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Reason #8,547,833 We Hate Kristen Stewart!

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The eye roll around the 4 second mark makes us grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

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600 comments to “Reason #8,547,833 We Hate Kristen Stewart!”

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  1. Paty says – reply to this


    She is pathetic. Maybe she thinks she is funny…but she fails miserably.
    She looks like a little brat. As always.

  2. 302

    Yay, i thought i was the only person who hated this woman

  3. 303

    Shes not ugly u jealous bitches…….Not a fan of hers though, I dont idolize. Just wonderin why shes so shakey all the time….

  4. 304

    Barbara and Mario, you're both jealous assholes.

  5. 305

    Taylor seems like a super nice guy. At least there's one gracious down to earth person in the midst of all this twilight bullshit.

  6. 306

    hate her! :l

  7. 307

    so what you would roll your eyes too if people kept asking you the same question for several months which you have answered a hundred times before youd be rolling your eyes as well

  8. 308

    perez i don't think k stew did anything wrong she ansered the questions quite fproffesionally and she was kind and open with the awnser's.

  9. 309

    It's really annoying me that Kristen is pretending to suck up to Taylor all of a sudden !! I have a feeling that she's trying to piss Rob off by making him jealous and Taylor's probably sooooooo jealous of the attention Rob receives that he's along for the ride too, especially after a recent comment he made about him looking forward to snog Kristen/Bella in Eclipse when he knows that Rob fancies Kristen… Taylor's such a big-headed knob that he probably laps up the attention as a genuine case of Kristen fancying him….. *snort*

  10. 310

    she just seems like a bitch. then again so does megan fox so i guess thats what it takes to be famous these days.

  11. 311

    She's the "Ultimate Punk-Rocker". Interviews aren't her thing. Hope she's not on drugs. She's cute though.

  12. 312

    Stop being jealous Perez…Come on!

  13. 313

    I'd roll my eyes too if the 439th interviewer asked the same effing questions over and over too. I dont think she is that bad. She is a bit quirky & awkward, but shit, what the hell is wrong with that?

  14. 314

    So, here is my theory on Stewart… we all know that she is a shitty actor but her manager has to be the smartest person alive. if you notice she only plays roles where she is an awkward teenager who is uncomfortable and tragic to watch. That because she is an awkward, uncomfortable, and tragic human being. Her manager is a fucking genius!

  15. 315

    She's tweakin' balls.

  16. 316

    this isnt any news or anything, it just you hating her and messing with her reputation your just jealous and you need news like this to get many many posts….lame
    leave her alone for one, and the hair is for a role oh but you didnt knew that las weak right? ha the queen of media my ass

  17. 317

    it's so childish to keep searching reasons that doesn't even make a sense to hate someone

  18. Twime says – reply to this


    I don't hate KStew but I think she needs a new attitude… the 'I don't care' thing is getting old. She needs to start to show some respect to her fans and not take the piss out of the Twilight Saga as she always does. She needs to grow up!

  19. 319

    kinda.. cute.

  20. 320

    She is trying really hard to look like she's NOT trying….know what I'm sayin?

  21. 321

    She looks like a low budget bitch who just rolled out of bed and forgot to comb her hair.
    She should have some more self respect and respect for the people and brand who made her what she is and make more of an effort to clean herself up. Who would want her representing them when she looks like she belongs in a trailer park!
    I like the books, but you Twi-hards need to pull your heads out of your butts and realise she is not the most ground breaking actress out there. She is lucky she gets to ride the coat tails of the Twilight franchise.
    Her portayal of Bella is such a let down in Twilight.
    She didn't do anything before it and I will be surprised if anything else she does is any good.

  22. 322

    Oh, I Know. Poor thing, so fucking famous, completely makes your eyes roll ! I mean is the whole world is worried about whether or not she's fucking Robert Pattinson? We should all have such wet dreams! What's with the Marilyn Manson make-up ? Joan Jett. Joan Jett. She does not look like Joan Jett. Comic-Con appropriate? KSTEW can look so much hotter. Lautner looks gr8, still a minor.

