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Reason #8,547,833 We Hate Kristen Stewart!

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The eye roll around the 4 second mark makes us grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

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600 comments to “Reason #8,547,833 We Hate Kristen Stewart!”

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  1. 501

    ew, shes gross

  2. 502

    She's the best thing about the franchise.

  3. 503

    what a bitch. man, she still smells stew through her messed up vage.

  4. 504

    what a bitch-! i just saw the video, that ungratefull bitch.

    she's just a sellout. if she hate twilight so much then dont do it!
    she just doing it for the money. gosh i hate her.

  5. 505

    o gosh she rolled her eyes..not a big deal!

  6. 506

    grrrrr. i really hate her. she's didn't even portray the character well. and still she tell everyone that she's a pro cause since childhood she'd been apearing in indie films.

  7. Melme says – reply to this


    Re: betty.boop – Right on.

  8. Aenji says – reply to this


    she looks dirty…what's wrong with the hair?she looks like a boy

  9. 509

    Can anyone tell me how they are meant to act???? Rob is filmed at the airport 2 days ago with the paps trying to goad him into saying something. Deliberately blocking his path so that his security guy has to tell them to move. Mobbed in the streets by girls who think they may get a chance to sleep with him. Kristin is filmed in a private situation having a drink by someone who secretly filmed her. How the fuck does anyone deal with all the craziness, especially with people like Perez making ridiculous comments on behaviour that he condones in the celebrities he likes. Let me list who Perex likes and you tell me if they are good role models:
    Amanda Lepore (Transexual always photographed half naked). Lady Gaga ("I sleep with the guys in the band, it's just easier"). Angelina Jolie (filmed in a drug taking situation, covered in tattoos). I could go on and on, but you get the idea……………..

  10. 510

    rofl at the headline. i just keep thinking about all the other people that have been in her and rob's situation and they handle it like adults..she handles it like a 7 year old. just ugh.

  11. 511


  12. 512

    Perez can you please back off your hate of K-Stew! She was fantastic in the movie Cake Eaters…

  13. 513

    Re: TASI – "Has anyone seen her hair or her make-up? Her VOICE even? I'm just quietly awating her announcement.. That she's a lesbian.. That'd really ruin the movies though xP"

    OMG, I agree.I thought she was lesbian the 1st time I saw her.There's something in the way she acts.

    why doesn't she resign?Everyone hates her agggggggggggrrrrrrrr

  14. 514

    she is ugly and concided i hate her so much as the rest pf the world

  15. 515

    bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 516


  17. 517

    she is ugly and concided i hate her so much as the rest of the world

  18. 518

    she is such a tool. does she think she has the power to start rolling her eyes and being a biatch to everyone because she was in one popular shitty teen movie. she doesnt even appreciate being in the popular shitty teen movie. if it wasnt for this shed still be the a nobody. also if anyone has seen into the wild youll realize she has no range and plays the same person in twilight! surprise. SHE BLOWS

  19. 519

    she will end up dying of an overdose!!! And everyone will forget her lol

  20. 520

    are you jealous or something? let her live seriously, even if, and i go along with all you, her haircut sucks..but she still is beautiful and quite a good actress.

  21. 521

    I like Kristen Stewart, and i think she is doing a good job in twilight!
    and if you think about it, she is not that different from Robert Pattinson in the way she acts. they both look like they are unconfortable in the spotlight and non of them seems to care what they look like. so i don't see why so many people have so much against her! but absolutely loves Rob!

  22. 522

    STOP HATING KRISTEN STEWART!!! you'd be annoyed too if interviewer after interviewer asked you the same question!!!!

  23. 523

    I actually think she's fantastic. But what in christs name did she do to her hair?

  24. 524

    Kristen needs to be REPLACED! Her diva attitude needs to be put to rest!

