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No Loyalty Between Simpson Sisters!

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Jessica Simpson's fam seems to like her ex-boyfriends more than they should!

First, her Mom admits she still likes Tony Romo, even though the tool broke up with her right before her birthday.

Now, her sister, Ashlee Simpson, was seen coming out of a John Mayer's concert Sunday night along with Shenae Grimes at the Troubadour club in West Hollywood!

Not cool!

It's called family unity, Simpsons!

Next, we'll see Papa Joe Simpson asking Nick Lachey if he was to go golfing on Sunday.

A little more respect for the only breadwinner in the family please!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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34 comments to “No Loyalty Between Simpson Sisters!”

  1. 1

    They are both skanks.

  2. 2

    god forbid, she went there to listen to him sing, it's not like she's fucking him, and going to hang out with him.

  3. 3

    Ashlee Simpson used to be so cool when she had her reality tv show on MTV. Now she's all weird and super ugly! I wish that she would have stayed with Ryan Cabrera! They were so cute together and he is way better then Pete Wentz. And what a backstabber!

  4. 4

    jessica looks like she ha been winning a lot of bread lately. u guys got to chaeck out realcelebritease.com, im addicted to it.

  5. tasha says – reply to this


    No thats called not being an asshole like you and getting along with your exes. No reason not to enjoy John Mayer's music.

  6. 6

    Ashley has zero talent, she's biting the hand that fed her, and rode her sisters coattails to even have achieved the level of fame that she's enjoying! I don't like her at all, one word describes Ashley 'SNIT'

  7. 7

    Perez, you make up the stupidest shit sometimes. Pete (Ashlee's husband) and John are best friends. He's the god father of their child, so their bond goes deeper than him just being the ex boyfriend of Jessica

  8. 8

    and as far as the mom still liking Tony Romo, hey, he's still a cool person. It's just that her daughter and him aren't meant to be

  9. 9

    who cares? OMG she went to a fucking concert.. so what if mom likes Tony? Oh well.. totally appropriate and acceptable.. Get over it ..

  10. 10

    The funny thing about this photo is they both look like they stepped off the set of an early 90's sitcom (ie 90210 or Melrose) they both look like hell and Shenae's nose seems irritated,.. could they be bonding of the the wonder skinny nose candy?

  11. 11

    Jessica is the BREADWINNER?? LOL
    How much did she make for the Chili cook-off? $50? What a joke!

  12. 12

    Asslee is an ass. She is talentless, lyp-synchs, goes to McDonald's drunk & says, "Don't you know who I am?!", has to rearrange her whole face cuz she's fugs, puts and end to Fall Out Boy cuz they can't stand her either. Bitch needs to be put out of our misery. She's a talentless fuck.

  13. 13

    The fact is, John is best friends with Pete. Work it out.

  14. 14

    Maybe that should tell you something about Jessica! Stupid whore. GO COWBOYS!

  15. 15

    Who says Romo broke up with Jessica. Here's a little tid bit for you. Jessica went through Tonys text and email and caught him red handed. Just happened to be before her birthday. Jessica actually did the dumping so how do you like those apples.

  16. 16

    oh heaven forbid they go to a concert. *gasp*

  17. 17

    Mario-Perez, I feel you.

  18. 18

    And we should care why? This is news because???? Still waiting for an answer.
    Its not about loyalty, its about friendship, her family is still loyal to her but they are allowed to have friends, you can't just cut people out of you life because your sister/daughter isn't dating that person anymore. If my fiance and i ended things i wouldn't stop being friends with his sisters and i wouldn't expect my parents to stop speaking to his parents either. And further more, she dating John a long time ago, she's over it, why aren't you?

  19. 19

    I second that a little respect for the bread winner. Im also happy to see Perez not talkin smack about her, I like her and feel bad for her that everyone is so hard on her.

  20. 20

    A little more respect for jessica…you should practice what you preach.

  21. 21

    ew ashlee simpson is so gross. and that cross on her neck makes her look even stupider than she is already…

  22. 22

    seriously…it's a concert..it's not like they were holding hands and skipping out of a movie theater together

  23. 23

    And, who are these women with horrible hairdressers?………….J.

  24. 24

    ha, i met ryan cabrera last weekend at a small town bar here in mn, which was super random, but he was super nice and pretty hot in person. i liked him and ash together too.

  25. 25

    Just because Tony broke up with Jessica doesn't mean that he's a jerk. Why wouldn't her mom like him? As for Ashlee, what's the harm in her liking John Mayer's music? That's not disloyalty.

  26. 26


  27. 27

    is it just me or is ashlee even skinnier now

  28. 28

    Wow O_o Her family are a bunch of disloyal backstabbers! What ever happened to hating the people that hurt the person you claim to love?

  29. 29

    WTF? why are they holding hands
    and who gives a shit about this stuff

  30. 30

    ew wtf ashlee don't hang out with shenae you're too good for grimeygrimes

  31. 31

    Re: MishyVH1 – omg u r sooo right she's a total yoko ono isn't she :O:O hilarious maybe she shuld find a gd surgeon who culd make her look good instead of even more gross

  32. LNW says – reply to this


    When did Perez get all defensive about Jessica Simpson, if I clearly remember, he was calling her a blubber butt during the whole is she fat or is it just the jeans moment? But now oh, he's all about her now that her family apparently "going against her." I know it's different because they're her family and he's just a gossip blogger, but isn't that hypocritical. you've said awful things about for a long time, but her sister goes to a concert of her sister's ex and oh my gosh, she's a horrible person and backstabbing her sister. But you can calling her a blimp and it's ok.

  33. 33

    so what? ashlee does seem like a bitch though.

  34. 34

    lmao jessica isn't much of a bread winner, ashlee makes more than her now.