  23. 323

    the eye roll thing was a little rude but that's only b/c she is tired of all the attention that has been centered on her and rob.i get the feeling that she is someone who is still trying to adjust to overnight fame and the intense media scrutiny. she can take a cue from taylor and try to come across a little more graceful and humble.

  24. 324

    Re: cinamae
    That's because she's playing a les in the JJ movie-I thought everyone knew that!

  25. 325

    So, you hate her b/c she's not a cookie-cutter fake Disney brat?

  26. 326

    perez… shes goofing around. you're an idiot. she was very pleasant.

  27. 327

    if i was a celebrity id be pissed when ppl asked me questions about my personal life over and over again….shes an actress and this is her career why is she entitled to talk about her personal life? we all have jobs, but does anyone care to advertise our personal lives?no….so lay off the celebs, acting is just another job. for those who cant survive without gosip magazines and idiotic sites like these, you're just tryng to fill a void in your personal life that poor young celebs like kristen can only void. you insecure assholes…that goes to you too perez

  28. 328

    is it just me or does this girl look high almost every time I see her!

  29. 329

    her 15 minutes are up

  30. 330

    Stop being a negative person…. build people up, don't tear them down. You have a lot of power and it's sad what you're doing to this poor girl.

  31. 331

    Is she high in this??! Seriously, she's all over the place!

  32. 332

    I like her
    She is real
    Not your average bimbo
    but people hate her because they want to be Bella
    Its kind of lame if you think about it

  33. 333

    she is def def def on drugs. look at her mouth! the constant hair touching and jittering, def def def on drugs.

  34. 334

    i hate her she should feel blessed by everything that's happened in the last year

  35. 335

    she's so damn dumb. what's with d eye roll (roll ur eyes out kristen) and maybe someday ur haters will attack u.

  36. 336

    I feel like such a pedophile when I see that Taylor guy. He is just a child, I'm in my late 20's…so what he's SEXY!

  37. 337

    let her think she's too good. it'll all smack her in the face in 10 yrs when twilight is still the biggest thing she's got. regardless of the role she's playing.. she acts the same, herself. she sucks. the hand in hair, the stupid facial expressions, the duh look, hands in her pockets, fidgeting.

  38. 338

    he is so sexy.

  39. 339

    i think shes on crack. shes so jumpy. someone HELP THAT GIRL!!

  40. 340

    She needs to learn the phrase, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you." She's such a crude tactless person. Anybody could have achieved the fame she has by playing Bella Swan, and miss-understood doesn't seem to realize her fame is not because of her *talent*. Kristen Stewart, a versatile, talented actress? Ha! She would be nothing without the legions of fan who would rather her be Bella Swan than Kristen Stewart, yet I doubt she'll ever let go of this whole grunge punk, f- the world attitude. She has absolutely no class, I wish they would re-cast her role, what an awful example she sets for the young girls who idolize her character. This world would be a much better place if Twilight and Stephanie Meyer did not exist.

  41. 341

    She's so the "I'm so ugly" pretty girl.

  42. 342

    her hair looks awful and her nervous habit of playing with her hair is annoying.

  43. 343

    dude ppl you are all IDIOTS….THE ONLY REASON WHY SHE LOOKS ALL CRAPPY IS BECAUSE SHES GETTING READY FOR THE ROLE OF JOAN JETT FROM THE RUNWAYS!!! LOOK IT UP AND YOU'LL FIND OUT. She looks ugly here, but she really isn't, shes trying to live the part until shes done. and when she is Kristian is gonna go back to playing the role of Bella Swan in real life. Thats how actors prepare dumbasses!!!

  44. Jai says – reply to this


    She looks like such a huge bitch….I'm so sick of hearing about twilight.

  45. 345

    hate her for reacting that way! she should be grateful as robsten love team was such a hit! totally bad girl!

  46. 346

    jealous much Perez

    Love her…she does not have to change anything about herself….why would she change her personality to please others????

  47. 347

    why they would cast such an ugly bitch for such an awesome movie is beyond me.

