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Brits Want To Ban Photoshopping!

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In the past, famous British actresses have spoken out against being airbrushed - like Keira Knightly and Kate Winslet, and now liberal Dems in Britain are trying to ban airbrushed images in general!

While this has been a conversation for a while, apparently people are irked by recent Oil of Olay ads featuring supermodel Twiggy looking glowy and taut and incredible for her age. 

Just days ago, however, there were photos of the older model shopping around town and she looked much more… natural: wrinkles, jowls, you know, aged

Now lawmakers are concerned about the effect this has on young women and girls.

Jo Swinson, the MP for East Dunbartonshire said, "Today's unrealistic idea of what is beautiful means that young girls are under more pressure now than they were even five years ago.  Airbrushing means that adverts contain completely unattainable images that no one can live up to in real life." 

True!  If you think about it, it's kind of false advertising.  Misleading the consumer! We doubt they'll ever ban all photoshopping, but they have a point.  Airbrushing has gotten ridiculous.

The thing is, we think that Twiggy looks pretty good for her age in the unairbrushed pic. She's 60 after all. But can you imagine what America would do if photoshopping was banned?

What would Mariah Carey look like?????

[Image via WENN.]

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63 comments to “Brits Want To Ban Photoshopping!”

  1. 1

    That would be neat to see. But we never will..

  2. 2

    I agree.. Ban it.. we all need the real reality. NOT! Fantasy is important, if you are dumb enough to think we are all too be perfect, you deserve your path of self destruction.. LOL

  3. 3

    No we don't. Keep photoshop, it's only art.

  4. 4

    finally! it's been ridiculous for a long while now..

  5. 5

    in adverts like this it shouldnt be allowed as you could never achieve such results by using the product therefore it IS false advertising

  6. 6

    What would YOU look like?! In Mariah's defense, she looks amazing for a 40 year old (unairbrushed). Her skin is flawless and she has almost no wrinkles. Sure, they tend to make her thinner when she's curvier (like now), but it's not like they make her look waif-like and I know tons of women that would kill for her unphotoshopped body. I'd actually say she sets a great example as a perfectly healthy-looking celebrity. Yeah, she's been overweight before, but that certainly hasn't been the case in the past few years.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    It won't work.. Even when you change the light it's already photoshopped.. And without airbrushing it won't look good.
    People really need to realize that all the photo's you see are photoshopped.. It's fake.. Who cares? Commercials are fake too! Everythng is.. Deal with it..
    Nobody wants to see a face with zits, rinkles and everything else..

  9. 9

    Please! Long before PhotoShop photographers were airbrushing photos and doing development techniques in a photo lab for ads and magazines. Why don't people get a clue and realize that most ads are just fake anyway!? Plus, you can still do tricks with lighting and makeup, should that be banned as well? What next? Only Polaroid film is allowed?

  10. 10

    I would love to see Naomi Campbell, Jancie Dickinson, Tyra Banks, etc… unairbrushed. It might be eye opening to many what they look like au naturel.

  11. 11

    I think this is an excellent idea. It's incredibly difficult to grow up in our society as a female, knowing that you are constantly measured by a standard that even celebrities have to be photoshopped to meet. I think the photoshopping and airbrushing has gotten out of control in many areas, it's not just advertising. The thing is, the ad companies WANT us to feel insecure so that we will buy their products believing that they will help us measure up. I was reading an issue of Cosmo once at the doctors and they had a small story saying that large breasts are out and don't look good with modern fashions. Three pages later, they were advertising some fancy push up bra, saying that small breasts are unattractive and need a boost. They don't want any of us to be happy with what we have and feel self confident. I wish we could come to accept ourselves as we are and celebrate our natural appearance instead of always trying to be something we're not. We'd all be happier for it and we'd waste less time on things that don't really matter.

  12. 12

    Twiggy doesn't even look like Twiggy in the advertisment! That's terrible! I agree with the thought that photoshopping has gone to far! People don't have perfect skin. People don't have perfect butts or boobs or backs. It's time to get real.

  13. 13


    I'm so sick of hearing these fat, ugly, bloated, pimply, wrinkled, FAT men complain about women not being "hot" enough for them when they look worse than the women they are complaining about!! LOL.

  14. 14

    Please, retouching has been around from the beginning of photography. Maybe it was done using different tools but it was done.
    Get over it people.
    Get mad at the company that allowed such hack work!

