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Put A Little Effort Into It, Will Ya???

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Seriously, someone needs to help Kelly Clarkson.

She's supposed to be a superstar! Her job requires her to sing and look good.

And she can't even afford a good stylist???

Friday, Clarkson performed live on Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series at Rumsey Playfield in New York City.

And she decided to go on dressed like THAT.

On national television!


Kelly, bb, we get that the focus is on the music, but if the clothes are so bad - that's distracting!

[Image via PNP/WENN.]

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180 comments to “Put A Little Effort Into It, Will Ya???”

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  1. 101

    People need to chill with the comments on her weight… Sure she looked great when she was thinner, but it looks like this is her natural size. She doesn't look slobby or obese. She actually looks well toned for someone her size, so that suggests she does work out and eat healthy.

    That said… I agree with Perez on her wardrobe. There are lots of options for big girls nowadays. Jennifer Hudson, Raven Simone and Queen Latifah never seem to have a problem dressing. She needs a new stylist. Her hair is a fried mess too.

  2. 102

    she's true! What's the matter with that? NOT LIKE YOUR LADY GAGA!

  3. 103

    Hmm..the last time I checked, Bruce Springsteen doesn't have a "stylist." He wears jeans and t shirts, and who gives a rat's ass how he looks. He PERFORMS! That is all that matters. Looks does not an artist make, loser.

  4. 104

    She didn't exactly get a great record deal from Clive. I mean, come on. AI pays Ryan Secrest and Simon C and that's it!

  5. sdco says – reply to this


    Who cares!
    It's just clothes… you're so superficial it's insane. Where's the love?

  6. Jules says – reply to this


    she looks fine.. shit like this is the reason people are so fucked in this country.. shes adorable and her talent is amazing.. why do you even care what the fuck she wears

  7. 107

    Mario if it was Beth Ditto you would say she looks hot, fierce fabosh! You are such an asshole. BTW look at yourself you beached whale. Aighttt?

  8. 108

    her job is NOT to "look good" thats for models and sexsymbols…she has an amazing voice and it's so funny that it's people like u who break down such a talented woman's self esteem….face it dude you're not hot, you're not even presentable.

  9. taday says – reply to this


    ditto! music is great but i can't even hear it cause i am so distracted by her appearance!! it would be one thing if she was just fat but woman needs a stylist!!! BAD!!

  10. 110

    I think she looks amazing. she has a spectacular ass

  11. 111

    The issue is not just her size but her clothing choices. Trisha Yearwood, Jennifer Hudson, Adele, Aretha Franklin…there are plenty of successful plus size women but they work with a stylist to make sure that they have flattering clothing options. Just because Kelly is big doesn't mean that she can't make an effort to dress better.

  12. 112

    perez like wtf? can you stop knocking people for a change? the only reason you make money on this damn website is because you make fun of other people. LEAVE KELLY ALONE! she's a normal human being. at least she doesn't deny she's heavier like jessica simpson does.

    oh yeah–perez, you look like shit half the time, sooo i suggest you get a stylist and fix that freakin' insane hair you've got going on. then maybe people will actually take you seriously.

  13. 113

    Perez you are such an asshole and a hypocrite. You slam Lindsay Lohan for being too skinny and then you slam Kelly for being too "fat" get a life asshole. This is what real women look like!! Those airbrushed crack hoes you in in the mags are not real. I love the fact that Kelly doesn't give a shit what dicks like you think. She's real and normal!! So fuck anyone who says she's "fat!"

  14. 114

    leave her alone Perez damn…she is incredibly talented and honest and genuine something that 99.99 of the industry is not and she is pretty too & incredibly sweet …TEAM KELLY 4EVER!

  15. 115

    It is not just her look. (She would look better if she had someone prof. dressing her) BUT she sounded very rough too!

  16. 116

    the kettle just called the pot black there hunnie.
    just because you be-dazzle a pink tshirt doesn't make you hot.
    ps: you is fat too, and ugly.
    Don't get it twisted, you DO NOT look good, cuz you makin' money.

  17. 117

    she got freakin FAT! when did this happen!?

