i like her outfit

  39. 39

    FYI: Mario got his sister to do some of the postings.
    She looks sexy, sweet 16 and legal in some states.

  40. 40


  41. 41

    She was so much cuter when she was Cindy Lou Who, what happened?

  42. 42

    Wow. "And we hate your boots"
    Seriously? Get over it, just say happy birthday don't be such a jealous bitch all the time.

  43. 43

    your an ass who has pink hair.
    is THAT age appropiate?

  44. 44

    the boots are the best part of the outfit.

  45. eymey says – reply to this


    She looks so trashy.. Someone do something to that girl…!

  46. 46

    HAHA!!!! Haha "And we hate your boots." Ha great post. Also, I thought Courtney Love was one crazy bitch with her Tweets but now I'm so on her side! Taylor M is a straight copycat.

  47. 47

    probably the most pretentious little brat on the face of the earth

  48. 48

    what is fucking wrong with this girl?
    i used to like her at her pre-punk-mess days. when she was a total newcomer!
    she was soo pretty and all nice and now she has become a punkwhore.
    if you watch the first season of gossip girl youÄll understand me.

  49. 49

    i liek her. but what is she wearing ?

  50. 50

    I like her boots!

  51. 51

    she doesn't look 16
    she looks like 36

  52. 52

    Everyone's riding Taylor….
    meanwhile Lady Gag Gag wears 'way less and looks much, much worse.
    And there aren't that many years separating them, either.

  53. 53

    aw perez!!! i

  54. 54

    I agree w/ some of the other posters … yes she is trying too hard to look like Debbie Harry but is coming off looking like cracked out Courtney Love. I love the boots. But she is a little smart ass so I won't be supporting anything she does.

  55. 55

    She's 16. Leave her alone. Those boots are actually the newest trend in the fashion world so you will be seeing a lot more in the coming months, get used to it.

  56. 56

    As for the people in the second pic; couldn't look any faker.

  57. 57

    who the fuck is this mess? is she the upcoming generations courtney love?

    LOL nasty

  58. 58

    WHY would her mother let her out of the house looking like THAT?? WTF. Don't ANY of these Hollywood starlets have any parents with BALLS? If you can't control your kid just because they fuckin' support you, get a DAMN JOB and be the parent and not the leach!!!

  59. 59

    Re: magentapyramid
    are you fucking kidding me?! you CAN'T compare these two lady gaga is acutally 7 years older than taylor momsen!! in my opinion thtas a BIG age difference. lady gaga is also an ADULT and taylor is a little teenie.
    stop trying to post nonsense.

  60. 60

    Hahahahahahahaha….. I wouldn't expect you to know anything about fashion Perez. Her boots are fabulous. So what if her babydoll is see-through at the top… she has a bra on underneath.
    I think she looks lovely. You're a horrible, horrible man. Picking on 16 year old girls? Really mature. Get a life you loser.

  61. 61

    Despite how used up Courtney Love is, she still did this first. And better. And way way more Rock and Roll. Go back to connecticut and graduate highschool, princess, you look like a douche.

  62. 62

    *yawn* poser…..
    i though this bitch was turning 34.

  63. 63

    Um, no definitely not Victoria's Secret. I work there and we DO NOT have anything this minor would look good in k thanks

  64. 64

    holy crap, she could totaly pass as courtney love.
    cept only courteny could pull of this fake blonde uber red mess look.

    and nice little
    "we hateyour boots"
    comment at the end.
    reminds me of my good ol' days in high school….

  65. 65

    omg her hair is yellow….she doesnt even look like a rocker…..she looks like a prostitute

  66. 66

    Also you have complete double standards. Gaga goes around with her arse hanging out and all you ever say is how much you love her and then you bash Taylor Momsen for wearing a semi-sheer dress which doesn't actually show anything you shouldn't see. You're a disgrace.

  67. 67

    and anyway who would pay to go see her trashy "i wana be courtney love" band???

  68. 68

    Re: CandyBeast
    What? 6 years maybe?
    Big Fucking Deal.
    In the overall scheme of things - zip.
    But how would you know?

