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Patrick Swayze Using Medical Marijuana

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But it's not as fun as it seems!

As he battles pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze has been using medical marijuana to treat the nausea, insomnia and anxiety from the chemotherapy treatment.

“He’s recently gained a little weight and feels more normal than he has in months,” said a source. “Patrick was rapidly losing weight because he couldn’t keep food down.

At one point, he was so weak that he needed help getting around.

“Patrick and his brother Donnie get together almost every day and smoke a joint. They have been seen smoking weed on the roof of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center while Patrick was getting a treatment,” said the family insider.

We're glad the green helps, bb!!!

Whatever it takes.

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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71 comments to “Patrick Swayze Using Medical Marijuana”

  1. 1

    …me too. I am in the back at work smoking ’cause medicinally it helps me not to kick the asses of dumb f*ckers.

  2. 2

    Pot is good!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Aww poor guy. Great dancer and seems like great person too.

  5. 5

    …the weight gain is due to munchies, a medical term.

  6. 6

    I totally understand. My father died from cancer and what ever you can do to take the pain from them you will do

  7. 7

    Hope you can beat this stay well

  8. 8

    It's time to legalize medical marijuana in all 50 states

  9. 9

    Where is my daily R-Patz! you owe me a couple of days worth!

  10. 10

    I know God can cure his cancer, I hope He does. Thank God Patrick has made it this far! God Bless him!! Literally!

  11. 11

    God bless! :) Stay strong, Patrick!

  12. 12

    i hope he smokes it more than once a day

  13. 13

    Re: SpunkRansom69 – @ 10 - i was thinking the same exact thing!!!!

    apparently he's been rompin around w/ kristen in LA - was seen leaving her apartment either this morning or yesterday morning…….so i read……

  14. 14

    k.carpenter- you're too funny!!!!!

  15. 15

    mario - i heard this on the radio this morning who is usually about 3 days behind everyone else in the world……..says alot about your dumbass

  16. 16

    eww thats kind of nasty…i know he has too but patrick swayze isn't a weed smoker to me…hmmm :(

  17. 17

    i wish all of America could feel better…..420 NORMAL all the way

  18. 18


  19. 19

    Re: perezisallthatandabagofchips
    agreed….Re: karencarpenter
    my patrick♥♥

  20. 20

    Remember, Patrick… you "Pass the Dutchie on the Left Hand Side"! Oh shit, am I showing my age again?!

  21. 21

    Re: SheriMoonFireFlyRe: RobPnMeShouldB – you guys/gals are great.

  22. 22

    :) Weed is great. Horray

  23. 23

    There's nothing wrong w/a little buzz…

  24. 24

    I think ALL cancer patients going thru chemo should be allowed to smoke pot. I have seen it do good for a lot of people. It helps them with the nausea and weight loss. Everyone dealing with this horrible disease should do all that is necessary to live a good life while dealing with treatment side effects.

  25. Neen says – reply to this


    That's my medicine of choice ;) . Good luck Patrick!

  26. 26

    legallize it!

  27. 27

    Poor guy…

  28. 28

    Re: alexis2bella – You must be 12 years old to react that way.

  29. 29

    Re: alexis2bella – It's not like he's any different — they just have him on a different form of medication.
    I don't care what your views on pot are. It helps. End of story.

  30. 30

    Go Go Magic Herb!

  31. Laury says – reply to this


    Hey, whatever helps him feel better is fine by me. Stay strong Patrick!!!

  32. 32

    i love weed. Im glad the star of one of my fav movies of all time (dirty dancing, DUH!) is utilizing the green.

  33. 33

    LOL - So Donnie gets to toke up too? Just legalize it already.

  34. 34

    umm LEGALIZE!!!! weed doesnt cause problems it solves them…chills people the fuck out and helps medically

  35. 35

    why are they all calling it cancer if it's aids???!! arrogant fucks.

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Re: originalTink – exactly!! I so agree.. If you put a pot smoking restaurant, next to a bar: which establishment do you think would have more problems? The drunks fighting in the bar? Or the stoners munching out and chilling in the restaurant? Yea.. Just cuz the government can't money off of dope, they won't sell something that's actually better for you than smking cigs and drinking alchohol.. Pro Pot y'all!!

  38. 38

    i'm glad 2 see he's doing better!!!!!!!!!!! :) he rocks!!!!!!!!!!! :) x

  39. 39

    Re: hardcandyshell – Love that song!! Meh, ur not showing ur age hun, ur just showing that you got great taste in music!! I'm only 18, so there you go buddy!! Rock that shit hard!!

  40. 40

    fuck yeah! legalize!

  41. 41

    Cancer is a horrible disease and people should be free to use whatever helps them to ease the pain. He is in my prayers.

  42. 42

    Wow, if only to be able to get high legally…

  43. 43

    THC is a great GREAT "medicine," It [practically helps with everything. Nausea, pain, bolimia, anorexia, headaches, back pain, nervoussness, anxiety, deppression, etc. etc. Its the only "drug" that you will never overdose from. Believe me I've tried! lol. Unlike all the prescription drugs just waste your life away. PATRICK… We are praying for you.. Be strong!

  44. 44

    fuck you perez, you always tear down pot smokers! Now it's harmless if it's for someone with cancer. Forget other people with nausea and anxiety. Fuck you dude. You are two-faced.

  45. 45

    Re: alexis2bella

    12 years old, a tween, or retarded. Obviously you are not educated about the facts about Canabis. Ignorami.

  46. 46

    roadhouse kicks ass

  47. 47

    Someone I know had cancer and found that smoking a joint was the only thing that alleviated the pain from her chemo and made it possible to keep her food down. If it hadn't have been for pot, she probably would have died. Today she is healthy and happy and cancer free.

