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Jon Gosselin Crashes Teenage Party!!!

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His douche factor has gone through the roof!!!

Jon Gosselin's midlife crisis was in full swing as the father of 8 pAArtied with some 19-year olds last night.

We hope he knew their parents!

And, as they are prone to do, the teens splattered this pic all over Facebook.

He was probably trying to hook up with some sophomore!

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113 comments to “Jon Gosselin Crashes Teenage Party!!!”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    Mid-life crisis indeed! Still making an ass out of himself! Kate, sit back and enjoy the show.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    moron, whats next a 15 year old? gonna lose it all, if you have not already

  5. 5

    i'm soooo sick of him. is there really anyone who cares? or wants to hear/read about him? please stop posting about him!

  6. 6

    OMG does this jerkoff realize that his two older daughters can read and see all his pictures in the tabloids and on the internet? Does he even care that he's an embaressment to his children? If I was Kate, I would get full custody of the kids because I dont think he has any interest in being a father right now. What a disgrace this guy is. He needs to grow up and realize he has 8 children now.

  7. 7

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! team kate.

  8. 8

    No surprise here. Its Jon…Not taking care of his kids..Not working…Not anything..

  9. 9


  10. 10

    He's standing in a kitchen drinking a beer???? So what???

    What's the big deal? How did this even make it on PH?

  11. 11

    He probably brought the beer and porn.

  12. 12

    Oh my fuckin god r u serious??
    I wish i was 1 of those teens. Id be asking
    why the fuck r u here? ur not cool, no girls want you, get the fuck out and stop tryin hook up with young girls

  13. 13

    Ewww he's so gross and pathetic! This loser needs to drop off the face of the earth

  14. 14

    he is sooooo stupid. i wish i could just slap his korean ass! idiot!

  15. 15

    Of couse he's going to hang with young girls. This way he can keep all the golden glow of stardom. How old is this guy???? 30 something???? Yeah, he's looking for a new little girlfriend. Let's just watch and see how young the next one is.

  16. 16

    Re: JigSaw – pmsl go out and get a life,your constantly commenting.theres the real world,go get it!

  17. 17

    He's just like you, fatass–he likes em young

  18. 18

    It's just sad at this point. He is so lost and will most likely wake up in about 6 months and want his kids, wife, house, and family back. If he's lucky, Kate will have unimaginable patience, kindness, and forgiveness and take him back. But, this constant stream of very public bad behaviour is making that less and less likely.

  19. gritz says – reply to this


    Jon has issues. He needs to get some help.

  20. 20







  21. 21

    I think Kate's bossiness emasaculated Jon to the point where he has no brain cells left and has reverted to his teenage years. What a loser!!

  22. 22

    LOL! He is SUCH a tool! Like… how do you NOT realise your are RADIATING TOOLOCITY!!!

  23. 23

    ohhhhhhhhh thats no good….

  24. 24

    What a loser!!! Partying with minors, wow Jon you really are hard up

  25. Pepa says – reply to this


    Perez and all the stupid comments stated mid-life crisis are ignorant. He is 32 yrs old. At 30-39 you are not in mid-life crisis. Dumb fuckers! He is trying to make up for all the lost time he was married and full of kids. Sadly bad choices! He can have fun, but in a different way, not getting drunk or womanizing. That is the only problem here.

  26. 26

    He is a Tool with a capital T! I loved how on the show Monday that he looked into the cameras and declared, "No this is not a midlife crisis, I am only 32." Uh, it's a midlife crisis dude! You are wearing earrings in your ears, which is so 1990, you have a 22 yo girlfriend and have a new found love for Ed Hardy and motorcycles, it is a MID LIFE CRISIS dude and you don't have to be 40+ to have one. RUN KATE, RUN FAR FAR AWAY!

  27. 27

    What a fucking morron…Doesnt he realize it affects his kids, one way or other it will come back to them - Guy has no dignity !!

  28. 28

    Noone his own age wants to have anything to do with him, so he has to settle with drunk 19 year olds, who are just in it for the chance of telling about it, and putting pics online

  29. 29

    he likes them young chicks!!!

    lol i can imagine whats going to happen when his daughters get older and their g/f's come by. better keep john in the cage, hell be all over that shittttt.
    what a perv

  30. 30

    man i wish i was one of those 8 lucky ass kids

  31. 31

    Re: gertrude – oh ok, fuck off

  32. 32

    Yes, he's having an early mid life crisis. What a douche. Seriously. His family must be so proud of him.