  18. 118

    Glad to see I wasn't the only one who thinks she's got a bun in the oven…and I don't mean she ATE it…

  19. 119

    kelly Clackson is so pretty and so so talented actually the best talented singer american idol has manage to find but i must agree that kelly has let her self go i mean she doesn't have to b a size 0 or 2 but maybe maybe a size which is not going to put her in the gossip blog or call her fat but i mean she isn't actually a htown robbot she likes to keep it real but just cut down in the pizza

  20. 120

    BE KELLY DITTO!!! ;)

  21. 121

    Look who's talking

  22. 122

    Re: LoveSlut – so is your nose, fuck off bitch and when u get famous maybe we can point out whats wrong with you.

  23. 123

    I dont really feel the outfits too but she dressing dumpy and there's so many new cute designs that would fit kelly well like the sweater why could you pair up with a cute dress and sockings! This is what you wear on a casual kels!!!! something must be getting her down . :(

  24. 124

    I think you al need to stop being so damn shallow. It's people like you that cause others to go on crash diets, and hurt themselves bein anorexic or bulimic. The media focuses so much on how a person looks. Kelly is a good singer and I dn't think she looks that bad. She put on a few pounds…ooooh shoot her now!!! She violate some major code that says u have to be a skinny ass bitch to have a singing career!! Honestly people are so disappointing. I love you Perez but sometimes you say things that make me have to stop and think what the hell is wrong with you.

  25. 125

    FIRE THE STYLIST,PRONTO!!!-her clothes look ill fitting and cheap,ok shes a curvy girl,but her clothes make her look bigger than she really is.Damn if I could just give this girl a 50's pin up inspired make over she would look so smokin hot you wouldnt even notice shes carrying some extra junk in her trunk at the moment!

  26. Topsy says – reply to this


    Shut the fuck up, Perez.
    She looks gorgeous.
    Not everyone has to hire a god damn stylist, you piece of shit.
    I used to like this site, but you make me so angry with your bullshit now, you fat fuck.

  27. 127

    Mario von Gaga Perez.. you need to check yo' self. You are just saying this shit to get your clicks, I know how advertising works, I work in the business. I will have to say that maybe you need to pay attention to your audience (especially the comments they leave) and stop picking upon people who do not deserve to be ridiculed for weight gain or any other reasons. You are going to lose your audience to a 19 year old internet blogger who actually has something nice to say. You were (are still) overweight, you know how it feels to be picked on. Don't think that you are getting revenge on the kids in high school who picked on you by slamming Kelly Clarkson. Don't think that the kids from high school are jealous of you now, because all you have become is a bitter person in a thinner body. Just some words from someone who is quite fucking fabulous.. AND NICE all at the same time.. imagine that?

  28. 128

    I'm getting really sick and tired of the pop music world and everything it represents. The phony, sleazy, superficial mediocrity of it all. The mind numbing boredom of tired old formulas repeated ad infinitum, ad nauseum. The over-reliance on sex to sell talentless famewhores who can't sing. Gimmicks presented as "art". There are very few really good things left in pop music and Kelly Clarkson is one of them. Mario, take a good look in the mirror if you want to see an aromatic steaming pile of total ugliness. Kelly Clarkson is beautiful.

  29. 129

    Dear Perez's Sister…

    You are pretty ,uch as much of an ass as your stupid brother.

    This article is a pot calling a kettle black. You are (how can I put this nicely?) fugly! But…you can comment on others?

    Kelly Clarkson has more talent in her pinky than you and your brother's asses combined!

  30. 130

    Re: BeautifulBrunnette69 – Hey there. She has put on a little weight. That could be from the tours where they eat terrible. I think she will pull herself together in the end. You look great!

  31. 131

    Shut up perez. Kelly REALLY has talent. She's paid to sing. That's where you get it wrong. Singer's sing, who cares what they wear?

  32. 132

    Stop being a fucking hypocrite. You embrace Beth Ditto, right? What's wrong with Kelly? I guess some chubs just aren't hipster enough.

  33. 133

    Kelly is GORGEOUS inside and out. Definitely the type of girl our younger girls should look up too. Once again Perez disses anything that isn't shiny plastic and shallow as a kiddie pool. He always wanted to be the catty popular girl in high school and now he gets the chance to act like one - pfftt.


