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Harry Pothead!

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ANOTHER Harry Potter star involved in marijuana-related scandal!


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45 comments to “Harry Pothead!”

  1. 1

    doesn't really surprise me - haven't heard is called a spliff for years though!!!!! puff puff pass

  2. slgee says – reply to this


    Those Slytherins are trouble.

  3. Zack says – reply to this


    The picture was taken in Amsterdam where it is LEGAL to smoke the PLANT, It's hardly a scandal. Going on a murderous rampage , now that's a scandal.

  4. 4

    Someone's run out of things to talk about.
    Geez, pictures of people doing drugs are everywhere now. But its their own fault.

  5. 5

    so they r bad after all, bad boys in real life and his roles

  6. 6

    So what!! The kid smoked a joint in Amsterdam on holiday. What 20 year old goes to Amsterdam on holiday and doesn't do that? I mean really. Scandal? Please.

  7. 7

    Scandal? It's scandalous to smoke pot in a country where it's perfectly legal to do so? LOL. Darling, you crack me up sometimes.

  8. 8

    which one

  9. 9

    Crabbe AND Goyle lol

  10. 10

    lol Crabbe and Goyle know what's up

  11. 11


  12. 12

    yeeeah, stonerrrrrrrs

  13. 13

    But its legal so its not exactly a scandal is it?
    But them Slytherin boys are sure as heck trouble!

  14. 14

    Why is everyone so shocked by weed smoking? Who gives a shit!
    People smoke thats that-and it should be legal.

  15. 15

    by the sounds of things, the potter movie set may have been the place to be!!!

  16. 16

    Everyone does it or will do it unless you want to play a sacred virgin - what on one wants these day .. xD
    Go to Amsterdam .. People actully smoke it on the streets .. an in Brussels and in Mechelen .. xD

  17. 17

    weed should be legal everywhere

  18. 18

    I look forward to the day when pot smoking will no longer be scandalous.

  19. 19

    harry pothead… HA!!!

  20. 20

    It's legal in Amsterdam, and that's where he was smokin….what's the problem?

  21. 21

    Well, he IS from Slytherin House after all… nasty group, those kids. hmmpf! haha Pot Should Be Legal Everywhere!

  22. 22

    Wow. Crabbe AND Goyle are both potheads?? hmm, I guess those slytherins really ARE trouble makers??

  23. 23

    marijuana scandal? I don't see how smoking weed can really be considered a scandal, according to Time magazine half of Americans have smoked marijuana at least once.

  24. 24

    wow those harry potter kids have problems

  25. 25

    Toke up!

  26. 26

    Freakin' Slytherins. ;)

  27. 27

    Haha! Not scandalous at all. Perfectly legal. It is funny though how it's both Crabbe and Goyle. Now find me a pick of Luna or Hermione lit up, and that would be pic worthy.

  28. 28

    this guy has fans?

  29. 29

    Ugh what a loser face. Don't do it or don't get caught!

  30. 30

    LOL @ Harry "Pothead". ha ha ha

    That's one helluva doobie…

  31. 31

    He should be introduced to B.Pitt-Pothead. They would enjoy some marijuana together….

  32. 32

    What exactly is scandalous about it? He's not doing anything illegal, he's not harming anyone else.

  33. MP says – reply to this


    First Crabbe, now Goyle?! Is Malfoy next?

  34. 34

    Lmao! Now it's GOyle!! Hopefully he's already filmed his part for the 7th movie because that would seriously SUCK if there was no Goyle.

    But honestly…it's Europe! It's practically legal over there. :D

  35. 35

    I heard Jonah Hill just visited the set…I wonder if he brought something with him…..;)

  36. 36

    Nevermind. i just read it was in Amsterdam. It's legal there…thank goodness. Atleast he didn't grow it and sell it like Waylett did.

  37. 37

    i think the pic is taken in my home town amsterdam and its LEGAL here…

  38. 38

    HA HA… Crabb and Goyle both busted for pot. Suckers!

  39. 39

    He's pretty hott.

  40. 40

    LEGALIZE..already. Just because its not a WHITE MEN drug like alcohol doesn't mean weed is bad.

  41. 41

    Here in the Netherlands is it now problem. Nothing better to smoke is "nederwiet!!!

  42. 42

    Here in the Netherlands is it no problem. Nothing better to smoke is "nederwiet!!!

  43. 43

    The story's gone, does that mean it wasn't true???

  44. ass says – reply to this


    When are people going to realize that pot's no big deal? Get over it already.

  45. 45

    Hey, if more people smoked now and then, the world would surely be a better place. Especially at town halls. Fools. Hey, he's a kid, big deal. Like YOU'VE never inhaled, haha.