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Shanna vs Travis: Moakler Takes To Her MySpace Blog Again!!!

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Here we go again!

As you'll read, this is the third time Shanna Moakler has taken to her MySpace blog to personally address the issues being speculated upon concerning her and her ex Travis Barker.

We commend her for using her blog - it shows she is willing to write more than 140 characters defending herself.

Here is what Shanna wrote:


Current mood: annoyed

This is about the 3rd time I have had to come to my blog to defend myself when dealing with my ex. I have said over and over I do not find playing personal relations in the media anything I want to be a part of! I have taken great strides to not be a part of it or the mudslinging have tried to bite my tongue and be the one to take the higher road for some time now. AGAIN I am backed into a corner, I will not bash my ex, as that IS the father of my two children and someone regardless what he thinks, I love very much and will always love. relationships change, people grow apart and life takes you different places. No matter how close the general public may think they are to two people. you never know what truly goes on behind closed doors and it is wrong to judge on either part.

I am VERY aware that one day my children will grow up and read what is on the internet. THAT is why I have tried every avenue to stop the abusive and false accusations which only hurts them in the long run, I have also tried to change how I interact on the internet as well.

let me make something else very clear and the fact I AGAIN have to do this, is vile. I have a ZERO tolerance for pedophiles and if you touch a child in my eyes, you should be sterilized. you're rights taken away. I think it is not only ABSURD to suggest I would ever allow my child remotely near such a thing. this accusation is false and cruel and publicly damaging. not to mention I also have blogged and wrote my senators to help pass the child protection ACT.

I think running to social networks to slander others only draws negative attention, begins falsehoods for both parties. I have cooperated with my ex in every measure he has asked. I allowed my children to go on tour for 4 weeks with their father, I make visitation as easy as possible, I am even willing to take a tour bus home to ease his tensions with the children flying, a 3 days drive, I have worked with our family attorneys to sign any stipulations to put to rest any insecurities he may have, many which I believe stem from my ex's horrible plane crash and the post traumatic syndrome he suffers from.

I also have another daughter from a previous relationship before Travis, and I know what it takes to keep a child happy and healthy, well balanced and loved through a public break up. I also work with my first ex and have over the past 10 years and have never had an issue. I make great strides everyday to ensure the well being of my kids, so they can grow into confident healthy adults. I do not post pictures of my kids on the internet anymore, I keep them away from the paparazzi, I live outside of LA to give them as much "normalcy" as possible. I wish I was able to give my children the childhood i had growing up including their parents being together. Living in the spotlight and going through a divorce changes that. Such is life. I am still VERY confident in my ability to give them the well balanced, beautiful childhood they deserve, and have. Free of public humiliation and anyone who truly knows me personally or has seen me with my children knows this. I am a AMAZING mother, who loves and will protect her children fiercely! any other notion would be simply ridiculous!


Surprisingly well said.

What do U think?

[Image via WENN.]

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92 comments to “Shanna vs Travis: Moakler Takes To Her MySpace Blog Again!!!”

  1. 1

    Its sad that these people think that a career is going to a myspace blog.

  2. 2

    I think she is telling the truth… At least we do hope so!!!

  3. 3

    maybe not so much 'well said,' as well intentioned.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    I think she is right - and Travis needs to grow up and deal with issues he has with her PERSONALLY - not in the media. She's right - it's only going to hurt their kids.

  6. 6

    You go girl!! Well said!

  7. 7

    I'm totally team Shanna! Travis is being an idiot and sadly is making him look like an idiot with these rants about his wife. GROW UP TRAVIS BARKER— Be the adult you are and show some class!

    And for the remarks of Shanna's uncle being a pedophile. If he is— then why isn't travis doing anything to take him to court? Spreading vicious lies like that can ruin someone's life— especially if it's not true. If it is true— yes, Travis I commend you for taking actions to take care of your children— but within the LAW take him to court, find the evidence before you make up rumors. Don't ruin someone's life because of your stupid insecurities.

  8. 8

    First! Whatever…..anyway, I say good for you Shanna. I think it was well written and well said. I'm a mom and I would protect my child the same way. Thumbs up!!!

  9. 9

    They need to keep there private life, PRIVATE! That includes her blog. But Travis needs to do the same, GROW UP!

  10. 10

    It may seem well said, but when you read inbetween the lines you can detect a subconscious attack on Barker through her questioning of his mental stability, which is entirely unfounded, since she is not a licensed Dr. Also, too, she is left having to convince the reader of her maternal abilities which should not have to be defended if she was entirely capable, but it shows she is just trying to convince herself. We don't her Travis' side. This is an opinion of one side, we need to hear the 'whole' story.