  34. 134

    does it matter what her weight is! or her clothes! pop music that focuses on appearance isn't music at all.

  35. lolli says – reply to this



  36. 136

    i have more respect for an artist who can actually sing. she's a TRUE role model. true to herself and her fans.

  37. 137

    She doesn't need to go on a strict diet but she does need to exercise for health purposes and at least TRY to look halfway decent. The girl can sing her heart out but she IS a famous entertainer and the FIRST american idol so she needs represent herself with a bit more class and prominence!

  38. 138

    so what!!!!!i cant stand it when celebrities say, 'oh,i dont care about putting on weight!i eat what i want!!!' but they're skinny lil' creatures.at least kelly means it!!!!and yes,i love her not cos shes the most fashionable or slimmest person around but ITS HER MUSIC AND VOICE THAT MAKES ME LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!which means that shes got true talent to make people lover her.imagine miley cyrus fat and sloppy,will you all like her???NO!COS SHE OBVIOUSLY HASNT GOT THE TALENT!dont say yes,you're lying

  39. 139

    hahaha, I love when Perez's SISTEr does the posts, you can tell the ones that she does, cause she alwasy dissing girls…so funny for you to jump on others for the same shit you do….so so classy!

  40. 140

    Re: marie-eve – Good observation Marie, except its Perez's SISTER who is making those posts…truly a SICK SICK family, really

  41. 141

    shut the fuck up perez. you can only wish your lame ass record label will even come close to selling as many albums as kelly clarkson. and what about your precious lady gaga? talk about distracting clothing. fireworks coming out of your tits is a too much right?

  42. 142

    damnnn she let herself go!

  43. 143

    Who gives a fuck. What if she doesn't want a sylist? Ever think of that one? You look like a fool half the time too. You are what….30? You still dress like a 12 year old girl….but you hate on Mariah for the same thing. Guess you were the ugly fat bitch that nobody wanted to talk to…and now you are lashing out on the public. Sheesh….

  44. 144

    She is absolutey gorgeous the way she is…
    Are tyou saying only Stick Figure B!tches can be called
    If so, you are fuqing stupid…
    And Shallow…
    And Full Of Sh!t

  45. 145

    I'm pretty slim, but if I ever look like a pencil, some one please kill me….
    I would hate to wake up in the morning and see nothing but bones…
    I already hate that I can see my fuqing ribs…

  46. 146

    I saw her on GMA yesterday and I have to say that her ass and thighs were absolutely HUGE. She looks fine from the waist up but her thighs and ass are massive. She was dressed kind of sloppy which I don't care about but I just couldn't get over how fat her lower half was. I love Kelly's music but come on, if she's going to perform in public she needs to be a little more careful about her weight.

  47. 147

    i don't think the clothes are that bad..more her body. sorry, i love you kelly but please eat healthier and hit the gym, you are not looking very healthy

  48. 148

    she needs to spend a few more hours on the stairmaster if she's gonna keep bangin' all those doughnuts…

  49. 149

    Please, please, go easy on Kelly. I was never a fan of hers, but my opinion changed in the summer of 2007. My 4-year-old niece, who was dying of brain cancer, absolutely LOVED Kelly. Thanks to the Front Row Foundation, my niece was able to go backstage at one of Kelly's shows and meet her. I've never seen anything more beautiful than the ear-to-ear smile my niece had when she met Kelly. And Kelly was kind, not at all snobbish, and gave all her attention to my niece during her time backstage. Kelly's a human being. Don't hold her up to the plastic standards of other celebs.

  50. 150

    Leave her alone!
    You dress worse than her and nobody cares!

  51. 151

    I think she looks great, good on ya Kelly xox

  52. 152

    Kelly you sing like an angel - but - you look like shit!!

  53. 153

    She could sing fore real not like those wiggs, fishnet wannab!

  54. 154

    Perez, you are an asshole. You seriously need counseling. I am counting down the days til you get punched in the face again. Why do you always need to say such nasty things about people just because they are in the public eye? Being a talented singer and being a size 2 do not go hand in hand - didn't anyone ever tell you?

