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New VaneXXXa Hudgens Photos CONFIRMED As Real!

| Filed under: Exclusives!Oops!Vanessa Hudgens

What a slut!!!!!

We were uncertain whether the latest bunch of photos were real or not.

Well, they're definitely legit!!!!!

Lawyers for Vanessa Hudgens contacted PerezHilton.com and demanded that we remove the pics. They also claim that she was underage when these latest pics were taken. Naturally, we obliged and removed the images in question.

We're not sure we believe her attorney, but asserting that the pics were taken when Zacquisha's girlfriend was a minor is the most effective way to get the pictures removed from the Internets.

What are they gonna do when the sex tape comes out in a few years and she clearly isn't a minor????

Cuz it's only a matter of time until VaneXXXa really goes XXX!!!!!

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324 comments to “New VaneXXXa Hudgens Photos CONFIRMED As Real!”

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  1. 1

    right click…save as…..too late

  2. 2

    right click ..save as….email to world

  3. 3


  4. 4

    That Bitch need to get her act together! that's her prob!

  5. 5

    Rihanna had photos too and you still call her princess RiRi even though the bitch isnt princess of anyhthing.
    soo stfu!!..vanessas a pretty girl..and you can say shit about her as much as possible zack will still be with her because he dosnt care what you think.and even if they do break up ..he still wont want you..even if he turns gay..he still wont want you..so get over him!
    because its obvious hes the reason tht you dont like vanessa not the pix!.
    you jealous fucktard

  6. 6

    shes such a slut, i hate her!!

  7. 7

    Since when did taking a few naked snaps of yourself make you a slut? easy perez, easy.

  8. 8

    what a whoreeeeeee

  9. 9

    WHAT A SLUT!!! Seriously! Think she would have learned the first time. I guess this is the only way she stays in the limelight.

  10. 10

    haha she is not a minor in those pics you can see that!!! hahaha very smart vanessa

  11. 11

    MAJOR BITCH! =) eheh

    3rd round vaganessa?*.* hope so i wanna puke again please babe

  12. 12

    rofl, poor girl.

  13. 13

    I think that it's completely B.S. that stars like this will hide behind Child Pornography laws that are there to protect real victims. She did what she did and she should own up to it! How low of her.

  14. 14

    oh i knew they'd pull the 'remove those pictures, she was underage' card
    disney slut

  15. 15

    disney gave miley cyrus a really hard time when you can see this pics are even worse WHAT A ROLE MODEL

  16. 16

    Well…duh. They looked way more legit than the others that leaked a couple years back (which turned out to be real as well).

  17. 17

    They are kind of acting like it isn't her fault. She needs to wear clothes at all times. Maybe glue them onto her body?

  18. 18

    wow she is a slut and have very bad friends

  19. 19

    at least she didn't accuse anyone of faking a cardiac arrest when they were DEAD.

  20. 20

    Perez you are such a serious ass. When that director guy had naked pics that leaked you never ever called his ass a slut. Way to be reversed prejudice.

  21. 21

    doesn't surpise me..

  22. 22

    They sure make 'em classy at Disney.

    Miley Cyrus, step up to the plate!

  23. 23


  24. 24

    FUCK YOU PEREZ! Really, you should die! Stop talk about V.

  25. 25

    Wow.. Cannot believe that she is really that stupid to take pics like that knowing full well what could happen to her career. I am sick of these young girls trying to pretend they are all innocent when they really are just a dime a dozen slut…

  26. 26

    its a matter* of time not manor stupidass

  27. 27

    I wouldn't call her a slut…

    but she is almost 21… so these pictures are almost 4yrs old? Uh huh yeah I'm sure. Whatever… own up to it!

  28. 28


  29. 29

    its funny how they are trying to take down all the pictures on the web rofl

  30. 30

    shes still a slut(disney stars are supposed to set an example to teens)

    isnt her new movie soming out in like 2 weeks

    if people werent gonna go see it before, they defitnately arent gonna go now!!!!

  31. 31

    ofcourse they were real, I didn't want to comment earlier cause I knew she was a child when those pictures were taken. The whole thing was like child porn. Hey body look so young.

  32. 32

    trashy… too bad thats the only publicity her new movie is gonna get

  33. 33

    can't stand her, she's a tramp with NO talent.