  11. 11

    If she is so "anti" social networking sites….why post anything at all?

  12. 12

    So funny…I live in Barrington, and the first I heard of this was from you!

  13. 13

    she's consistently written/spoken well on issues ranging from gay marriage to her ex. she breaks the stereotypes that beauty queens are airheads.

  14. 14

    well say!!!! travis is probably smoking is head up! and try to get is life back together but i hope she say the truth but my god travis..stabbin people back is enough talk to your ex like to adult is supose to do..youre not in a high school garage band anymore!

  15. 15

    I agree that this is well said, however, I don't think Shanna should publicly comment on her family issues with Barker anymore. I am sure it is extremely difficult, and if I was in her situation, I'd probably be temped to blog about it as well. However, it should be evident to the people that matter (including the courts), that she's taking the right precautions and that she's a good mom. I honestly believe this. On the other hand, her children will be able to read this someday, and you can sense her frustration with Barker in it. Even more so, anyone can read this now, including the media, or others close to her children. Her children could turn on TV and see something about what she's written, or overhear someone they know discussing it.

    I wish the best for this family and kids.

  16. 16

    WELL PUT SHANNA. Maybe Travis will finally get the mental help he needs and smarten up. He needs to stop acting like a 14 year old boy and keep their disputes private. When their kids are old enough to read everything he's said about Shanna they will undoubtedly choose to live with their mother and resent their father.

  17. 17

    Yeah Shanna…… very well said =)

  18. 18

    Hmmm… i dont who is more inmature travis or her but at least shes defending herself and her childrens thought…

  19. 19

    YOU GO GIRL! (finger snap)

  20. 20

    common, shanna, pedophiles need love, too.
    no word about the "uncle" tztz
    still team travis, sorry - not convinced.

  21. 21

    I loved Shana and Travis together. I'm a huge fan of Blink and I loved their show on MTV. I wished they'd never divorced!! I'm on both their sides. It seems they BOTH want their kids to be raised properly, as all parents do. But they are making some bad choices, namely Travis, during the divorce - but WE ALL MAKE BAD DECISIONS. Good luck to them both!!

  22. 22

    I think she's doing her best, and that Travis still loves her, and he is lashing out in the hopes of reconciling. Granted, this is a silly way of doing it. The more he acts like this, the more he's pushing her away. She's going to be forced to go to court if he keeps it up. He needs to be more reponsible and more mature for the sake of his children, because they're the ones that suffer. Albeit, when its about your kid,s your emotions are right at the surface. I'm praying for all of them.

  23. 23

    TEAM Shanna (but I love Travis too)
    mostly I'm team HEALTHY KIDS
    solve ur problems at home or in court like normal people do if you wanna have a Normal life so bad! Refrain from commenting anything in public as hard as it may be to bite ur tongue at times. It will work wonders in the long run and help ur deteriorating image u both have right now!

  24. 24

    I think she needs to get a lawyer and they can get him to stop posting ugly things on the internet about her.

  25. 25

    Where theres smoke theres fire,don't see why he would lie about it.

  26. 26

    i think you're means YOU ARE. your means YOUR.

  27. 27

    an AMAZING mother…PROVE IT. All I've ever seen is a whore turned fat bitch

  28. 28

    Re: JusticeStoon – I don't think she is attacking him at all. She is obviously very frustrated with him on this subject and as she was there throughout his whole ordeal after the plane crash, I think she can attest to his possible fears and insecurities. Regardless, she does not ever call him a piece of shit as he so eloquently did on his last post. We have heard his story all over the place! We dont need to hear anything else really. And her point about her mothering isn't to make anyone believe anything. She is just stating how she feels about her skills. Nothing wrong with that considering how much negative things Travis spews everyday.

  29. 29

    For being a gay dude, you sure do like slurping up some Shanna Moakler.

  30. 30

    Re: TORTEZ – I could give a hundred reasons, but the main one seems to be to harrass her on a constant basis. There has been not one shred of evidence that this guy was around her kids. Doesn't take a college degree to figure that out.

  31. 31

    Travis is a DB!!!

  32. 32

    Good for her. It's unfortunate that she has to go to her blog to address something like this but I guess she has to defend herself against just horrible verbal attacks from her ex-husband. I think her Ex needs to move on with his life and allow Shanna to move on with hers. He's definitely bitter about something and wants her to pay for it. He needs to grow up and quit putting his and Shanna's children in the middle of this. He should be embarrasses of himself.

