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The Lutheran Church Allows Gays To Serve As Ministers!

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has lifted the ban denying sexually active gays and lesbians the right to serve as ministers!!!


The ban had previously prohibited members of the gay and lesbian community who were not celibate from becoming ministers for the church, but now gays and lesbians in "committed relationships" may be hired by ELCA congregations as ministers!

An impressive 68% of the 1,000 members of ECLA's national assembly agreed to lift the ban in a vote taken on Friday.

Although many members of the clergy are troubled by the ECLA's decision, the fight for equal rights in the clergy overruled the naysayers' beliefs.

Said Rev. Leslie Williamson of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Des Plains, Ill: ”I have seen these same-gender relationships function in the same way as heterosexual relationships — bringing joy and blessings as well as trials and hardships. 'The same-gender couples I know live in love and faithfulness and are called to proclaim the word of God as are all of us.”

This is one giant step in the right direction!

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233 comments to “The Lutheran Church Allows Gays To Serve As Ministers!”

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    This is awesome!

  3. 3

    Now this sounds like the way Christianity should be. I don't remember ever reading that Jesus Christ turned away anyone.

  4. 4

    Evolve or dissolve…churches go where the money lays.

  5. 5

    Proud to be a Lutheran!

  6. 6

    Well, what I don't get is why this is considered a good thing. If the Bible clearly states that homosexuality is wrong then why would homosexuals want to preach the Bible?

  7. 7

    Im against all religion….. But i tip my hat to the The Evangelical Lutheran Church for making a big step for equality!

  8. 8

    Jesus Christ never did turn anyone away, but people constantly turn away from Him which is what people are doing when they CHOOSE to live the homosexual lifestyle. What a sad way for he church to lead people astray. . . the blind leading the blind. :(

  9. 9

    Re: beebeefox
    Where in the bible does it say homosexuality is wrong ?

    It doesnt !

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  11. 11

    Very good.

  12. 12

    God does not change with time or tide. I am Lutheran but thankfully not of the ELCA.

  13. 13

    ELCA all the way!

  14. 14

    Proud to be a Lutheran too!

  15. 15

    Thank god! Its about time :) Jesus preached love!! Homosexuals just the right to love one another and have the same rights as any other american citizin. If people have a problem with it, who are they to judge? The bible says MANY things that we don't live up to in these modern days. It is not okay to pick and choose what is a sin and what is not. No sin is greater than another. We all deserve the same dignity and respect as any other person. God never turns people away, its the judgemental PEOPLE of the Churches that make them feel unwelcome and outcast, leaving us to privately worship out of the comfort and safety of our own homes. Im very proud of this Church for doing the right thing.

  16. 16

    "called to proclaim the word of God as are all of us…" except the parts of the word of God that we choose to ignore, like everything it says about being gay.

    Whatevs, Lutherans. Jesus was friends with all kinds of people, and God loves all of us, but that doesn't mean that we can just ignore what He has to say and pretend like everything's fine.

  17. 17

    Add to the list of proud Lutherans!!

  18. 18

    It doesnt say anything about lesbians in the bible… does that mean its ok for a woman 2 lie with a woman?

  19. 19

    I like Luther Vandross so I guess I'm a Lutheran.

  20. 20

    My opinion, i have gay friends, and i treat every homosexual with the exact same respect i would a heterosexual. They deserve to be treated like equals. BUT i am also a catholic, and for those of you who dont understand the whole catholic aspect of "gay marriage". respect it almost as if it were a regulation for us. for example, It would be wrong and disrespecful for me to walk into a a muslim church and start throwing around crosses and praising Jesus and my beliefs. I wouldent do that because that is THEIR way, and there beleif. therefor i find rude that alot of homosexuals missions are to Get married in the catholic church. to me its disrespectful, like i said under the Law we are all equals. under religions, there a rules. in street talk…i would never go into the ghetto screaming WHITE POWER! …its just things you dont do.. ( p.s! im not racist or against gay people in any way lol, im just using examples ) just clearing it up for many people who dont understand. thanks

  21. 21

    Inclusive…. sounds like a good religion to me!