  34. 34

    slut indeed… someone please put that girl out of her misery…lol

  35. 35

    i always knew she was a slut is her nature. She is def. shouldn't b on the disney channel is this the kind of skank the disney kids should associate themselves with!! every every unclassy whatevs

  36. 36


  37. 37

    What a slut!!!!!

  38. 38

    To me she looked older than the set before she just trying to get rid of the disney image.

  39. 39

    of course they are real. Why would they be real the 1st time but not the 2nd? vanessa likes to show off her tatas any chance she gets, she's obsessed w/ herself. One too many prepubescent idiots shrieking how much they worship her. She is such a tool.

  40. 40

    Can someone explain the meaning of " a manor of time"

  41. 41

    poor girl

  42. 42

    Minor or not. I don't get how anyone can be stupid enough to do naked pictures. Even if its for private use. But if you are famous, they will always be leaked magically :D .

  43. 43

    she looks older in these

  44. 44


  45. 45

    Re: Iconic_Stunner – So true.. :D

  46. 46

    LOOOOl heheh poor girl, you'd think she would have learned her lesson by now!!

  47. 47

    Zac may not be too happy.

  48. 48

    i don't care if people take nude pics but atleast be smart about it. you would think she would know better by now

  49. 49


  50. Unari says – reply to this


    They are pictures people. Get the fuck over it. I would love to see the kennel club behind some of these computer screens so quick to pass judgment. Perez, you only dislike her cause she is with Zac Efron. You will never have him or any of the other dudes you jack off about. Get over it.

  51. 51

    hehe I saw them! *vomit*

    By the way, you wrote "manor of time" when I believe you meant "matter of time".

  52. 52

    she's not a slut, Perez.

  53. 53

    shes so dumb, not that naked pictures make you a slut, but when ur in the spotlight and young girls look up 2u that just makes u fucking stupid.

  54. 54

    WOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, SO LAME! that's so stupid. wow, shes such a slut, f her.

  55. 55

    i heard they were taken in kindergarten. During nap time

  56. 56

    She's exactly why I don't let my kids get anything High School Musical!

  57. Clue says – reply to this


    WTF? Don't you learn the first time? She clearly needs to KEEP her clothes on.

  58. 58

    it was only a matter of time sorry vanessa, and perez you should be mad at ZAQUISHA for asking her to send him over all the pics cause yea i'm pretty sure it was his idea this website has the pics and the link to the nakey one POPDYNAMITE .COM

  59. 59

    They were just her Christmas card photos

  60. 60

    You are just further showing your true colors. Homophobic remarks to a heterosexual man and calling thoughtless underaged girl taking pictures of herself a slut.

    Zac Efron does not like your gayness, try to live with that and leave his true love out of your bashing machine.

    I am losing all respect that I had for you. A total scumbag..

  61. 61

    Tsk, tsk. What a dumb slut

  62. 62

    I can see the porn title now. High School Musical Threesome. Starring Display My Vadge

  63. 63

    Dont be jealous Perez…you would take them too but your afraid of what people would think about your mangina

  64. 64

    poor poor slutty vanessa.

  65. 65

    honestly the world doesn't need to see those nipples please vanessa, put them away.

  66. 66

    Where can I see the pics? No I'm not a perv, I seriously don't believe she was a minor when they were taken! I just need a good laugh. Anybody know? Thanks!

  67. 67

    She should pose for Playboy! Everyones already seen her goodies she may as well get paid for it and equals more attention for her which she loves I'm sure!!!

  68. 68

    SLUT!!!!!!!!!! I HATE HER SO MUCH EVERYDAY SHE GIVES ME MORE REASONS TO HATE HER, ohhh zac why vanessa? why!!!!!????

  69. 69

    Fucking slut, what else could she possibly want?

  70. Bytch says – reply to this


    But if its a man its the sexs right????


  71. 71

    Now that's a story Perez!!!!

  72. 72

    She was obviously old enough. -_-' Way to be a slut and a liar Vanessa! She fails so hard at life.