  33. 33

    travis, the father needs to grow up, whatever issues he has need to remain private but yet he acts like a very rotten juvenile. i am on the mothers side, she sounds clear headed and awesome.

  34. 34

    I thought what she wrote was well said. I think sometimes the public eye gets too wrapped up into personal, private lives. I feel bad for her. Plus, my ex also has PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from going overseas and I can relate how hard it is to sometimes deal with that person…no matter how much love, space and time you give them.

  35. 35

    This bitch was Miss USA? EWWWW. She's busted. Looks like trailer trash.

  36. 36

    no matter what the real story is, the fact remains that Travis is trying to win people over on his side by slandering and calling his children's MOTHER all kinds of names. Childish tactics. If you like Shanna or not, you have to admit that she has once again taken the adult road in this situation. And honestly, all the mothers out there… do you really see yourself leaving your children anywhere near a sex offender? Honestly, do you? No matter who it is? I know I would never leave my child anywhere near a sex offender unless I am dead. And most likely, the offender would be too.

  37. @v@ says – reply to this


    She took the high road here. What about the alleged 'funny uncle' alluded to on gossip sites here and there that supposedly was at issue?

  38. 38

  39. 39

    ::but when you read inbetween the lines you can detect a subconscious attack on Barker through her questioning of his mental stability, which is entirely unfounded, since she is not a licensed ::

    I hardly call this a subconscious attack. If you read the letter, she says that their kids can't fly airplanes and she makes strides to work with him and ensure that concern is met by making a long drive instead. Anyone who has been in a plane crash and won't fly in an airplane clearly has post traumatic stress syndrome, and I'm sure he's seen a therapist about it which I'm sure she'd know about.

  40. 40

    First of all, if you remember watching their show on mtv, Shana slept all fucking day long. She wouldn't get up until 12 pm. Who was watching the kids? Travis was when he wasn't on tour. She's such an amazing mother but won't get out of bed to take care of her own kids?

    Travis, if this is true, you need to step up and takea custody of your children and stop bitching about it and actually do something!

  41. 41

    i think she sounds like a reasonable, mature, well-spoken woman.
    her idiot ex-husband, on the other hand, is coming off like a wackjob crackpot more and more every day.
    someday those kids are going to read what he has said all over the internet and be horrified and ashamed of their nutcake of a father. he really needs to SHUT UP.

  42. 42

    She has stated her side positively, maturely and with dignity. I don't think Travis is a "bad" person, but he HAS been publicly raking her across the coals and making wild accusations, so I understand why she feels this need to make her feelings known about hiim and his actions in a public forum. And it IS true that the children may, at some future time, be able to access all these events and all that's been written about the family, the divorce, and what has been said about each of them, both together and separately. So, I think she's correct, and it is probably best not to air all the "dirty laundry" in such detail and so publicly! Take note, Travis, and try to understand Shanna's side of things. And Shanna, congrats on holding back and writing this statement of yours with none of the drama that's been shown lately and without tearing Travis down. I hope you two can work things out and that you both ultimately end up happy, or at least not UNhappy about how it all works out and that your children don't see or hear about all the ugliness that has surrounded your case. I hope that they ONLY see that, even though it didn't work out for you two to be together, they are still going to be able to be with both parents and that you both continue to love them just as much as ever.

  43. 43

    She's bitch you can just tell.. but i do think she probably does shit on purpose to piss off Travis and knows that he will bad mouth her, so he can look bad!! This is all in her master plan!! Oscar De La Hoya should have custody of ALL the Kids (EXcluding Shanna & Travis)..

  44. 44

    I thinks she's just as foolish. Not only because she did the same…including the public in their dispute. Plus, she said she's an "Amazing mother" I am 39. I've been married 19 years. I have 4 kids. I do it all cook, clean house, laundry, talk, yell. I have never had a sitter/nanny (stay at home mom, just for our kids). My husband and myself did the diapers the potty training, the homework, EVERYTHING our self. And guess what… I have normal kids and I'm MOM not amazing, just Mom.

  45. 45

    The fact that it was Shauna who called the police and Travis who ended up having to leave shows me who was at fault in this altercation. he is starting to sound paranoid like most speed freaks. Just look at him, he is obviously a drug addict and it's really starting to show.

  46. 46

    I know actors act. But to me, I'd be totally grossed out if I was cast and made to kiss a member of my own gender. It's be like kissing a horse. Not natural. Yuck!

