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Dear Arizona

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THIS PERSON is shaming your entire state.


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206 comments to “Dear Arizona”

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  1. 101

    OMG! I checked on internet and is what I found
    "We are a local New Testament church reaching the Phoenix Area with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Don't expect anything contemporary or liberal. We are an old-fashioned, independent, fundamental, King James Bible only, separated Baptist church and not ashamed to say so."
    This is crazy and certainly this guy is insane!!!!

  2. 102

    and you ma'am, are shaming our entire country!!!!

    fuck you

  3. 103

    Re: rmartinez – you are a fuckn fool

  4. 104

    Re: buttcrackcheese – you need to re-read the bible jerk off

  5. 105

    Another gun-totting, gay bashing, right wing wacko from my home state, AZ? Not news Perez! Having lived here my entire life, I'll tell you the real news–Phoenix is probably in the top five for gay population, right "behind" (no pun intended) San Fran, NY, and Minneapolis. Come out here talk to my gay friends, they'll be at one of the twenty or so gay bars here, one of which is right around the corner from me in Chandler! Now stop worrying about representin' in AZ and get to the real news–Lindsey Lohans recently ripped off sex videos! I've gotta see 'em, preeze…..lol.

  6. 106

    Maybe if he screams loud enough, he'll make HIS homosexuality go away.
    Those who protest too much are guilty of what they protest.
    Shame of him for spreading lies about Barney Frank.
    It's only a matter of time when his boyfriend come out and sells his story to the tabloids.

  7. 107

    And the worlds biggest douchebag award goes to…

  8. 108

    I live in nj

  9. 109

    that is the most despicable

  10. 110

    K, see I am Christian, but this is just not right. I think gays should have the same rights as sraight people. They are no less a human just because of the fact that they like the same sex. Honestly, this is ridiculous. I'm tired of people hating peolple because of what they are, as opposed to WHO they are. The bible just contradicts itself. It says to love your neighbour as you would love yourslef, then it says to kill gay people. What if gay people are your neighbours? The bible is basically saying, "Love your niehbours, unless they're gay." I'm sorry but, that does not seem right to me. It's disgusting. Homophobes are just insecure. That's all it is. Have fun living your hateful lives.

  11. 111

    Re: KevinK
    "thats the norm for Chritians"
    K, Im Christian and I do not believe anything he says. I support gay rights.

  12. 112

    I'm all for gay rights and whatever i'm not as for it as perez is no where near the way i see it who cares their people, people who love each other should be able to show the world they love each other just like straight people you know but i don't think that god botherers should be allowed to tell people how to live i always thought church was there to guide you (not that i go to church or anything) not tell you, you must do this this and this and if you fuck your wife up the arse again i will strike you down you dirty bastard….. male or female sex in the arse is still sex in the arse you know i have a really good feeling that god doesn't work like that lol

  13. 113

    This man is clearly crazy and it has nothing to do with living in Arizona.

  14. 114

    Ok, I have to agree that's absolutely appallingly disgusting. I cannot believe anyone could think like that, it's sick. I live in Arizona myself and that's ashaming OF COURSE. But that doesn't mean all of Arizona is filled with homophobic facists. Almost all of my friends are gay. Just because we live in a state that's predominantly Republican and have assholes like this that live here, preaching to the idiots who will listen, doesn't mean we're all the same.

  15. 115


  16. 116

    ugh fucking disgusting. I hate people like that so bad! fucking dumbass should be burned!!

  17. 117

    I just think this is really sad. If he took one psych class or child abuse class than this pastor would know the truth that gay men do not rape children. Pedophiles are like 90% straight married men. I mean there is NAMBLA but does not mean that they are respresentation of gay males. I was laughing actually while reading his comments because he thinks that gay men mulitply by recruiters well the same could be said for christians. I mean I get people at my apartment all the time trying to save me from internal damnation, but I have never had a gay male come to my house to recruit me for homosexuality. It is just plain ridiculous. it is the same crap that Hitler did to brainwash people in believeing his ideas. I will pray for this man and hope he finds tolerance.

  18. 118

    Wow, and americans wonder why the world is scared of them having nukes.

  19. 119

    And i thought being from SC was bad. This was sickening.

