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New Madonna!!!!!! The Single Has Arrived - In Full!!!!!

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The Queen is back with new music and she is serving it up!!!!

This one is for the children!!! It does not disappoint!

Check out the dance floor anthem, Celebration, Madonna's first single off her upcoming Greatest Hits compilation, below.

Step up to the beat and bow down! We bow down to M!!!!!

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380 comments to “New Madonna!!!!!! The Single Has Arrived - In Full!!!!!”

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  1. 201

    I am a huge Madonna fan but this song is so generic. She can do so much better and HAS done so much better.

  2. 202

    I was liking the beat until her voice came in. Her vocals are just so annoying to me in this. Please retire, Madonna. Go be happy with ur 18 year old porn star BF.

    And Perez is such a douche. The double standard on this blog is ridiculous.

  3. 203

    The only place this will be played is in a bathhouse (or in Portugal, which is pretty much the same thing). Another flop from this gappy granny has-been.

  4. 204

    CandyPerfumeBoy, that's sooo true. But u wanna know something? People give Madonna all this credit for changing music, etc. So she's held to a higher standard. And quite frankly, the only thing I credit her in the music industry for is allowing no-talent bimbos a way into the industry. She's the one who made it ok to have a very marginal singing voice, but get hits by talking about blow jobs to gay fans. Gay madonna fans should be ashamed for promoting a stereotype.

  5. 205

    nothing special. :D madonna had her reign. britney, beyonce and gaga are definitely the artists of the moment.

  6. 206

    It's cute and may make great music to dance to in the club, but spectacular it isn't, and it doesn't sound like people will be remembering this (well, non-Madonna fans, that is) a couple of years from now. Hopefully the other single recorded will be better.

  7. 207

    oh this is a new track?
    sounds like every other madonna track
    something REALLY new!

  8. 208

    t h a t 's amazing!!!!!!!!!! thank u 4 uploading , i'm gettin crazyyyyyy!!!
    the queen is back !!

  9. 209

    well no-one wants to party with a singer that can't sing! Madonna still can't sing in tune with the music at 50…..!!!WTF?
    Madonna smokes like everybody else who wants to be underweight….
    'no-one wants to party with an ugly body like yooooouuuuu"

  10. 210

    Madonna needs to go away! She was horrible back in the day and is horrible now. She has horrible live shows… still waiting to get my money back from 20 years ago!

  11. 211

    LOVE it! She is the QUEEN! This will be a top 3 hit just like 4 minutes!

  12. 212

    Re: Romy23 – I am not bashing you over your opinion, it just so happens that your "opinion" is bashing on Madonna, for no reason. Madonna's "robot on acid" voice was only during the MUSIC and AMERICAN LIFE albums, some of that did spew over to CONFESSIONS ON A DANCEFLOOR, however, I did not hear it on "Celebration". Also, doesn't Lady Gaga do A LOT of vocoder work… Oh wait, yeah, she does, because it's POPULAR right now, hmm, I think Kanye West uses it also, I guess both of them are hasbeens. Also, a 50 year old divorcee? WHO THE FUCK CARES how old she is or whether or not she is married? I someone has a valid arguement about Madonna I will listen, however, I have been reading this garbage about Madonna for the past 20 years and it never changes. When someone has something NEW and VALID to say I am right here.

  13. 213


  14. 214

    Re: crashr10 – Really, you wouldn't party with Madonna if she asked you to? I'm gonna go out on a limb and call that one a lie. lol

  15. 215

    everybody is getting crazy about M new song.glad to know that.its a genious move.new pop sensation.europe loves house music.everybody loves disco sounds.what a peace of work.amazing.queen is here to stay and she is 50.take some notes

  16. 216


  17. 217

    I can't wait to see the video with Loudes. It's gonna be a killer.

  18. 218

    Re: mehart2001

    Thats RIGHT. Madonna was indeed the Highest grossing paid artist of 2008. Her last concert sold millions in every stadium she went to on her name alone despite going 4X platinum worldwode on her last album..which was one of her most fun and catchy albums.. SO somebody that should 'retire" llooll…you guys have a long way to go before she does. Soulja Boy is hardly reaching gold enough as it is and people like him are getting played EVERYWHERE. Why arent they selling? Because they SUCK! The Industry wants to feed you b.s.

    matter of fact. most of the people are out right now cant sell as much as Madonna today even on their peak. they should retire. Let the great Veterans live and teach the youngins the game of how to sell 70,000 in one night. Take some notes.