  33. 33

    keep the kids away from him.

  34. 34

    Re: HairFlairs – Please don't turn around.

  35. 35

    Re: gertrude – Uh, Gerty dear, you better watch who you're talking to. Jiggy will get ya…

  36. 36

    I had 30 something year old friends with kids when I was 19…

  37. 37

    ugh! i hate him, he is such a douchebag… i'm glad Kate divorced his ass.

  38. 38

    Why dosent this make all the tabloid covers? The media is just always after Kate just because she treated him bad. He could have left at anytime or stood up for himself but he did!! Now he's acting like a fool!

  39. 39

    Seriously? He's pretty cool! No.

  40. 40

    I pray one day I see him out in the city and can just tell him what a loser he is!!! He needs to grow up and act like the man not a child who doesn't wanna grow up he chose to have kids at 23 now DEAL DUCHEEEEEEEEEEEE

  41. 41

    i was team jon…because lets face it…kate is a hag…but damn, does this man have no parental duties anymore…he is supposed to be divorcing kate..not the kids too…

  42. 42


  43. 43

    I agree with JigSaw… what's next a 15 yr old.his punk ass will be on that to catch a predator show… Where's Chris Hanson??????

  44. 44

    I wonder if he is purposely making himself into the biggest douche puddle to ever walk the Earth. He seems to be doing one hell of a job at trying at least.

  45. 45

    haha wowwwww what a loser

  46. 46

    How horrible for his children. They will never be able to escape the coverage of their father's crazy crap. I do not believe it is a mid-life crisis. I think this is his true personality, and what we saw as Kate being bossy was really her making decisions for the family because he is not capable of making an adult decision. I hope he is man enough to have put aside some of his money for his childrens' future. I doubt he is able to hold a real job- I would not hire him.

  47. 47

    Re: HairFlairs – Oh I dunno, prolly cuz he's crashing a 19 year olds party.. Pfft. Read the article!

  48. 48

    Partying with underagers on a Tuesday night??? Seriously, doesn't he have 8 kids at home or something? What a freak.

  49. 49

    Re: gertrude – Who the fuck are you to tell ppl how much they can comment? He's working all day, and this occupies his time.. What about you? High school student? Fuck off and go back to kiddie school.. Stop bossing ppl around you fucking poop dick.. Get real!

  50. 50

    Re: Brooke On Ice – They were probably losers with no one else to hang out with.. Totally inappropriate.. There is nothing he can have in common with kids half his age..

  51. 51

    ur fucking kiddin me? gross!
    I hope those kids made fun of him all night.

  52. 52

    I know they're his peers mentally but…hasn't he broken some law , being the only adult at a teen drinking party?

  53. 53

    Re: piggsie – Sadly no.. There's no law they could charge him with breaking.. Legally he's not breaking any laws, but that doesn't mean that he's not still considered a fucking tool and douche based on societies portrayal of him..

  54. 54

    are you kidding me? he is SUCH A DBAG!!!

  55. 55


  56. 56

    This guy is an idiot.

  57. 57

    Re: CRABBY APPLETONRe: brainchildRe: BeautifulBrunnette69 – lmao…. i think its the return again of anniegirl….. morning!

  58. 58

    He truly is acting like an immature stupid 19-year-old frat boy, not a 30something dad that needs to be spending time with his kids! What a selfish douche!

  59. 59

    Oh gosh…he is making himself look like SUCH AN IDIOT! I was totally on his side at first, but now I don't blame Kate for her occasional bitchiness, I'd be pretty pissy too if I had to raise 8 kids with a tool like him, even if I did have a whole crew of nannies to help me.

  60. ohboy says – reply to this


    Buddy's Mom…you're totally spot on. I think that is his real personality as well. I don't know how Kate put up with his irresponsible shit for so long. I'd be bitchy too if I had 8 toddlers and a teenager to care for.

    Grow the fuck up, Douchebag!!

  61. 61

    He's a perv.

  62. 62

    What a steaming puddle of douche. What's next, Jon? Crashing junior high dances?

  63. 63

    that's so gross. it's like he's TRYING to make himself look as douchey as possible.

  64. 64

    man he's such a loser. partying with high schoolers. seriously man. get a life. grow the fuck up already.

  65. Jai says – reply to this


    He needs to smarten the fuck up and act like a responsible parent to his many children.

  66. 66

    Oh Jon! I've been on your side so far, but you have to stop being a TeenyBopper! Stop trying to make up for lost time. Be a Dad and get rid of the skanks and Ho's. Grow the Hell Up!

