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Vanessa Hudgens Naked AGAIN????

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Update: Photos removed at the order of Vanessa Hudgens' attorneys.

Is she that foolish????

Is she that big of a slut???

Or, more importantly, are these pictures real or Photoshopped???

New alleged nude images of Zacquisha's trashy girlfriend, VaneXXXa Hudgens surfaced on Wednesday.

Do U think the photos are legit????

They're all over the internet! You think she would have learned her lesson by now.

[Image via WENN.]

Update: Photos removed at the order of Vanessa Hudgens' attorneys.

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590 comments to “Vanessa Hudgens Naked AGAIN????”

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  1. 401

    Damn, & i was starting to like her again. But that's not all the pix ! There's like 20 more D:

  2. 402

    oh dear….

  3. 403


  4. 404

    either she was too dumb to go back and delete all her nudes when the FIRST ones leaked, or this is publicity.

  5. 405

    shes slighty nuts.

  6. 406

    what a sluuuuut
    i hope disney fires her!!

  7. 407

    she is 20

  8. 408

    She has a movie coming out……….how convenient. This is how she wants to get ahead. Dumb little slut.

  9. 409

    thats her alright kinda sad what girls are coming to these days

  10. 410

    wow you would think she would learn the first time. dumb bitch!

  11. 411

    idk…. there is a poster of zac efron in the background… that seems weird. but her belly wasnt pierced until a couple of years ago… so they cant be that old

  12. 412

    Why do you guys care so much? everyone does it. shes a beautiful girl. and has a great body. so what she enjoys taking naked pictures of herself. probably so send to ZAC her BOYFRIEND. shes not a slut or trashy every girl does this, and hows she a whore or a slut? shes been witht he same man for 4 years. shut the fuck up already, all these sites should be ashamed or Posting these. I know if I was famous, and my naked pictures leaked. I wouldnt give a shit. I wouldnt even apologize, because its my life my body, i'll do what i want. I Love Vanessa. hope she gets through this one okay.

  13. AMO says – reply to this


    I does look like her and it's sad b/c it looks like she took these pics of herself. Easy fame whore!

  14. 414

    I think those look real. She is so stupid!

  15. 415

    she looks hot! if i had a body that great i'd be naked all the time!

  16. 416

    i hate her. what a terrible role model.

  17. 417

    Is she aiming for a playboy shoot or something. Slapper alert!! Slapper alert!! Dirty little scrubber!

  18. 418

    i seriously don't think it's a photoshop ha! she's a hudge slut as u say :) i agree! shes a completly looser :S

  19. 419

    Re: UnknownAngel
    she's 20, so it's legal but STUPID. geez, she's such a moron.

  20. 420


  21. 421

    poor girl, but it's her fault.

  22. 422

    she is such a slut!;eww!

  23. 423

    it's not her…at least not recent.
    if you go to google and look up "vanessa hudgens nude pics 09" you'll see there's some where she's taking them with a razor phone…V has an iPhone so if it's her they are old photos.
    idgaf ilh. BBV pwns!

  24. 424

    Re: CelebrityGossipGirl – agree with u. and she kinda looks younger though.I dont think she took those recently…
    Vanessa roxs.

  25. 425

    that girl has ugly nips.

  26. 426

    That first photo is NOT VH! That girls nose is big and her eyes are weird. The second one however does look like her but could have been photo shopped. I dont even think SHES that stupid to make the same mistake twice. plus if it IS her and shes sending them to Zaquisha…hmmm I think HE may be leaking them.

  27. 427

    TOTALLY real

    ONCE, k fine honest mistake you learn from it. SECOND TIME AROUND?! seriously girl?! really?! walk around naked sure fine because you got an amazing body, BUT TAKING PICTURES?! especially being the celebrity that she is, everyone is looking to make money off these shots

  28. 428

    if this is true Zac needs to leave her a$$. Don't get me wrong she looks cute but she is suppose to be a role model

  29. 429

    Her new movie is coming out, and now that she has left Disney she can do whatever

  30. 430

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nastest nipples ive eva seen ughh and perez why would you put this up is she even 18 yet

  31. 431

    She's so beautiful on those pictures. A hater probably leaked them…

  32. 432

    Atleast turn the AC up before you take your pics! Such an amateur…

  33. 433

    I get that celebs have a sex life…. but really! You'd think you would learn after the first set!

  34. 434

    if someone didnt hack into her phone then these wouldve never of been leaked. PEOPLE NEED TO MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. JEALOUSY IS AN UGLY THING - ALL YOU GIRLS MAKING MEAN COMMENTS.

