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Michael Phelps Did This Damage!

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100_6309.jpg 100_6311.jpg 100_6310.jpg

Exclusive pictures and video (above) from the scene of Michael Phelps' car crash!

As PerezHilton.com was the first to exclusively report, the Olympic swimmer was involved in a pretty serious wreck in Baltimore on Thursday night.

The car above is Michael's Escalade.

Sources tell us that Phelps was speeding AND ran a red light, resulting in the two-car collision.

Thankfully, though, no one was seriously injured.

Unfortunately for Phelps, this crash is likely gonna cost him big $$$$$$$$$$!!!!

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96 comments to “Michael Phelps Did This Damage!”

  1. 1

    No money he can't afford whatever Perez you are such a drama queen!!

  2. 2

    oh man…

  3. 3

    DUMB ASS!!!!!

  4. 4

    You ppl are retarded!!! Can u NOT take pics of ppl esp after they were in an accident????? At fault or not HAVE SOME RESPECT!!!!

  5. 5

    this is LAME news…..accidents happen, no one was hurt, I'm sure he has auto insurance….

  6. 6

    What an idiot.

  7. 7

    What the hell is wrong with him? He thinks because he won all those medals he's immortal. He's a douche.

  8. 8

    Shame! He deserves it, roaming around like that, silly dick head.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    perez unless you know what exactly happened you shouldn't post whos fault it is.

  11. 11

    whoah first.

  12. 12

    Diagnosis: DRUNK.

  13. 13

    Oh my!

  14. 14

    Miss Perez, do you need a personal assistant, or know anyone that does? And I knew something was in that dope. :)

  15. 15

    I drive along Calvert st. a couple times a week and if you're not going 50 mph, people will run you off the road!! It's chaotic

  16. 16

    What? You were the first to 'exclusively report'? As opposed to the 99.99 % of the time that you rip off other sites?

  17. 17

    MP has the money for this mess hopefully he doesn't go through any legal issues. SMH he can't catch a break.

  18. 18

    Reminds me of Lance Armstrong - both of them are arrogant douches.

  19. 19

    hahaha I lived only a few blocks from this. he's such a mess.

  20. 20

    Unless you have driven in Baltimore, shut the hell up.

  21. 21

    it was an accident. oh well. shit happens. the same thing happened to me two months ago…

  22. 22


  23. 23

    lot of stop and go traffic tonight because oa a Ravens/Redskins game (I live in the area) He probably wasnt paying attention and rear ended the car in front of him. I think its getting blown out of proportion becuase hes a celeb. Anyone that lives in the aread knows accidents in Baltimore on game night are common.

  24. 24

    hope he wasnt drunk because then the media will have a field day

  25. 25

    well, that sucks!!!

  26. 26

    This is Crazy, looks like he is already letting is Olympic fame go to his head!

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Speaking from being a witness, everybody in Baltimore speeds & a good majority of them also run red lights…

  29. 29

    hahah michael phelps is such a loser! cant stand him

  30. 30

    What is wrong with this guy!? He could have killed someone! Just because he won a bunch of medals doesn't mean that you can do what ever you want to! I hope they throw his ass in jail! Jeez… what a fucking douche! >.

  31. 31

    Actually I believe it was theother way around. Get your story straight before posting!!! He had green and the other lady ran her light.

  32. 32

    no one was hurt, i hope they don't try to fucking get $$$ out of him
    specially because he is a celeb

  33. 33

    Phelps is a douche. The whole country sucked his dick because of his athletic status, forgetting that he is a womanizer, a drug addict, and now this. He's lucky he didn't kill someone! Anyone who still hero-worships this jackass needs to take a long hard look at where their priorities are.

  34. 34

    Dude was probably smoking my bong and not paying attention.

  35. 35

    whoo, hoo.. Perez. Thank God nobody was hurt. PERIOD

  36. 36

    pennies to him. so dramatic.

  37. 37

    You are such a fat slob and embarrassment to the gay community. We don't want you as our voice, so why don't you shut the fuck up and fade into obscurity much like your "friends" who are only using using you to promote their own image such as Lady Gaga and Heidi "Fake Everything" Montag. No one actually likes your they are just using you. Maybe someone fatter and uglier than you (although highly impossible) will rape you so you can feel as exposed and taken advantage of as some of the celebrities you seem to attack for no good reason.

  38. 38

    well at least no one was injured.

