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Seth Rogen Calls Katherine Heigl A Hypocrite!!!

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Finally, someone said it!!

While visiting Howard Stern on Thursday, Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow addressed Katherine Heigl's infamous remark about how the movie that made her movie star-level famous, Knocked Up, "paints the women as shrews" while the men look "lovable" - in her words.

In order to discredit the bitch, Rogen brought up the feminist undertones in her new film The Ugly Truth.

"That [movie] looks like it really puts women on a pedestal in a beautiful way," he joked.

Apatow added, "I hear there's a scene where she's wearing … Underwear …with a vibrator in it, so I'd have to see if that was uplifting for women."

The Funny People director tried to give Heigl the benefit of the doubt regarding her negative remarks stating, she "probably was doing six hours of interviews and kissing everyone's ass, and then just got tired and slipped a little bit."

"I didn't slip and I was doing fucking interviews all day too … I didn’t say shit!," a frustrated Rogen responded.

"[You think] at some point I'll get a call saying 'Sorry, I was tired…' and then the call never comes,'" Apatow said regarding the aftermath of the bridge burner's statements.

"I gotta say it's not like we're the only people she said some batdhit crazy things about," said Rogen. "That's kind of her bag now."

True dat!

Katherine needs to get off her high horse and learn that once you agree to do a film, you get behind it 100%!

It's called professionalism!

[Image via WENN.]

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76 comments to “Seth Rogen Calls Katherine Heigl A Hypocrite!!!”

  1. 1

    haha that is freaking funny

  2. 2

    this guy is always funny without trying to be.
    loves it*

  3. 3

    "professionalism" - something you know nothing about mario…..

  4. 4

    speaking of "professionalism" — maybe Seth should be careful. He's been saying some rough stuff about some people lately. I'd hate to see him go the way of Katherine Heigl…

  5. 5

    Well her idiotic movie "27 Dresses" made women look like fools.

  6. 6

    I used to love heigl… now I find her snobby.

  7. 7

    I never thought I'd be able to credit Seth Rogan with such classy remarks!

  8. 8

    suddenly…I LOVE THIS GUY!

  9. 9


  10. 10

    She got too big for her boots, and when she fails (and she will) she'll have no one to turn to.

  11. YUCK says – reply to this


    this nasty awkward bitch needs to be black listed.

  12. 12

    seth rogan is ANNOYING!!
    and katherine's comment was not that bad so people should lay off a little bit..

  13. 13

    I can't help but agree with her statement on the film. Anyone who saw the movie, saw that the men were portrayed as fun loving boys and the women were portrayed as uptight pussies who just want to control men.

  14. 14

    I couldnt have said it better my self Perez!! What a hypocrite!! I think Heigl got a taste of stardom and then snubbed her nose once she realized she can get bigger and more serious roles… Forgetting that SHE HAS BEEN AROUND FOR YEARS!!!!! trying to have this kind of career. She wishes she had films like Knocked Up back then to help or SAVE her career. Katherine Heigl - I will cut you some slack… you dont know how to act like a lady cuz HOLLYWOOD IS NEW TO YOU BITCH!!

  15. 15

    Seth Rogan is sickeningly overrated, overexposed and Apatow ain't exactly Bergman so…fuck 'em. And once again Perezhilton.com (ghost written by who the fuck knows) has to harp on something imperfect some chick does. Jesus…get a new bag dude!

  16. 16

    Re: HotHamWater

    exactly, talking shit about her talking shit is just as bad if not worse and umerited. Way to also be a hypocrite, hypocrite.

  17. 17

    she didn't say it was a bad movie she was just remarking the truth
    knocked up it's a funny movie but really, her carachter is plain awful and her sister is even worse .And being the context of the picture quite realistic it all seemed like apatow was seing " that's the way things goes in real world!"

    not everyone can stand "100%" with a movie like your "professiHOnal" friend paris,who slept with then married chad murray when on set of that wax movie…

    ps:is true that knocked up made heigl famous but it's also true the opposite.she IS a good actress.