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  23. 23

    Re: AngelsEyes – Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion." Romans 1:26-27

  24. 24

    Re: hellojessi – PREACH! i agree.. were all equaly loved in Gods eyes, BUT that doesnt mean there isnt right and wrong in his eyes, and people who say "nowhere in the bible does it say…" have probably never opened up a bible in their lives… sorry to say..

  25. 25

    As an Icelandic Lutheran (here in Vancouver BC) I can say that I've always been taught that God loves EVERYONE UNCONDITIONALLY. That's what Christianity is supposed to be!

  26. 26

    Re: beebeefox – shame on those who turn people away from God.

  27. 27

    I'd like to see where in the bible it states that loving another person, regardless of sex, is wrong. Love is never wrong and we are all equal…. period.

  28. 28

    Yayy. Wish i didm't hate them lutherans.

  29. 29

    That is a very vague quote and leads me to believe it is reffering to women involved in prostitution; but who knows? Only God can judge.

  30. 30

    wow.. that makes alotta sense? so much for GOD creating a woman for a man,Its sh*t like this that makes me almost buy into the fact that we are in rapture,then again we have all known all catholic preists are gay.

  31. 31

    Re: blacklily28 – Same here.

    And beebeefox…I hate to break it to you, but the straight Pastors are sinners too. So are the members of the congregation. Would you like it, then, if we just removed all Pastors and all members of the congregations, since ALL of us are sinners and do things at times that are considered to be sins? By your attempt at logic (and others as well)–sinners don't belong leading church-so that would be the end of things, then, since none of us is free of sin.

    As an ELCA member, too, I would like to point out that nothing has changed in terms of congregations voting in favor of calling a Pastor to serve a congregation. That means that if a church feels the pastoral candidate is not suitable for a congregation, we are free as members to vote against that motion. Likewise, if members approve of the candidate who has been called, we can vote in favor of that call. This simply means that persons will not be excluded from consideration simply on the basis of being gay. It's a lengthy process to bring a Pastor together with a congregation and it certainly does not happen in a manner where the person is simply placed with a church. When it gets to a point where a candidate is presented to a congregation, their history and background is laid out in a very transparent manner, and the power ultimately lies with us to be able to say whether or not we think this person is right for our congregation.

  32. 32

    You're right that would be rude to go somewhere where we where not wanted. All we want is to be able to have the same legal rights as any other couples… the marriage part shouldnt have anything to do with religion. ie. seperation of church and state should apply. The court house would definetly suffice.

  33. 33

    The bible contains three same sex relationships
    Ruth and Naomi
    David and Jonathan
    Daniel and Ashpenaz
    Ruth 1:16-17 and 2:10-11 describe their close friendship Perhaps the best known passage from this book is Ruth 1:16-17 which is often read out during opposite-sex and same-sex marriage and union ceremonies:
    "Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me." (NIV)
    Ruth 1:14, referring to the relationship between Ruth and Naomi, mentions that "Ruth clave onto her." (KJV) The Hebrew word translated here as "clave" is identical to that used in the description of a heterosexual marriage in Genesis 2:24: " Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." (KJV)

  34. 34

    Passages in 1 Samuel & 2 Samuel describe, among other events, a extremely close bond between David and Jonathan. Jonathan was the son of King Saul, and next in line for the throne. But Samuel anointed David to be the next king. This produced a strong conflict in the mind of Saul.
    1 Samuel 18:1
    "…Jonathan became one in spirit with David and he loved him as himself." (NIV)
    "…the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul" (KJV)
    1 Samuel 18:2
    "From that day, Saul kept David with him and did not let him return to his father's house." (NIV)
    David left his parent's home and moved to Saul's where he would be with Jonathan. This is a strong indication that the relationship was extremely close. It echoes the passage marriage passage in Genesis 2:24: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."
    1 Samuel 18:3-4
    "And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself. Jonathan took off the robe he was wearing and gave it to David, along with his tunic, and even his sword, his bow and his belt." (NIV)
    Since people in those days did not wear underwear, Jonathan stripped himself naked in front of David. That would be considered extremely unusual behavior (then and now) unless their relationship was physical.

