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Playboy Sebastian From NYC Prep Is Bored & Offensive

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We have no idea what is so hysterical about this but that tool Sebastian from Bravo's NYC Prep seems to think it's brilliant!

We were sent these pictures of the spoiled, rich dick, probably cruising around in a town car with his buddy, wasting time and tape by making swastikas and fake Hitler mustaches.

We've never watched this show (nor do we ever intend to), but we're told this douche is quite the ladies man.

Someone explain to us why! He has toddler hands and clearly, the brain capacity of a tic-tac.

Time to raise those standards, girls!

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219 comments to “Playboy Sebastian From NYC Prep Is Bored & Offensive”

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  1. 201

    HE'S CUTE!

  2. 202

    This is what happens when self indulgent children have no parents to actually parent them.

  3. 203

    omg he does have tiny hands ewwwww

  4. 91 says – reply to this


    small hands. small d!ck.

  5. 205

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB

    My brain is just fine thank you! I have three degrees and more of a realist point of view then you could ever fathom. I'm sure you think you are all high and mighty because you are American but the fact is that majority of American's have a 3rd grade reading level and not only do you have the minds of children but you can't even name all of your states or your state capitols.

    I'm Canadian, raised Canadian, graduated from a Canadian University and am also HALF American but you'd never catch me admitting that out in public here….

    YOU GUYS ARE SO FUCKING DISGUSTING, EGOCENTRIC AND DILLUSIONAL that you have NO idea that you have any flaws, there for you walk around with your heirs and big pipe dreams yet you don't even know who your Governor is lol.

    Eat shit you retard American….go get your H1N1 vaccine lol and kill yourself.

  6. 206

    Re: calihan12 – Oh shut up you JEW! Did I say they ALL come from Israel? NOooooooo I did NOT say that, so don't put words in my mouth BITCH.

    You rats are everywhere and that's obvious! The fucking jewish WW2 slaying is bullshit and anyone who has an educated brain would know that the numbers are massaged. Regardless of the massaging of the numbers…its obviously still shocking even generations later that something like that WOULD happen and that GOVTS would have the power to enforce it.

    WHAT WE ALL SHOULD UNDERSTAND…is that it didn't just happen to the Jews, but they would SURE like to tell us they are the ONLY ones lol.

  7. 207

    Re: dramamomma82 – You have every right to have an opinion regardless if it's full of emotional jargon that has NO weight on exactly what it is that I was saying. My explanation was OBVIOUSLY to people who did not know the full background FYI! BUT since you don't need the help….why bother to write to me on here? Bored? Lonely? Attention Whore?

  8. 208

    Re: CittyKat – I am a woman and ANY educated Canadian can tell you that WWii was bullshit and full of propoganda and hate tactics which is NOW illegal here in Canada. I was simply repeating text found online, so before you try and judge someone who is delivering a message I suggest you do your research.

    I am a woman…I have a university education….I have a very well paying job….I am under 25…..I am in a relationship….I have NEVER acted out verbal racism towards anyone in my life…..as a matter of fact you could NEVER blame that on me.

    I am IRISH Canadian and face racism daily and my entire family has…since we immigrated here ages ago….we were considered lower than dogs and even blacks (back then they were slaves)…..so you know FUCK all about racism.

    FEAR MONGERING…..go eat it, you lemmings.

  9. 209

    as if he didn't suck enough already. fucking disgusting. ew ew ewwwww

  10. 210

    Toddler Hands!! LMAO HARD!! I needed a good laugh..this guy is a MORON!!

  11. 211

    Re: Kanata_Eh – make fun of Hitler all you want but the swastikas we can do with out. the kid need to be kicked upside his FN head for that.

  12. 212

    little deuschey kids need an ass whoopen!!!

  13. 213

    i can't stand that show! they are idiots! people like those kids are the reason i homeschool! although when i went to school the kids weren't really that crazy like nyc prep! he not even cute… at all!

  14. 214

    and he's fat!

  15. 215

    Guess he doesn't like Jews. They do run the world, ya know.

  16. 216

    little hands only mean one thing…LITTLE DICK!!!!! LMAO!!! ive seen this show, waste of time. This guy looks like he came out from the 70s!

  17. 217

    Re: CanadianCourage – Not bored, definitely not lonely, and nope… not an attention whore. What I am is tired of your presumptuous, pompous rants. That's the reason I commented. If America were such a slum then why do people risk their lives on a daily basis to move here? Why do people from other countries come HERE for an education? There is trash everywhere. Not just America. But congrats at lashing out at an entire nation.

  18. 218

    he's gross lookingggg. ewww. and obviously also retarded. great combo.

  19. 219

    he is such an asshole in the show. i swear….

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