  18. 18

    It sucks, bc I do like her as an actress and want to like her outside of her roles…I don't know why she is making that so damned difficult. Seth Rogan = amazing!

  19. SazUK says – reply to this


    You've got to be joking! Heigls comment is out of context, and even in context its not that bad. Its also true. Just because she has done a job doesn't mean she has sold her right to an opinion. Besides, its kind of true.

    And Rogans comments about her weren't exactly professional. Pot. Kettle. Black.

  20. 20

    Oh gawd! give me a break!!!! these guys are soo sensitive! who cares if she said that! its really not all that bad! whatever ill still see bothe of their movies! just hope they got chrome soda at the theaters this time!

  21. 21

    That movie was terrible in how it painted a picture of women. It made women look stupid.

  22. 22

    I'll agree that I like K.H. about as much as I like Gwenyth Paltrow - they bothe seem to have same amout (lack) of substance. But Perez calling her a bitch is hardly, in his words, "proffessional."

  23. 23

    whatever…team heigl

  24. 24

    I'm saddened by this statement, because it proves what I already suspected.. Kathrine's head has now inflated out of proportions…she thinks she's all that, way too good for Grey's or anything else. It's sad, she's good, but her shitty attitude makes her less attractive in every way. watch out Katie this is how stuff started to go down with LaLohan!

  25. 25

    that sucks i loved her since she was in roswell way back when. and i thought it was badass when that drama went down in greys and had her friends back but right after that, she totally starting getting a big head thinking she was so cool not giving a fuck about what others think and speaking her mind all the time. when your an actor, its your job to promote and support ur work 100% she was just pissed the movie sucked and wanted to try and save face by putting it down herself. it was her fucking choice to do it and yes it opened doors for her to do other shitty movies she should be grateful.

  26. 26

    Hollywood doesn't need another Gwynneth.

  27. 27

    I still love her!!

  28. 28

    Team Heigl! That movie DID portray women as controling and naggy, while the men are allowed to be cute, bumbling, lovable fools in eternal adolesence. The thing is Rogen and Apatow CAN'T

  29. 29

    Love you Seth Rogen!!

  30. 30

    Seth Rogen IS more lovable than Katherine Heigl!
    There I said it!

  31. 31

    i like katherine but hes right! the ugly truth is just as if not more 'sexist' than knocked up

  32. 32

    The thing is Rogen and Apatow CAN'T write decent or sypathetic female roles. They aren't exactly sexist; they just don't really "get" women or their motivations. I wish them luck at creating better female characters in their new films though.

  33. 33

    The Movie Knocked Up was based on Jude's actually experience with his wife when she got pregnant. Maybe she is a controlling beast, but that was how he seen it. AND his wife was in the movie as Paul Rudd's wife. She OBVIOUSLY knew that Heigel's character was based on her. Watch the commentaries of the movies…they actually make note that some of the dialog came directly from Leslie and her families mouths!
    AND if U read the script, U obviously like and want to be in the film. U appear stupid to talk shit later.

  34. YUCK says – reply to this


    come to think of it I hate seth rogaine, jud apatow, heigl, sandler films. they just arent that funny to me, but hell they make money.

  35. 35

    Why are they bustin on her for speaking a fact???? It does not undermine the movie if the characters are bitches or snobs or full of themselves… so why are these pussies so fucking offended. In every movie there's the good guy and bad guy. Fucking eh. Hollywood Jews are so fucking affected.

  36. 36

    At the time, I thought Katherine Heigl's comments about "Knocked Up" were so ungrateful and bitchy.
    Now I feel the same way about Seth Rogen's remarks! He's basically funny, but very one-track minded in all his movies. He is beginning to be repetitious and is inching toward arrogance.
    All involved need to shut up and appreciate their lavish paychecks .. especially at a time when so many Americans are really hurting.