  39. 39

    yeah the other main reason there are so many accidents in bmore on game nights (in addition to stop and go traffic) is the high number of drunk people. it is sort of ridiculous that they didn't ask him to take a breathalyzer at least. according to the sun article they just "interviewed" him at the scene- aka asked for an autograph. shameful.

  40. 40

    Just more trailer trash with money, wonder if its drugs or boose?

  41. 41

    probably leaving the ravens game!!

  42. 42

    so ridiculous! he could of killed somebody.

    everyone's so selfish. putting other peoples lives in danger like that.

  43. 43

    someone ran a stop sign so phelp's car and another car collided

  44. 44

    Whatever, I lost respect for him after the mary jane. This is just the icing on the cake.

  45. 45

    Looks like his brain has caught up with his douchebag face.

  46. 46

    um….the video was a metaphor for your future….lame, dull,uninformative, and typical. Dude…you've jumped the shark, and the only thing you're the queen of is your ego……you'll probably delete this, but at least you read it…and it probably rings true.

  47. 47

    Someone had to be smoking pot before that collison occured. I wonder who? He probably drifted off and thought he was swimming to break another world record.

  48. 48

    somebody won the lottery

  49. 49

    Big deal he was in a care accident.. Im not a big Phelps fan personally I think he's kinda a goon. But accidents happen. Get over it

  50. 50

    Re: stomachacidmonke – LMAO I didn't suck his dick and SERIOUSLY wouldn't if the chance presented itself! =)

  51. 51

    It was the marijuana

  52. 52

    I was in Baltimore tonight leaving the Ravens/Redskins pre season game…most of the Skins fans high tailed it outta there around 9ish (due to them sucking) and traffic was a mess. Pretty dumb to assume it was his fault.

  53. 53

    was mikey drunky poo again?

  54. 54

    Was he getting his cock sucked or was he giving a hand job?

  55. 55

    FWI, speed limit in that area is 25 mph.

  56. 56

    wow seriously how many of you have never gotten into an accident? and do you all really drive the exact speed limit.. bullshit. ive been in an accident and i was neither drunk nor stoned so seriously calm it down. oh and if you havent seen the movie idiocracy you should, it would probably be very beneficial to several of you to watch it and take notes, dumbasses…

  57. 57

    you have sources? they would report to you and no one else in the media??? C;mon……you don't know what happened.

  58. 58

    Big effing deal…
    Just be happy no one got hurt! Thousands of people get into car crashes day after day in the U.S., the media is really blowing this way out of proportion.

  59. 59

    eff! I thought my wreck was bad..Ya, it WILL cost a ton

  60. 60

    Actually PerezHilton was NOT the first to exclusively report this story

  61. 61


  62. 62

    oh no!!!i fucking love him!he's sooooo adorable and down to earth!and a CHAMP!
    he doesn't even deseve the treatment of being listed in this site between the "likes" of rumer,the veronicas,avril lavigne and greasy hair!!!

    ps:perez don't worry ’bout the money,.this gal is probably earning 60 mil at year cause he's turning down everything less then 6 mil dollar (yep) so,go figure

  63. 63

    Wonder if the bong survived the crash

  64. epic says – reply to this


    the same thing was said about laboeuf or whatever his name is spelled. "all his fault - speeding, running a red light" blabla.

  65. 65

    … and driving barefoot ?? Where were ya comin' from Mikey?

  66. 66

    I would like to call him a jackass. But I have to take into consideration that he has ADHD. Better take your meds Michael or start swimming more before you kill yourself or someone else.Time for an intervention MOM!

  67. 67

    Probably a DUI…hope no one is hurt!

  68. 68

    thats what happens when you make a deal with the devil, you pay the price eventually.

  69. 69

    gosh he is such a

  70. 70

    saw this on the local news WAY before you "exclusively report"ed it. seriously, don't claim to "exclusively report" something if you read it elsewhere. accidents happen in baltimore city EVERYDAY, this is only a big deal because of who it was.

  71. 71

    While I do think this guy is a total idiot, I am from Baltimore and also agree with RodsGirl and others. There is no way he was going 50 through that particular intersection on a game night. It is just like any city with congested traffic. It is only a few miles from the stadium and there are lots of bars in the area, if he was really going that fast, he would have killed multiple pedestrians.

    Lets also keep in mind, new vehicles like the Escalade are made with crumple zones - so it is supposed to do that when it is in an accident.

  72. 72

    damn, who ever he hit might as well say the won the lotto!!! i hope he saved his money from all his endorsements, cause i smell a lawsuit!