  20. 120

    what a douche bag, i hope some day someone takes him out….

  21. 121

    Disgusting, people who falsely use the bible to somehow condone violence against a particular group of people are going to have a lot to answer for when they reach the pearly gates…this man is sick, and was probably molested himself at a young age, most likely it was a member of his own "church".

  22. 122


  23. 123

    oh. my. god. what the hell? thats a crazy man

  24. 124

    omg.. are you fucking kidding me… does this guy have a parasite in his brain.. no one can be that crazy… i think he was molested by some right wing nutbag… watch a year or 2 from now this guy is gonna be caught with some underaged boy in a restroom or something… its always the people who are this crazy that are the ones who actually commit the acts they speak about.

  25. 125

    sick fuck

  26. 126

    quote from the website
    'Faithful Word Baptist Church is a young, family-oriented church.'

    my ass it is, not with that preacher there. They'll be producing some wacked up kids.

  27. 127

    Re: Caro – I know how you feel. Everytime one of these hate-infected, close-minded Christians comes around preaching death and cruelty for anyone who is different, I dread the Christian-haters that follow. I am Christian and believe everyone, despite sexual orientation, should be treated equally, with respect and love. We are all sinners; no life is worth more or less than any other. I have many gay friends who are a joy to hang out with and who I love very much. People like this nut offend me, and it hurts my heart that he is spreading hate in the loving name of God. Please don't judge other Christians because of crazy people like this.

  28. 128

    he's a hypocrite because he also looks like a crazy ass rapist too.

  29. 129

    doesn't really sound like he has a large audience…

  30. 130

    Wow. That dude is messed up. You know, through the years I've come to realize that alot of these "people" that profess their undying hatred for gays and lesbians, usually are repressing their own homosexual desires.

    I can only hope that some day, our children live in a world where everyone is accepted regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Kudos to you Perez for having the bravery to post this and show everyone exactly what state our world is in when men like this are allowed out of their cages.
    If there is a God in heaven, surely he will punish this man for preaching hatred instead of the love he instilled in all of us.

  31. 131

    that is disgusting. if there is such god he wouldn't give a dam if u were gay straight or whatever! the only think he would judge you on is ur personality not ur sexuality or whether ur a good person or not.

  32. 132

    I really don't understand how people can be that dumb.

  33. 133

    wow, this guy has a sad outlook on who "God" is.

  34. 134

    I THINK what P is trying to say is that Arizona has the authority to do something about this threatening zealot, and that those in elected positions in the state should look into this truly evil movement percolating within its borders. Freedom of speech is something I believe in, but death threats and praying for the death of an American president is something else entirely.

  35. 135

    Makes me sick that those type of people say they are religious leaders. Disgusting and ridiculous! I would love to be there on your judgement day and listen to what God has to say about ur unwillingness to except others!!! DISGUSTING!!!!

  36. 136

    I proclaim FATWA!!! against Steven L. Anderson. There you go: problem solved.

  37. 137


  38. 138


  39. 139

    Ok that’s not fair. I live in Arizona and not everyone here is crazy like this man, and I'm sure more disagree with him then agree. I think you’re doing to Arizona like many ignorant people do to gays, lump them together as sexual deviants or saying they are all HIV positive just because they are gay. I think this man who calls himself a religious man is insane, and all I would like to ask him is how he could possible think God would defend him spewing so much hate and the promotion of violence. But seriously Perez, Don’t profile a whole state for one man’s actions.

  40. 140

    Simply terrible

  41. 141

    uh.. if you don't like Perez and what he stands for or says… then why are you on his website?

    but i agree with Perez.. this guy is shameful and brings shame to AZ. The things that the guy is "preaching" about are ridiculous and ignorant. Terrible shame that people believe this kind of non-sense.

  42. 142

    Not only is he putting Arizona to shame. But he gives christians a bad name. There are people who hate christians because of people like him. God called us to love God and love others as ourself. He is doing neither. He is dissobeying God's command to love and help those who need it which means he's not really loving god. And What he says is definately not Loving others as himself. For Those of us who do our best to love others and God and follow Him its so frustrating. People chose to turn away from us and believe we're hypocrites just because of these few hating people.

