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Twilight Star Naked Pictures Scandal!

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Here we go again!

How many times do we have to say it????

Do NOT take any nudie pics unless you want them to get out - because they will!

Nude photos of Twilight actress Ashley Greene have just hit the Internets.


They look awfully real to us!

Do U think they could be Photoshopped???

UPDATE: The nude images have been removed from PerezHilton.com at the request of Greene's attorneys.

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313 comments to “Twilight Star Naked Pictures Scandal!”

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  1. 101

    they are so real

  2. 102

    Re: faredooz – Yeah, I figured Perez would have had this before anyone else seeing how he has eyes for Chace.

  3. 103

    Ohhhhhh boy! At least she shaves…?

  4. 104

    OMG… i like Ashley Greene :o ( this is sad!

  5. 105

    wow,she looks really young… she's not underage here, is she?

  6. 106

    OMG she has no hips! :P

  7. 107

    poor girl, these were prob taken before she was famous, while her ex decided to cash in on it when she became a star :( i feel bad for her

  8. 108

    It's real or else they PhotoShopped the mole on her neck.

  9. 109

    real alright, stupid girl, shes not a slut because heaps of girls take these pics but seriously she KNOWS that some one will release them if she is 'famous'. but seriously she has a horrible body, the first one is okish but the second one looks like the body of a malnourished third-worlder, gross, gross, gross!

  10. 110

    B E A U T I F U L !!!!!!

  11. 111

    BEAUTIFUL little boobies:)

  12. 112

    OMG! totally real! can't believe my eyes!

  13. 113

    Oh no! I like Ashley Greene. But this screems attention whore. Isn't this how they get more famous?

  14. 114

    its like she's androginous from just below the boobs down……like a mannequin….tuck

  15. 115

    that sucks for her. I mean Perez is right. If you're super famous DON'T TAKE NAKED PICTURES!

  16. 116

    *meant yuck lol

  17. 117

    she has no GIRLIE curves

  18. 118

    Sweet child. Once again in Europe the are saying, what is the big deal?

  19. 119

    @ 35 (reply link would not work).. most girls that i have seen that are a HEALTHY weight still have visible hip bones.. its quite normal.. not "gross". i would think a girl has to be a bit chubby if no hip bone at all is visible.. then again maybe not.. everyone is built differently but its pretty common to see that.. especially with the super low rise pants girls wear now.

  20. 120

    She looks like she is under the age of 18 Perez.

  21. 121

    yum yum…that is if she is of age!!!!!

  22. Heffi says – reply to this


    Wow. I'd hate to be that desperate for some attention.

  23. 123

    i wanna see robert pattison cock or kellan lutz not girls naked

  24. 124

    i really don't see the big deal here. u see one tit and puss shot, you've seen them all. maybe its cause i'm a girl and see this shit everyday, i don't excited about it at all!

  25. 125

    NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL TOP NOTCH REPORTING! KEEPUP THE GOOD REPORTING PEREZ.YOU CAN TELL SHE'S A GREAT ACTRESS JUST BY THE WAY SHE LOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 126

    omg! that's insane!;O

  27. 127

    This picture must be from last year because her hair was long… come on, Ashley! I thought naked pictures was something for Disney Channel not Twilight stars… And see, she has got the brazilian wax LoL

  28. 128

    Re: leonyx – whahaha i'm with you on that one!!! when are the naked pics of the twilight guys start to leak out?!?! i want me some robert pattinson's sexy body! gonna use it as my screensaver and all… hehehe
    anyhoo, some people think she leaked those pics herself, but i think they were taken long before she was on twilight and super famous (look at her younger looking body and long hair) and some ex leaked them to cash in.. the bastard.

  29. 129

    Their real….and she was young…but deft her…NICE ALICE….with that angel face ahh?
    NOW..becareful of ROB PAT…he maybe considered U as him NEXT vic of his SAGA.
    LOVE U ROB//// BTW

  30. 130

    crooked chi-chi's

  31. 131

    The Pics look real to me. Oh well

  32. 132

    nice tits! and vagine

  33. 133

    LOL, woops!

