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Twilight Star Naked Pictures Scandal!

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Here we go again!

How many times do we have to say it????

Do NOT take any nudie pics unless you want them to get out - because they will!

Nude photos of Twilight actress Ashley Greene have just hit the Internets.


They look awfully real to us!

Do U think they could be Photoshopped???

UPDATE: The nude images have been removed from PerezHilton.com at the request of Greene's attorneys.

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313 comments to “Twilight Star Naked Pictures Scandal!”

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  1. 201

    Mole is on the wrong side of her neck. It is not her. Look at other pictures of her. She has a very prevalent mole on the other side of her neck, not on the side it has pictured. I say it again, it is not her.

  2. 202

    People you disgust me saying she has no body, then when someone photographed has curves she is fat. Its horrible! Shame on you all!

  3. Zip says – reply to this


    What a beautiful body. She has nothing to be ahamed about.

  4. 204

    Not her, look at the damn moles.

  5. 205

    I feel like all these celeb whore's releasing nude pic's are doin this shit on purpose. I think the media need's to change the way they deal w/ shit and not give these bitches so much damn attention for it. It is very sad that in this day and age a fucking nude pic help's further your career.

  6. 206

    Re: PixieCullen
    yes i agree!!!

  7. 207

    I'm pretty sure these are real. If you look carefully, you can see a mole on her neck and one in between her breasts on her chest. Ashley Greene has moles in EXACTLY the same places. This makes me sad…these photos were obviously meant to be private.

  8. 208


  9. 209

    at least she shaved

  10. 210

    People are insecure so they bash on celebrities. It doesn't matter what celeb it is that has naked pics.. she's always too fat or too skinny or too something.

  11. 211

    Alice! Didn't you see this coming?

  12. 212

    Perez, STOP publishing private nudies, it's the only real wrong you are doing.

  13. 213

    maybe they ARE fake. I don't know…but even if they are real, leave the poor girl alone.

  14. 214

    i dont know but this shit right here, is an embarrassment. It seems like anyone knows to kick start a career you gotta start by putting naked pictures of yourself in the internet otherwise you will be a nobody….its obvious they are real, and she seems comfortable, lets see if her career kicks off like kim kardashians…..Ass for sale….ANYONE

  15. 215

    she prob let them out herself for publicity

  16. 216

    HAWT … I just soaked another pair of chuds

  17. 217

    I think they're fake or reversed

    if you look at a picture of Ashley the mole on her neck is on the OTHER side of her neck..so either they're reversed or fake

  18. 218

    these are definitely real, and why wouldn't they be? it seems every young starlet wants to get in on the naked photo scandals.

  19. 219

    omg, where's her waist???
    wonder what Summit will say.

  20. 220

    Re: vintagepeppermints – shut the fuck up geez

  21. 221

    holy crap..
    i didnt think anyone could be as stupid as that whatsherface hudgens…
    that was dumb of her, but cool down peeps, its just a naked body buuhuu not the end of the world.

    still love ashley, shes gorgeous anyways, and i prefer seein her naked than anybody fat and ugly haha.

    we should be happy that perez hasnt shown us any nudie pics yet hee hee XD

  22. 222

    so what she is naked? what is the problem with nudity :S? They dont particularly offend me.

  23. 223

    Someone said her moles are no in the rite place and its TRUE!!! its not her THANK GOD i love ashley!

  24. 224

    Re: j_baybe – because they are natural. most breasts are NOT symmetrical. sorry to burst ur bubble.

  25. 225

    yeah big oops

  26. 226

    these dont look like her at all … maybe a bit in the face… but she is a tad bit chunkier … unless she lost about 20 pounds or these are old

  27. 227

    OH MY GOD!!! nooooooo i love ashley…….poor girl I fell really bad for some reason

  28. 228

    Re: j_baybe – well if you were actually a women .. or had tits or knew anything about biology you would know that one side of the body is always bigger than the other… so do your homework child.

  29. 229

    These are really old!

  30. 230

    I don't know why people are so critical. Im not a fan of naked pics I don't think you should do it just for the reason that it may get out one day. But she did it along with millions of other girls who have done it. She appears to be young and Im assuming this is way before Twilight. And I'm sure she was never planning on these being released. Its unfortunate but, I highly doubt it will hurt her career and hey at least she looks good.

  31. girl1 says – reply to this


    Nah, I'm pretty sure the pics are photoshopped. The last photo especially just doesn't look real.

  32. 232

    These are really old!!!!!!

  33. 233

    Awee, poor girl.