  35. 35

    Jesus didn't turn away anyone. But Martin Luther is another story.

  36. 36

    1 Samuel 20:41
    "After the boy had gone, David got up from the south side of the stone and bowed down before Jonathan three times, with is face to the ground. Then they kissed each other and wept together - but David wept the most." (NIV)
    2 Samuel 1:26
    "I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women."

    In the society of ancient Israel, it was not considered proper for a man and woman to have a platonic relationship. Men and women rarely spoke to each other in public. Since David's only relationships with women would have been sexual in nature, then he must be referring to sexual love here. It would not make sense in this verse to compare platonic love for a man with sexual love for a woman; they are two completely different phenomena. It would appear that David is referring to his sexual love for Jonathan.

  37. 37

    Re: KDIZZLL – pedophile does not equal gay

  38. 38

    Now God had brought Daniel into favor and tender love with the prince of the eunuchs" (KJV)
    The Hebrew words which describe the relationship between Daniel and Ashpenaz are chesed v'rachamim. V'rachamim is in a plural form which is used to emphasize its relative importance. It has meaning as it is emphasized “physical love”.

  39. 39

    Re: jaycie – turning your back on a church that does not accept your presence does not equal turning your back on God.

  40. 40

    73% of pedophiles are straight! ABS

  41. 41

    Re: AngelsEyes – Yes, but turning away from what is right to continue doing what is wrong IS turning your back on God/Jesus. The rich man who refused to sell his possessions to give to the poor when Jesus asked it of him, turned his back to Jesus and walked away. The story is told to illustrate that when you ignore what God teaches, you reject Him and are lost.

  42. 42

    Re: Aussieone – When the bible talks of homosexuality, it is very blatant and calls it unnatural. These examples you are giving are just examples of PURE LOVE for another human being. It is so sad that you can not fathom people loving each other without it being sexual.

  43. 43

    Re: jaycie
    "It is very blatant and calls it unnatural."
    Please list those sections ?

  44. 44

    Re: jaycie – Hypocrite!

    "It is so sad that you can not fathom people loving each other without it being sexual."

    You're doing the exact same thing by assuming homosexuality is only about sex! Shame on you. Very ignorant, very sad.

  45. 45

    Re: jaycie – Also, you continually judging people for the what you deem a "lifestyle choice" is a sin. And a choice you make daily. Way to turn YOUR back on God. Do you ask God for forgiveness every waking moment? What leads you to believe that gay Christians don't ask God for forgiveness for their sins???
    Love is love. Whether it be of your sex, the opposite sex, or God. You should be ashamed of your hateful way of life.

  46. 46

    This is end of the ELCA.

    As Incubus would say: "Goodby!!! Nice to know you!!!!

  47. 47

    Jaycie, do you have any real theological training, or are you just quoting chick tracts? The Bible is absolutely NOT "very blatant and calls it unnatural" in reference to homosexuality. In fact, the Bible doesn't even comment on actual homosexuality, but rather heterosexual men engaging in homosexual sex. Even then, there's nothing blatant about it's comments, unless you're only reading a single phrase rather than the context of the entire sentence or (better yet!) paragraph. I do agree with you that Ruth and Naomi were likely not sexually involved. But you gotta admit, the David and Jonathan information (that's directly from the Bible) is pretty persuasive.