  43. 143

    It's people like this guy who are out late at night looking to hook up with these sodomites. His kind yell and scream about how wrong it is when they're doing it themselves. His ranting and raving about it makes him feel better inside for HIS sin!! Hey, that's my opinion.

  44. 144

    I read this idiots website and I can tell u one thing is that this guy is taking the Christian religion to a whole different area. People from the church that my relatives go to were being harassed by this man here because he said they weren't the real Christians just because they didn't believe in murdering the gays, queers; etc. He's one of those people where you turn against him he'll try to do anything to humiliate you. I just laugh because he thinks what he says is right.

  45. 145

    Although I applaude the guy for speaking his views..the whole voltaire i might not agree with it but i'll defend your right to say it..this guy is WAY out of line. Its people like him who are setting the whole country back YEARS. he should be ashamed of his beliefs in that aspect and search for why he hates gays so much.

  46. 146

    I "love" when idiots talk about the Bible in general terms and manipulate what it's saying…like this evil man, as well as, some of the people making comments on here….both judgemental and clueless.

  47. 147

    i like how you claim that one person is shaming my state despite the thousands of other people who live here..

  48. 148

    The guy needs mental help. Period. But he's good for our civil rights because he enlightens people about the crazy pseudo-Christian homophobia.

  49. 149


  50. 150

    This guy is a total douche..and these are the types of people that make Christianity look dumb and crazy..who is he to judge anyone?? and if you look onto the church website his wife is just as insane as him…but this doesnt make the whole state look bad..just his crazy ass!!

  51. 151

    Wow what a moron!!
    That was seriously beyond fucked up!!
    How ignorant can people get?!
    "gays spend their whole life recruting and molesting" WHY WOPULD SOMEONE WANT TO SPEND THEIR LIFE DOING THAT THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE!!

  52. 152

    also.. if God wanted us to kill all gays WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE MAKE GAY PEOPLE?!?!?!?!?
    if they were "wrong" and why oh why would god make them.. and according to the bible we are ALL made in Gods image ALL and we are ALL created equal!! and this preacher-guy is an idiot because isn't killing a sin??? A FUCKING BIG SIN!!! ONE OF THE BIGGEST SINS YOU COULD EVER COMMIT!! and yet there he is preaching that people go out murdering they gays THAT.IS.FUCKING.STUPID. UGH! this world has long way to go unfortunately!!

  53. 153

    This guy is Not reading his Bible - or representing the Bible correctly. God Loves us and is forgiving. God doesn't agree with the act of/being gay - or murder (the example in the article). God said to go fourth and multiply …kinda hard for gays to 'go forth and multiply'…hence a man and woman = the natural way.

    Sure there are means today for gays to multiply (artificial ways)…but studies show that a much higher percentage of gay relationships don't make it in comparison to hetero. Hetero's have a hard enough time as it is.lol

    God doesn't agree with some acts - but he forgives - thanks to Jesus.
    This guys an idiot.

  54. 154

    I live in AZ - and scanned what this Asshole had to say… and wouldn't even give him the time of day - so I didn't listen to his rants. People who can sit in a church & listen to 'a man of God' say such things should have enough COMMON SENSE to know this guy is a JOKE!

  55. 155

    I will share that most of the Gays I've met (those that have opened up to me)…wow - gays and even the bi-curious - had tremendous and unwanted sexual experiences in their youth. In Rome during Jesus time - it was normal for young boys to be sodomized. This is one reason why Jesus said to 'consider the children',lol.
    Many gays have a hatred for one parent or both parents. I've yet to meet a gay who was tested and had an overabundance of estrogen or testosterone - (as of yet). Being pumped in the ass should not be apart of anyone's childhood.

    This guy should know that in the last days there will be lots of gay - according to the Bible…Don't take my word for this shizzz either - do your research. Duh.lol

  56. 156

    u´re right perez, this man is just disgustin. wish he´ll die, i can´t believe we are in 21st century and people are thinkin like this!

  57. 157

    Most gays that have opened up to me - 1) either have hatred for a parent if not both parents. 2) were taken advantage of sexually - as children.

    I've yet to meet a gay that was tested and had too much estrigen/testosterone.

