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Not So Blind Item

| Filed under: Not So Blind Item

What blonde actress was sooooo drunk when leaving gay bar The Abbey in West Hollywood on Sunday that she popped a squat and urinated outside the establishment???

Hint: Her name is not Earl!

Sadly, there were no paparazzi there to take pics.

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64 comments to “Not So Blind Item”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    what's the point if you're not telling us?

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Fat boy it was you in draggg!!!!!!!!! you shittard!!!!!!!

  5. 5


  6. 6

    jamie presley??????

  7. 7

    lindsay?? but what's the earl hint???

  8. 8


  9. 9

    isn't lohan blonde now?

  10. 10

    Jamie Lee Prestley?

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Don't know, don't really care. Besides, who hasn't peed outside when drunk? It's better than peeing your pants!

  13. 13

    Jessica simpson?

  14. 14

    jaime pressley?

  15. 15

    Jeez.. could it be Lindsay Lohan?! Lol

  16. 16

    Jamie Pressley???

  17. 17

    Jaime Pressly

  18. 18

    im guessing Joy from my name is earl?

    god its not like thats anything news worthy

    loads of girls outside clubs have a wee, some even do rude things with boys
    i once called the police on them and they got arrested! haha

  19. 19

    Do you know how many drunks piss outside of bars? More than this one person. Sad you think this is newsworthy.

  20. 20

    Jamie Presley???

  21. 21

    Jamie Pressley

  22. 22

    jaime pressley

  23. 23

    jamie pressley?

  24. 24

    wowo jamie presley

  25. 25

    omg tell mee

  26. 26

    mush mush?? i have no idea…

  27. 27


  28. 28

    good for jaime pressly. love her.

  29. 29

    Jaime Pressly?

  30. 30

    Hmmm…couldn't be LL — paps follow her everywhere!

  31. 31

    jessica S. (well not really an actress but i can picture her doing this !)

  32. 32

    Lindsay lohan

  33. 33


  34. 34

    Jessica Simpson?! She seems to be drunk 24/7 these days!

  35. 35

    Linsey Lohan

  36. 36

    Lindsay Lohan?

  37. 37

    Jaimie P!

  38. 38

    Mario needs a slap….

  39. 39


  40. 40


  41. 41


  42. 42

    perez rules. i also love the new comedy gossip site realcelebritease.com. I spend all day on both of these sites!!!!

  43. 43


  44. 44


  45. 45

    O_o woah! She's lucky there was no paparazzi around!

  46. 46

    how very casey anthony of her.

  47. 47

    That is hilarious. Sometimes you just gotta go. I might be the only person who didn't pee in the Comal River this weekend, but I still needed to go! I hovered behind our car door as soon as we got off the river and into the parking lot. Lots of people do that.

  48. 48

    Jamie Presley?

  49. 49

    Classy! Jaime Pressly right?

  50. 50

    Gotta be Jamie Pressley.

  51. 51

    Mario..yer lucky no one has shit on yer head yet!!!!!!!!!!

  52. 52

    jaime presley duhh

  53. abq31 says – reply to this


    its jamie obviously!!

  54. 54

    Nadine Velasquez…Jamie is domesticated now ya'll.geez.

  55. 55

    Re: livelovemusic - "duh" - Jaime pressely stars in "my name is Earl".

  56. 56

    I thought you meant she pooped AND peed. "Popped a squat"? Who says that?

  57. 57

    thats a lie…i was there…..she was waiting for her car and texting…..how that turned into this story…..

  58. 58

    what i find quite amusing is how perez considers this news but hasn't said a word about his (girl/boy??) lady gaga's newest viral video? i am sure you all know the one, where she is at a concert in england and it looks like she has peen.

  59. 59

    TELL US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. 60

    i guess news is pick and choose…….actually…..its sad to even say this is "news" ….its a rumor ……..and a dumb one at that!!!!! and why its sad that there were no paparazzi there to take pics????? i think thats pretty sad and pathetic you go to that length to feel better about your ugly self!!!

  61. 61

    all of you morons- perez gave a huge hint with the EARL thing… of course it's jaime pressly.

  62. 62


  63. 63

    the hint gave it all: Jaime Pressley

  64. 64

    It's cop a squat not pop a squat you idiot!!!