  19. 219

    HELLO YOU IDIOTS, that is not the real cover! It's fan made you morons who are talking about her smoking in the picture. You can see the persons name in the lower right hand corner of the picture. Jesus some of you are so ignorant and stupid. The official cover has already been posted before and it doesn't look like this. Do your research first before you jump to conclusions. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!! Gaga and these other bitches don't have shit on Madonna. Fuck the haters!

  20. 220

    Yea this absolutely rocks. Love love love it. Love having Madge back bringing us dance music. Take a Bow, Madonna, you will always be the "Divine Mz. M" to me! (Look- If Bette Midler had been less a diva and a little nicer to Kathy Griffin, I might not have stripped her of the Divine title)

  21. 221

    Re: mehart2001
    It's kind of silly to compare an artist out for just a year to one that's been out for 25 (Adele vs. Madonna). That's like comparing a CEO to an intern. So what if Madonna had the highest grossing tour..she's had years of experience and a large fanbase that she can charge and arm and a leg and get those numbers. If your only argument is she sells more or makes more, that just shows you know more about popularity contests than you do about music. Whose album got more critical acclaim? More award nominations? That's right, Adele..because at the end of the day, it's really about the music. Look at what's "best-selling" in popular tastes, from beer to hamburgers to cars. Just because Bud-Light is the best selling beer, that doesn't mean there aren't better beers out there.

  22. 222

    tired old music for tired old queens

  23. 223

    Here Here izakteaz!! Couldn't have said it better myself.

  24. 224

    Re: YoungTaurus
    I wasn't trying to compare Adele to Madonna. I love Adele and you're right, there is no argument with comparisons. Some other moron brought Adele into my argument. I don't think Madonna is the greatest singer either. HOWEVER, her accomplishments are closely unmatched and I feel she is ONE of the best performers ever! She is MY favorite and I do realize other people have opinions otherwise. The argument with Madge has been going on for over 30 years. She's liked and hated.

  25. 225

    I really like madonna.. but this sond sounds so "paul oakenfold" i dont even understand why she works with him. he sounds like he is still in 1999. and madonna is someone whoh is evolving all the time.. come on..

  26. 226

    Re: TylerVan – good point about missing the summer season.

  27. 227


  28. 228

    Re: Dorianne
    Honey, vocoders have been used since the late 60 and 70s.

  29. 229

    Totally love it. Going to be a massive club hit.

  30. 230

    FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  31. 231

    at 00:18 does she say… get in the Gang Bang! lol well I love that she added pictures to the cover! Fab!

  32. daboi says – reply to this


    Madonna….The queen of pop Her voice melts me and her humour gets me

  33. daboi says – reply to this


    and i dig the cover

  34. 234

    love, love, love it! reminds me of old school madonna!

  35. 235

    amazing!!! madonna is the queen of pop! fuck all you haters. there will never be another madonna or singer like this.

  36. 236

    Re: CandyPerfumeBoy – i back this up 100%

  37. 237

    Meh…I'm kinda bored of her and the song's only medicore at best. Seems like she's trying to remain relevant way past her prime.

  38. 238


  39. 239

    Re: jbachelor – fuck you bitch. i'm gay and i love madonna so i should try to hide it bc i don't want to promote a stereotype? i shouldn't listen to madonna? and i love how ur icon is mairah carey when she is an old hag to and sucks.

  40. 240

    Like all her other garbage, this crap will be a massive flop. Hail the Queen of Flops!

  41. 241

    I learned a long time ago it's silly to fight over your favorite artist on here. It doesn't matter who it is Perez posts about, people are going to express their opinions about that person, positive or negative. I sometimes make jabs about her, but it's mostly to get a rise out of people rather than a genuine hatred toward her (I do actually like some of her stuff). Madonna is one of those people that you either love or hate. If she isn't your cup of tea, that's OK, if you're her biggest fan, no need to have a hissy if someone doesn't like her. You can't demand that people respect her and then continue to give them every reason to hate her more at the same time.

  42. 242

    I don't like it, but I know the fanatics will support it. Keep in mind a true fan knows when to criticize when appropriate like a true friend.

  43. 243

    This is beyond AWESOME!! It's so catchy. She's done it again.


  44. 244

    Re: BlackGaySocialite – I totally agree that true fans should be able to say something sucks when it sucks, I'm a true fan and I seriously don't think it sucks.. I've listened to it on repeat alll day at work! GO MADGE! :)

  45. 245

    no es su voce voce digital

  46. 246


  47. 247

    I liked it until she started singing

  48. 248

    I hate trance house crap, but this song is actually really GOOOD!

  49. 249

    boring song

  50. 250

    Is she smoking on the front cover? Doesn't seem like her (not that she hasn't been known to smoke now and then) - just doesn't seem like her to put it front and center on her album art - thought she was responsible now. And there were reports that she was upset when she caught Lourdes smoking (obviously, those may or may not be true) so something doesn't add up is all. Thought Madge was uber healthy.

