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Messy Asslee's Massive Fight With Pete - In PUBLIC!!!!

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Are they on the brink of divorce????

Yet another embarrassing moment for the Fall Out Boy rocker because of his wife's hard-pAArtying ways!

First there was the incident where Ashslee Simpson publicly berated Pete Wentz's ex-girlfriend, Michelle Trachtenberg.

Now, to make things much much worse, Ass instigated a fight with her husband on Saturday night, on what was supposed to be his special day!

Wentz had just performed with his band earlier at the Blink 182 concert in Chicago, his hometown show. Then, Wentz went to celebrate the one year anniversary of his bar, Angels & Kings.

Multiple multiple sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that Simpson proceeded to get really REALLY drunk - and belligerent!

One of many eyewitnesses we spoke with tells us that Pete was in the DJ booth when Asslee "came up completely wasted and yells at him to leave. They fought, she told him he was horrible in front of a whole group of people and made him leave his own party early. So they make a scene and leave the bar."


What a way to emasculate your man!

Well, Simpson was BEYOND TRASHED. Once outside the bar, she fought with Wentz some more, and after she caught someone taking a picture of her stumbling out of Angels and Kings "she CHASED him down the street and made him erase the pictures."

There are also rumors that the confrontation with the photographer turned violent, but we have been unable to confirm that.

After this "incident", their security hustled Simpson and Wentz back to the corner and their driver picked them up in an SUV.

Is it time for Asslee to go to rehab????

[Image via WENN.]

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154 comments to “Messy Asslee's Massive Fight With Pete - In PUBLIC!!!!”

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  1. 101

    that is the perfect example of young celebrities not ready for marriage or a child.

  2. 102

    I was there. None of this happened. Wentz was trashed but continuously giving shout-outs to his girl. My friends are security there as well. This is all bull shit and completely fabricated.

  3. 103

    and this is what happens when you get knocked up too young and then marry the guy.

  4. 104

    sexy pete. sexy blink.

  5. 105

    YES, YES, YES! God I hope they get divorced. I hate her!

    Pete you were so much better without her..

  6. 106

    Remember the McDonalds incident from a few years ago? When Ashlee tries to jump over the McDonalds counter to stuff her face with Big Macs? I mean I'd expect that behavior from JESSICA (after all, she needs to fill out those mom jeans), but not from skankorexic Ashlee. She ALWAYS looks f*cked up in every pic I see of her… I mean, don't they have a kid?! Luckily with both Simpson girls' "careers" in the toilet Tina and Joe are probably available to babysit…

  7. 107

    But—-in ashlee's defense—- i'd be a drunken mess too if my husband blabbed to every magazine about sticking his peener in other boys bumbums

  8. 108

    Both Simpson girls talent is laughable and their relationship with their dad is a little too creepy for me.

  9. 109

    she should be home with her kid

  10. 110

    Re: BeezusQuimby

    I was there and saw the whole thing. You friends are fucking liars! She took a nasty runny dump in the middle of the club while being fucked by Paris Hilton wearing a strap on dildo.

  11. 111

    what are they 21?? of course they're headed for divorce

  12. 112

    i don't know what to say i though this two made a great couple but i guess i was wrong I love pete and maybe ashlee…i don't see this two lasting very long

  13. 113

    Re: karencarpenter – The dopey thing about celebs, especially those who tour and have oh, I d'know, a different limo driver every night, FORGET that said limo drivers tell their friends everything about the folks in the back seat act.

    I'm just sayin'… don't act a fool in public, or it's gonna get out.

  14. 114

    Re: Catherine!!!SEMICOLON!!! – BRONX what a terrible name that kid is going to have a tough time growing up with the bullies

  15. 115

    heres the deal, pete's parents are divorced and he said it was one of his worst childhood memories, because of tht i dont think he would get a divorce. on the other hand, if he feels her drunken inappropriateness is being carried on in front of their son, then he may have to incentive to leave for him. its a toss-up..i really think ashlee got pregnant on purpose, knowing tht was the only way he would ever marry her. skipped birth control..hole in the condom? hahaa.

  16. 116

    Re: theblonde007 – …excellent point the blonde007!

  17. 117

    "What a way to emasculate your man!" ha, ha, I actually think some of his outfits do that…
    but seriously, she is a talentless, ugly spoiled brat - no one would even remember her if she wasn't married to him, (well maybe for being Jessica Simpson's sister or if they replayed her jig on Youtube)

  18. 118

    Is anybody the least bit surprised she got wasted and flipped out? She does it at least a few times a year (in public, she probably does it all the time at home). She is a slut, that is how she got with Pete in the first place. I bet as soon as she got knocked up her Dad forced them to get married. It will not last. He was better off with Michelle. Now he is just screwed.

  19. 119

    He should just come out already…he's soooo gay, father or not, he's posing badly as a straight guy!

  20. 120

    Maybe she should work on saving her CAREER
    and not act like a bi-polar bitch.
    and truthfully, it's HILARIOUS!!!!!!

