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Channing Tatum's Sizzling Secret Stripper Past!

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Channing Tatum has been a naughty boy!!!

Or should we say Chan Crawford, as he was known around the stripper pole!

Yes, the hunky G.I Joe star used to be all about the G-String back when he was 18 and just starting out.

It was here, in a now defunct club in Florida, where Channing worked for a year and was "discovered" by a horny casting agent.

The rest is history!

But check out the video above to see all the seksi, juicy moves Chan had back in the day, plus his sweet, tight ass!!!


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156 comments to “Channing Tatum's Sizzling Secret Stripper Past!”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    still love him ;D.. even tho this was a tad gayy

  3. 103

    Oh hot damn !!! >:D

  4. 104

    pplease send me the direc link I still can not watch it

  5. 105

    Man, how did I miss that! I would SO pay to see that man half naked, shit that's the only reason I ever watch "Coach Carter" lmao.
    Sexiest white man ALIVE.

  6. 106

    HELL YA!

  7. 107

    fuck!!!! he is so sexy!! those lucky bitches!!!

  8. 108


  9. 109

    hehehe…..nice buns but seriously, take off the socks!

  10. 110

    yes yes yes!!! that was awesome!!! made me love channing even more LOL

  11. 111

    OMFG!!!!…well at least he's a good dancer hahaha

  12. 112

    they should put that on a GI joe dvd as an extra lol

  13. 113

    DAAAAAYUM!!! Thats weird because it is so cheese and ninetys…but hot in a way ;)

  14. 114

    Re: JuneGordon – LMAO

  15. 115

    i can't see the clip :(

  16. 116

    i'm loving me some Chan!! Channing you HOTTIE YOU! So how do I save this video? lol

  17. 117

    Terrible dancing. Those socks were just too funny. I've never found G strings i.e. marble sacks, on men to be very sexy (boxers or boxer briefs, baby)and I would never pay to see a male stripper. Channing is lish but I'm so glad he has a much more respectable job now. His present state of employment leaves much more to the imagination and I'm perfectly content to see him with just his shirt off, all those his pecs are not that great. Channing's beauty truly is in his face; he just has great eyes, terrific bone structure and nice lips. He has commendable abs though.

  18. 118

    For some reason male strippers are just a huge turn off for me
    Re: RebeccaGrace

    Agreed. It's a sign of desperation, attention whoring and no self respect.

  19. 119

    It's a living. Glad he's moved on. Pointless that US magazine is even running with this.

  20. lolli says – reply to this



  21. 121

    trust, if i had a body like that i'd spend a good amount of time in a thong too. for no reason at all. believe that!

  22. 122

    He dances better than he was in Step Up.

  23. 123


  24. 124


  25. 125

    channing tatum is not really my cup of tea but… IS MORE NOT MY CUP OF TEA WITH THAT ewwwwww…. hes looking like any other skinny but well build guy and ewwww the grey sock at the end…and the string ewwww very not interesting lol! … of course it doesnt suprise me perez that you like it.. youre so ugly that the only dick and naked body you must see is priobably the one you pay for…or youre fat crazy fan lol..so anytime you can see someone naked you love it!

  26. 126

    gosh that is sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxy

  27. 127

    hmmm - why is Channing tatum wearing socks while stripping?? weird…

    Hot tho

  28. 128


  29. 129

    ha he looks really young, didnt like the baggy shirt but hooooot bod minus the socks :)

  30. 130

    LMAO You can so tell this is from the 1900's baggy clothes era

  31. 131

    wow HOT
    ummm he put his hand down his G string then blew a kiss with the same hand

  32. 132


  33. 133

    lmao!! what the FUCK was that!?!?

  34. 134

    hes hot.. but like someone already said.. if that were a girl people would be flipping shit.

  35. 135

    no i loved him but now i dont god =( =(

  36. 136

    He is even hot when he is dancing around in a banana hammock and old man socks!!!

  37. 137

    He should stick to stripping because his acting is quite horrid. He has the same ghetto tone in all of his movies and what is up with the tube socks?

  38. 138


  39. 139

    come on ppl everybody has to start somewhere….right?

  40. 140


  41. 141

    Nice socks.. You know he wants to burn that video.. He can move pretty good .

  42. 142

    look closely that looks like him but is not! look closer!

  43. 143

    MWAHAHAHAHAHA he is still HOT though. I wonder if his wife knew about this? lol

  44. 144

    hammanananana ok i can type now and yes i washed my hands after

  45. 145

    Wow, the wall behind him was right, I had to see it to believe it.

  46. 146

    He's so effing hawt!!!

  47. 147

    I HAD HER!

  48. 148

    Dang! NO Way!

  49. 149

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol that was funny lol sexxy and funny

  50. 150

    haha wow, yummy though (:

  51. 151

    Hahaha! I would have done him back then.

  52. 152

    uhmmmm. wow?

  53. 153

    WTF? that's gross..

  54. 154

    Hey I thougth I liked him but his legs are just too skinny for me….hot stomach thought…lol :P bad dance moves….sorry but it's true

  55. 155

    sexy sexy sexy =]

  56. 156


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