  34. 134

    this is not photoshop!!!

  35. 135

    omg ppl get a life. shyt happens. its just a naked bodyy. woohooo! OMFG!! lol. she cant take anything back now. anyway.. shes gorgeous. love herr! =]

  36. 136

    by the way. isn't she supposed to have green eyes?

  37. 137

    Re: Long Dong Connery – I dunno Connery-I dig chicks with curves.Shes a bit too petite for my tastes.

  38. 138

    Oh goodness gracious. Way to sell a movie.

  39. 139


  40. 140

    i don't think that this makes her a bad person, it was a mistake, vanessa hugens on the other hand is a mother fucking skank whore and perez rpatz probably took these pics

  41. 141

    is that alice?

  42. 142

    RE: j_baybe most women have one breast larger than the other, it's not unnatural.:P

  43. 143

    I hate the totally shaved look - she looks like she's 10 years old down there. A pedophile's dream. Gross

  44. 144

    This girl got an egg waist line ;-)

  45. elRey says – reply to this


    Americans are such PRUDES!! These are fine and beautiful pictures, there should not be any scandal about a woman's beautiful body. If she were engaged in some freaky sex act, I maybe could see people being upset but this is just a woman without clothes… Big freaking deal. No scandal here. Keep moving peons.

  46. 146

    Re: carriemisze – well seeing as legal is 16 how is that relavent?

  47. 147

    Re: abullet4perez – Wow you really have an issue with fat chicks dontcha? I bet your fatter than half the people on this page huh? LMAO

  48. 148

    these "stars" are idiots for doing this, whether they're "personal" photos or not…and she is shaped like an adolescent boy…gross.

  49. 149

    SO disappointed right now. I thought she was better then this. These must've been taken a while ago though. She has short hair now.

  50. 150

    i don't get the deal of this. at all. people are just so damn prudish. the human body is a work of art, so we should appreciate it. nudity isn't a big deal, just as much as sex isn't.

  51. 151

    Re: elRey
    Stupid elrey, the scandal is not in the picture but in their DIVULGING. It's personal photographs. Same for that guy from Harvey Milk, I'm not scandalized at all by seeing gay sex, but the DIVULGING I find scandalous, because this person has been set and trapped. You don't know what that is until it happens to you. As I said, this is not about free speech but media raping.

  52. 152

    wtf they still dnt gt the message right??? we already had enough with v. hudgens!!…at least she looks less provocative than the slut

  53. 153

    Ew. even MY boobs are MUCH better looking than that. Who gives a shit if you see a star naked? its like porn, NO ONE CARES.

  54. 154

    feel sorry for her
    she is a cool girl hotgirl
    one boob is bigger than the other hahahahahaha

  55. 155

    These poses are weird but I'd still tap that.

  56. 156

    Her body looks like that of a 14-year old… Sorry… not impressed, seen better (NOT Vanessa)

  57. 157

    Everyone takes nude pictures. Just don't do it on a phone. And, make sure only you have access to them. Oh, and if by one in a million you get famous!
    Burn them!

  58. 158

    Re: Meg-333 – no shit !! every woman is like that!

  59. Vocem says – reply to this


    They look real. Beautiful body, she looks like a WOMAN!

  60. 160

    where did you get these pictures from anyways perez? did someone send you to them? are you the first one to have them? i thnk they are gonna ask you to get take them from the site soon, though :P so boys, copy and save before you'll loose your chance :P hehe
    and there is nothing wrong with her body! nor how she 'wears it' down there, so leave her alone…

  61. 161

    is she free tonight?lolz

  62. 162

    ohh dear, bad idea ashley!!

  63. 163

    haha damn first the qirl from Hiqhschool musical now twiliqht ????!!! lmao ! where do yu be findinq these thinqs perez ?? yu better take them off b4 her lawyers come in the picture lol . poor ashley . why r.pattz cant come out with no nuddie picts ? :'(

  64. 164

    succes next vanessa
    Ashley is in love with Robert just like Zac and Vanessa
    say good bye to your career babe

  65. 165

    vanessa hudgens now her =/

  66. 166


    it is so easy to make bad comments about her body….

    to skinny….if was a bit bigger everybody was talking about her being to fat!!!!