  25. 525

    I think you should leave this girl alone. She has never done anything to make us dislike her, and I have to respect her for the way she handles the insanity of the amount of attention that gets paid to her since Twilight. If you're going to make fun of someone, do it to ppl who deserve it, like that douche jon gosselin…ha

  26. 526

    The only reason u don't like kristen is because of rob pattinson. It is the same story with vanessa hudgens with zac efron. Kristen seems like a cool girl. I'm sure it must get a bit annoying with the whole chemistry question all the time with her a rob. U just need to chill out. If she were a dude, you would freakin love her. I'm just saying…

  27. 527

    She has turned into quite the monster.
    im not saying that im the perfect teenager but im not in the spotlight.
    if i was a twilight fan i would be so pissed that she ruined the movie.

    she seems like a total mess and complete brat. even if she did look normal and like a girl shes still rude and lets all her movie fans down.

  28. 528

    I love her! Perez, sometimes your comments about Kstew sound like they come from a jealous 16 year old girl. Grow up and back off.

  29. 529

    I'll admit that I don't like her…but I can understand the eye roll…all this crap about her and Rob being together is just getting way overplayed.

  30. 530

    Whats your problem with this girl?????? Does she make you feel something you dont want to feel. Give her a fucking break, she may shit on you one day!

  31. 531

    she's really strange…

  32. 532

    I guess kstew is ok I just don't like the way she treats her fans…she comes off as not wanting to be where she is and like she is annoyed by her fans and I know her fans ask stupid questions but most most of her fans are like teenagers and young and there gonna ask stupid questions and she should act like she actually apreciates her fans.

  33. 533

    Like really. It may be a joke..but she's a real a-hole. They've also been spending late nights together. Like he's only 17! Let him have a little fun with some other girls! NOT COWORKERS! Kay? Thanks. Xoxo. Love you Perez. my love!

  34. 534

    Re: myles_diva – That is exactly my point too! I understand that she looks that way for her role as Joan Jet but my God the twitching and hair thing really makes her look like she is on drugs. Whether she is or isn't really isn't the issue. It's her rudeness. While I am sure that the same questions about her and Rob are annoying she is being paid big bucks to represent the Twilight empire so I think she should show a little bit of class and just brush off the comments without coming off like a B***. She could be the nicest person but she comes off like an idiot! And I have said it once and I will say it again I really hope she is just a piece of A** for Rob because he could do SOOOOO much better.

  35. 535

    She is such a ugly druggie, and her mullet kills me. Ewww Taylor better get away he might get a disease.

  36. 536

    now i love her

  37. 537

    Reason what? She is goofing on it all. She has a sense of humor and seems like someone who'd be a real fun person to hang out with. Is that it? She won't hang out with you?? And you hair h8rs or whatever you are: she is playing a part in ANOTHER MOVIE and her hair is CUT AND DYED FOR THAT ROLE. Friggin idiots.

  38. 538

    I love her!

  39. 539

    she should b happy wid what she got

  40. 540

    Poor Taylor having to work with THAT.
    Ugh, i'm not a fan of Kristen at all.
    She's a HORRIBLE actress and i'm sure Summit could have found someone better to be Bella.
    Taylor's much to sweet, handsome, and talented to be working with her.
    (He's the only reason I actually care about the Twilight movies anyway.)

  41. 541

    Jealous much:?

  42. 542

    I LOVE HER! She's totally different from all the Stupid f*cking Hollywood Sluts! Just because she isn't a big haired, big-titted, paparazzi loving, fame whore doesn't make her a bitch. She is a young starlet doing her best to navigate the crazy fake world of Hollywood and WE SHOULD SUPPORT HER so she doesn't end up like Lindsey HO-han, or Bitchney Spears!

  43. 543

    OMG an eye roll! How dare she! That bitch!

    Seriously haters? It looked like a playful eye roll to me as she was twisting her hair and sticking out her tongue at the same time. Shit, big deal.

  44. 544

    as much as i think she can be a somewhat decent-if you will-actress she needs to cut the bratyy teenage girl attitude. she should be beyond grateful for her fan and summit entertainment and everyone who gave her these great opportunities! she is practically going down in movie history with these movies. the least she do is try to look presentable and put on a happy face for press conferences. shes truly discouraging people from supporting her, at least shes discouraging me!