  48. 48

    For the record, bible-thumpers, the Word never addresses committed homosexuality as wrong. In historical context, the era saw horrendous issues of molestation of young boys by older men. References made to homosexuality were meant to address the occurring victimization. In the same way, Christians now eat pork when it blatantly said in the Old Testament that we should not, as it was considered unclean. Old records show that there was a severe outbreak of the swine flu, and people were told not to eat pork for their own health and protection. Because there was no existing separation of church and state, all of these sorts of actions taken during those periods of time were also, quite often, blindly accepted as the word of God.

    Don't be afraid to do a little research and use those brain thingies in your skulls.

    I am a proud member of the ELCA, and would also like to add that my youth pastor was the most wonderful mentor. He also happened to be gay. I am thankful every day that my parents exposed me to a view where God is love - love that is UNCONDITIONAL.

  49. 49

    Sorry…but I'm sooooo tired of having the "civil" discussion with religious folks about gay rights so I'm not going to be civil. Screw you and screw the bible. You people pick and fucking choose depending on the day of the week what you want to believe out of the "good" book. Being gay is NOT wrong. Shove your religion up your ass and show some love and acceptance. And as far as gay marriage…how would it affect your life? It WOULDN'T. So, don't impose your rights and opinions on homosexuals. They won't push their gay lifestyle on you (trust me, they DON'T want you) and you don't have to infringe on their rights and deny them equality. See? Argument, over and I only used the word "fuck" once. Well, twice. :)

  50. 50

    Yay! For a while we had a gay pastor at my Lutheran church!

  51. 51

    My Mom was a part of the vote and I couldn't be prouder of her. Thank you Lutherans for seeing the light!!!

  52. 52

    Obviously this is Satan spreading his influence by infiltrating the faithful under the guise of love. All Ye be warned….

  53. 53

    Doesn't surprise me this is happening…funny how gay's want what they "think" is right to be respected and when people voice their opinions and it isn't like theirs suddenly they're bigots pssshh bible clearly states what homosexuality is a SIN were all sinners true but I hate how gays demand that they should be married in a church in the name of the lord if you want to live that life a sin more power to you I could care less in the end you don't answer to me or anybody here your going to have to answer to the lord up there. Make the government give you full rights under the law of man but under gods law don't try to push people to accepting it.

  54. 54

    Jesus loves gay people but the bible does not approve of the practice of homosexuality (or for that matter, anyone having sex outside of marriage) so this church is deciding not to follow the bible. They are following their own minds. What authority are they using when they decide not to follow the bible?

  55. 55

    Jimmy Creech, senior pastor of the First United Methodist Church, in Omaha, Nebraska who has concluded that: "…there was no understanding of sexual orientation in the culture and time when scripture was written. There was not even a word for 'homosexuality' or 'homosexual' in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, the original languages of scripture. There are biblical references that condemn same-sex sexual behavior, but they are all within contexts related to violence, idolatry, promiscuity and exploitation.
    Careful reading within the historical setting reveals that it is the violence, idolatry, promiscuity and exploitation that is condemned, not the same-sex sexual behavior.
    The same condemnation is given to opposite-sex sexual behavior that is violent, idolatrous, promiscuous and exploitative."

  56. kugar says – reply to this


    So many people have died in this World in the name of Religion so this is not even remotely important to me. Religion sucks big time!

  57. 57

    Homosexuals are nature's way of saying there are too many people on this freakin planet, so I will cause some to be same sex so they cannot reproduce. WE SHOULD WELCOME THESE PEOPLE!!!!!! They are new type of human.

  58. 58

    Re: brainchild – Like The X-Men.

  59. 59

    Re: kugar – YEP AGREED

  60. Scrib says – reply to this


    I am proud to say I am a Gay Lutheran. God loves everyone.

  61. 61

  62. 62

    And yet a day before you posted this, the pastors blame a tornado in Missouri that ruined their steeple on the gays. They called it a "gentle but firm" message from god to stray away from the path of sin…. right. Because gays are that powerful. And god would love to harm a relgious building because they're allowed to vow their love in a religious place. Yeah….

  63. 63

    But who the hell wants to fuck a Lutheran pastor anyway?