  35. 435

    zac probably took the pics

  36. 436

    this is sooo gross!!!!

    shes not even 21 yet!!!!


  37. 437

    ewww keep your clothes on tranny vanny. but those are cute panties :)

  38. 438

    I didn't think she was in that good of shape, so if that is her I am shocked. Also, if that is her she a HUGE TOOL. As if round one naked pics weren't enough she has to go and release more. Idiot.

  39. 439

    well apparently she took the pictures they dont look fake to me lol idk though
    but as you can see she took the first one in the mirror so she obviously wasn't careful with them .. shes pretty stupid if she let this happen again i luckily didnt see the first ones thoughh so duno if they're similar or w.e

  40. 440

    why is this girl famous, you think she would have learned from her first photo scandal!!!

  41. 441

    i dont think its her.. why would she have a tiger beat poster on her door?

  42. 442

    Re: cocotreee – lol…i know how you feel! it's not that he doesn't deserve her, but rather SHE doesn't deserve him! or do they not deserve each other….

  43. 443

    they're definitely real they look like her im sure these were meant for Zac lmao .. they look sort of old thoughh .. if either of them are photoshopped its definitely the one on top. second is definitely her.

  44. 444

    this is so old! you're posting chil porn! you can't do that!!! when she took these pics she obviously was underage.

  45. 445

    I pray those are not real pictures it would really be bad for her unless she wanted to pose for playboy……she is really stupid if this is real…but it's her life so do as you please little girl.

  46. 446

    if they are, she appears to have taken care of that carpet in which she donned last time she let her nude pics slip.

  47. 447

    So I'm wondering if these are more from the original photo session, but were just leaked now.. Cos she was really embarassed last time, I can't really see her taking MORE.. Although the last picture looks a lot like her current image. Hm :/
    Anyway.. WHORE!!

  48. 448

    If I was this hot, photo pics of me would "accidently" leak onto the internet.

  49. 449

    Vanessa who? Who cares about this chick with her little boy's body?

  50. 450

    i actually… dont think its her..

  51. 451

    Perez I Love you. and I know you Hate Vanessa but posting these was wrong.

  52. 452

    These pics were taken in May 2006 when she was 17 yrs old. Someone kept "threatening" to release them back when the ONE n-u-d-e shot was released in September 2007. Why did this nut case hold on to them and release them now if they had them back then?

    I hope Vanessa reveals the name of the person who stole these pics.

  53. 453

    I like them, they're normal, just about every girl in my HIGHSCHOOL take them.

  54. 454

    BTW, for the nuts who thinks she works for Disney. She doesn't.

  55. 455

    Honestly who would photoshop nudes of her? Her nudes are old news. Maybe she just leaked these herself cause 1) nobody's going to see her new movie 2) so she wouldn't be known as that Disney girl with the huge bush anymore.

  56. 456

    I'd fuck her! Make some more pics vanessa

  57. 457

    both look legit to me.

  58. 458

    I say their real her breasts look the same from the first time.

  59. 459

    Thats so her! GOSH She's disgusting….. wh0re!!

  60. 460

    she has HUGE nips.

  61. 461

    I dont think theyre reall.. :/

  62. 462

    Why are people blaming here it's not her fault that some horny creep but this on the internet go vanessa HAWWWWWWWTTTT!!!!

  63. 463

    Thanks for the wanking material Perez.

  64. 464

    it seems like the pics are fake but….. she's not very smart after all… zac why don't u leave her???

  65. 465

    atleast she shaved her bush this time

  66. 466


  67. 467

    bitch doesnt learn!

  68. 468

    i love that she probably thought she could get away with it or something. not so much sweetie!

  69. 469

    i want to see a sex tape!!! When is miley going to get some racier pics

  70. 470

    She's at it again

  71. 471

    Re: maggiegirl – This looks exactly like her, but about three years ago Vanessa Hudgens. My guess is these were taken before or around the time the last pics came out. She's a cute girl, and she's probably mortified. If I'd been famous as a teenager, there'd be some terrible pics of me and most people I knew at that age. Thankfully I didn't have a cell phone at that age. Otherwise, many of us on this site would have pics like this or floating around. Taking bong hits or stealing or whatever. This poor girl is entitled to make bad decisions, too. Hopefully these pics are old, and she has learned her lesson already. All this role model talk is bullshit. My daughter's seven, and I'll be damned if ANYONE "celebrity" is going to be held accountable for setting a bad example for my kid. I'm her role model. It's MY job to teach her what to do, and what NOT to do. Situations like this one are good in that sense, because I can give my kiddo an example of what not to do, without having to watch her experience it herself. People who blame celebs for being shitty role models are the true shitty people in the equation. Step up and set your own examples, assholes. Nobody forced you to have kids. Quit pawning your childrens' problems off on others, and take responsibility for their actions and outcomes, because no one can set as strong of a precedent as you.

