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Channing Tatum's Sizzling Secret Stripper Past!

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Channing Tatum has been a naughty boy!!!

Or should we say Chan Crawford, as he was known around the stripper pole!

Yes, the hunky G.I Joe star used to be all about the G-String back when he was 18 and just starting out.

It was here, in a now defunct club in Florida, where Channing worked for a year and was "discovered" by a horny casting agent.

The rest is history!

But check out the video above to see all the seksi, juicy moves Chan had back in the day, plus his sweet, tight ass!!!


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156 comments to “Channing Tatum's Sizzling Secret Stripper Past!”

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  1. 1

    I seriously just laughed my ass off at that Backstreet Boys bullshit.
    Pretty hot though. Teehee.

  2. 2

    omg no effin way!!!! whahahaha

  3. 3

    btw is it me or does the video not work?? does it have to be THIS one that doesnt work?!!!

  4. 4

    The socks were an aggressive choice.

  5. 5

    Oh. My. God.

  6. 6


  7. 7


  8. 8

    WOW!!! is all i can say. Ha

  9. 9

    holy shit so hot!! those were some lucky ladies ;D boo censors!

  10. 10

    god he's hot.

  11. 11

    wow…. that was….interesting…

  12. 12

    terrible dancing. not. attractive. at. all.

  13. 13

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Perez! You just made my day.. possibly week.

  14. 14

    There's something about the G-string tube sock combo that is just sexy.

  15. 15

    shit i cant see him

  16. 16

    hahaha oh wow.

  17. 17

    ahahahahaaaahaaahahaahhaha thats hilarious. got to get $$$$$$$ somehow

  18. 18

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! :-0

  19. 19

    WOWZER! If only he still did that?

  20. ohboy says – reply to this


    Anyone else think that should have been Edward Cullen right there? Definitely more along the lines of what I pictured.

  21. 21

    HE'S SO HOT!

  22. 22

    wtf are they wearing
    really wish I hadn't seen that :(
    now my brain is permanently scarred

  23. 23

    The socks were especially nice

  24. 24

    ewwww….no thanks…

  25. 25

    I don't even know what to say…I mean there's no doubt he's hot, but it's just weird watching him do this.

  26. 26

    He looks like he's 14 there, it sounds like you have a bunch of Mary Kay Laterno's in the audience.

  27. 27

    o~m~YUM!!! WOW WOW WOW HAWT!!!

  28. 28

    LMAO YEW!!!

  29. 29

    yuummmmm, he's hot as fuck
    but it was kinda gay

  30. 30

    i hate the double standard, if he was a women everyone would be crucifying him

  31. 31

    Oh My .

  32. 32

    Whoo boy! It's like a Backstreet Boys concert with nakedness!

  33. 33

    Cool! nice ass and he seemed excited too!
    Anyway, everyone has his own history and i totally respect that

  34. 34

    Bahahahahahaahha looked kinda dorky to me..

  35. 35


  36. jusme says – reply to this


    Great combo of SEXY n Hilarious. Loved the vid except for the censored stuf ymmy! :9

  37. 37


  38. 38

    Socks suck.

    Is he gay? I think this is the kind of shit Porkez like.

  39. 39

    um I love him and all but I don't understand why he kept this secret…I still woulda swooned over him I don't think anyone else would have cared either….Lady GaGa was a stripper…so was Eve…they were still successful and they didn't keep it secret..ok I'm rambling.that was SEXAY

  40. 40

    all the women are in their late 30's and older so it was weird watching since he is so young here…plus the socks were not a good choice

  41. 41

    I like how he kisses the hand that grabbed his junk.

  42. 42

    so… that was really weird. purple 80's scrunched socks paired with a thong.

    im not sure what ive just seen, but its scarred me.

  43. 43

    Re: putthekoolaiddown27 – hey! looking good, you that is

  44. 44

    Oh my.

  45. 45

    Oh dear god. How cringeyworthy for him for this to be released right now?!! He's sexy as hell but this video just made me laugh my ass off. Thanks for posting as I had a sh*te day in the office today and this made me laugh out loud!!

  46. 46

    H-O-T!! yummy

  47. kimmy says – reply to this


    He's sexy as hell but he was just so so as a stripper…kinda dorky. Glad he became an actor.

  48. 48

    Yeah, if this were a famous female with a stripper past you would be talking about how skanky she was instead of it being hot.

  49. 49

    TOO SKINNY! What's with the baggy pants and sweater? NOT SEXY AT ALL!!!