  37. 37


  38. 38

    Heigle is a fucking dirty pirate hooker that needs to shut her damn mouth. she has no respect for the people that pay her millions of dollars to do great movies, i dont see why ANYONE wants to hire her anymore. she is ungrateful and talentless. i hope she gets hit by a truck full of hot garbage.

  39. 39

    oh my god… it was a movie with two females in it. These women were portrayed a certain way to get a point across, it's called contrast. It doesn't mean that they are saying all women are like that in anywayz. People are so retarded

  40. 40

    Love Seth Rogen! Katherine Heigl can go suck a tit! She wouldn't have a movie career if it weren't for Seth and Judd!

  41. 41

    hahahaha…that's funny! Seth has always said what he felt and while it may eventually bit him in the ass…he's still calling the truth. After all…Heigle has talked shit about almost ALL her jobs. Can't deny the truth, most are just not bold enough to say it!

  42. 42

    5 years, no one will know who she was.
    No one will want to work with her, and she has to realize that if she's going to trash-talk her films.

  43. 43

    She is turning out to be a real bitch..

  44. 44

    First of all, Knocked Up isn't even remotely degrading toward women, if anything it frowns upon men who don't care about anything but having fun (smoking pot, taking shrooms, going on trips to vegas to get butterfly kisses from strippers) disregarding priorities (not reading the baby books when they're about to be a father, not having a job, thinking that a porn site would actually be a steady source of income) and being pretty reckless in general (farting on someone's pillow and giving them pink-eye, etc.). Meanwhile the women in this story are EXTREMELY strong, and in a sense, wear the pants. Like Heigl's character's sister, for example. She had Paul Rudd's character on a really tight leash, and Heigl's character actuallly asserting her rights as a woman by keeping the baby. It was refreshing to see women assume such powerful roles next to these neanderthal-esque roles played by Rogen, who is actually one of the funniest men in Hollywood. The Ugly Truth if by far depicts stereotypical American women who have one track minds: pleasing men. Whether it be by unbuttoning their shirt, opting for the tighter fitting outfit or even deep throating a hot dog, Heigl's character makes a mockery of the roles women ought to assume, painting this portrait that makes women feel obligated to do such things. Regardless, I love Heigl

  45. 45

    I want to like her so bad because I feel she has good morals and a healthy image but jeez idk I just cant like her because she sounds like she thinks shes better and above everything. She could show some gratitude. What was up with her speech saying i worked my ass off for this, and bitching about working long hours? Like shes the only actress that works hard, in fact she probably works less then a lot of other actresses seriously get over yourself

  46. VGirl says – reply to this


    Re: jjcc924 – maybe…but if you find a movie "sexist" why would you do it? just to be in a movie?…ok then make the movie and shut up

  47. VGirl says – reply to this


    Re: mbhispanicpanic – OMG I agree 100% I thouht the same….men look pretty bad while women can be strong an powerful as a stay home mom or a career woman, and also true for the ugly truth, so IDK what she saw? but I don't love her like u hehehehe for me is ….whatever..

  48. 48

    Her comment was right! Her character was naggy and so was her sister. I like Seth Rogen and all but he acts like he is the funniest person in the world, like hes some sort of God. The more he opens his mouth the more he seems like a bitter asshole who is super sensitive.

  49. 49

    Katherine Heigl proved what an ungrateful person she is with Grey's Anatomy too. Btw, "The Ugly Truth" looks absolutely terrible!!!

  50. 50

    Re: mbhispanicpanic – A-FRIGGIN'-MEN.
    Oh, and Seth was dead on about Heigl and her vibrating panties. What an idiot.

  51. 51

    All these people take themselves sooooo seriously. Really, Heigl is annoying, Seth Rogen is overexposed and Judd Apatow is overrated(I loved Step Brothers though, ’twas hilarious.). They are all equally douchey. And women kind of are stupid(squirrely is a more accurate term) and that's coming from a female. Hollywooders need to stop taking themselves so seriously and enjoy it while it lasts because it won't last long.

