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Playboy Sebastian From NYC Prep Is Bored & Offensive

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We have no idea what is so hysterical about this but that tool Sebastian from Bravo's NYC Prep seems to think it's brilliant!

We were sent these pictures of the spoiled, rich dick, probably cruising around in a town car with his buddy, wasting time and tape by making swastikas and fake Hitler mustaches.

We've never watched this show (nor do we ever intend to), but we're told this douche is quite the ladies man.

Someone explain to us why! He has toddler hands and clearly, the brain capacity of a tic-tac.

Time to raise those standards, girls!

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219 comments to “Playboy Sebastian From NYC Prep Is Bored & Offensive”

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  1. 101

    the tic tac thing made my day and the toddler hands
    i watch the show and tahts only bc its my dream to move to NYC
    hopefully none of people there are like bitches on the show

  2. 102

    Wonder how people on the show are going to take this there all jewish even andy cohen but for some reason his behavoir does not surpise me

  3. 103

    Okay, in no case is it ever, ever a good idea to dress up as Hitler and tape swastikas everywhere. If they could see the millions that Hitler killed, as well as all the Canadian (and american and british, etc.) soldiers that died fighting, I don't think those idiots would be laughing!

  4. 104

    Well they couldn't even do the symbol accurate. But who watches this shit and enjoys it? Shot in the head I tell you what.

  5. 105

    It was a stupid thing to do but he is still a child, even the most intelligent 15-16 yr olds make mistakes. I'm sure he'll pay for it too, lesson learned

  6. 106

    Re: CanadianCourage – How very snobbish and condescending to believe that Americans don't understand the concept behind the Swastika, German party, and the Holocaust. It's not just the Jewish people who should be offended by this. I'm not Jewish and I'm offended. My grandfather fought in WWII in the Pacific against the Axis powers and was tormented his entire life until the very day he died. I'm offended for him, I'm offended for the Holocaust victims and survivors. How ignorant of you to assume that I'm just offended for the Jewish people. You sit there and talk about the ignorance of Americans yet you spew nothing more than preconceived notions of Americans while trying to sound superior. These kids are stupid, pampered, spoiled rich kids who have a huge sense of entitlement. They believe they can behave how they want just because mommy and daddy can buy them friends. That's why I am disgusted. I bet you believe Americans all live in trailers and watch Jerry Springer.

  7. 107

    Re: calihan12 – @ 99 - arguing w/ fools like that is irrelavent- they'll never get it. based on the "know it all" comments, they probably think blacks were the only slaves in america also…..don't sweat it!!! :)

  8. 108

    why? that's a no brainer. the dick is loaded. loaded with money. he does have toddler hands lols. hmm.. i wonder if that's the only part of his body that it didn't catch up with the rest of his body. won't be surprise. but anyways, on with the nazi roleplayers way to go makin it on some psychotic nazi hater's murder list.

  9. 109

    why. the d**k is loaded. loaded with money. so true. toddler hands. lols. i wonder if that's the only part of his body that didn't catch up with the rest of his body. won't be a surprise. but anywayz on with the nazi roleplayers. way to go makin it on sum psychotic nazi's murder list.

  10. 110

    Re: CrazyCanadianChick – You're a dumb bitch and obviously dont realize how completely ignorant you sound. Stop talking bitch.

  11. 111

    HAHA Toddler hands…

  12. 112


  13. 113

    Okay, first of all people, it's not so much the fact that this idiot is mocking Hitler, who indeed was a sociopathic monster. In my opinion, it is more about the swastika he has made… TWICE… in the car for others to see. ”Why are people making such a big deal, he's just joking around.” Well, everybody, it's a HATE CRIME! He drew this on his window for all to see, and frankly, he's lucky that his car didn't get pulled over by police. Would it be okay for him to write the N word on his window in marker for all to see? How about a cuss word for Asian people? No. Sure, he was joking around, and I understand that… I'm only a few years older than him, I get it. But what Perez is trying to do, and what you all should TRY to understand, is that jokes like these can't be tolerated. Sure, the swastika may not have been formated with the intent of symbolizing the Holocaust, however that is what happened! The swastika is one of the most recognized symbols of hatred, racism and mass murder in the entire world. But, I guess it's no big deal right? Just a joke?

  14. 114

    people who think shit like is funny are clearly uneducated fucks.