  48. 348

    she is a bitch a lot of times but in this i didn't think she was that bad

  49. 349

    It's sad Perez, it really is sad the way you promote hatred. When you were assaulted you declared yourslef 100% against violence, but this just proves what a double standard man you really are. If u read these comments they are full of hate, hate u INSTIGATED, and that's just so wrong. I personally feel offended by your attitude towards women in general and your pretense of fighting for equality when in fact you so obviously presume to bash Kristen Stewart for the sole purpose of creating hatred against her. It is a shame that you hold all this media power and you could do so much good and instead you choose to condone violence on your site. Just because you are entitled to freedom of speech you should't use it to promote hatred. I think it's quite admirable of Kristen not ever responding to your attacks and I wish all the women you have subjected to your unfair attacks to stay strong and true to themselves!

  50. 350


  51. 351


  52. 352


  53. 353

    Well, Perez Hilton, you haven't had a blockbuster film. Have you? Be honest. You really hate her because she makes *MORE MONEY* than you, right? You must hate a lot of people. Oh, that's right! You *DO* hate on a lot of celebrities, don't you? You must be jealous. You're still struggling day-by-day for an ounce of attention, and to them, it just keeps coming. Have another doughnut, Perez.

  54. 354

    I think I'd be rolling my eyes too if the press kept bringing up the same questions over and over again. I'm so glad I'm not a celebrity. lol.

  55. 355


  56. 356

    i wish she would just die already… the most horrible, movie ruining actress ever…

  57. 357

    Kristen, if you're reading these comments, don't take them to heart. I don't know what video clip these people saw, but I find you refreshingly real and intelligent. Nice not to see a programmed barbie! And the hair comments are coming from ignoramous people who have no idea who Joan Jett is, nor that you've taken on her role obviously. Stay real girl! Peace.

  58. 358

    shes a good actress and all but i always get the feeling she hates the whole twilight franchise. well 100000 people would kill to be her, i like her and everything but she needs to appreciate it… she was barely famous before and now shes in more movies because of twilight…shes ridiculous and needs her old hair back, i hate her new hair…someone get her some hair dye and extentions..she also needs to sort out her 'stoned' look..she always looks drugged. mehhh.

  59. 359

    I think she might be a dyke… seriously. I've got money on it. What is with that HAIR!?

  60. 360


  61. 361

    Wow. She's so vapid. She has negative-charisma.

  62. 362

    I really don't know why everyone hates her so much, shes an actress and has to do these press questions (the same ones I may add) million times over, plus imagine how annoying it would be that in your job everyone jsut kept askign you about a relationship with a colleague instead of actualyl WHAT you do.

    However, does look like she is seriously on coke or E or something…… shes so jittery!

  63. 363


  64. 364

    Re: Andhra – props to you. You actually jsut summed up exactly whats happening. Even some of the celebs I agree to dislike with perez, the virolity of the hatred is unbelivable! Of course what happened about him being assaulted was awful but the level of hypocrisy immediately after attacking a person, celeb or not, for what……….. not wanting to answer the same god damn questions 24/7 especially when its not on your actual work but on your relationship with your colleague - anyone would be pissed off! Also somehow being an actor you are suddenley meant to act like the sun shines out your a**** everday - AH! enough to drive anyone insane. Just jealous jealous people.

  65. 365

    Mario, you are one sick bitch. Get the fuck over it. Man, you are such a jealous pig, it must really suck to be you. I guess your just sad you were born with balls so you feel the need to attack young women which really makes you a pathetic looser! I hope she rolls her eyes a millions more times on this press tour! LOL!

  66. 366

    come on, cut her some slack. she gets interviewed everyday almost all day and they ask her nonstop about her and rob, it MUST get very tiring. and they've both been told to spend time together so the press notices it's not her and rob since the movie New Moon will be all about Bella and Jacob. so, it's making that difficult for them by asking them ALL THE TIME "kristen, do you love rob? how's it going with rob? do you have any romance off screen with rob?"

  67. auds says – reply to this


    Good God she's so hideous it makes my eyes hurt. I know she's supposed to be playing Joan Jett, but does she have to act in character all the time? Isn't she allowed to wash her hair, for crying out loud?!?!?!?

  68. 368

    i've seen slutty roll her eyes;i miss the old you!! lol

  69. 369


  70. 370

    im sick of this girls eyerolls and holier-than-thou attitude-twilight is what made you famous you arrogant, ungrateful twat. where would you be without twilight and all this press? NOWHERE.