  72. 472

    i can't believe how stupid she is!! everyday i wonder how can zac stand her!! i hope she will get fired from disneyi hate her!

  73. 473

    the first one doesn't look like her.. but the second one sure does!! hmmm.. i want to know if they are real or not! i HATE her!! he could do SO much better! poor zeffy :(

  74. 474

    we know she's look good. but sry why she takes pic's. when she nacked ?..

  75. 475

    Came on, now you're all saints… Most of teen girls takes pictures like this, I take it! So what??? The stupid thing here is those hackers! Come on, when was Rihanna no one said nothing! Shame on you Perez, when was RiRi it was Chris fault… now Vanessa is a slut! I love americans… bahh

  76. 476

    this is nasty didnt she learn the first time

  77. 477

    This bitch is a sluttt! She just want more exposure!!!!!

  78. 478

    Re: Ju-Filipa – Most but not all.

  79. 479

    you guys are real hypocrites. if leighton meester from gossip girl do a SEEEEXTAPE its like okay, whatever.. it's long time ago. but if vanessa take PICTURES of herself shes a slut, skankk, whore etc.
    YOU are the psychos.

  80. 480

    that is sick her tits are child-like and immature why are ppl looking at this cover her up now!!! please!!! omg this is so gross

  81. 481


  82. 482

    Pathetic. She's supposed to be a role model, I hope her career bombs to show this sort of shit is not acceptable.

  83. 483


    FANS ZANESSA 4 EVER!! together!!


  84. 484

    Oh Lord. When did furburgers come back in style?

  85. 485

    Hello!! Why are you all saying.. ZAC deserves better? Isn't obvious he is the one who asked for the pictures?? That doesn't mean she isn't a whore that just means.. that someone needs to throw this two little horny Disney stars in a swimming pool full of ice! And let's just HOPE! this time it would get through their heads and we won't see any more disgusting pictures of her around the web.

  86. 486

    ah its such a shame cause vanessa is such a lovely person.
    Why does she keep doing this to her self?

  87. 487

    Re: paulina=dan radcliffe fan #1

  88. 488

    I can't believe people are so stupid as to not see these pictures are OLD.

    They are not recent pics. OLD PICTURES.

  89. 489

    :O oh my gosh i can't believe that she did it again :S …now disney probably hate her…does she now it that these photos are in the Press? "/

  90. 490

    Wow what a disgrace she is. Supposed to be someone who young girls look up to????? Wow what a whore, she may aswell go into porn now because that's where her main audience is as far as I'm concerned.

  91. 491

    Re: A Logical Person – it really doesnt matter if theyre old. she took them at 17??? that is ridiculous, and she was doing hsm at the time which makes it even mre ludicrous, knowing that so many kids look up to her. stop sticking up for her she should have known better and obviously intended for someone to see them. nothing but a whore, she should go straight into porn cause i'm almost sure disney will fire her in the next week.

  92. 492

    they arent working for me

  93. 493

    Re: bb brieox – she was 17 when she took them.. and you think she "pwns"? shes a whore. taking them at 17 was ridiculous, AND she was shooting hsm at the time..she'll be gone and forgotten next year.

  94. 494

    nooo! its not working.

  95. lolli says – reply to this



  96. 496

    okkay. it doesnt seem like she is going to learn from the first time. no matter who she was taking these pictures for. or whatever. they are going to get out because of her fame. she really should think twice before she acts. but that doesnt give anyone the right to call her a 'slut' i believe she has been dating zack and not jumping guy to guy.
    so people really need to learn the deff. of the word slut before they throw it around at ppl.
    yea she made a mistake and she didnt learn from it again. but dnt judge sumone when they are are just in the famous light and you only read what 'gossip' and rumors are telling us.

  97. 497

    hate her!!!!!

  98. 498

    Re: GaGaEuphoria
    are you fucking kidding me a lot of girls take these kind of pictures of them self but they are not plastered all over the internet try to think of how shes feeling

  99. 499

    Lady caca is a bigger slut.

  100. 500

    the pictures are from a few years ago
    you can tell by the way she looks
    so its not her fault if they leaked.i doubt she took new naked pictures since the other ones leaked a couple years ago

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