  73. 73

    wow this guy is very careless.. was he high again?

    fuckin douchebag

  74. 74

    Oh Boy,POt,POt,POt"

  75. 75

    the only sad thing about this is that he didn't hit you with the car.

  76. 76

    my bb :(

  77. 77

    Luckily he didn't kill anyone, that moron !

  78. 78

    Where is the proof that he ran the red light Perez? Your the only one reporting he ran the light. Your source is some bitch's with a cell phone.
    Where you there in Baltimore? So you believe some bitches who tip your fucking lame site. Ugly on the outside as well on the inside Huh Mario?

  79. 79

    could he be any bigger of a douche!

  80. 80

    HOW SAD.

  81. 81

    oh dear !!!!!!

  82. 82

    Hope his bong wasn't in the car…tsk tsk…this dude is a total train wreck :( (

  83. 83

    A-HOLE, you were not first to report it. T,M,Z, beat you to it as they always do.

  84. 84

    hey morons this story isn't even correct, as always get your facts straight before you start talking shit you have no clue about. Phelps was the victim here, he wasn't the one who ran the redlight, a woman ran a redlight and hit him. So shut it punks and perez get your facts straight before you attempt to bring someone down.

  85. 85

    When is Perez going to get your stories and news reporting accurate? Unless you enjoy getting sued for slander or better yet, lose your audience who will stop believing anything you report. Michael Phelps was NOT at fault and did not run a red light. The other party ran the red light!! Sources? I sure hope you didn't pay them anything and you have a refund policy for stories that are untrue. As for the rest of you who just nod your heads in agreement simply because it's Perez reporting the story, should sell your likeness to make a group of BobbleHeads.

  86. 86

    It wasn't his fault, asshole. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

  87. 87

    Your 'sources' SUCK. I suggest you get some new ones, you stupid fat hack.
    Phelps was hit by someone running a red light and he was not intoxicated or high (as stated by the officer at the scene).
    You should print a retraction and apology for being such a negligent fat douche.

  88. 88

    Wow! Was he toking the bong again?

  89. 89

    And as usual fat Putrid Perez has been caught lying in his stupid story. It wasn't Phelps fault! And then the idiot libitards here jump and and make jackasses of themselves!

  90. 90

    The driver of the other car ran a red light you dumbass!! get your facts straight.

  91. 91

    Libitards? LOL

  92. 92

    passa da gonja

  93. 93

    They said that on Access Hollywood tonight that is was the OTHER driver and not Michael that ran the red light.

  94. 94

    Why don't you check your sources before posting this shit.

    Here is an ACTUAL report of the crash.

    Police blame other driver in Phelps car crash

    BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, US - Baltimore city police on Friday blamed a vehicle crash involving US swim star Michael Phelps on an unidentified woman driving the other car who ran through a red light at an intersection.

    Phelps, who won an unprecedented eight gold medals at last year's Beijing Olympics, was unharmed when his sports utility vehicle was struck by a car late Thursday. Two passengers in the vehicle driven by Phelps were also unharmed.

    The woman driving the other car was hospitalized after complaining of arm and neck pain. Her car suffered damage on the driver's side while the Phelps vehicle suffered damage on the hood.

    Phelps, 24, was back in his hometown after winning five titles at the World Swimming Championships which ended earlier this month at Rome. He is training to swim in sprint events at the 2012 London Olympics.

  95. 95

    If anyone should understand whats its like to accused of something you did not do, its Perez! And yet you are perfectly okay accusing Michael Phelps of running a red light, speeding and on the hook for "big $$$$$". And to make matters worse, you then update more wrong information from your idiot "sources". And all your little sheep just agree and nod their empty heads in agreement. I just can't believe you would not even apologize for your slanderous comments but instead call him a "stoner". Well the next time you're accused of something you didn't do, and when will.i.am and "witnesses" start telling the story that you started the fight, you will be the first to cry foul! Yea it's entertaining to report gossip but when you accuse someone, famous or not, of committing a crime, maybe that should cost you some big $$$. If I were MP, I would sue you! Hypocrite.

  96. 96

    Re: getitrightperez – Its more important for Perez to make his big bucks by reporting the news first and make false and slanderous accusations, than get the facts right. Freedom of speech and gossip is all well and entertaining, but accusing someone of crime and stating it as "fact" is called slander and qualifies as a civil action. Of all the people who should understand what its like to be accused of falsely, its Perez. Whether is Perez the persona or Mario the gay man. Shame on you Perez.