  71. 371


  72. 372

    she is a fu*kin weirdo no offence but something just aint rite with her

  73. 373

    she is so fu*kin weird no offence, something just aint right with her

  74. 374

    she is a twat…. All she can really do is Stutter & Twitch… AND O YES - getting stoned is her only talent! HATE THIS TWAT! Ruined the twi-books/movies for me!

  75. 375

    YUCK!!! Hate her…so gross. She is lucky to get to make out with Rpatz and Taylor

  76. 376

    What is she on!? I mean seriously what happend when she like attacked Taylor? Did she like fall? What the hell was that!?

  77. 377

    WATCH CLOSELY, she rolls her eyes in New Moon when she asks him to kiss her by the truck. She reaks of immaturity!!!!!"I'm soooo much cooler than even my own self." Get off it.

  78. 378

    ohh that was a kiss? really wow

  79. 379

    Shes kinda like a bloke. I like her though kind of, im just REALLLL jealous of her, Taylor Lautner is the HOTTEST boy EVER, apart from Joe Jonas obv.

  80. 380

    do she shower?? does she wash her hair?? she looks dirty and drugged up… she's acting like an ungrateful bitch, her fans mader her and she's not the least bit appreciative…

  81. 381


  82. 382

    I don't understand how this girl can be famous, she has absolutely NO expression on her face EVER no matter what she does… She looks HIgh all the time just like Robert P. and they both look like they NEVER take a bath… WTF people are you blind
    AND that FUCKING movie SUCKS big DICKS….Im so sick of hearing about it, the movie is like Kristen S. facial expressions….BLAH..

  83. 383

    i hate that bitch.

  84. 384

    Perez, get the hell over it. I think she's awesome. She's just having fun here. so what..

  85. 385

    arrrggghhh what is with her hair.. i like her but really is there any need she looks like a female version of Noel Feelding :S

  86. 386

    OMG i cannot stand her!!!!!!!!!!

  87. 387

    HATE HER!!!
    She is a BITCH!!! It is a part of your job to be polite. These people are here to help with the publicity of the film. She's evil. She needs to be taken down a peg or two. I know! SUMMIT… PLEASE REPLACE HER!!!!!

  88. 388

    ummm does anybody else realize that she is SOOOOO strung out on drugs?!

  89. 389

    Why doesn't Summit replace her??? She has NO talent and is a BITCH!!!! I HATE HER!!!

  90. 390

    Kristen, why do you answer every question while scraping your hands through your hair?
    That constant pulling of your hair backwards is distracting & annoying. No wonder it looks so greasy all the time.
    Mario, I don't hate Kristen at all .. your bitterness against her is old.

  91. 391

    LOL!!! I LOVE how he PULLS BACK FROM HER!!! When she goes in to mock kiss him he's like WTF?!?! EWWW NOOO!!! Nice to see that he has good taste! lol!!!

  92. 392

    Re: lyssalou
    You are totally right. She isn't pretty or nice enough to get guys as cool or hot as Rpatz and Taylor

  93. 393

    i think she's great.

  94. 394

    I hate her awkwardness…it was kinda cute at first, now it's just annoying.

  95. 395

    LOL the people with rob's pics as icons saying "i hate kristen" are probably all on the twilight fanpages sucking on her vagina. just sayin/ but yea; i love kristen, she has this "fuck what you think" attitude that i love i believe shes a talented actress and person, i love that she wont change who she is, what she does or how she acts for anyone. Shes a real person ! but yea i cant wait to see her in new moon (: [Taylors looking mighty fine also (:]

  96. 396

    the way she is always moving, and the way she talks - it makes her look like shes on drugs. Like a vintage rock and roll singer riding the h-train.. :-\

  97. 397

    Nice mullet!

  98. 398

    So big deal. She rolled her eyes. Why hate her anyway? People, you need to get over her hair. She's got it like that for a MOVIE!!! Good lord some of you are so stupid.

  99. 399

    ha - LOVE that he like, visibly RECOILS when she pretends to kiss him! i'm so glad i'm not the only person annoyed by this girl!

  100. 400

    is she on drugs…or has she always been this damn annoying?

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