  34. 234

    He's right about the mole! Look it up peeps!

    also i think she's hot, and Kelly Clarkson.

  35. 235

    thats so disapointing! i thought ashley was better than that ):

  36. 236


  37. 237

    Boring - she must have been drunk to think this is hot - totally not but hey whatever gets your skank azz name out into public.

  38. 238

    They look like the real thing. Ashley looks young in these photos. Nothing but white trailer park trash….

  39. 239

    Re: squirm00

    She's obviously in front of some kind of mirror. So that's why it's on the other side. It's DEFINITELY her. All these celebrities are DUMB BITCHES.

  40. 240


  41. 241

    Perez, you sir are an epic douche.

  42. 242

    i dont understand why celebs keep makin naked pics! they should know that they come out eventually!!

  43. 243

    oh WOW! Surprised that ashley would do these kinds of things, but if its noticeable that shes veryyy young here, right now she has curves and looks older. I bet these weere taken when she was a minor, cuz her body is sooo different than the way it is now.


  44. 244

    did seth macfarlane take those lol? because last time i heard the two of them were hooking up

  45. 245

    Perez, new low, even for you. You have no soul left. Hollywood has sucked you dry. That Black Eyed Pea should have hit you harder, teach you a lesson. I'm DONE with this site.

  46. 246

    awww.. leave the girls alone……. just live your life without ruin others' lifes..
    can you do that? or is too hard for you?

  47. 247

    oh no i wish i could say it wasnt true because she is one of my favorites…. but they look real :(

  48. Laury says – reply to this


    These stupid bitches never learn, do they? Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley and all those dumbasses are such famewhores, they're obviously taking these pics and leaking them themselves. Or at least they hope someone will leak them. It's like the new hip thing to do among Hollywood starlets. I mean fuck, how many celebutard boobies and coochies do we have to see?

  49. 249

    Re: abullet4perez – Superior? Just ’cause they have a rockin' bod? How does that make them superior? And why are you ASSuming that all the negative comments are from women? And why are you ASSuming they are all fat? I bet you'd call me fat just because I have big boobs and a waist. Which, by the way, tend to come with womanhood in a lot of cases. I know my lovelife has never suffered because I have big boobs. There are lots of beautiful women out there whom decide not to pimp themselves. And the removal of ALL excess body hair, well lets just say that the guppy lips were the only thing that tipped me off that this person secretes estrogen. Get over yourself.

  50. 250

    no i think it is her, just the pictures are verrrryyyy old. I hope summit doesnt replace her because of this though!

  51. 251

    i KNEW it was going to be her

  52. 252

    Oh, and to all the men out there who don't know this trick (but every woman, large or small does): she's holding her hands up high or in her hair so her boobs don't look droopier than they are with her arms down. That's why, in the pic where she's bent towards the camera, her hands are covering her breasts. Sorry, but true.

  53. 253

    Lol, her right boob is bigger than the other one.

  54. 254

    now this is ridiculous! wat the fuck is the point of taking pics like this? watever i am no longer surprised, still like her as alice though

  55. 255

    omg !! hooow stupid can some pepole get?!!!!

  56. 256

    perez this is so not cool!!!!
    take off the pictures!!!!!!!!! :-(
    Photoshopped or not, it's not a porn site…com on….give the girl a break…Ashley is great and i thought you were too, but i was wrong :-(

  57. 257

    Why would you even post them in the first place? You're an asshole.

  58. 258

    she has NO shape

  59. 259

    bitch looks hungry

  60. 260

    Oh Perez stop Hating!! Who cares!! so shes naked she has a nice body!! and shes pretty!! It's not like shes in a porno!!

  61. 261

    Re: chanelheels – like 90% of women with real breasts have one bigger than the other so either youre a woman with falsies or flat as a pancake or a man who doesnt get much and looks at too much porn

  62. 262

    Re: FaeRae_86 – lol very true!

  63. 263


  64. 264

    i saw the pictures and it looked like her vagina had vampire teeth!

  65. 265

    Re: chanelheels – Most women have breasts that are slightly different sizes. Thats completely normal. Your just used to seeing fake ones.

  66. 266

    Re: MattTranberg


  67. 267

    Re: insertsobriquet

    if she was in front of a mirror, shouldn't we see the camera then?

  68. 268

    where else can we see the pictures?? Perez removed them.

  69. 269

    oh, I saw them..what a horrible body..no curves..looks like a boy with A cup Boobs LOL!

  70. 270

    you should be ashamed you even put those on your site. somethings people do they do in private and just because they are famous does not give anyone the right to make the things they do in private, public. most of the things you put on your site is funny, but sometimes they are just mean and you should be wondering why you would put that on your site. watch out what goes around comes around.

