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Kristen Stewart's boyfriend, actor Michael Angarano was seen chatting, drinking, and leaving with an unknown brunette at a bar in Studio City, Californa, last night.

They both took off in his car and were last seen entering an apartment block in Sherman Oaks at around 1 a.m.

Looks like K-Stew may have a cheater on her hands.

We hope not.

This guy is the only thing standing in the way of K-Stew getting her claws into R-Patz! No!!!

Update: Sources are reporting to PerezHilton.com that K-Stew and Angarano quietly broke up about a month ago. That explains it all. Unfortunately, this now means she's free to date R-Patz.

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74 comments to “SIGHTing”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    How do you know they're not already broken up? They have not been seen together in a while…

  3. 3

    OMG. I hope so. Robert and Kristen make the cutest couple!!!

  4. 4

    No one cares!

  5. 5

    K-Stew and Michael are no longer together! Duh! Robsten is in full action!! Loves it!!!

  6. 6

    R Patz was seen today leaving K Stew's house this morning!!

  7. 7

    She can have just about anyone she wants.. I hope she finds happiness though.. Not just some cheating loser.. If he is cheating, there are plenty of men lined up waiting for her to be single..

  8. 8

    shut up fatso

  9. 9

    i thought they broke up..im pretty sure they did

  10. 10

    Kristen already broke up with him weeks ago. They're not dating anymore.

  11. 11

    you sound so pathetic Perez ,you're 30! not a teen crying for R-patz being with Stew

  12. 12

    UHHH, Perez, you truly are one fat ignorant piece of lard. The gorgeous and talented kristen has already been hooking up with R-Patz. HA!!

  13. 13

    ugh! she better not brake up w/ that dude! - ’cause that results in robert being sneaked of the market!

  14. 14

    They've been over for months!

  15. 15

    yea pretty sure they are broken up

  16. 16

    i would much rather r-patz be with her than some other hollywood slut parading around with him rubbing it i everyones faces.

    if you really think about it perez, would you rather have some skank playing bella and milking the role and flaunting r patz?? atleast if they were together we would know they actually liked each other- she is definetly not looking for more attention

  17. 17

    no one cares. he's lame.

  18. 18

    uh…there's photos of Kristen and Robert catching a cab together after seeing his friend in concert last night. And reports they spent the night at the Chateau Marmont(no proof of this one though). Kristen was obviously too preoccupied to be worrying about what her ex-bf was doing. Seriously perez, kristen hasn't been seen with her bf for over two months now, and they were in the same city.

  19. 19

    Umm sorry to upset you Perez but who do you think Kstew was out with last night? Yep that be Pattz himself. His friend had a show last night and they went together and a fan caught them leaving and catching a taxi together…she got a picture of them too. Sorry Perez but it seems your boy toy is taken

  20. 20

    I know nothing about Twilight or any of these people, but I see enough celebrity gossip to know that the chic playing Joan Jett has been hooking up with the greasy guy you're in love with for quite awhile now. So, I doubt she cares what this other guy is out doing.

  21. 21

    man, you're getting more and more pathetic as the days go by. You need to give it a rest and leave these young women alone. It's getting as painful as you losing your anal cherry……..

  22. 22

    Oh well Perez.. Looks like K-Stew will just have to keep fucking R-Patz.. Damn eh? Robert looovvveeeesssssss the pussayyy…. Lol not the weiny.. Sorry…. Hehe… Lol

  23. 23

    err…perez, you're gonna feel dumb when you realize Kristen was out with RP last night at Bobby Long's concert….Kristen's so fucking laughing at your fat ass right now!

  24. Clue says – reply to this


    skfjklsjkldfs Rob can do sooooooo much better!!

  25. 25

    From the sounds of the media her claws have been embedded for quite some time. Her former boyfriend wasn't so cute anyway, so props to her for making the logical decision and going with the better deal. The fabulous thing about Hollywood is that all "good things" come to an end. If it doesn't last he'll be in the arms of another model or hot celeb soon enough.

  26. 26

    Kristen and Michael haven't been seen together since APRIL! They broke up a long time ago. Let the guy screw whoever he wants. She's on top of the world right now.

  27. 27

    Sorry Perez. You are in denial. Kristen and Rob have been together for awhile now. Angarano has been out of the picture. Kristen already has her "claws" into Rob. Leave Kristen alone Perez.

  28. 28

    I think they broke up a hell of a while ago and that R-Pattz and K-Stew have been secretly together for a while now… =(

  29. 29

    I WANT Kristen & Rob to get together. They just seem to have so much chemistry. Plus they're both cute.. maybe not Kristen's hair but it'll grow out…

  30. 30

    WEll i dont believe that kristen and rob are bf and gf i thik that they are fuck buddies,,you kow havve a fun time whil in the same city. but im pretty sure kstew and michael are broken up cause they havent been photographed for a whilee:))
    but rob and kstew did go see a concert and left b4 the last song

  31. 31

    poor kristen oh well she has rob now since they've been hanging out lately i knew that boyfriend of hers wasnt for her at all go robsten:D

  32. 32

    no picture - no proof lol

  33. 33

    Twilight freaks go fantasise about the shittiest most pathetic thing in the world, and fantasise and robert pattinson, y'know the dude you know would be freaked out by you :) :)

  34. 34

    k if they've been over for months and her and Rob aren't official yet, I get the feeling she does not like Rob in that way. Maybe a little fun here and there, but if they aren't a couple now, they probably won't be. I mean, I don't know… but it's just an observation. I really believe Kristen doesn't like Rob as more than a friend/F-buddy. Poor Rob!