  15. 115

    Haha omg his hands are fucking TINY! =o

  16. 116

    Hey Perez
    you shouldlook more into taylor
    that girl is wilder than the whole cast combined

  17. 117

    Perez, for once I can agree w/ everything you have just stated about this "midget". The first time I seen the show of the tiny rich brats I thought about howevery last one of those kid's looked. FUGZ. Not one attractive teenager on that lame ass fucking show. The girl's looked like mice and the boy's resembled dwarf's. To make it breif, I couldn't understand why the hell this midget in designer suit's was soo damn desirable. and he was a snooty lil bastard to boot. Anywho, no big surprise here, and a complete retard for letting someone take a pic of himself doing something so fucking stuypid like that. You better know who your real fucking freinds are you lil twerp.

  18. 118

    Perhaps if these spoiled brats were to be educated and visited Auschwitz concentration camps (YouTube or Google it boys, it would be easier for your mentality) they'd think twice before seeking attention the offensive, imbecile way.
    Grow up children because karma's a bitch.

  19. 119

    #7 - you are an idiot. If being burned alive is something you can't understand as being offensive, you seriously need therapy.

  20. 120


  21. 121

    who cares it was just a joke
    its not like hes stereotyping a group of people hes making a direct reference to a historical figure thats all
    seriously,if you get your panties in a bunch over this you're retarded / need to get a life.

  22. 122

    he is nazi? OMG!

  23. 123

    he is a stupid dude.

  24. 124

    SERIOUSLY this show is ridiculous…. & this kid PC on the show is EVEN WORSE…racist arrogrant little dick…. someone needs to put his shit on blast…he said on the show "the only mexicans i know are the ones who take out my trash" HELLLOOOOOO hows are this preppy immature retards on tv???

  25. 125


  26. 126

    Yes, I understand the swastika did originate as a religious symbol. Do you think these two dipshits know that? Do you think that's why they were taping them up in their car? As a sign of religious peace? Ummm, no. They were doing it as a Nazi sign. Fuck them. They are pieces of shit and that kid better NEVER be back on the air.

  27. 127

    Okay, but he's a high school sophomore, not yet grown, not yet a man. And the friend who took the photos betrayed their confidences. He's just a hair-flipping boy who speaks French, chases girls and likes to dine out a lot.

    Don't let's crucify 16 y.o. Sebastian for being immature.

  28. 128

    what an asshole, he's a HUGE douchebag… i don't understand y the girls on that show like him so much. and i tried watching that show and it's so bad. i hope it gets canceled.

  29. 129

    What's that saying? Any publicity is good publicity? Just don't talk about that show or anyone on it….that's the best way to make sure their "appeal" doesn't spread. (wink)

  30. 130

    that's disgusting.

    i couldn't watch that show because it was unbelievably trite and boring, and these kids just pissed me off to no end. now i hate them even more.. pathetic.

  31. 131

    fucking moronic douchbag

  32. 132

    Sad… Who send the pics?

  33. 133

    Re: Kanata_Eh – how about you go and tell the millions of people who are dead because of the Holocaust to lighten up! Ive never watched the show, but clearly these stupid rich snobbish kids are pathetic. There is absolutely nothing funny about what they're doing. And anybody who tries to justify their actions and their idea of "having fun" is clearly just as dumb and pathetic as they are. pics like these shouldn't be taken lightly….

  34. t4nj4 says – reply to this


    I've never heard of this douchebag, but the MF should book himself a flight to go see Auschwitz. Maybe have a little chat with a few WW2 survivors, and then see if mr. funnyman laughs. DICK!

  35. 135


    p.s. perez- the show is amazing.

  36. 136

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – yeah i know. its just funny how people stereotype other countries and cultures. the canadian just reminded me of my boyfriend's old roomate who was german and practically worshipped nazis and hitler and thought all germans did too. and he met a girl straight from germany and was talking about hitler and how great he was and she literally went silent and was like are you NUTS and walked out. If you talk about that crap in germany today you will get the shit kicked out of you

    its all the same. people stereotyping and thinking they know everything because they are arrogant and uneducated.

    canadians like to act like they know it all because they are a neutral country and like to point the finger at everyone else. (though i do know so pretty chill canadians, so i cant say all of them are like that.. but many are)

  37. 137

    My daughter and I watch this show and crack up.
    They are self indulgent brats. The greatest thing is
    the comments that come out of their mouths.
    This Sebastion is the funniest one. He spazs out
    with his head when he talks and flips that goofy
    hairdo around like Fabian. He is hysterical they
    all are. Great entertainment :) I love the one
    comment one of them made GUESTS OF GUESTS

  38. 138

    To me he has a come over just like Donald Trump!!!
    OMG the next Donald Trump!

  39. 139

    just horrible, never will i watch this show again

  40. 140

    what a fucking asshole….

  41. 141

    P.S. don't give him this press, perez. this little shit doesnt deserve any publicity

  42. 142

    i've actually tried watching the show and everyone is so damn boring.
    Sebastian is such a poser. He tries to look, talk, and act like a surfer when he doesn't even surf.