  47. 47

    Oh, Travis (Dog) Barker, isn't he the douche with the burnt wiener? Poor guy, his genital warts spread to his face, ha ha.

  48. 48

    I think she is an idiot and has always been a no talent idiot who seeks attention any way she can and it is unfortunate that she reproduced. she did not take the high road, nor did he. I feel sorry for the way these children are being brought up and I hope a judge steps in and sends them both to some sort of parenting classes. You do not share personnal stuff about your family on the internet-this is not a 'Team" anyone situation, this is about raising your children in a healthy happy fit situation. If neither is able to provide that without calling in the paps, remove the children. They both sound like sad, washed up nobodies.

  49. 49

    Oh God, the people who she is referring to as the people who know her as an amazing mother are most likely her mother and father and maybe some of her alcholic friends who dont know when to put the drink down

  50. 50

    Very well said and it's just a shame that she has to deal with such an immature man who can't put his children first. He is obviously jealous of her and wants to make her life a living hell, even at the expense of their kids. Shame on him!! Their kids will see his nasty posts some day, he needs to man up!

  51. 51

    Re: joyous1foru – Yay…good for you. I am also a mom with 3 kids and do "it all" too and yet i can look at her and COMMEND her on how she feels as a mother. I can also say that I'm an AMAZING MOM…so you are only selling yourself short by concluding you're ok. What's so wrong with saying you feel you are a great parent? How is that bad? Maybe you should take a vacay….you sound very bitter.

  52. 52

    Team Shanna!

  53. 53

    Re: joyous1foru – Hey mom - Seems rather odd to take to one's blog and feel the need to self-congratulate. The pedophile thing keeps coming up and is troubling; I gather she's implying he's delusional about it. Not so sure about her… regards Jay

  54. 54

    I don't know how amazing she is as a mother but as a drunk she is outstanding

  55. 55

    Re: ballonknot – Wow…harsh judgement from someone who doesn't know them at all. Yeah…I'm sure this stupidity is all a "master plan" of some sort. You sound more whacked than Travis my friend. Maybe its time to step up the meds.

  56. 56

    For someone who doesn't want to play personal relationships in the media she sure goes ON and ON. Which ever way she tries to paint it, she's trying to make herself look better than him - period. If she were taking the higher ground she wouldn't be posting her family issues all over the net. What a fucking moron.

  57. 57

    Carnie Wilson is looking good!

  58. 58

    I love Shanna but she has to stop responding to him. By taking to her blog and talking about the issues, she is just giving him more reason to take the fight to the internet. If she keeps quiet, and he keeps on yapping with the insults, trust me, he will be feeling like a fool in the near future and in the future (when the kids can read his writing). But by going to your myspace and telling us how you feel and what you are doing right, you are giving him more ammunition.

  59. 59



  60. 60

    shes right

  61. 61

    Well said. I love Travis but the way he is acting is making want to support Shanna 100%. He seems like an enraged animal. He needs to cool down and do it for the kids and stop trying to pick his children against their mother whether she is a "good mom" or not.

  62. mgh says – reply to this




  63. 63

    not well said. this thing is full of grammatical errors. what the fuck. this is america, one of the most educated countries on earth, yet we have people who cant speak proper english. sad sad sad

  64. 64

    Yeah right, you bitch.

    If you were such a good mother you would have wrote more about how there Is no child molester near your children.

  65. SJB says – reply to this


    Team Shanna, but this airing dirty laundry by celebs on the internet has to stop. I don't blame her for responding but this ish has to stop.

  66. 66

    I have to go with Shanna. Again. Travis is a Flatbiller douchebag. Go back to Fontanna and play your shitty pop punk crap music. Your mouth looks like a butthole!

  67. 67

    What do I think? If it hadn't been almost completely free of spelling and grammatical errors, and based on your previous postings on the topic I would think that you wrote this posting on her behalf Peresite. Since that isn't plausible, I would say her publicist wrote it to try to "own the high ground" as they say in PR speak. So basically I say that the only reason this published nonsense is better than Trav's is that it is more articulately communicated and strategically thought out. Travis: your move.

  68. 68

    sorry but i became uninterested, right after the word annoyed :P

  69. 69

    What does Perez mean "SURPRISINGLY" well said? Moakler is always well spoken. She has never been an idiot. She's very cool I think.

  70. 70

    And until we have SEEN documented proof of this alleged "child molesting uncle" no one should be harping on it. People twist words, get things incorrect, exaggerate, lie all kinds of things and just because it makes it to print does not mean we have all the facts. She has said she has no uncle AT ALL.