  50. 50

    Omg ………..damn he fine…couldve kept his pants on though….shit man is a GOD!

  51. 51

    =] nom nom nom…superdelicious!

  52. 52

    He is a fine mothafucka…..he needs to keep his pants on BUT DAMN he looks good!

  53. 53

    Lol..hey, everyone has a past….

  54. 54

    this is just embarrassing…doesn't matter who it is. if i even saw a video of the GORGEOUS robert pattinson doing this gay crap i would probably not be attracted to him anymore.

  55. 55

    For some reason male strippers are just a huge turn off for me……Idk it made me not like him as much

  56. omz says – reply to this


    oh wow! that was nice lol

  57. 57

    hawwtt !

  58. 58

    omg, hahaha… totally not surprised though, for some reason he just looks like a stripper & with that bod, why not!? but why r we just now seeing this?? ha

  59. 59

    Re: Mancunian – true, but for some reason it's not as shocking, we see men without shirts at the pool, beach, working in the yard. a man's torso is acceptable.. & yes even though women's boobs have been around since the beginning of time, a girl stripper is just trashy.

  60. 60

    WOW!!!! lmao

  61. 61

    He's hot but that was seriously dorky!! Anyone else notice him chewing his fingernails real quick, for a few seconds near the beginning of his solo dance?

  62. 62

    Around the 39 second mark he was chewing his nails……….ewww

  63. 63

    lmao, boyband-tastic and the socks…..HOT!!!

  64. 64

    Chan = embarrassed. Me = totally fucking sweating right now :)

    And this is why I love you Perezito!

  65. 65

    that was painfully short>>he should go back to being a stripper lol

  66. 66

    best part - sticking his hand down his g-string, fondling his junk, then a split second later kissing this hand to wave goodbye. LOL!

  67. 67

    hahaha oh my god!

  68. 68

    Nice socks. :D

  69. 69

    the sign in the background is PRICELESS!

  70. 70

    lmao WOW that's embarassing for him.

  71. 71

    Anyone saying his dancing sucked should try getting their @$$ up there and busting a move. I'm not a big Channing fan, but that was pretty damn hot. Manwhores are awesome.

  72. 72


  73. 73

    umm what's with the socks?

  74. 74

    Wow! That was sexy!

  75. 75

    HOT!! i dont care if that was channing or not!

    that boy can dance!!! HOT! :D :D

  76. 76

    I think his bod is hot but the dancing style was a total turnoff for me.

  77. 77

    omg. omg. omg. how embarassing! Poor guy

  78. 78

    he can strip for me anyday!

  79. 79

    Best thing that has ever been on this website!!

  80. 80

    Why is it when a video of a male star who has had a past like this surfaces, it's OK and hot; however when it is of a woman, she is called a bunch of derogatory slurs? Personally, I'd much rather have a pair of soft, yummy smelling breast in my face than tant smell.

  81. 81

    OMG! WHOA! Boy can make some moves. Hey kelly Ripa's husband Mark did the same thing. No biggie!

  82. 82

    Perez you are such a disgusting fat pig. Your comments and constant drooling over young guys that you think are hot is patheitc. You're such a sad tool.

  83. 83

    I love him soo much and I couldnt see this video :( how can i have it ????
    please I need to wacth it please where

  84. 84

    OHHH EMM GEEEEEEEEE!!! I can still feel the heat, and it's not even in person!!

  85. 85

    ROFL! That guy sounds like that voiceover dude from SpongeBob SquarePants :P

  86. 86

    Wow nice! haha he should do it again cause he looks hotter now!

  87. 87

    how can I watch this video how how how how, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  88. 88


    hes so hot

  89. 89

    hmmm, I just laughed so hard i fell off my chair… thanks for that……really the reason for the huge clothes is what exactly….

  90. 90

    Scrawny for my tastes.

  91. MP says – reply to this


    What else is there to say but OMG.

  92. 92

    DOUBLE STANDARD DOUBLE STANDARD! No one will care about this except to laugh and call it hot. As many have said before if this were a female actress she'd be called trash, slut, etc. *shakes head*

  93. 93

    OMG. That's so effin' embarassing.

  94. 94

    nice socks.

  95. 95

    guaranteed he's gay.

  96. 96

    Horrific dance moves+socks+thong+same hand that touches sweaty ball sack+that he touches mouth with= No. Just no. Nooooo. Um, no. No.

  97. 97


    end of story. :]

  98. 98

    His wife definitely gets it, hahahahahahahahaha.

  99. 99


  100. 100

    HA HA HA, I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. Do you think he worked it on the casting couch?

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