  43. 143

    That guy is so ugly.

  44. 144

    What a douche!

  45. 145

    I'm just trying to say that we shouldn't give this any more press than it already does!!! Broadcasting it over and over again just gives these stupid idiots the shit and giggles they're looking for. They DO want to offend thats the entire reason they took pictures and shit… And I don't like that Perez is showcasing it as HUMOUR! As should ALL of you should be!!! I do get offended by shit like this just as ANY other person in the entire world. My grandfather fought in WWII, I have inlaws that fought in WWI and WWII… One grandfather was a participant in D-Day… I know my fucking history and I know my shit!!!
    It REALLY sucks that this is news!!!

  46. 146

    I watched one episode of this show and was so disgusted. These little shitheads are highschool students who act like they're 30 years old. What a bunch of pompous, self-righteous, snooty, black-coat wearing, airheads.

  47. 147

    Re: dramamomma82 – totally agree with you!!
    btw, its really funny how canadians would try to insult americans understanding the concept of what happened in world war ii, when WE'RE THE ONES WHO WON THE WAR AND KEPT HITLER FROM WORLD DOMINATION.
    i guess if youre a total dumbass though, you wouldnt know that . . .

  48. 148

    Guys, give me a fucking break. These boys are 16 years old ONLY! Give them a break! They are doing this in a car and some backstabbing friend is sharing these photos with America. With friends like this who needs enemies?

    Lighten up. He is still a young teenager and does not have the mentality of someone over 40.

    And through the first stone who never made fun of something now considered "politically incorrect"!!!

  49. 149



  50. 150

    The entire cast is unattractive and mean
    (Awful combo)
    Sabastian is the only one that came close to looking like a human
    But seeing as how he is retarded God had to bless him with something "looks" :)

  51. 151

    Really?? These kids are sooooo disgusting!!

  52. 152

    Small hands mean small peen

  53. 153

    I have watched this show and this guy is seriously UGLY and one of the lamest guys i have ever seen! are you serious.. these kids talk about how oh im so new york and we are so more mature than all of you! pssshh!! get a life and please not on tv anymore!

  54. 154

    what a fucking dumbass ..all the kids on that show ever do is make stupid ignorant comments so i guess i shouldnt be surprised

  55. 155

    haha brain capacity of a tic-tac, that was a good one xD

  56. 156


  57. 157

    the funniest thing about it all is that he didn't even have the swastika in the right position. dumbass.

  58. 158

    Re: Kanata_Eh – its a social taboo to go around drawing swastikas

  59. 159

    You know the worst part is- he is Jewish…what an idiot.

  60. 160

    wtf thats what theyre doin to entertain themselves?? fuckin smoke a blunt and chill outt..what abnormal kids

  61. 161

    Re: CrazyCanadianChick – Although the Swastika does have roots beyond Nazi Germany, it is obvious what they are trying to get at

  62. 162

    why did you promote this show on your site then?

    he needs a punch in the face

  63. 163

    Re: CrazyCanadianChick – Although the Swastika does have roots beyond Nazi Germany, it is obvious what they are trying to get at IS Hitler related, hence the stupid mustache!!!!!

  64. 164

    I've seen the show and i cringe every time they show anything having to do with him. It's like his noodle is straight COOKED. Go flip your girly man hair somewhere else.

  65. 165

    Re: CanadianCourage – Hey, I'm Canadian and you are the one who is "stunned". You need to get off your fascist high horse and find some love in your life. Your obvious hatred and jealousy of Jewish people will only get worse. You are not representative of Canadians. You are just a hateful racist pig.

  66. 166

    Re: dramamomma82 – I apologize for CanadianCourage's post. He's a pathetic stupid tool. Canadians are not all like that. He is just a fascist pig who was probably rejected by beautiful Jewish girls.

  67. 167

    he's an ass

    a lot of young, naive women like douche bags so…im not really surprised he's a "ladies man" (if thats even true…)

  68. @v@ says – reply to this


    Baah. Most junior high and high school boys have a morbid fascination for Hitler and drawing swastikas over everything, because it's somehow forbidden. Even Harry wore that Hallowe'en costume. It's flirting with horror, and they grow out of it.

  69. 169

    spoiled little shit needs to be dragged to germany and get the real view of what it was like under the nazi rule. and then i would shove HIM in an oven. WHAT AN IGNORANT ASSHOLE.