  73. 73

    her parents must be so proud!!!, poor family it must be a shame to raise a slut

  74. 74

    Sucks for her!!!!!! If she was young like the first time around, give her a break!!!!! Jeez you seriously need to face it perez….. ZAC EFRON DOESN"T WANT YOU!!!!! Your just jealous, so you pick on this girl. Disney sets such high expectations for these kids. Who the fuck cares what they do in there spare time. There just pictures. She's no slut, she's just a girl that takes nude photos of herself. All the time………… lol. But i'd love to see your face if zac efron and her ever made a sex tape lol.

  75. 75

    and where are the proves that she was underage?? i don't believe that shit, she has to pay for her mistakes otherwise she will never learn

  76. 76

    hahahha skaaaaank

  77. 77

  78. 78

    I think she looks older in these pics than the first one that came out, they're full of shit. Anyway, whatever… I don't think she's a slut but she's not very smart at all.

  79. 79

    She needed publicity for her new Bandslam movie….wait until the Beastly one comes out thats when you'll get your sex tape…..she is one determined bitch to have a hit…too bad it won't work

  80. 80

    And if it was of some hot celeb guy you wouldn't be calling them a slut.

  81. 81

    I doubt she was a minor in those pics cause she looked younger in the old pics that came out. Either way Im not gonna hate on her least she looks good. Although I think she should keep her cupcakes put away

  82. 82

    It is the dawn of a new day!
    Reflecting on your journey so far, you find that you are a little wiser.
    You gain 118.55 EXP!
    You gain 11 Credits

  83. 83

    A 'manor' is a house. The proper term would've been "a MATTER of time".

  84. 84

    It is the dawn of a new day!
    Reflecting on your journey so far, you find that you are a little wiser.
    You gain 118.55 EXP!
    You gain 11 Credits

  85. 85

    I didnt think they were real but if they are I really dont think she would be dumb/RETARDED enough to take more pics after the last time. They must be old.

  86. 86

    Again? You would have of thought that she would have learned her lesson but no, there it is again. I wonder what Zac has to say to this?

  87. 87

    mwahaha that's so fucked up

  88. 88

    PEOPLE HES CALLIN HER A SLUT CUZ THIS IS THE SECOND TIME NUDE PHOTOS CAME OUT AND OH YEAH SHES A KIDS MAJOR CELEB ! THEY GO APE SHIT FOR HER AND ZAC.. seriously somebody needs to make sure this girl stops snapping herself naked ! even if she does have a great body.. but shes no dumbass — uhm doesnt she have a movie comin out soon (BINGO!) THIS ISNT NO ACCIDENT SHE LEAKED THAT SHIT

  89. 89

    Some one explain how is she a slut by taking pics?? perez ure just jealous u cant have her BF, btw shouldn't u be charged with child pornography??? Piece of shit Perez.

  90. 90

    wow!! I KNEW IT!! her boobs where so child-like and gross it was like child porn!!! THAT POOR GIRL!! such an early age that sucks!! to fast for her years!!

  91. 91

    I think Vanessa is leaking these photo's herself…She not that famous. I bet she's trying to make it in hollywood the same way Paris Hilton did.

  92. 92

    i guess zac always wants pics LOL

  93. 93

    I wanna hear what she has to say now.

    Last time she was like "oh it was a mistake, I'll never do it again".

    What a shit load of BS, she's a slut no matter what you say.

  94. 94

    Re: blahblah12 – doesn't matter is his fat ass likes her or not she's still a slut!

  95. 95

    WTF is wrong with her? she is such a slut! she has already been down this road before…and I thought she changed…I guess not…that little whore needs to stop playing in alll these little kiddie movies if she is gonna take nude pictures…hell why dont she just switch to doing porn if she wants her clothes off all the damn time!

  96. 96

    Your obsession with Zac Efron is creepy. It's obvious that you want to come ass rape him in the night.

  97. 97

    Dear Perez,

    I pray every night before I go to bed that someone, somewhere will beat the living fuck out of you. You are so ugly, You make me sick.

    I also pray that you get a goddamn spell check program for your gay computer.

    later poofter,
    fuck you

  98. Laury says – reply to this


    Yeah, I figured that someone asked you to remove the pics when you deleted them. Stupid bitch. Don't celebutards ever learn??? NEVER take naked pics of yourself or make a sex tape, because they will ALWAYS find their way on the Internet.

  99. 99

    How does that make her a slut? You're a fucking joke Perez.

  100. 100

    matter of time dummy-not manor

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