  51. 251

    I love when she says.

    "I guess I just don't recognize you with your clothes on"

  52. 252


  53. 253

    Like this song. LOVE Revolver. Revolver is catchier for singing too. This is good though. Just a little light fun song to get your body moving.

  54. 254

    The only people who will actually pay to have this crappy song are turd-burglars.

  55. 255


  56. 256

    that was orgasmico!!!

    love it

  57. 257

    love ittt!!

  58. 258

    Wahooooo! Better than ever!!!

  59. 259

    Oh my God you people! RELAX! It's just one song from her! It's not an album or anything. The song is good. I prefer it than most of the crap on the radio!

  60. 260

    Re: dark1 – that thank god there´s a WORLD outside the US

  61. 261

    The song was OK at best until she started speaking in the middle…sounded like bad 1970s pick-up lines.

  62. 262

    she needs to retire

  63. 263

    i'm gonna hear this song in every gay club in nyc

  64. 264

    bleh. she could have ditched the trance and at least picked a breakbeat. the way she is singing reminds me of fred durst if he was a female.

  65. 265


  66. 266

    Re: sk8terboy1983 – Beyonce earned 80 million in 2008. Madonna earned 110 million. M is the Queen.

  67. 267

    Re: tasty dish – too bad he's dead!

  68. 268

    It is the same style…no change, really. She isn't maturing as a performer. Upbeat but at the same time 'flat.' She should retire…her music is annoying…time has passed and other performers are with the times…Vulgar vag is stuck in a time capsule…Back to the Future.

  69. 269

    HUGE club hit!

  70. 270

    Re: SeekTruth – Too bad she earned 110 million dollars and is currently on the most succesful tour by a solo artist. Her last album sold 4 million copies. She is at the TOP. Just deal with it. If she was over she wouldnt be filling arenas all over the world and selling millions of records.

  71. 271

    Re: GoodBoyNC – Good points! FYI…the narcissist is either adored or hated. And, it is funny to see 'it's' adulators go ballistic if we say anything bad about 'it.' Here it goes: Vulgar vag is a famous narcissistic whore.

  72. 272

    Throughout her incredible career, controversy has served Madonna well, and clearly still does so today.
    I love Gaga, Britney - hell even Adele and Lily Allen - but this is the song of the year.
    And I love the way Madge has leveraged the power of web 2.0 and social media to promote her new stuff - whatever you think of her 'art' she definitely is a marketing genius!

  73. 273

    Love it! Not the freshest song, but I'm digging it! (Much better than that awful Mariah Carey single)

  74. 274

    Why can't Madonna smoke? When did it become illegal?

  75. 275


  76. 276

    yeah-she is!

  77. 277


  78. 278

    Awesome,incredible,love her and no one is better.

  79. 279

    MADONNA is rockin'! Thank god for the '80's!

  80. 280

    MADONNA is back… all HAIL!!!!

  81. 281



  82. 282

    I hope my local radio stations will play it.

  83. 283

    Mariah SCARYS song sucks big time

  84. 284

    the best… love you lady m

  85. 285

    Bitch is back! Go on lady. She was fabulous 30 years ago, and she is still fabulous for another 30.

  86. j-ho says – reply to this


    loves it!!!

  87. 287


  88. tdrs says – reply to this


    Madonna still is the best and most popular, greatest selling artist of all time!!! So I think those haters out there who say she's old and should retire should realize that Madonna has more fans buying her albums, concerts and merchandise than all the Britany's, Beyonce's, Mariah's, Lady Gaga's, etc. out there. Just remember, they will all be 50 someday too and lets see how well they keep up. Madonna and Tina Turner are the best and no one can deny that!!!! Long live the best artists!!!!!

  89. 289

    BOW DOWN! Superb jam, enough said.

  90. 290

    She is my religion!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. 291

    it's missing something…

  92. 292

    She sucks.

  93. 293

    This song rocks!

  94. 294


  95. 295

    I'm impressed! Love it. Much better than that awful Mariah Carey single! Rock on Madonna!

  96. 296

    i really love this song ! back to her dance music roots.
    And here, in the old world, we're gonna make it a huge hit.

  97. 297

    good song. sounds like a good, fun early 90s dance song. much better than the crap from her last cd.

  98. 298

    meh, its not that special

  99. 299

    this sounds old and tired. It's 30 years to late. It sounds like some desperate old cougar begging for someone to take her home. Oh, it is!

  100. 300

    It sounds like all her other songs. She's reached her peak she'll never be that great again.

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