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Jon & Hailey Together Again!

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This guy is too much!!!

Some Perezcious readers were out pAArtying last night when they happened upon Pennsylvania's douchiest player: Jon Gosselin.

Our readers caught up with him at a bar called Bay View in New York while he was spending time with his kids girlfriend, homewrecking Hailey Glassman.

Guess it'll take more than a former gossip columnist and a skanky babysitter to break these two lovebirds up. Or maybe Hailey has no standards?

That's more likely.

Jon also brought along his bodyguard, who apparently was a "total dick to everyone."

Can't really blame the guy. You would be too if you had to hang out with this tool all day long.

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59 comments to “Jon & Hailey Together Again!”

  1. 1

    poor bodyguard

  2. 2

    what is needed are two pictures. one of jon and one of kate both from behind to see jon's big balding spot…how's that transplant going for ya? and kate's fat ass…oh look at me but only from the front. THAT would be news.

  3. 3

    Making his kids proud as usual!

  4. 4

    not a fan of jon, but his girlfriend doesn't deserve to be called a homewrecker.

  5. 5

    That guy is so ugly.

  6. 6

    I wish someone would walk up to this asshole and tell him what a fucking dick he is. BAM!

  7. 7

    LMAO i love the last par.
    dude he sooo bitchmade.

    team kate.

  8. 8

    Am I the only one sick of hearing about these nobodies?

  9. 9

    Must be one horny little fuckster to keep sniffing around that Glassman whore.

  10. 10

    All of these women look like the biggest fucking idiots in the world. Not like they didn't already.
    He's fucking Hailey Glassman and then he stops because of what his wife could possibly do to him in court.
    Then he meets Kate Major and fucks her and spends the weekend. She quits her job at Star Magazine
    He brings the bartender from Legends bar back to his kids house and fucks her and they leave before wife can get there to see them together.
    He does all of this while he's still married.
    I love the example he sets for his kids.
    Such an awesome father Jon!

  11. 11

    so tired of this trashy, scummy womanizer. why do women even find him attractive?! cause he

  12. 12

    …he is looking more relaxed since getting rid of that screechy voiced harpie. In some cultures they refer to that kind of woman as a cvnt, but I am too cultured to use that kind of language f*ckers!

  13. sosa says – reply to this


    ugh im so sick of hearing about this….

  14. 14

    So he was out with his girlfriend at a bar??? SHOCKER!!!!

  15. 15

    I think he is cute and I don't blame him for leaving that nagging wife. If she couldn't handle the stress she shouldn't have had so many children. I also admire the way he is sticking with Hailey.

  16. 16

    he looks so out of place in a club. Probably the only one in the building with a gray bush.

  17. 17

    he is hottttt

  18. 18

    gawd can he just piss off already!! really who fackin cares! and his ugly new botch!…

  19. 19

    omg dude you should have gotten your "douch/player" party crap done befor well you got married? you should have partyed alot more befor a commetment plus you have kids and they probly willl never be able to life normal lifes because of the crap you pulled off stop trying to be young cause dude your old and a creeper!!! really no joke…

  20. 20

    Jon is a MacDaddy out with his bodyguard to keep the crazy bitches off of him.

  21. 21

    Wow look what having money attracts, doesn't matter how fat, gross, or how much baggage you carry you get ALL that! You go Jon, you disgusting fat pig

  22. 22


  23. 23

    who the hell cares?! stop covering him…anything john and kate is soooo pase.

  24. 24

    Homewrecking Hailey? WHAT? They were already getting divorced before she came into play, and it has nothing to do with her it has to do with that creature called Kate.

  25. 25

    Bodyguard. LOL.

  26. 26

    Why is everyone hating on Jon? What do other divorced Dad's do? Is he supposed to sit around watching the clock until his turn with his kids? Why does everyone begrudge him a life?He looks so happy and relieved to be free of that bitchy, demanding, degrading, controlling Kate. He escaped and is alive to tell about it. I for one am seriously waiting for the Jon part of the show and finally see him with his kids and NO KATE. Single dads are EQUALLY important in their kids lives as the moms! He should be out doing whatever the hell he wants to with his life. He is not hurting his kids.Lots of men and women use the time the kids are with the other parent to cut loose, to breathe, to do whatever they need or want.

