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Vanessa Hudgens Naked AGAIN????

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Update: Photos removed at the order of Vanessa Hudgens' attorneys.

Is she that foolish????

Is she that big of a slut???

Or, more importantly, are these pictures real or Photoshopped???

New alleged nude images of Zacquisha's trashy girlfriend, VaneXXXa Hudgens surfaced on Wednesday.

Do U think the photos are legit????

They're all over the internet! You think she would have learned her lesson by now.

[Image via WENN.]

Update: Photos removed at the order of Vanessa Hudgens' attorneys.

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590 comments to “Vanessa Hudgens Naked AGAIN????”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    Why is she wearing tinsel?

  3. 3

    those are some major nipples

  4. 4

    Cute panties

  5. 5

    Well if i had a body like that id probably be naked a lot of the time too. Now taking pictures……no not very smart.

  6. 6

    oooo nooo!!!!

  7. 7

    oh god. once again haha!

  8. 8

    idk the 1st one doesnt look like her..but the 2nd def does

  9. 9

    perez, isn't this child porn? she's not 18 yet, right

  10. 10

    she is such a SLUT!!! she will NEVER LEARN! i do NOT see what Zac Efron sees in her!!!!!!

  11. 11

    fake? or not.. thats the question! if its not fake then wtf is vanessa doing??? :S

  12. 12

    She's so slutty. I hate her.

  13. 13

    oh my,,,,,,

  14. 14

    Cant be surprised… She is a Disney Slut. Stay true to your colors girly!

  15. 15

    i hope to god those are photoshopped otherwise that means she didn't learn from her first mistake and id like to believe no one is that unintelligent.

  16. k.din says – reply to this


    dear Lord, where are these kids even coming from?????? wtf, sooo trashy.

  17. 17

    HAHAHA. Skank.

  18. 18

    Just…wow. Don't know or care if they're photoshopped. Glad I'm not her at the moment, though.

  19. 19

    they're probably real because who would waste the time to photoshop that? nobody cares about her!

  20. 20

    she needs to keep her clothes on.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    HAHAHAHAHAHA awesome

  23. 23

    well she does look like her but again she looks like a lot of girls of my country

  24. 24

    wow, she isn't getting smarter, is she?
    stupid as hell to make photo's like this a second time.

  25. 25

    woah!!! first one looks fake dont even look like her.. second one look sorta legit.. lets be honest who doesnt send naked pics? i dnt see her different

  26. 26

    How convenient that they should drop now when she has a moving coming out this month. Bandslam does not look very promising….gotta build up some buzz someway right? Just a thought.

  27. 27

    Ummmm! dont know if they look real but i dont care i love my girl vanessa!
    she rocks no matter what!
    fuck the haters!

  28. 28

    Stupid stupid stupid. I think she leaked these herself. They look legit to me.

  29. 29

    OH MY!!! TITTIES! HAHAHAHH girl loves her body. i bet those pictures were for Zack anyawys TITTIES1 HHAHAHA

  30. 30


  31. 31

    my gosh im not suprised its probably real :|

  32. 32

    OMG if these are realy she has lost her mind…and possible that whole wholesome disney image…maybe that was the point/….

  33. 33

    Hey! Atleast she doen't have a sex tape out! She looks good any ways!

  34. 34

    they seem legit to me. mind you ….i find it gross that you would post nude pics of a under 21 girl…yuck,
    BUT the underwear in the first pic…are super cute!

  35. 35

    at least her hairy fanny isnt on show

  36. 36


    disney star?

    5 year old girls look up to this ?

  37. 37

    She's HOT. and I think its her

  38. 38

    she just cant get enough!!..

  39. stass says – reply to this


    think she's of learned lesson really ha

  40. 40

    ew! omg ew!

  41. 41

    Where there's one, more usually follow. Doesn't make her a slut, though. You're just jealous Zack's fucking her and not taking yours up the ass, fatass

  42. 42

    OH GOD!!!

  43. 43

    oops she did it againnnnn

  44. 44

    You should compare the pics from last time and see if this is real or not. hahaha

  45. 45

    she is fit!!!

  46. 46

    it looks pretty real.

  47. 47


  48. 48

    hahaha i think she wants to be on the cover of playboy xD hahaha it seems like is a rehearsal hahha! she's cute.. but.. more boobs please!