  52. 52

    Please get off the "i hate katherine heigl" kick, perez. i think your a cool guy and all, but all of this hating somebody for no good reason is getting me fed up. you say some pretty controversial shit yourself, okay? she is a descent human being, and i would think you would be on her side since she is a gay rights supporter. i never thought id say this but i wish carrie prejean was back so you could kick her around instead of this girl.

  53. Laura says – reply to this


    Yeah, it was their movie and it made her a hit, but give her some credit, she was the star - does that mean she has kiss their feet forever? Yeah, knocked-up was kinda sexist, most dirty sex comedies are.

  54. 54

    First off, it seems as if Seth Rogen's been in a couple of altercations lately, with this and the thing about "Entourage"…

    Second, finally someone called out Ms. Heigl. I think she's a talented, pretty lady, but some of the stuff she says really pisses me off sometimes. Seriously, the audacity that she had to call out Apatow (not that I don't agree with the sentiment though; his movies don't have fleshed-out female characters, but she could've said the same thing in a different way) and the next movie she did was completely offensive and hypocritical of her own "beliefs"- "27 Dresses" is horrendous and portrays negative stereotypes that…somehow don't bother Heigl because… maybe she was the star? Maybe because she got all the glory? Maybe because the film was written by women (much like the terrible-looking "Ugly Truth")? Whatever it was, it was really sickening for her to back up that trash and discredit her role in a good film.

  55. 55

    " professionalism"
    Do you even know what that is mario?

  56. 56

    katherine has always been rude….maybe someone should remind her of her days doing Disney and other made for TV movies

  57. 57

    i was a fan of heigl until i saw her recent letterman interview…she was bashing grey's SO much, i really lost respect for her

  58. 58

    She really needs to back the fuck off.

  59. 59

    WOW.. they just keep on finding new ways to promote movies nowadays.

  60. 60

    katherine heigl sucks

  61. 61

    I like both Seth and Katherine, but im glad she was so honest and didnt kiss ass. I saw Knocked Up again last week, and she had a point. The guys were off in Vegas getting high, while the girls were portrayed as uptight, controlling bitches.
    And wow, way to preach professionalism, Perez! Because thats something you know all about right???? *rolls eyes*

  62. 62

    katherine=go the fuck away you ugly whore

  63. 63

    And Perez … what do you know about professionalism?

  64. 64

    ok wow i'm so confused lol!!!
    i love Seth Rogen! haha

  65. 65

    Seth Rogan needs to shut his mouth. I cant stand this fatass or most of his opinions.

  66. 66

    She should be kissing their ass. If it wasn't for the movie somebody would still be under the delusion that she was the hot-shit on Grey's.

  67. 67

    GO AWAY.

  68. 68

    i need to watch that movie. i havent checked it out yet…

  69. 69

    women are shrews, don't make it seem like you're not. Im not talking about giving it up to anyone but once you have that one, witholding sex to get your way, get the fuck out of here.

  70. 70

    seems she believes her own pr

  71. 71

    dam i like her but this is retarded hahahaa

  72. 72

    these 2 are still talking about her two years after the movie was out, which is about 3 years after the movie was made. get over it guys.

  73. 73

    Re: hannahmay – she has more talent than you ever will.

  74. 74

    Seth Rogan is FAT and UGLY and yes the movie "knocked up" was sexist. I'm sick and tired of seeing movies like this one. The guy is a nerd but 'lovable' , the girl is way out of his league and can have whomever she wants but she goes for the nerd. Bollocks, i wouldn't sleep with Rogan even if the human race depended on it.

  75. 75

    I agree!

  76. 76

    If it was just the one comment about sexism I'd say lay off. But wow, bitch just loooooves to say the meanest, snottiest shit she can. If anyone ever meets her and she pays you a compliment for some reason don't be shocked if it's along the lines of "You're not as ugly as you looked at first glance" or some other incredibly back handed compliment.