  27. 27

    Why shouldn't he use his 15 min. of fame to get a lucrative job if he can?Wouldn't you? I am rooting for him and just don't understand the hate. I am sure he himself can't believe they like him after being humiliated and brought down. You can tell by his behavior on the show he has low self esteem and has been beaten down by her and overwhelmed by his whole situation. I wish the paparazzi would get off his back.Don't you realize that they are creating YOUR perception of Jon? Think for yourselves. I say go for it Jon! You deserve to be happy too. And do your own thing with kids on and off the show. They need a dad's view of life…. and fun. The kids look like they love their dad too.He seems kinder, more in touch with them. I think this is the best thing that could happen to these particular kids. They need to be alone with Jon and learn Jon's ways too. Otherwise even with two parents they would really only get Kate's perspective.

  28. 28

    Re: Neverevenknewhim – Umm.. NO.. not true.. He cheated on Kate with some bitch.. They "worked it out".. Then he met Hailey, who is Kate's platic surgeon's daughter.. Jon cheated on Kate with her.. He actually moved in to Hailey and her dad's house and slept on the couch when Kate kicked him out for cheating.. Then he is apparently going out with this news reporter bitch named Kate as well.. HE IS STILL NOT DIVORCED, THEREFORE THIS IS WRONG.. I should just start copy and pasting this shit I've said it soo many times.. Fuck.. Retarded ppl..

  29. SusyQ says – reply to this


    Why does this douchebag need a bodyguard? Is he afraid of getting the shit kicked out of him for exploiting his kids? Enjoy your remaining moments of 'fame' douche! Tick Tick Tick…

  30. 30

    Why does this idiot have a bodyguard?

  31. 31

    uhhhhhhhh anyone know if this is the BayView in Queens NY???

  32. 32

    Re: Texastumbleweed – Shut up you moron!!!!!!!

  33. 33

    I like Jon. He deserves to be happy. We have psychos roaming around PA who shoot people because they can't handle rejection. There should be more guys like Jon and those psychos should move to where their kind came from. The women here don't want them and don't even want to go out because of them.

  34. 34

    I luvvv john. No man would put up with what kate did to him for years. PROOO JOHNNNN.

  35. 35

    Yea , he's a scumbag on top of them all…when kate takes his a** to court , he'll regret allllll of the whoring around :-)

  36. 36

    Re: Texastumbleweed – How can you see that his kids love him more now? How can he be a father figure for them? Wouldn't he have to be in the same room as they are? How about the same state as they are in? He's in the clubs getting laid by ugly hoes wanting fame just like him.. Kate's at home, taking care of the kids.. Hmm.. Team Kate.. As if you like this poor example of a man let alone a father..

  37. 37

    i wish him a painful case of venerial disease

  38. 38

    Jon's still a married man, whether he likes it or not. He needs to cool it for a while for the sake of his kids - and for his own sake in divorce court.

  39. 39

    Re: Texastumbleweed – Wow, finally someone else who gets it! I'm sure he's got a real need to feel wanted after what his wife put him through.

  40. 40

    Re: Lady_Saccharine_Sweetness – So you're saying it's ok to cheat on ur wife 3 times while married, and then use the media to boost ur fame afterwards if your wife is a bitch? Hmm.. Yea ok buddy.. Get real..

  41. 41

    Re: BeautifulBrunnette69 What planet are you making up stuff from? By all accounts, including Kate's - he was already living away from her, at the doctor's house where he actually met Hailey…

  42. 42

    Re: HiHater – WTF?!

  43. 43

    Re: BeautifulBrunnette69 BTW, no matter how many times you lie it… err say it, doesn't make it true…

  44. 44

    Re: BeautifulBrunnette69 Oh shocker - another lie… she's flying off to do the TODAY show… what are you? Kate?

  45. 45


  46. 46

    Re: imsoregistered – So what? That's the first fucking interview she's done since the divorce.. Man get reall.. go fucking talk to someone who gives a fucking shit.. Cuz hunnie, it ain't me.. lol.. I got wayyy too much class for this shit.. Lol yea I swear alot, but you dont know me, so don't judge me biotch.. lol

  47. 47

    Re: Crusher – Lol I like ur pic! Looks trippy!