  64. 64

    Perez, let me tell you what I GIANT and wonderful step this is for the ELCA. I am currently a seminarian in an ELCA theological school and many of my fellow classmates and I have really challenged the ELCA to do what we know is right!!! It shows the power that young people have to change minds that have been previously thought to be set in stone!!

  65. 65

    So many people have thrown different questions at me, so I

  66. 66

    Wow so many uneducated trashy bigots hiding behind "their version "of the bible to suit their homophobic hate,how disgtusting. Episcopalian,luthern,Jewish and Methodist segments of religon are accpeting of people born gay,just the religons that cater to the lower classes such as southern evengelicals and black congregations still stick to this insane bigotry and are vile. History will judge this hateful scum harshly and hopefully so will God.

  67. Lucas says – reply to this


    Raised and babtized a lutheran and proud of it.

  68. 68

    Re: f@tperez – IF you are going to post and try to sound some- what intelligent be factual (unless of course you are like most homophobes where lying and ignorance is the only thing they know). Gays in California weren't fighting to get married in any church that didn't want them,they were fighting for civil marriages by the state,are you clear on that moron? A seperate issue is that many religous people are starting to see the horrible homophobia practiced by lowlives in society as a huge huge sin and are starting to realize that gay people are born that way(which they are ). So again stfu bigot when you don't know one thing about this issue and get an education because the biggest homophobes in this country are the least educated trash in this country.

  69. 69

    Re: sleezy*e – Yes!!

  70. 70

    Re: hellojessi – Please understand that this was not some simple decision made by the ELCA. There was over ten years of deliberation, but study, and prayer involved in making this resolution. This was bible-based. The prayer to go forward with this was prayer-based. As far as know, the passages quoted to support a negative stance on this website have everything to do with sexual deviances where one is being abused, used or mistreated for someone's personal agenda.

  71. 71

    Someone asked where the bible is "blatant" about homosexuality and it being called "unnatural". . . If you're really that interested, Google "homosexuality in the bible". I don't want to take the time to list them all. It's not just old testament either. (So there goes the "eating pork theory" someone threw out there.) And guess what. . . me saying homosexuality is wrong ISN'T a sin! Look at John 7:24. There, Jesus tells us to judge, but to do so righteously. Righteously means to use the Truth of the Word to discern sins and not by appearances only. In 1Cor. 6:2-3 Jesus authorizes us to judge. Judge we must else we could not discern good from bad, proper from improper, righteousness from evil. But judge behavior, not the individual; the deed not the doer; the choice not the chooser. The individual/doer/chooser is accountable for his/her deed/choice, but judge the deed/choice in your judgment. Jesus could see a king in a shepherd boy. And an Apostle in a murderer. So while we must judge one's behavior we must we try to nurture the goodness in an individual: to separate the deed from the doer. That's all I'm doing. . .
    I am so appalled by this because preachers lead the flock. They aren't supposed to be continually and habitually living in sin. They are supposed to be held to higher standards. (According to the bible, and I reference the bible because this is a religious matter.)

  72. 72

    It just breaks my heart to see this and know the state of the church today. I'm also so saddened that people have such a bad image of Christians. For every Christian that has ever hurt you, let me just apologize, because that is not God's way at all. God is love and if you love God, you love people, and I do love people. I don't hate anyone at all. I hate things. . . like I hate drugs, I hate alcohol, I hate prostitution. . . but I NEVER hate the people who are caught up in these things! Same for homosexuals. I never state my opinion without being asked either. You will never see me holding up a sign declaring that all gays are going to hell. . . that's not love. BUT, when asked my opinion, it would be hateful for me to act like it's OK when I honestly believe that it's not. I try to speak my truth in love.

  73. 73

    Re: jaycie
    YOU WROTE: "Romans 1:26-27"
    Romans 1:26-27 speaks only of heterosexual people who act 'contrary to their nature.'
    Reading into the text what Paul did not say (a universal prohibition of homosexuality) is called eisogesis - wrongly interpreting the text. That kind of faulty interpretation is unworthy of Christians who love the word of God.