  15. 15

    Re: Verity – Pull your thumb out of your ass! You will always be judged! Period!

  16. 16


  17. 17

    whats the point companies will only find unrealistically gorgeous people who dont need airbrushing to feature in their add campaigns and people will feel even worse :S either that or they'l smuther them in makeup and i can't see anybody banning that now.

  18. 18

    It should not be allowed to advertise beauty products where the product didn't produce the "beauty" in the ad. It's a great ad for Photoshop (software) but it isn't telling about the Olay and what it can do. This is indeed "false".

  19. 19

    Re: CittyKat – so true. i know an older women who is married and is always fixing herself up and trying to look young and work out because she says her husband wouldn't like her BUT her husband is disgusting and ugly with a huge beer belly LOL

  20. 20

    yeah i agree. drop the photoshop.
    i think they should be allowed to change lighting maybe.
    but alter someones face and body? no.
    it is in a sense false advertising.

  21. 21

    hMM.. Banning airbrushing is stupid.

  22. 22

    Maybe not eliminate it completely, but when it gets to the point of A person being photoshopped so much that it doesn't even slightly resemble them, then it's time to let up..

  23. 23

    Ban it. Then I'll never have to see Nicole Kidman on a magazine cover ever again.

  24. 24

    as much as I devour randomnly, I do not eat photoshopped distorted humans.
    they leave me constipated.

  25. 25

    i agree. i sure would raise the self esteem of many young girls and..fuck it..all women

  26. 26

    the only thing i like to photoshop out are pimples because they are temporary, but yea in some countries for some ads they take out laugh lines and crows feet and general eye smile wrinkles you name it, its ridiculous

  27. 27

    Re: SWEETPIECE! – sweetpiece imposter.

  28. 28

    If photoshopping were banned, the makeup and beauty industry would go bankrupt. BTW there isn't any "kind of" false advertising about the Twiggy ad for Olay. It IS 100% false advertising plain and simple.

  29. 29

    Yes it should be banned. This is the reason why there's so much plastic surgery out there. Actresses are trying to look like they do in magazines, and regular people are emulating the way actors look. Besides often photoshop looks terrible making people look too slim, and their faces look different. Most actresses look better before the photoshop like the Kardashian sisters. Mariah on the other hand, she's a special case, (jk).

  30. 30

    Looks nothing like her. Honestly I thought it was Olivia Newton John in the top pic.

  31. 31

    I don't think it should be banned, but maybe a regulation would be something to consider.

  32. 32

    women are pathetic they airbrush men all the time do you here them worrying about men and the way look how can you ban something like this everybody is so overly sensitive this day in age makes me wish i was born hundreds of years ago where i could swear and fart and not hearing anyone whine bout it and want to make against the law

  33. fiera says – reply to this


    Yes that would be great. People looking human again!!!

  34. 34

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  35. 35

    YES!!! Please do that! I SOOOOOOO wish the USA would do the same thing. It's false advertising and should not be allowed!! Celebs are nothing but piles of fakeness from their hideous plastic surgery faces, fake bolt-on b00bs, fake hair, fake glued-on eyelashes, etc, etc. SOOOOO sick and tired of the fake beauty. Even their fingernails are glued-on plastic FAKES!!

  36. 36

    Without airbrushing, people would soon realize that you are really Jaba the Hut

  37. tomsj says – reply to this


    So, once you decide to ban Photoshop, where do you stop? Should you also ban hair coloring, because you have to believe that what you see in Twiggy's unretouched photo isn't her natural color at 60? Do you ban makeup? What about Botox? Plastic surgery? Does anyone believe that Joan Rivers actually looks like Joan Rivers. Or, is it just that Photoshop makes it so easy?

  38. 38

    photoshopping is so ridiculous. people age. people wrinkle up. people sag. normal. normal. i don't get it.

  39. 39

    For heaven's sake, haven't British MPs got anything more important to worry about, like maybe the collapse of the world economy and the impending fall of Gordon Brown? Who will save the children from airbrushing?!!! Honestly.

  40. 40

    Mariah would still look FAT

  41. 41

    Nice idea, but never ever gonna happen

  42. 42

    if the US stopped the airbrushing, the greatest result would be the increase in self esteem of the american female.