  69. 69

    i cant believe im sayin this but EVEN MILEY CYRUS HAD DECENCY ON HER 16TH BIRTHDAY …she dressed her age and whatnot

  70. 70

    Re: whatatwat

  71. 71

    Re: magentapyramid – LADY GAGA IS AN ADULT - NOT 16

  72. 72

    Re: fiercebitch – Honestly, I don't even know who this girl is, I do get tired of him tearing into young girls as he is known to do.
    The look is not original, but you know what they say, imitation is a form of flattery!

  73. 73

    Re: Aimee999
    Okay - if that's what you wanna call her. LOL!

  74. 74

    But if it were Lady Gross-Out, you'd say she looked adorable. Hmm…

  75. 75

    She Looks like she just turn 21

  76. 76

    I love those boots. I don't know who she is, don't watch GG, but she's 16 and super cute. It's the right age to get away with anything to wear. And didn't we all think we knew so much at 16?

    Mr. P, your gratuitous hatred for women is far more harmful to you in the long run.

  77. 77

    Re: CorFix

  78. 78

    that is a really stupid name for a band

  79. 79

    [re=4125492]Re: magentapyramid[/re
    shut the fuck up. you start to annoy the crap out of me.

  80. 80

    wow, her parents are doing a great job of raising her. She looks like a coked out hooker. Classy.

  81. 81

    Re: Aimee999 – What's the big deal with Taylor's outfit? Cos you can see her bra? It's covered by fabric! Sheer is all in at the moment. She's 16, not 12!

  82. 82

    Re: CandyBeast
    Congratulations. You've already achieved annoying the hell outta me.
    Try to contain your frustration.

  83. 83

    16?!?!? holy shit

  84. 84

    stfu she looks BEAUTIFUL
    who the fuck cares if it's appropriate?????

  85. 85

    and those boots are in style, but i guess most americans wouldn't understand that

  86. 86


  87. 87

    This girl must think she's hot shit or something, like she's so different in the way she thinks and acts…her attitude is really unbecoming. Her appearance is not what bothers me, it's the fact that she thinks she's like no one else her age. Like she's all mature, like people her age don't understand her and are likely to feel intimidated by her. Please, don't flatter yourself, Taylor. She really thinks that she's too intense for people her age to handle? I understand identifying with people who are older than her, in terms of how she views life, but the way she talks about herself makes her sound like she thinks she's superior or something.

  88. 88

    Okay, so she looks like she's dressed as Courtney Love for Halloween. She's 16 years old. I know I sure did a lot of dumb things and wore some really tragic outfits in public when I was her age. She'll grow up and be embarassed by it when she's in her 30's, just like the rest of us.

  89. 89

    Re: whatatwat – 16 and 12 still put her in the category of BABY.. She's not mature or old enough to wear that type of outfit.. She's 16, not 20.. That's 4 more years till she can wear lingerie and not be so controversial.. Still slutty, but not controversial..

  90. 90

    as much as I hate Miley, I think Taylor deserves the Slutty title more. Who the fuck wears that???? At least Miley is just annoying and not actually a crack whore wannabe

  91. 91

    ….um… where are her parents ?

    i don't think she has parents.
    because if she did they wouldn't let her wear hooker heals messy hair red lipstick pushup bra with a see through half dress lingerie.

  92. 92

    yikes, she's a pretty girl but she needs to clean up here look A BIT

    she reminds me of courtney love

  93. 93

    okay… i think that it was a dress, just it is really see through in photos, cause the amount of times things dont look it until a camera flash exposes everything and goes through clothing,

    leave her alone she's probably mortified you can see her bra.

  94. 94

    she looks like a crack whore at 16, would be nice for a parental figure to step in before she looks like a 10cent meth whore

  95. 95

    Re: propp11 – hmmm that sounds an awful lot like a certain GG episode where Jenny made a see-through dress… Maybe she's taken her character a little too far???

  96. 96

    Perez, I love you. Also, she is looking like a drugged-out Courtney Love (which is any/every Courtney Love, I guess).

  97. 97

    Yeah she looks way too try hard

  98. 98

    hahaha she thinks shes so "mature."
    i used to see her all the time in the city by my high school and she hangs out with alot of people from my school and all they do is talk about how much of a pothead she is and how much she drinks.
    shes pretty but i think a little too much for a 16 yr old.

  99. 99

    Courtney Love much?!?

  100. 100

    She looks GREAT and I love love love those boots. Where can I get a pair?

    As far as you, Perez, you have absolutely NO fashion sense. How's your cheap-ass line of clothing doing, anyway?

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