  45. 545

    Why cant she hold still?

  46. 546

    Omg,she just attacked the poor guy! LOL that was funny. She moves alot though,can't she be still? She also looks STONED! But I still like her. HE..HE..! Can't wait until the hair grows back!!!

  47. 547

    dude, i really dont care for her…. at all!

  48. 548

    one word: tool.

  49. 549

    uuggghhh i cant stand her ANYMORE shes sooo fukin stoned!!!! ksstew grow up dress a lil better(it wouldnt hurt) be more respectful to ur fans nd the cameras and get out of drugs i mean i love that ur not like miley but still get ur shit together!!! leave perez alone

  50. 550

    i've never watched this Twilight crap or anything with her in it, but i have to say when Perez posted that video of her dropping her MTV award, i laughed and laughed and laughed. she seems like a douche nozzle, like she's just too cool for school. eh, after this she will start doing burger king commercials and generally sucking at life, so eat it up now, bitch!

  51. 551

    Grow up Perez..
    People actually like Kristen! I do, I think she is beautiful and talented. You just hate her because she gets to kiss both Rob [Spoiler if you haven't read Eclipse] And Taylor. And the eye roll is because she is probably sick of people asking her that question over and over.
    You make the entire world grrr so shut up.

  52. 552

    this still pisses me off
    id trade places with this bitch ne day she can go work less the min wage while waiting tables at the stupid ass olivegarden
    stop defending her for having to hear the same questions its her job just fake it bitch

  53. 553

    omg. really kristen?!!? do you know how many girls would DIE for that role?!?! and she is COMPLAINING about the fame?!?! If she hates it SOO much how about she quits and gives the role to a more worthy, friendly, more bella-llike teen!!!!!!

  54. 554

    This clip is worthy of 554 comments??!!, it wasn't even that serious or crazy for fuck sakes!!!!

  55. 555

    she really is ugly, her hair is gross and looks like a lezbo mullet.

  56. 556

    she's good in every movie, but twilight. she always sounds like she's been sucking too many left handed ciggys and doesn't get the innocent /playful/YOUTHFUL side of Bella quite right.
    u know who'd would have been good as Bella is the girl from Harry Potter, whatever her name is, minus the accent, and the Harry Potter background. uh huh uh huh.

  57. 557

    lmao, i think shes either stoned or hammered, she cant stand still.
    She also has a really wierd idea of edward and bellas relationship. Since when is it meant to be tense? they're meant to love each other. how could that be tense?

  58. 558

    I'm sorry, could she look any more homeless? Is that what the kids do these days? Dress like they live on the streets and haven't showered in weeks?

    p.s. Kstew; quit rolling your fucking eyes! That Twilight paycheck gives you food on your table and clothes on your back. Don't bite the hand that feeds you bitch!

  59. 559


  60. 560

    I don't know what she's going to do with her hair? They start shooting eclipse in like a month. I guess exstensions. I'm really looking forward to her old hair.

  61. Melme says – reply to this


    [re=4134198]Re: tam

  62. Melme says – reply to this


    Ok my post didn't work…hahaha! Fine.

  63. 563

    I love the fact that he moves away from her when she leans in and says Eurrgghh! Can probably smell her!!!! Loooovvee Taylor though. She's so ungrateful though if i was standing next to Taylor Lautner and being interviewed by press because of my mega succesfull movie id be more excited about it :D

  64. 564

    get over it.

  65. 565

    is the drugged up brat wearing a MINOR THREAT tshirt? how ironic…

  66. 566

    Lol WTF?!?! how is THIS a big deal?

  67. 567

    In all honesty, I liked her during Twilight. I don't know if she's taking this Joan Jett attitude a little too far or if she really is an ungrateful ass. She's extremely awkward to watch in an interview and all the guys in these movies are being WAY too nice when speaking about her. Liars.

  68. 568

    what a stupid, unprofessional girl.

  69. 569

    Eww. why dose she loook soooo gross!!! and he`s soo hot!! get away from her!