  67. 167

    PUBLICITY STUNT!!!!! There's nothing sexy about these pictures. It looks like she's giving herself a mamogram. What's wrong with these People?!!!!!

  68. 168


  69. 169

    I'm sure you'll be getting a "cease and desist" letter from her attorney any minute now…

  70. 170

    She does not have a nice body! its like a mans! she has no curves. oh well.
    shes a dumb beeoch. don't take nudies! why don't they ever learn! im pretty sure its real, the quality is really good.

  71. 171

    This is all a publicity stunt for the new shitty twilight movie…the bitch probobly released them herself..Attention whore!

  72. 172

    Ugh, gross. I can't stand teenage looking twats. Put a little fuzz on that muff, girl!

  73. 173

    bimbo just like vanessa
    nice little vagina

  74. 174

    these poses are just so random lmao at least with vanessa skankface, hers were posed but these just look like ashley was bored xD oh well, still love her

  75. 175

    Re: j_baybe – Easy… natural breasts are rarely symmetrical.

  76. 176

    i have never liked her. i like her character in twilight but not the actress.

  77. 177

    i cant believe she did this…and she is like a role model for all her fans…she better hope these pics are fake becuse shes going to lose all her fans

  78. 178

    when will these girls learn? did you see brooke hogan's upskirt at realcelebritease.com

  79. 179

    ohh no!
    not her too!!
    they look real, but maybe when she was younger?
    she has long hair in them…
    i still love her though.

  80. 180

    i don't know…it really does look like her but there are bikini pictures of ashely, and she doesn't have a mole on her stomach. also the mole in this picture is on her right side of the neck, and ashley's is on the left…unless something is flipped…i don't know. whatever…still love her!

  81. 181

    Lame, I can see this kind of shit on google, nothing special about her little kid body.

  82. 182

    def. real

  83. 183

    ugh…some people just don't get it. what a whore >_>

  84. 184

    These people look like animals ready to get fucked . So gross !

  85. 185

    I don't think that's her. If you look at candid photos, she has a mole on the left side of her neck in all the pictures. Not these.

  86. 186

    Re: JewelKilcherLover – most girls have one boob bigger than the other…. stupid ass

  87. 187

    Fully shaved, NICE!

  88. 188

    Sometimes I feel sorry for celebrities. I'm not sure if they aren't thinking when they do stuff like this or if they know exactly how it will turn out. Everybody takes nude pics at some point or another… too bad celebs haven't figured out that the pics will surface.

  89. 189


  90. 190

    Re: china babii15 – how is she a rolemodel? she just plays in a popular movie, she didnt sign up for a Bg Brother program… she's just living her life and making her own choices and mistakes, i dont think she should keep herself restricted just because "people look up to her'. she never asked them to…

  91. 191

    Re: jcat5507

    exactly! that's what i said a few comments up above you!

  92. 192

    nice jay jay!

  93. 193

    ooooo crikey..

  94. 194

    looks like a 13 yr old boy with tits…ladyboy anyone??

  95. 195

    .. i feel much better about my post preggo body though.. you can't beat a waist and hips.. though i wouldn't mind her face.

  96. 196

    I'd hit that.

  97. 197

    omg these photos look real..but why wud she take them in such poses? its weird!

  98. 198

    I can't belive there's picture of her like that out there. First Vanessa now her. I'm so dissapointed. I guess they forget that these kind of pictures can be leaked out to the media n belive/trust the person who take them that they are not going 2 be reveal.

  99. 199

    Re: JewelKilcherLover – DUH almost all women have one larger than the other. Usually you don't notice on pics because women get fake boobs!

  100. 200

    aww shes pretty hot not to smart to do that but hey shes a actress thats what they do if it wasnt here it would have ben in a movie and now that shes out mayb we see more naked ashley in the movies to come i dont care but hop shes ok aftr knowing thes are out i stil lik her shes not like the slutty celebrities weve sen in the past i hope she dont care cause shs hot

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