  74. 74

    i'm proud that this is my church :)

  75. 75


  76. 76

    If the religious people have so much faith in the bible, why don’t they practice what they preach? They preach homosexuality is such a sin and that it goes against Gods’ will and what about divorce? In the bible it states that only fornication is cause for divorce and that God will forgive you. I ask, then why are there so many people in church organizations who have been divorced not caused by fornication yet nobody dares to say anything. And still it is those same people who are quick to point the finger at others whom they say are doing wrong.

    When it comes to homosexuality, they preach it word for word, “IT’S A SIN”. Yet when it comes to marriage, divorce or anything that goes against their needs, the churches have altered the wording to fit those needs.

    It’s all about the money and how much more they can obtain from the flock of sheep that follow their pastor. It’s easier to keep receiving ties from couples with children in the hopes that as the children grow up, they will continue to receive ties and so forth.

    The bible, churches or religious (hypocrites) people cannot judge your heart as they do. Only Christ can and at that time each will receive his/her approval or disapproval from God.

  77. 77

    I have never been more proud to be an ELCA lutheran!

  78. 78

    Re: Octavarium

    The ELCA will not fall apart..nor will people leave because of this. Sure some might but 30,000 thousand lutheran teens spent a week learning to love everyone the same and to be the one change in the world. We learned to accept people. so it is not the end.

  79. 79

    Re: J_Primeiro

    But how many aspects of the Bible do you fully 100% not literally interpret. Its says to stone any adulterer. but would you? Absolutely not. It's not up to us to judge if someone is gay its up to God. If you don't agree with it then its okay to speak your mind but don't shove it down someones throat it just makes all christians look bad. I don't agree with abortion but I don't go around spouting it to ever single person that gets one. I'll say what I think but then its up to God NOT us.

  80. 80

    Also, there is a difference between judging, and sustaining moral values…

  81. korjo says – reply to this


    Re: Aussieone

    Leviticus 18:22 - No man is to have sexual relations with another man; God hates that

  82. 82

    Re: brainchild – That's awesome. What a fun argument!

  83. 83

    I am a Lutheran with the ELCA so happy with this decision although many fellow church members here in my southern church are not (I wonder about the talk at church tomorrow!). It may break up the church (although I hope not!) but I still think it needed to be done–gays are not 2nd class citizens!!

    To clear up some misinformation from a few who wrote here, it DOES say in the old testament that homosexuality is wrong. It also has hundreds of other laws like don't mix your dairy with meat and if you have your period stay away from men. Later on, after Jesus, Paul told us that we are saved by Jesus, not by things we do or don't do. Paul did talk briefly against homosexuality in Romans but to me it was ambiguous–he spoke against the immorality of 2 males which in the times of the day could have meant pedophilia (fairly accepted among patrician Romans) or reading it even more liberally it could have been against whoring around in general. I don't read the bible word for word literally (for example, I take the Creation story as a story, not a precise example of the world being created in six 24 hour days) and of course I don't pretend to be the one and all person who is the correct interpreter of the Word of God. But can't we all just open our eyes to see that God might not be against a committed gay relationship? And regardless, as imperfect humans, should we be the judgers who will create a 2nd class citizenry without marital rights that others have?

  84. 84

    Makes me wanna go to church

  85. 85

    I wrote my post before I had read all the details of all the others…and I have to say that I never really though about how the bible is against heterosexuals engaging in gay sex vs. against homosexuality. That is one argument I never thought up on my own…so I guess I must amend my post–thanks for the insight!

  86. lbear says – reply to this


    Finally - a church that is exhibiting true Christ-like behaviour - at last!!