  35. 35

    Re: FunnyGuy1974 – Bet you any money that hasn't happened yet.. Too ugly to be gay.. The girls don't want him and they guys don't want him.. Hmm.. He's a bad gay guy!! He can't even get any!!

  36. 36

    Perez, it looks like Kristen is already with R-Pattz……he looked HOT in his new car! Post that pic Perez!

  37. 37

    there's picture proof of both MA out with someone and Kristen out with Robert last night.

  38. 38

    ew. kristen stewart is ugly. and has a man voice. why would anyone want to date her?

  39. 39

    she and michael assgarano havent been together since her birthday.. Rob and Kristen were seen recently leaving a concert together last nite

  40. 40

    Re: beatleshippie – Alot of ppl would like to date her.. Just not jealous females such as urself.. Peace..

  41. 41

    they broke up months ago… K'Twat is allegedly shagging poor Rob

  42. 42

    I so hope that Stewart and Pattinson end up together. I think they are a good couple, but in the end i just hope that they are happy. No one deserves to be cheated on.

  43. 43



    :P ly perez.
    btw i really meant that, k-stew = bad influence. i wonder what his mum would think?

  44. 44

    Re: LeanneCullen – Oh shut up you oversentivie overly obsessed loser.. She's hot.. Her hair is like this cuz of her new role in the Joan Jett movie.. Otherwise, she's twice as hot as any of the bitches on here.. Thanks to hollywood anyways.. lol

  45. 45

    ya and i heard robert pattinson was seen leaving her house this morning

  46. 46

    um he is not a cheater they broke up like a month or two ago

  47. 47

    hahahahahaha barf

  48. 48

    wtf? this doesnt sound like you perez
    u hate that k-stew and robert have something (allegedly) going on

  49. detox says – reply to this


    how can these notions even be entertained? KSTEW IS A LESBIAN EVERYONE, she dosent want pratz, except for mabye someone to shoot pool with.

    its all quite obvious.

    there is even a facebook group about this! FOR REALZ~

  50. 50

    i just dont like her. grawrr, she can't have rpattz. hes too good for that fugly thing.

  51. 51

    Ok so I dont mean to sound like a complete lunatic Robsten shipper but if anything Perez -you fat douche- Kstew totally has *dibbs* on this guy, she fucking GAVE him the role for fucks sake!Practicalle invented him. So back off and stop hatin'! He'll never get with you!

  52. 52

    ugh, Perez I thought you would know by now that they've been over for a while. Get with the program, he's not cheating because he's not with her. Robsten has been going on for a while as well. And stop hating on Kristen, she the closest thing to a real person in Hollywood.

  53. 53

    Mario, you're supposed to bring us the breaking gossip - everyone in the world knows they broke up and Robsten are a couple.

  54. 54

    How do you know they're not already broken up? They have not been seen together in a while…

    OMG. I hope so. Robert and Kristen make the cutest couple

  55. 55


  56. 56

    i hope she dosen't date rob .

  57. 57

    Perez they have been broken up longer then a month.
    they split around late February early March.

  58. 58

    isnt it SIGHting, not SIGHTing?

  59. 59

    i thought they had broken up already? like, its old news… but whatever. im gutted, i liked kirsten and michael together, plus theyve been together for ages. Rob can have whoever he wants, but he takes a girl who was taken? no no no. He clearly had something to do with their "quiet breakup"

  60. 60

    oh my effing god. screw kstew. may she go to hell.

  61. 61

    Wow. These sources are suggesting that Perez' gossip is outdated by weeks? That's not even news. It happens all the time.

  62. 62

    Kristen had it coming and if she does date Robert than the whole chemistry between them on screen will be FUCKED UP it won't work at all but they actually do make a good pair.

  63. eekO! says – reply to this


    Oh Jeeze! let her have him!! He's so disgusting.. He's like always sweating, his hair looks greasy, He quite frankly looks like he would smell awful.. Perez you can do better!!

  64. 64

    I don't mind Rob dating other girls, but I DO mind him dating Kristen. And yes, it IS my business.

  65. 65

    poor perez, now u are scared :D

  66. 66

    NO!!!!! =P

  67. 67

    they've been broken up for a couple of months not one!

  68. 68

    broke up about a month ago i don't think so i mean is kind a abvious that kristen and michael broke up like way way back when new moon began filming like come on if their were dating their will b together in pictures all over the place and the r.pattz and her romance rumor will b shut down in every mag outthere. OLD NEWS michael and kristen relationship is ancient history dud is like so abvious

  69. 69

    Re: unaMUSEd – hon rob isn't that kind of manwhore… if he were he will b screwin with all of those hollywood bimbos n sluts and all the women that r pratically throwing themselves at him. The true is that he likes girls like kristen stewart who are laid back and who doesn't go around hollywood having sex tapes or naked pictures or posing on dirty mags…but girls that can keep a low key and isn't afraid to b herself like k-stew is so down to earth and scandal free unlike the DISNEY WHORES

  70. 70

    How out of the loop are you???? I'm not into the Robsten obsession, however, even I know that Kristen and Michael aren't together anymore. Wow….do you not have any legit sources!!!

  71. 71

    I hope so. This is another up do look. Micheal can just get freaky with a girl without her even knowing it. Who was the thought they even dated again. Three years drained and ended up in Hell!

  72. 72

    Woohoo, they are sooo great together!!!

  73. 73

    they split up a while ago!

  74. 74

    i hope they do get together ( rob n kristen ) micheal w.e his name was was cute n all but please the chemistry between our bella n robert is undeniable even off screen!!!!