  67. 67

    I would love to party with him! lol

  68. 68

    Re: JigSaw – LOL I think so too.. How are you this fine day my dear?

  69. Rainn says – reply to this


    from what I can see he is totally a waste of space dumb ass!

  70. 70

    omg, what a freaking ASSHAT!!!

  71. 71

    WHAT A LOSER! Kate and the kids are way better off without that low life!

  72. 72

    He is pathetic

  73. LUDDY says – reply to this


    I think he is going to have a breakdown soon

  74. 74

    That kitchen looks a lot like the Gosselin's kitchen from their old house. Old school J&K+8 fans agree?

  75. 75

    ugh lost all respect for you

  76. skid says – reply to this


    wow, im 23 and even i wont go to a high school party. he is so creepy and pathetic.

  77. 77

    HAHAHAHHHAAHAH how emberrasing for the kids
    imagine your dad crashing a high school party
    classsic idiot :)

  78. 78

    I'm not seeing the attraction here. is it his money (which has always been said to be only for the support of his kids), because he ain't cute and doesn't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed! fortunately for Kate, he produced some super cute kids! And he always praised his sense of fashion, saying he loved to look good and have nice clothes… I haven't seen anything worthy of anothing but the fashion police!

  79. 79

    Fuckin-A! He is such a damn joke, I'm sure everyone there were laughing behind his back..I know I would.

  80. 80

    funny how he says he isnt in a mid life crisis, but if he wasnt why is he partying with teens instead of being with his kids??

  81. 81

    What an absolute pathetic gag-inducing NERD… holy shit, I have never felt so embarassed for someone

  82. 82

    K - umm, where's the other people to show this was actually a 19 year old's party? Not saying it isn't true, but so far, we've got a shot of him drinking a beer in a kitchen. This could be at his parents house for all we know…

  83. SusyQ says – reply to this


    How could the people at this party keep a straight face around this bloated loser? They should have laughed in his face and told him to get a real job rather than living off of his children..what a gross pig!

  84. 84

    this could have been taken anywhere including his own house! watch your sources perez.

  85. 85

    well his gf is 22, she could know some 19 year olds. LOL HILARIOUS. JON GOSSELIN IS A PIG!!! Team Kate and 8.

  86. 86

    Re: gertrude

    haha and you read ALL his comments, so maybe you should get a life. Some of us are bored and passing time at work. I'm getting paid while i'm doing this. Are you?

  87. 87

    What a fool…what an ass…you know, Kate married an immature, self absorbed baby!
    What, he never got to be an adolescent? Okay then Mr. Arrested Development, go and party, date women almost 1/2 your age..be an ass…one day, you'll wish you had been there for your babies when they needed you..one day, you'll wish you had been the kind of husband and man that Kate (no matter what kind of a nut she is) needed.
    Grow up Jon..you were a loser back then and Kate redeemed you..and now you're back to being a loser again!

  88. 88

    This is an old photo. Look how thin he is.

  89. 89

    Get it out of your system, Jon - SOON.
    We can only imagine that being married to Kate was like living in prison, but did you forget about 8 little kids in Pennsylvania?

  90. 90

    Wait til your kids see this some day, Jon.

  91. 91

    Oh look PLEZZ… he might want someone your age. Better get up there and find a party he crashes.
    Seriously, when his twin girls are adults they are going to have to deal with their lovely dad trying to date their friends. So ridiculous.

  92. 92

    Re: MyUterusMadeMeRICH – LMFAO YA OK!!

  93. 93

    "Some 19 year olds?" I'm sure there were others there as well! What a ridiculous statement!

  94. 94

    i know someone who was at this party - she said he just walked in with a couple of other people and everyone was like wtf??? she said he was getting angry that everyone was taking his picture. i specifically asked if he hit on any of the girls there and she said no.

  95. 95

    does he have any idea how pathetic he is?? apparently not.

  96. 96

    wow. i dont think its nothing wrong with partying with 19 year olds he has money what the hell else can he do i threw a party and some hot ass cougars came and im 20 years old i wonder what facebook this was on

    if anyone knows hitt me up on faceboook.

    Donovan Marshall

  97. lolli says – reply to this



  98. 98


  99. 99

    Warning to all the parents in the Reading area-lock up your daughters!

  100. 100

    Good grief. Is he going for the Douche Of The Year award? Jon, I think you can stop campaigning now, because you've got that award in the bag.

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