  70. 570

    She needs to take some classes on how to deal with the press. Her lack of articulation in interviews is truly irritating.

  71. 571

    uh, sees not even worth looking at. shes like megan fox all over again.

  72. 572

    Extremely talented???? WTF!!!???? That bitch is not talented at all!!!
    I can't believe people are so lame to believe this stupid girl can act, she has 0 personality, and there's no emotion whatsoever in her expressions, she is a fucking zombie.Go back to your cave and die!!!


  73. 573

    Leave her alone!!!! You're jealous because she's with Rob, get over it! She's a talented actress and she's not like one of those fame w***es you sometimes praise, she actually works very hard. Go Kristen!

  74. 574

    This chick is NINETEEN years old! She's amazing for her age!!

  75. 575

    i wish you all hater burn in hell espacially you perez!!! leave kristen alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idiots who have no life and bitter more then a lemon!

  76. 576

    what a freak. who the hell does she think she is?? she's not even a good actress.

  77. 577

    Perez honey, we know why you hate KStew along with the other PUZZIES in here. First, if you want a PUZZY then go buy one honey, but you'll never have one like KSTEW'S and frankly, that's THE ONLY Puzzy that Rob wants!! And all the other PUZZIES in here need to get that through their little pea size brains as well.

  78. 578

    it's like he's the girl and she's the dude. He's always so neat and proper and she's always sloppy and rude.

  79. 579

    Are you serious? I do the same thing (unconsciously) when someone asks me a question that is embarassing or pays me a compliment, because I'm shy!
    That eye roll was the lamest excuse for you to hate this girl more.

  80. 580

    Re: sexximexxi – Uh, duh, she looks trashy because she's filming a biopic playing Joan Jett. Check yourself, blah, blah, blah

  81. mocha says – reply to this


    if she is not talented, why they steal casting her for movies?, she have a lot of movies to prove her talent, and you'll hate her in vain because she will stel be her no mater what and she have more admirators than haters and that's what caunts, and for you PEREZ put your self in a trash bag there is were your ugly fat trashy face belongs.

  82. mocha says – reply to this


    you just hate ervery humand with a pssy because you dont have one, and you can't find a real love that turns you up like the rest of the humanity, you are so frustrated, I feel bad for guys like you

  83. 583

    does she really have to look like joan jett when she's talking about twilight? taylor must have been like, "oh crap she's going to touch me!"

  84. 584

    cracks me up how people can hate her soo much and you dont evn no her… personly i think she smoken hot…

  85. 585

    why does she fidget like she is trying to stay off crack but its not working???? I still like how she acts though!!

  86. 586

    ugh this bitch is fuckin weird im sorry
    i dont understand how someone can be so weird…
    i never agree with perez
    but ugh look at her
    people cant tell me that shes not on something!

  87. 587

    poopface why ure bashing er?…It's been going on ever since she got a different haircut!!!!!!!

  88. 588

    i refuse to watch any of this bullshit for the rest of my life.

  89. 589

    Re: gemma0505 – K STEW IS DEFFFF the best actor in twilight

  90. 590

    Im sooo glad Im not alone on this. I cant stand her, I would love an excuse to assassinate her, she cant even act. they should have gotten Missy Peregrym to play Bella, would of made tones of difference.

  91. 591

    I hate her.

  92. 592

    yeah okay, shut up kristen.
    no ones listening.

  93. 593

    I dislike her SUPER strongly :(

  94. 594

    bitch! total bitch!

  95. 595

    i love kristen stewart. at the end of the day, shes super talented and famous for a reason. people who do the hating are just plain jelous. but then again, who isnt jelouse that she gets to spend time with R-patz???

  96. 596

    hate her (and her hair)!!!! luv him!!!

  97. 597

    are people born idiots these days?
    She is trying to show her personality–
    and so what if it's not prissy like yours.
    Obviously she's doing something right, because
    she's making more CASH than you will ever have
    to your name.
    GROW UP.

  98. 598


  99. 599


  100. 600

    She's focking cute, SHUT Perez! Taylors HOT!!

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