  71. mute says – reply to this


    she didn't have to say anything except she didn't want to handle this in the media. if she really didn't, she didn't have to. and the revealing travis has PTSD is unneccessary and low blow

  72. 72

    Go Team Shanna!

  73. 73

    I believe Shanna! I mean she DOES haave a child with another celebrity and not once have we heard ANY of the claims from him as we have from Travis. I think Travis is just a douche who wants full custody and is trying to fling mud at her. She is a class act…he is not and he has proven it over and over again. She has remained classy and gracious. Travis GET A FREAKIN LIFE!!!!

  74. 74


  75. 75

    Re: JusticeStoon – you're "reading between the lines" too much, my dear.

  76. 76

    Shanna didn't write this, someone else wrote it for her.

  77. 77

    this sounds like total b.s. who takes to their blog their personal issues. so what if people dont think youre a good mother, if you really are you wouldnt have to take it to blog. and who really totally believes what travis saids about her.

  78. 78

    Who gives a rat's ass what this trick bitch thinks? Travis' money pays for her to drink and coke it up in the bar all night. This bitch is paid for, so she should shut up and act like the whore everyone already knows she is. If she hadn't been married to Travis and had children with Travis then everyone would be asking, "Shanna who?" To think this slag honestly thought she was the celebrity everyone was interested in when she was with Oscar De LaHoya… You are a whore, Shanna, and unfortunately, we are currently glorifying whores in western culture.

  79. 79

    So much for those babies to deal with their parents not being together their dad's near death experience please find a way to live in harmony……if a performer is not performing why is their coming and going anyone else's business?????????????

  80. 80

    I love how this gold digging hooker blames Travis' PTSD. No, slut, it couldn't possibly be because Travis is truly concerned about the welfare of his 2 children, make that 3 children, when he has to care and pay for your child by some other man. All this whore knows how to do is roll out of bed, look at her watch and make plans for yet another night of bar hopping.

  81. 81

    If she wrote that I can not believe how well written/spoken she is! Good for her! Sometimes you have to vent or explain yourself through your blog; even us 'regular' people…

  82. 82


  83. 83


  84. 84


  85. 85

    Quiit trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill people! Shes a mom & a decent one at that. Go screw with someone elses life!

  86. 86

    I think this is pretty sad, not for Shanna and Travis, but for the kids. If they haven't heard about this stuff yet, they will someday and it's going to be disgusting for them to know all the things their dad had said about their mom.

  87. 87

    I have zero liking/respect for that chick. After the way she conducted herself during the Miss CA contraversy, she lost all credibility w/me. Travis Barker…you straight got used by a publicity grubbing gold digger. I feel sorry for her kids…'hope they look more up to dad than mom. Mom's career: Sleep your way to the top. Dad's: Talent.

  88. PAH says – reply to this


    You know, I don't know her or have liked what she has said in the past but after reading this I come to kind of like her. He sounds like he is the one w/the problem, and needs to have a sit down w/a psychiatrist. You know if he would shut his trap she wouldn't have to defend herself on a blog. He needs to keep his feelings about is wife out of the public eye and into a lawyer or doctors office… for the sake of their children! He is a DB!!!!!

  89. 89

    They both need to grow up. They're not in high school any more.

  90. 90

    oh god! im not gonna read all that..

  91. 91

    Keep her kids from the public eye? Ha! She had a show called Keeping Up With the Barkers doing just that. And on that show is where I SAW her being a horribly absent mother. When this show aired, I had just had my son. I was so in love with my son, I quit my job and spent every second with him, loving him up. I would watch the show each week with my cousin, she would come over. And each week we would watch Shanna handing Landon over to the nanny, leaving Landon, not interacting with Landon and sleeping all day long. When she had her daughter, she brought her home and had her nanny take care of her (that's what nannies do) but shockingly, had the nanny take care of Georgia all night!! WTF? Your daughter's first night home and you have someone else take care of her? Your job as a mother Shanna is to TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEWBORN AT NIGHT!! If I was that nanny, I would have said, "Take care of her yourself"! My cousin and my jaw DROPPED at how disconnected she was with her kids. But then we laughed when Landon was bottlefeeding the newborn, saying "Shanna sure as hell isn't going to do it". My point is when Travis came forward and claimed she was an absent mother, I wasn't surprised, I saw it with my own two eyes. Maybe she's a better mother now but I'd be curious at how many hours a week she actually spends with them. I spend 24/7 with mine. Because I love 'em!

  92. 92

    i think it's indeed said great but it's a bit silly to put it on a blog x