    And do you not read these comments? Don't you see that more than half the comments on most of your posts are telling you to shut your mouth and stop being a jerk? People liked you at first, but we are turning on you for your snide comments and lack of talent or empathy.

  55. 155

    What happen to her? Is she pregnant or something? Her belly on one photo is huge.

  56. 156

    Yeah I agree that the clothes dont matter but shes in need of some help. She would look skinnier if she wore the right clothes.

  57. 157

    Perez, I hope you get AIDS and die. Just because Kelly isn't dressing in some fucked up Kermit outfit like your whore lady gag-a (who by the way, can't sing HALF as well as kelly on a great day) it's distracting? is she not paying you to say something nice about her or something?

  58. 158

    she just needs to dress a little better fr her size…

  59. 159

    Maybe you should SHUT UP Perez! Atleast she can sing unlike all these little stupid b****s in the music industry these days so accually think before you write something PEREZ! >:(

  60. 160

    she is always messy

  61. royce says – reply to this


    shut the fuck up

  62. 162

    she's gotten kinda…BIG

  63. 163

    She really has let herself go… but at least she can sing although, sadly, without a good image (aka a stylist) not as many people are gonna buy into her. Just saying. If Britney Spears started doing concerts in flannel shirts and mom jeans would she be as successful? No.

  64. 164

    Because kelly has actual talent. Not that you would know anything about that perez.

  65. 165

    Come on people…to say you don't see nothing wrong with her size is ridiculous! You know you do! You're either one of the fat people that has problems with weight yourself and Perez hit a little too close to home, or you're one those people who think just because you say something, it makes it fact…IMO, either way you're wrong!! It isn't mean to sit here and say "Wow, she's getting big!" Cuz she is!! I mean lighten up people……it would be mean to stick a camera in her face and say to her directly, "Kelly you're getting big girl!" ? THAT would be mean! Anyone who says she looks "fine" is out of their mind….

  66. 166

    i would rather see her wearing something that EVERYDAY people wear.
    you bag her out for wearing this, yet applaud lady gaga for wearing a leotard and stockings.?
    explain pleasE?

  67. 167

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind


  68. 168

    wow dont she have a album out she look like wow she let her self go even though she has no stylist she's really that helplesss she can't put on an cute outfit to go in public ..and wow she put on some pounds …

  69. 169

    Wow…finally a NORMAL/AVERAGE sized girl in the spotlight, and she gets ripped a new one for not looking like the lollipop-headed size 2 girls!!

    Kelly sends a NORMAL image to young girls…showing them that all sizes are beautiful. Sure, by fashion model standards she is heavy…but by average american standards she is normal. Funny how all the size 13/14 or larger jeans are ALWAYS all gone @ the shops, but there are racks and racks of size 0 to 4 in the clearance sections….go figure!! Dont worry Kelly…..just you keep on being you!! She looks good, nuff said.

  70. 170

    Leave her alone. She is a normal girl. If this was a male rock star, no one would say a thing about what he was wearing. Shut up Perez, you have no taste yourself!!!!!

  71. 171

    seriously..she looks pregnant,doesnt she?
    well..shes on the best way to get the same figure like beth dito
    i dont like her and her music..too emotional and always the same shit,sry

  72. 172

    Why does she need a stylist. I like Kelly the way she is. She is an all American girl, one of us. Kelly has her own style, not like that horrible Jessica Simpson who demands 25,000 an episode so she can look good. She has talent and I love her recent Album.

  73. 173

    leave kelly alone perez ur one to talk. kelly has an amazing voice thats all thats important! she can sing better then pretty much every famous female singer out there. she can dress how she wants to dress. lay off.

  74. 174

    Dude!! Perez im starting NOT to like you leave Kelly the Fu*k alone! Shes sold over 20 million albums she can do whatever the hell she wants!

  75. 175

    I like her. She seems normal, relatable, likeable. Nothin like you then.

  76. YasJJ says – reply to this


    maybe she is pregnant :O
    that's why she is so fat now.
    I really don't know XD

  77. 177


  78. 178


  79. 179

    I personally think she looks amazing…

  80. YasJJ says – reply to this


    she looks healthier than ever. and she sings so good.
    Perez you're such a sick jealous bitch.

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