  21. 121

    Ha ha ha I love it when rich idiots make drunken fools of themselves!!! These two worthless pieces of garbage deserve each other, and I hope there's lots more public fighting, name-calling and humiliation. Ha ha, Asshole ruined poor Pete's big night, next time he should slug her right in the face and finally fix her ugly nose.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Memo to silly young wives - If you want to leave your husband's special party early, give him a kiss, tell him to have a great time and you'll see him when he gets home, then take a cab or a limo home alone. Don't be a party pooper.

  23. 123

    Rehab for getting drunk twice? A bit dramatic, Perez.

  24. 124

    Sounds like an alchy to me..in all fairness though, if I were related to a family that consisted of a slightly more famous, attractive but dumb sister that dad drools over, with a vagina for a husband and father to her child..I'd probably do more than drinking at that point.

  25. 125

    Re: SWEETPIECE! – What's up with her and her sister. All this drinking. Shizzle!

  26. 126


    You have got to be joking.

    most men do need to be castrated.

  27. 127

    stupid shit. i don't like her at all.

  28. 128

    she's an idiot

  29. 129

    Re: Paris France – Self hate, self doubt, my guess. Trying to escape. All the above. Selfish alcoholics that's certain.

  30. 130

    I agree with others that she is a loser . . . So is her sister. It is interesting that last week it was said that booze is what came between Jessica and Tony Romo . . . Guess daddy hasn't been able to get a handle on his girls' drinking problems.

  31. 131

    Re: cherrymuffinlove – No f the poppa ratz. I have had and still do fam in that indusrty. What do you know. You don't like cherries if you like Perez your a chick or not straight.

  32. 132

    Are we REALLY that surprised?! Don't you remember the video footage of her making a total ass of herself at McDonald's?? If I were him, I would've called her a cab/limo and sent her drunk ass home… Way to go, "mom"!!!

  33. 133

    must be hard tryin to stay famous with no talent at all …..

  34. 134

    maybe ashlee is just mad that she is married to a douche

    i heard that he has slept with Cassidy from that shitty band Hey Monday and if that was true i would not be surprised

  35. 135

    Yeah, I was there for 3 hours and they never looked like they were really pissed… Is it a slow news day, Perez??

  36. 136

    Shut-up, srsly. Leave them alone, they really don't need this shit. She just had a fucking baby, she can go out and get trashed as fuck, she can do that up ’till the babys four years old and I would still say she was an amazing person. Don't fucking act like you haven't got SUPER drunk and freaked out on your lover! I have and I'm fifteen. So, again, shut up.

  37. 137

    Boose in eating disorder people is like a rock of luv girl doing drugs at the time

  38. 138

    Run away Pete! RUN!! Take the kid with you!! Save it from a life of evil with the Simpson family - hell, if you don't the poor thing will be bled for all it's worth by grandpappy Joe… I wish they never bred.. poor kid..

  39. 139

    Wow these parents need help

  40. 140

    Re: beyourselfeveryoneelseistaken – i agree dirty old mad is worse than discusting

  41. 141

    I've always hated her. Pete doesn't deserve this shit. Ashlee needs to pull herself together already.

  42. 142

    No fan of hers, but maybe we should put you into rehab too, for veing a beligerant a-hole too. Oh wait, you don't have alcohol to blame you nasty, jealous, bitter queen.

  43. 143

    im not even sure why shes famous if she even is i prefer jessica

  44. 144

    no…that could happen to anyone

  45. 145

    nasty bitch,if you can't hold your booze then stay the fuck home!!!

  46. 146

    I was there on saturday, it was a great party. Pete was WASTED, everyone was trashed. When the Plain White T's play only 3 songs that night because they would like to drink with everyone, you know its just a drink fest. Good times though, sounds just like stupid drunk people. Hey, I was one of them.

  47. 147

    i luv Pete and whoevr makes him happy makes me happy. evry1 goes thru rough patchs and they r no exeption. but mabee she shud stay away from da bar 4 a while

  48. 148


  49. 149

    Don't pick on the wealthy kids. They could own you. I'm thinking of a plantation name to send you children to.

  50. 150

    why people air there laundry away from home, I don't understand!

  51. 151

    I think she's just tired of being his beard. Pete is so obviously gay and that's a shame because he is such a beautiful man!

  52. 152

    oh well woopeedoo hopefully she'll just disappear after getting a bit famous on her sisters merits what a fuckin leach i can't stand her, i can't wait till we stop hearing about this slag and when her and pete got married i knew it wouldn't last long and i bet it wont last much longer no man in their right mind would take that kind of crap from a woman who had to rely on her sister to get herself famous. she's a waste of space nobody i hope it all goes tits up for her and she falls like a tone of bricks

  53. 153

    well i think that if she did get wasted and did insult her husband infornt of his guest then Ashlee made a mistake. and i think that she might wanna fix that mistake or something. and yeh i love ashlee and pete to death and hes seems like a good guy that he should understand whats going on. and you should give hima little space for now. then start asking questions. :)

  54. 154

    Give the woman a break…. I know how difficult it can be with relationships once a baby arrives. The woman usually gets stuck with all the caring and having to give up many things for the sake of the kid, yet the man's life pretty much continues as usual…. That's when resentments occurs and the fights begin.

More comments: « 1 [2]