  43. 43

    i like twiggy more in the pic below that poster. btw: i think that using playback should also be banned>>>> bye britney!!! ;)

  44. 44

    no it's not a good idea. yet again it happens to be the brits complaining. I'd rather see someone look stunningly beautiful on a billborad than just average. people judge you on looks, no matter what anyone says. end of.

  45. 45

    Re: Verity – "It's incredibly difficult to grow up in our society as a female, knowing that you are constantly measured by a standard that even celebrities have to be photoshopped to meet." Give me a break, "it is incredibly difficult", no it isn't. These ad campaings are almost all to do with fantasy, so don't take them too seriously.

  46. 46

    Re: Loli-to-the-Pop – Great idea!!!!! Ban lip synching!!!!! Then Britney would be over!!!!

  47. 47

    I think its a great idea to ban it! At least photographers would be working on creating great photos, instead of airbrushing crappy ones. I think there should be this banner "This image is airbrushed." like they put it on cigarette packs, lol. This is bad for your mental health.

  48. 48

    To many ugly fuckers making money in the beauty market that look like a bag of spanners. Kate Moss close up looks about 80 so why is she selling beauty products to 12 year olds??? I all smells of lies and bullshit.

  49. 49


  50. 50

    I'm with the Brits - Airbrushing that heavily (as in to alter the image) in advertising should be considered 'false advertising' along with making the usual brand of written or verbal false claims. Stretching the truth with words or stretching the truth with software or an airbrush, what's the difference? The difference is the image is much more powerful - and there advertisers KNOW IT. They have found a new way to lie, and they won't give it up easily.

  51. 51

    Re: BooBoo99 – Trust me you wouldn't want to see Naomi Cambell au naturalle.. she is a moose in real life I've seen her..

  52. 52

    Hm. Interesting. :)

  53. 53

    Not to mention it's fraudulent advertising!

  54. 54

    I totally agree about the ban on photoshop. Many young girls are not aware that this is done to pretty much all "staged" photo shoots..even gullible women fall for the hype of "face lifts" in a bottle.
    What is wrong wih aging? It is a natural process pre-ordained by God.
    If you are a "star" or some type of celebrity, and you have TRULT devoted fans, they wll like you no matter what.
    Stop the BS!

  55. 55

    I DID forget to add that in cases such as yours, where the person is so ham bone ugly, that they scare the general public with horrifying photographs, then by ALL means, photoshop! Getting rid of flat out ugliness is NOT the same as editing out the beautiful process of natural aging.

  56. 56

    It's false advertising. You can't advertise a wrinkle cream and say that it eradicates wrinkles when what is eradicating wrinkles is Photoshop. As an analogy, you can't sell a drug and say that it will cure you of cancer when it won't. If the latter is illegal, so is the former.

  57. 57

    goes to show the product dont work ! LMAO

  58. 58

    So well said. People need to get over this 'it's not fair, they get photoshoped' bs because that is what advertising is about!!!

    Shouldn't we ALL know by know that what we see in mags and billboards isn't what people actually look like. *I* have yet to come across a teen who doesn't realise that retouching is done. I'm sure there are many out there but **give them some credit**

    37 also makes a good point. Where do we draw the line if this happens?

  59. 59

    Madonna's in some real trouble. Photoshop is the only way she can look under 40.

  60. 60

    Photoshopping has gotten totally out of control. Nothing wrong with "touching up" photos, but it has become ridiculously unrealistic and just plain
    Anyone that thinks Twiggy, at 59 years old, actually looks like this first picture here, needs to learn the difference between fake and real-world!!

  61. 61

    Re: polaroid – oh yeah its just 'art' that misleads young girls and gives people body-dysmorphia, turns some anorexic and puts youth under increasing pressure to be perfect, doesn't sound much like art to me.

  62. 62

    Airbrushing is ok I think, but when you're airbrushing someone and selling an anti-aging product, I think it is definitely false advertising. How hard is it to find a young looking older woman? I'm 40 and no one ever thinks I'm over 25.

  63. 63

    Re: GaGaEuphoria

    As someone who has been struggling with an eating disorder since junior high, I have to disagree. You would be amazed how many of us are suffering with bulimia and anorexia and you're daft if you think the image of the ideal woman that society presents has nothing to do with this. Girls understand that images are touched up, but it still doesn't always stop them from feeling insecure even though they know the images are altered. Studies have shown this time and time again.