  48. 48

    he smokes tobacco/nicotine too so his lungs must be so pink and beautiful.

    I've never smoked dope but I sure wish it were legal. Alcohol is what I really revile.

    I keep waiting for Swayze to finally die.

  49. 49

    cachexia is nature's way of saying GO AWAY

  50. 50

    Re: karencarpenter – im totally with you! I may not have a certificate saying I can smoke it legally but if I dont im the biggest bitch in the whole world - even my family thinks its better off for me to smoke it! I'm so glad Patrick is smoking it for his cancer, he's the man! much loves to him!

  51. 51

    Re: BeautifulBrunnette69 – #37 You got that right! Agreed.
    Hello Hottie!

  52. 52

    Re: PerezTheBlogNazi – Hey hottie if they made it legal in certain place only. Bet it can clean up some of the trillions we Americans now owe! Think about it. At one time in America it was legal. And drinking was not. Go figure. Tax a certain amount and help with all this money we owe.

  53. 53

    Re: Mr.Bean – Atta girl!! Or boy… Sorry…:S but you get my poing right? Lol.. I wish my family understood… They still don't know I smoke and smoke pot.. :S oops.. lol… Oh well, I'd sooner be a stoner than an alcoholic.. Healthier and you don't feel like shit, you feel better! Much love Mr. Bean!! Peace!!

  54. 54

    See you guys on the roof of Cedars-Sinai
    I'm headed there now

  55. 55

    Re: Paris France – Hey hun!! You're looking good as always!! ;) lol… Thanks for the shout out!! I miss having you on here!!

  56. 56

    Re: BeautifulBrunnette69
    hell yeah girl

  57. 57

    Re: CRABBY APPLETON – You disgust me. If there is such a thing as karma, I hope it bites you on the ass very, VERY soon.

  58. 58

    My aunt died of pancreatic cancer in July 2000. She had to take a couple of marijuana pills while in the hospital. We used to joke with her about it since she had a dot tattoed on her belly and then taking the pills. It's awful that he has the disease and it is no laughing matter. If he needs to take the pills is because they are recommended by his doctor. Pancreatic cancer is horrible!

  59. 59

    Re: BeautifulBrunnette69
    You just made my day, sweetie!!

  60. 60


  61. 61

    Re: Paris France – Hey, girl that is so true.

  62. 62

    Re: PerezTheBlogNazi – I know! They should just legalize it! The world would be a more peaceful place:)

  63. 63

    Hey whatever works. I just smoked some for the first time the other night and I felt so calm and mellow afterwards. Only downside was the cotton mouth and throat. But it was worth it!

  64. 64

    Re: kumbyah – Hey you told me on a post once what kind of native american you were: Well here is who I am a proud part of! Only a song
    They took the whole Cherokee nation
    And put us on this reservation
    They took away our ways of life
    The tomahawk and the bow and knife

    They took away our native tongue
    And taught their English to our young
    And all the beads we made by hand
    Are nowadays made in Japan

    Cherokee people
    Cherokee tribe
    So proud to live
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    Locked us on this reservation
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    I still part Redman deep inside

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    And some day when they've learned
    Cherokee Indian will return
    Will return will return
    Will return will return

    For you Grandfather!

  65. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: hardcandyshell – @21 - School them, cat.

  66. 66

    whatever it takes perez? what about this douche stopping smoking? that's what it takes. it pisses me off so much that this guy has every resource available to him because it is financially viable, and yet he is still killing himself by continuing to smoke. i don't know why he continues to be treated, why people are fighting for him when he doesn't fight for himself. hey swayze,donate the money you are clearly wasting on yourself to those victims who are desperate to get well.

  67. 67

    Re: TheRussianOne – you are not educated either ahole, beyond the fact that it makes you feel good. fuck you and all your loser friends who sit around with you getting high. your conversations must be so deeply ridiculous,unimportant,useless,moronic. but hell no i don't give a shit about you putting holes in your brain,douche. what i care about is you killing someone while under the influence.

  68. 68

    In many EUROPEAN countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, a.s.o. medical marijuana, as you like to call it, has been in use and prescribed by physicians licensed to do so FOR A DECADE already, I suppose! For some time now already, even heroine can be prescribed by certified and specailly licenzed doctors in Germany!

    WHEN was it, that medical science and corresponding legislature FELL BACK so much in the USA?

  69. 69

    im 22 and just finished 4 months of a much less intense chemo literally 2 wks ago and it was fucking hell so trust me when i say he probably needs it just for sanity sake alone.

    just think about having to voluntarily take toxic, toxic drugs. it's practically torture!

  70. 70

    I wonder how long it will be before the gestapo raids his house? It won't be the first time that they've sent a cancer patient to prison for a plant.

    Re: walrus gumboot

    LOL. Marijuana has negligible or nonexistent long-term effects on the brain. It's also effectively impossible to overdose on marijuana (40,000 times the amount needed to get high). The only known long-term negative health risk is caused by the inhalation of particulate from the smoke. The risk of that is dramatically reduced by using a vaporizer. Also, it's not physically addictive.

    As for driving, marijuana is the least of your worries. Of all crashes where marijuana was involved, 85% also had alcohol in their system. I'd be much more worried about all of the crashes caused by cold medications, sleep deprivation, distractions in the car, alcohol alone, etc. Ultimately, it's up to the individual to behave responsibly.

    Oh yeah, there's also been a recent study that may link cannabis to protection against head, neck, and lung cancer, which means that one day there might be a way to fight certain cancers based on the properties of cannabinoids. Good thing it's not illegal so that it can be studied with more patients. OOPS.

  71. 71

    He is a great Actor and we wish him the Best!