  48. 48

    Re: imsoregistered – I see ur comments on here all the time, and non of them are educated, so don't preach to me.. You need to go get educated yourself dear..

  49. 49

    RE:Beautiful Brunnette69
    Ask some divorced dads. Yes, he will still be a father to them. Most dads, no matter who they are, get kicked to the curb in divorce, getting only weekends etc. I read they will be taking turns spending a week at a time in the house with the kids so the kids won't be doing the traditional "going to dad's for the weekend, holidays, etc. So he will spend equal time. What do you think that divorced men do? Go sit in a hole somewhere and wait? They go out and live and start new lives. He doesn't need to be "divorced" to go out and live. I meant "more" as in he shows more kindness to the kids than Kate not "more" as in since they separated. They love him. They will miss him. That part is painful no matter who the kids are. But he doesn't have to stay in this state or lock himself up in a room. When he isn't allowed to see them why shouldn't he do anything he wants to do. I am not judging him as a man or husband or father. I think the kids will see HIM more now because Kate won't be there controlling him. They will be with their REAL dad, learning a male perspective, his perspective, his personality, he has just as much to teach them as Kate.

  50. 50

    Re: Texastumbleweed – My dad is a divorced dad.. My mom left him after 20years of marriage.. NO ONE knows more about how sad it is for some dads than I do.. My mom kept everything from the house to the van.. My dad drove 30 minutes out of his way every fucking day, just to take me out for lunch on my breaks at school.. He paid for everything and got really far in debt. My dad is a born again Christian since the incident as well. He didn't even look at another woman until my mom signed the final papers for divorce.. IT IS WRONG TO BE STILL MARRIED LEGALLY AND TO GO OUT WHORING AROUND, LET ALONE CHEATING!!! There is not a single man out there in the world that is greater than my dad.. He is the best dad anyone could ask for.. Jon is the reason that 90% of custody battles are won by the mothers simply b/c they are the mothers.. He's a shit excuse for a father. I'm sure America will be sure to add that to their statistics.. I hate him.. He gives all single dads a bad name!!

  51. melly says – reply to this


    i have never watched this show.
    never plan to either.
    i rarely read articles about these people because i could really care less.
    is it just me or does this dude strike a scary resembelence to scott peterson?
    i really think he does..from his habits and gestures in pictures to his actual physical appearance.
    creeps me out.
    these girls better be careful.

  52. 52

    Re: BeautifulBrunnette69 – I couldn't agree more - I tried to comment to this idiot earlier but it was never posted because this site is laame.
    But as a daughter of divorced parents who had to deal with infidelity, I have no sympathy for Jon. He could step up, keep it in his pants (at least publicly), and stop using his exploited kid's income to buy liquor, ed hardy, and 22 year old vag. He's a disgraceful human being, and so is anyone who is trying to defend his doucheness.

  53. 53

    Re: BeautifulBrunnette69 For someone who cares so little - you spend an awful lot of time caring… LMAO!!!! I could go on pointing out even more lies because you believe this blog as religion, but eh - what's the point. You'll cry some more and lie some more…

  54. 54

    Re: BeautifulBrunnette69 And for someone who's preaching morals - your attitude, your condescending remarks and your judgmental attitude are awfully condemning, eh? LMAO!

  55. MP says – reply to this


    Why would anyone want their picture taken with Jon??

  56. 56

    this guy annoys me.

  57. 57

    Uhh if I ever meet Jon or Kate the first thing im gonna do is knock their fucking lights out!!!! They are BOTH loser and terrible famewhoring parent. Just b/c Jon is in the news this week, lets not forget everyone was talking about how terrible Kate was for leaving her Kids all the time to promote her own crap. That is why I am not on "Team Kate" nor "Team Jon"! They both suck and should go take a long walk off a short pier!!!

  58. 58

    "Can't really blame the guy. You would be too if you had to hang out with this tool all day long."

    Pot meet kettle.

  59. 59

    Re: imsoregistered – real mature.. I talk about my dad's divorce and how cheating is wrong, and you call me a liar and whinner.. Hmm.. Nice buddy.. Nice to see some ppl still raise their kids to be assholes.. Pfft.. fuck off.. And have some damn class..