  49. 49

    The photos look real to me! I think she's this dumb/slutty. Just do a Playboy spread and get it over with, honey. If they're hire you. Or move on to porn– something people MIGHT want to watch you in.

  50. 50

    Perez….back off the girl…Damn you make yourself look like a jealous little school girl!

    Just because you want to suck her man's package and CAN'T…why pick on her, what has she ever really done except date a hot guy!!!

  51. 51

    doesnt she learned the lesson???.
    i will say NOT!!..

  52. 52

    umm what the fuck. if these are real she's a dumb hoe.

  53. 53

    okay..if she really did this again, shes so stupid. after what happened the first time you'd think that she'd get it and she wouldnt do that stuff anymore. my god.

  54. 54

    she got nice tits!

  55. 55

    It looks like photoshop. Nobody can be this stupid.

  56. 56

    LOL! Too bad there are no naked photos of Zac floating around.

  57. 57

    Hmmm, publicity play.

  58. 58

    1st! this is legit! hot tits by the way!

  59. 59

    slut face whore bag

  60. 60

    wow.. how "smart" can she possibly get? she looks a lot older in these pics than in the other [her face] and youd think shed learn…

    thats just stupid of her….

  61. 61


  62. 62


  63. 63



    ch-ch-ch-check it out. MUCHOS GRACIS x

  64. 64

    shes a bitch and i'd rather not see her face or her boobs…yuck uw gross!

  65. 65

    Ewww!!! That's soo horrible. Did she put the pics on the net herself?

  66. 66

    This is so pathetic and her nips look awkward. But atleast she shaved this time…

  67. 67

    Looks real to me…..what a dumbass bitch

  68. 68

    omg she needs to stop! idk if these are legit… you think she would have learned.. but if these are really her, zac needs to dump her hoe ass… urgh. he can do so much better.

  69. 69


  70. 70


  71. 71

    ew what an amazing role model. so glade i dont have a little girl who looks up to these people. shes a sicko

  72. 72

    Ummmm - looks like she might be underage in these. Do I smell a lawsuit?

  73. 73

    haha someone please give this girl a porn contract or something she loves taking off her clothes! i think they're real prolly to get some attention for her shitty movie coming out! she doesnt' care anymore shes not doing hsm anymore i wish this bitch would fade into obsecurity shes so annoying!

  74. 74

    if that's photoshop, then those are some good editing skillz…

  75. 75

    it is her!!!!!
    and it is sad for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Goodbye career

  76. 76

    this is crazy! i hope they r photshopped, i mean it's ridiculous

  77. 77

    she IS just THAT stupid….and a whore…she's hoping Playboy will be interested in her little child boobs and bod…:(

  78. 78

    Wow. She looks hot. I want hot panties, like that.

  79. 79

    Doesn't look fake/photoshopped but it does look like she is a trashy whore!

  80. 80


  81. taday says – reply to this


    they look real to me… FIRST

  82. 82

    Leave the girl alone. Just because you take naked pictures of yourself DOESN'T make you a slut. She's not trashy; just a fucking idiot.

  83. 83

    the first picture doesn't really look like her. they don't look photoshopped but i don't think its baby V.

  84. 84

    They look so real!!
    She´s so stupid..she should be a playmate thats the only good thing she can do.

  85. 85

    are you freakin kidding me? how ridiculous is this?

  86. 86

    mmmm her boyfriends need to stop outing her!

  87. 87

    Regardless, she looks great!

  88. 88

    She must be brain dead.

  89. 89

    O my……..

  90. 90


  91. 91

    ew shes so slutty

  92. 92

    slut whore bitch. =P

  93. 93

    it's probably just a girl that looks like her, she's not stupid, she learned her lesson the first time…

  94. 94

    I knew it.. Zac is gay

  95. 95

    her tits look like bee stings

  96. 96

    wow..some role model

  97. 97

    Definantly NOT photoshoped!! GODDAMN WHORE!!

  98. 98

    hahahaha I feel sooooo sexy when I stick my fingers in my mouth. ha ha ha

  99. 99

    hahaha yes that's her. slutttttt

  100. 100

    omg !!!! im speechless . not cuz she is naked but bcuz SHIT AGAIN !?!?!?!? RELAY ????

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