  71. 271

    Eww, how did this Penthouse reject get famous? She probably took these pics the night she let her boyfriend fuck her in the ass.

  72. 272

    I'd fuck her.

  73. Melme says – reply to this


    Shit happens. And most probably it isn't her…but even so, that's one way to sell-up New Moon and to bring attention to other cast members…get the heat off Robsten.

  74. 274

    well at least she doesnt have a bush like vanessa hudgens

  75. 275

    It's boobs and a vagina… All women have em it's not that big of a deal…Come on people get over it.

  76. 276

    these were proobs taken a long time ago ,
    since her hair is longer .
    they deffs are real , its easy to tell .

  77. JCC says – reply to this


    aw crap i didnt see them……

  78. 278

    yeah unfortunately..the only things that are "perfect" by todays standards are man-made.She has nice breast,nice REAL breasts. Thats the real problem with porn, it makes men think women come like that out of the womb. When in all actuality,people arent perfect. thats really what makes woman/men's bodies beautiful. natural flaws that make us all different and unique. why do you think all the plastic celebs look the same?destroying your individualism to be "perfect" only leads to worse self-esteem problems. owning your individualism makes nobody else in the whole world like you.

  79. YasJJ says – reply to this


    people are sick to post something like this. she has litlle fans who are looking up to her. seriously how mean can you be to ruin her life with this. people are really sick.

  80. 280

    BAHHA , you can see the line where her pubes were .
    if only it was robert pattinson , or taylor lautner .

  81. 281

    How hilarious. This girl is the one that took the pics and now she's acting like you're the one that did the wrong thing here. There's a whole site dedicated to this girl's pictures apparently and someone from there probably sent them to you. Next time don't be so dumb, ash ash.

  82. 282

    this is the caliber of crap Perez is known for. this isn't interesting or informative. It's a sad reflection of how low you have to go to get people to read your hate thread. Grow the hell up and try to find some self respect Perez. Hating on someone just because they posed nude is juvenile. Maybe your just jealous no one EVER wants to see you nude. EPIC FAIL!!!

  83. 283

    You are a very, very, very MEAN person.

  84. 284

    Dammit! I liked her!

  85. 285

    Re: berrybaby – just thought someone had to put it out there :)

  86. cdv says – reply to this


    i'd fuck her

  87. 287


  88. 288

    DAMN come on why when there is a basket of good apples there is one that is completely rotten she looks really decent and intellegent not dumd enough for these kinds of stupidity and now it happen to a really nice person. But seriously celebs have to stop lovin themselves so much especially when their is a camera around their just want to take it all off but I STILL THINK SHE A GREAT PERSON AND WHO ever DID THIS TO HER JUST WANT PPL TO HATE HER didn't work on me

  89. 289

    so sad! i like her, but i thought she was smart :(

  90. 290

    wow she really does not have ANY CURVES AT ALL… from the hips to the waist there is no difference in width at all. i'd understand if she were a stick, but she's not even thin. it's alll good though cause she really does have a stunning face that makes up for it all, she is by far the prettiest in the twilight cast. i bet she leaked them herself, and i actually think it was a good move if attention was the goal

  91. 291

    wth these slutzzzzzzzzz

  92. 292

    well, i guess this proves she's not fat. but i think those were taken a while a go. she looked a bit beefie at comic con.

  93. lolli says – reply to this



  94. lolli says – reply to this


    She is naturally pretty….

  95. upo says – reply to this


    EWWWW, i use to like her, these dumb whores who want attention, she is posing for these herself, so i don't feel sorry for her, she probably leaked them her self because unfortunately in hollywood she will probably have a better career all because of these pictures. I am so disappointed she was a fake and just like all those other sl-ut whores who just want attention. I have no sympathy for someone who obviously had the balls to take these in the first place. And your right perez I am not interested in any fake apology, my sister thinks she is also a sl-ut and is always sleeping with different guys, well ashley eventually someone is going to sell you out.

  96. 296


  97. 297

    These Celebs Arent Tards..!
    There People
    They Make mistakes..!
    Deal with It..!

  98. 298

    is cool :D

  99. 299

    Supposedly she was 19 and the photographer who took them [which it looks like SHE took them with like– a macbook or a camera on a desk] wanted to make a quick buck with her wannabe modeling phase. Did she wanna be a porn star?

  100. 300

    well she admitted they were real…so i'm guessing no photoshopped….these young starlets never learn…we live in the age of advanced technology ladies…time to wise the fuck up…

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