  70. 170

    Yeahh Hitler is SOOO fun!
    Don't worry, half of my family died in a car accident, and my great uncle changed his surname to become famous! And the numbers on his arm? Some silly tatoo he got in Vegas…
    The guy is ugly, the show is a Gossip Girl wannabe, and Bravo really lost it. Glad Project runway is not there, I'm not supporting that channel anymore.
    And really, grow up, dudes. I mean, boys, because you hve toddler hands and a brain of the size of a dog poo.
    I mean, the girls that like you are JEWS. But don't mind, they just want you for the $$$$

  71. 171

    Re: Kanata_Eh – You don't make fun of Hitler by making swastikas out of tape. There's nothing funny about that symbol. That's beyond insensitive to the millions of Jews who died in the Holocaust and the ones who lived through that and the aftermath. If you really think that's all in fun so it's okay you're as much of an idiot as they are.

  72. 172

    HAHAHA!!!! BABY HANDS!!!! wow. a freak with little hands AND hates jews. WHAT A LITTLE WEIRDO!!

    you know what small hands mean….


  73. 173

    yeah, i tried to watch this show, but then i felt my brain rotting. they're all ugly self-absorbed fucktards. this boy was the worst.

  74. 174

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – What the fuck is #107 supposed to mean?? Blacks WERE in fact the group of people to be enslaved the longest. In reality, even after the slaves were so called "free", they were granted no fucking right's. Btw, don't get mad b/c I always have a comment for almost everything you say. You're a fucking hateful douche who deserves backlash go back to school and get you eduMAcation dumbass.

  75. 175

    Re: Candace – Completely agree w/ you.

  76. @v@ says – reply to this


    Fascination with swastikas is juvenile. It goes away when they grow up.

  77. 177

    Re: Vexation – We don´t have the KKK in the US BECAUSE of free speech. That would imply causation… I would say RACISM is the true cause. Get it right :)

    And yeah Perez, I have seen a few episodes of NYC Prep and he is a douche!

  78. 178

    HAHAHAH toddler hands

  79. klb says – reply to this


    he does have tiny hands!! he should be dating people at his own level, 11 year olds.

  80. 180

    ANYONE can make it on your site. Me next!

  81. 181

    wowowowowowwwww waattttaa fucktardddd. && he has lil creepy hands so i dont get how he gets ladies. i bet he cant even reach the girls g spot

  82. 182

    hahaha oh my god i love that show but Sebastian is a total tool! like i cannot stand him. retarddd.

  83. 183

    Re: Kanata_Eh – people make fun of hitler all the time….I think what could be offensive is the swastika they've put on the window, people driving by wont know those kids are just joking around "making fun of hitler"

  84. 184

    THE ONLY TWO PPL I LIKE IN THE SHOW IS JESSIE AND PC i hate camile and kelli and even this kid THEY R VERY ANNOYING AND RICH. THIS DOUCHEBAG KID SEBASTIAN CAN BECOME THE NEXT GON GOSSELIN…BUT RICH AND YOUNG MINUS THE GUT…lets face it PC can b a BIT of a douche but at least he keeps us entertained n jessie she loves fashion just like me n attends FIT i may see her there

  85. 185

    Re: jerba – couldn't have said it better myself…

    he is such a douche! and no, he doesn't have the mental capacity of a tic tac, probably just half.

  86. 186


  87. 187

    What is the world coming to? What arses! They need to be arse whipped. This is so out of line.

  88. 188

    pretty screwed up. he's not very smart. whats even more sad is that his friend kelly from that show is jewish.

  89. 189

    It's the douche from the commercial with the TINY hands!!!

    ahahahaaahaa hahahahaa ahahaa ahahahahaaahahahhahhaaaa

  90. 190

    They are boring and now ignorant. Not watching it anymore, thanks.

  91. 191

    I saw the show once, the kid is retarded.

  92. mel B says – reply to this


    All the people on this show are BUT UGLY! There lucky they have some cash behind those mutt faces!!!!!

  93. 193

    Bwahahaha! He DOES have toddler hands!
    Friggin MORONS they are!

  94. 194


  95. lolli says – reply to this



  96. 196

    Nothing happened to Prince Harry when he did the same shit, so enough said! It is sad anyone would do this educated or not!

  97. 197

    First of all…I think toddler hands is disgusting! Not even close to cute….and about drawing those swasticas…WTF?! Who does that? Yeah we may make fun of osama, hussein, and what not…but displaying hate symbols..i think thats way too far…

  98. 198

    Oh get a grip, they're just goofing off. Family guy, Whitest Kids u Know do Nazi and Hitler stuff often, and people find it hilarious. Why can't they do the same?

  99. 199

    does anybody even know who they are?not important

  100. 200

    I wonder how many times these boys have contracted syphilis?

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