  87. 87

    Re: korjo
    Leviticus 18:22
    "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination"
    The word "homosexual" was first used in the very late in 19th century CE. There was no Hebrew word that meant "homosexual." Thus, whenever the word is seen in an English translation of the Bible, one should be wary that the translators might be inserting their own prejudices into the text.
    This passage does not refer to gay sex generally, but only to a specific form of homosexual prostitution in Pagan temples. Much of Leviticus deals with the Holiness Code which outlined ways in which the ancient Hebrews were to be set apart to God. Some fertility worship practices found in early Pagan cultures were specifically prohibited; ritual same-sex behavior in Pagan temples was one such practice
    The code of rules and behaviors in Leviticus does not apply to Christians. No Christian group I know demands full compliance with this ancient code of behavior.
    If you did you would have to keep kosher laws. Chritians don’t even demand compliance with the sexual rules in Leviticus.
    If you did, you would allow polygamy, which is lawful in Leviticus. Unless you are prepared to obey all the rules in Leviticus, you DEMAND homosexuals BE bound to obey them. To point to this verses and demand selective compliance is ludicrous.

  88. 88

    Re: melonia
    I think its becomes more clear when you read:
    "Corinthians 6:9 – “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders”
    Male prostitutes and homosexual offenders. you can not condemn an entire orientation because of the prohibition of these specific acts!The Greek words Paul used in this passage include the word for a young, effeminate male prostitute and the word for the older man who paid to have sex with him. You can acknowledge that the bible condemns prostitution and a system where a younger man makes his living committing sex acts for money with older men. But you cannot condemn homosexuality in general because homosexual prostitution was condemned. Paul condemns many heterosexual acts in his writings, even in this very verse, yet we do not condemn heterosexuality.

  89. 89

    You would be the one happy about this PEREZ

  90. 90

    im so proud to be a lutheran right now; the fact that there was a ban in the first place is not right at all. every single human being, despite race, gender, or sexual orientation, should be given the opportunity to follow their dreams without restriction, and this news is a great example and a big step forward to the right direction!

  91. 91

    proud to be in the evangelical lutheran church in america(or ELCA)! I remember each church actually voted within the congregations on whether or not to allow this, so its the actual people of the church that want this, which is a huge step for the gay community.

  92. 92


  93. 93

    Re: jaycie – people like YOU…close-minded, judgmental bigots are the reason I turned my back on christianity and chose not to follow any religion at all. your opinions make the world an awful, negative place.
    and i thought only god could judge us? see you in hell, bitch.

  94. 94

    OM goodness AUSSIEONE! It says it SEVERAL times in the old and NEW testament. This article makes me sad. The church is just asking for the wrath of God, We'll see who is right in the end!!!

  95. 95

    Re: PerezIsAjoke
    Give details ?

  96. 96

    It is NOT about who has rights and who does not have rights, get it in your heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is about religion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the bible it clearly states in more than one place, a man is not allowed to sleep with another man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what is so shocking to me is the fact that people will allow ON GOING sinners into the circle, would you do that for someone you know will steel at your house, for someone you know will rape again, to someone you know will murder or lie again, NO so why do they do it for GAY people. As a matter of LAW there is nothing wrong with being GAY as a matter of RELIGION it is WRROOOOONNNNNGGGGGGG, get that in your heads

    Gay people can marry for all I care, but do not protest your love in front of GOD, do it in a courtroom, without the presence of GOD, then its fine.

  97. 97

    Re: f@tperez – very welll said

  98. 98

    I have no religion…. but:
    Homosexuality + Religions = Hypocrisy
    Politics + Religion = Ultimate Corruption

    why People insist of involving Religions in Everything!!!??

  99. 99

    this is called Hypocrisy…
    i hope i will see those gay ministers naked during the Gay Parade!!!


  100. 100

    This is one giant step in the right direction!: and one huge YAY! to other christian denominations (catholic, ortodox, etc) which will be glad to welcome the soon to be ex-lutherans, IF and ONLY IF they're REALLY biblical and follow CHRIST in a real and radical way

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