    Gays want acceptance but they often 'shoot down' bisexuals, zoophiliacs, necrophiliacs, pedophiles (other sexual preferences)…and Gays complain about acceptance?

    I Love all people - but am a firm hetero.

  58. 158

    Oh poor him. What a lost soul. Steven L. Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church probably takes it up the arse. If you hate someone that much - you probably also hate yourself even more. He actually hates himself for being gay and is trying to project it onto the "sodomites". Recruiting through rape? Eh. Ok. This guy's got some problems. Jesus!

  59. 159

    Re: MeinAZ – You're full of shit. With that attitude, do you really think that any normal person will actually "open up to you"?

  60. 160

    sickening and disgusting

  61. 161

    WOW that is one angry homophobe :\

  62. 162

    You know, it's a common theory that people who feel so strongly about hating homosexuals are sometimes just hiding the fact that they feel they could be gay as well. My guess? This disgusting hatred that he's feeling toward innocent people is just a cover for his own questionable sexuality. Just a hunch.

    I hate it when people with so much anger target people who have done nothing more than just proclaim who they are. When did that become such a crime?

  63. 163

    Wow - that is disturbing. It makes me sick to my stomach. While I am a pretty religious person I can't condone such words! That was awful - I completely disagree the Heaven and God teaches such hate and anger. I may not completely agree with a GLBT life-style, but that is the individual's choice - and my choice is to be compassionate and caring no matter what the choice.

  64. 164

    Another asshole preaching about gays and child abuse, but not going out there and doing anything about the children being abused, just staying inside and bashing on gays.

  65. 165

    Absolutely revolting. This makes me feel so angry, my brother is gay and I can't imagine how it must feel to have people wanting your death because you love a man instead of a woman. So upsetting that there are people like this, the world would be better off without him.
    How on earth could gays be 'multiplying' - surely anyone with half a brain can realise there have always been the same amount of gay people, but 100 years ago, or 50 years ago, or even 20, it was less acceptable, that was why there appeared to be less, because gay people are now able to be more open and honest about who they are without fear, or at least they should be!!

    and in reply to 'MeinAZ': "Gays want acceptance but they often 'shoot down' bisexuals, zoophiliacs, necrophiliacs, pedophiles (other sexual preferences)…and Gays complain about acceptance?"
    What a ridiculous comment. Comparing homosexuals to people who want to have sex with children or dead bodies is completely offensive and completely incorrect. Your comment suggests that for gays to be accepted they need to be open minded about, and accept child abuse. The two are completely unrelated!

  66. 166

    Woaaah!!! Isnt KILLING someone bad enough? :S why, being gay is worse than killing someone!!!! what a tosser! this bloke should get a life and probably get laid as well… seems too uptight!

    I honestly think people should mind their own business in the world!!! Homosexual people dont go around hating on straight people, we should learn from them who actually have to fight every minute of their lives for the one they love.

  67. 167

    That is Disgusting!
    I'm embarrassed to live in Arizona.
    And that be spoken at a Church?

  68. 168

    Re: unidad
    I had to hit refresh-then it worked for me.

  69. 169

    Terrible….. embarrassed to be breathing the same AZ air!

  70. 170

    omg …. i could kill him if i c him!!! what an asshole!

  71. 171

    fucking disgusting.

  72. 172

    Wow, this man is screwed up.
    But I don't believe he's shaming my state, haha.
    There's gonna be crazy people no matter where you go.

  73. 173

    omg as a straight man i ashamed of this guy

  74. 174

    Re: MeinAZ – I think it's safe to say that you're just as crazy, if not crazier, than Steven Anderson. Every gay friend I've ever had has loved both of his/her parents and have never been sexually abused.
    You're a liar.

  75. 175

    WOWZA! who pissed in his cornflakes?what a retard!!! betcha he's gay and he just cant handle it hahahahaha!!!

  76. 176

    Re: MeinAZ – Boy you are one stupid bitch!

  77. 177

    This person is stupid

  78. 178

    Paranoid schizophrenic

  79. 179

    wow. you know, hes got a lot of nerve to try and say homosexuals should be killed. i just want to ask this guy one thing. How is it that you support the dealth penalty and killing homosexuals, yet you DONT support abortion? How the hell does that work out? MAYBE- if some of the unfit parents were "allowed" to get abortions without being judged, some of the rapists and murderers wouldn't even be born. Horrible childhoods cause trauma and those people turn bad. I dont agree with the dealth penalty by any means and i do support a woman's choice and i MOST definately support gay rights.. How about those woman who are raped and get pregnant. You don't like rapists and want to kill them but you wont condone abortion. idiots! Everything about you people is contradicting.. You sit there and preach God and if you preach him shouldn't you spread the correct word? I am agnostic and do not know what I believe but what I hear is that God loves everyone and he is the only one who can judge someone. If you truly believe in God then aren't you supposed to listen to him?! Don't judge anyone. It isnt youre place. Fuck Steven L. Anderson and people like him.

  80. 180

    I think God should handle this one on his own. Kill the asshole and do us all a favor.

  81. 181

    That guy is disgusting and will burn in hell if there actually is one.

  82. 182

    Wow how sad and he's supposed to be a christian….

  83. 183

    that's absolutely revolting.

  84. 184

    I live in Arizona and I dont feel ashamed. I feel ashamed of that church AND that sick guy. But not all of us in AZ are like that. Its the ones that live all far and richy type.
    But this sick fuck puts us in danger.

  85. embo says – reply to this


    This guy isn't shaming Arizona, he is shaming RELIGION and showing it for what it is, a bunch of clueless MORONS revolving their lives around a fictional book! IDIOTS!

  86. 186

    How can someone shame an entire state when this person does not speak for everyone? Yes, he is a sick f*ck…but he doesn't speak for me. I live in Az, have all my life- but I refuse to have anyone think I should be ashamed because of some dim witted twit. Let him make an ass of himself, but that doesn't reflect on me.

  87. 187

    He's a dumbass. I bet he likes it up the bum.

  88. 188

    omg this guy is disgusting ugh I cant believe hes from the same state as me…. GROSS

  89. 189

    Barney Frank should sue this guy for defamation. How anyone spews that kind of hate is unbelievable. Truly a disgusting excuse for a human being. Not to mention an ignorant jerk.

  90. 190

    Re: MeinAZ – Actually, I would think that shooting down bestiality, necrophilia, and pedophilia isn't something that's exclusive to the gay community. But that's just me, I suppose…

  91. 191

    i will not be surprised wen i hear the death of dis guy!!

  92. 192

    He sounds likes some acute psychiatric patients who have religious deliriums..really. He should be questionned…authorities should question his sanity. Anyone who expresses the intention or wish to kill someone should be under medical or police investigation…this is sick. He is probably gay himself and cannot admit it. If he would live his real life, he would probably be happy and he would not hurt and upset people like this.

  93. 193

    scary and rediculous at the same time. just look at the guy. gay gay gay

  94. 194

    So another self-loathing gay. Speaking of dudes who like to beat-off with other guys, isn't Ted Haggard living in Arizona too?

  95. 195

    All I can say is I will pray for this man, since he is confused to think that it is ok to take matters in his own hands, when if he has even read the bible it says "vengence is mine sayeth the lord" and did jesus throw rocks with the others who thought themselves above all or did he surround himself with those who were sinners showing them love? That pastor needs to read the bible again and try taking a page out of it and follow in our lords footsteps.

  96. 196

    That is disgusting. BUT ITS HILARIOUS.

  97. 197

    thats so disgusting. im ashamed for the people who cant see that those who are gay cannot help it. its somthing that you cannot fix nor does it need to be fixed

  98. 198

    This guy is disgusting and what he suggests is pure EVIL!!!!!!

  99. 199

    that is seriously disturbing tripe, and I hope that this is considered illegal, I think encouraging people to murder others is considered both a hate crime and even domestic terrorism.
    Also, Perez, you should forward this to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which serves as a watchdog for hate groups across the nation.

  100. gbaby says – reply to this


    this IS sickening. and embarassing.
    this man is fucking out of his mind. he has no idea what he's talking about.
    obviously he thinks queer is like a religion or something. what an idiot.
    "gays are recruiters"?? what the hell does that mean?
    fuck him to the deepest pits of hell where he belongs.

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