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Anne Heche Thinks Her Ex Is A Lazy Ass; We Think She Is A Dumb Ass

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Anne Heche held nothing back yesterday when she visited David Letterman and let the world know what she really thought of her ex-girlfriend Ellen ex-husband Coley Laffoon.

Sarcasm was most definitely her friend as she happily labeled Coley a "lazy ass" and when asked what he does for a living these days, she replied: "He goes out to the mailbox and he opens up the little mailbox door and goes, 'Oh! I got a check from Anne! Oh! I got a check from Anne! Yay!' "

That's one way to make of living. Plus, that might be his routine now, but as we've learned in the past, after Anne Heche breaks your heart, a lucrative & successful career hosting daytime TV and Covergirl commercials is bound to follow. Coley just needs to bide his time.

And as if she should give marriage advice to anyone, Anne left her audience with this last little nugget of wisdom: "Don't get married. Forever engaged is a wonderful romantic thing to do."

Plus, it saves you tons of money you don't have because you have no career left or a lawyer.

Oh, Anne. Shut it!

[Image via WENN.]

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41 comments to “Anne Heche Thinks Her Ex Is A Lazy Ass; We Think She Is A Dumb Ass”

  1. 1

    When you have been married and divorced than you can give advise, until then Mario, why don't you shut up.

    Why should she support his lazy ass? He should go back to work and support his son himself.

  2. TLK=3 says – reply to this


    She's completely right.

  3. 3

    Wow bitter much? Sign a prenup before you get married!

  4. 4

    carpet muncher…

  5. 5

    Annie is an inspiration. How to make a mega career on almost nothing at all.

  6. 6

    She is right her lazy ass ex husband needs to get a job ! and until you have been in a relationship and no I'm not talking about , Teddy or your left hand you can shut the fuck up.

  7. 7

    Not saying I agree with spousal support, but why when a man gets it from a well off woman, he's a douche? But it's ok for a woman to get it for years? It's a double standard. What happened to women wanting equal rights & being treated the same? I bet if it were reversed she'd be happy to open the mailbox from him…

  8. 8

    She wrote a book called "Call Me Crazy" in which she claimed to have conversations with aliens in her own invented language….so….just why would we listen to anything this nutbag has to say?

  9. 9

    Re: sadieface – you said "Why should she support his lazy ass? He should go back to work and support his son himself. "

    Fine, then so should the mothers of P-Diddy's, 50 Cent's, and Jude Law's kids.

  10. 10

    Totally on Team Anne and don't think she should shut it at all. She'll still be polishing her Emmy long after Lady Gaga has faded into obscurity and PerezHilton.com has closed up shop.

  11. 11

    She has a career, HBO's Hung. Great show! …and obviously there's some bitterness there, but we are not privy to the details…the guy could be a major douchebag…or she's a lying bitch! Who's to know for sure. But I know enough not to take your word for it. She's a little loopy…but aren't we all? I'm not living her life and either are you. So take for what it is: something you ultimately know nothing about.

  12. 12

    She's as crazy as a loon.

  13. 13

    and we think you are a fatass

  14. 14

    Did her ex also get custody of her left earring?

  15. 15

    She is a talented actress, Perez. He gambles on the internet. He does NOTHING for a living. She supports him. The courts ordered her to. He donated his sperm during their marriage and is set for life to be supported by her. She is telling the truth.

  16. 16

    I agree with her and understand her anger…what a douche! Get a job! Same goes for all the moms out there that are living off of child and spousal support. No double standard - get your own life and try to better yourself. He worked before she met him - there is no reason why he should not have to work now. What an ass. Have some self respect.

  17. 17

    …that crazy B itc h is so entertaining and I am not referring to her acting or writing.

  18. 18

    If the freeloader would get off his ass and at least look for work, it seems Anne would be a lot kinder toward him. This loser is not even making an effort to help support his child but just sits around and waits for the check to arrive every month. I don't blame Anne at all for being bitter. I think anyone would be in her situation.

  19. 19

    Your headlines are getting nastier all the time. Since you have no credibility and nobody believes you, maybe you should think before you give your own useless opinions.

  20. 20

    And this is from the woman who pretended to be gay so she could fuck Ellen and become famous? Yeah, shut it Anne.

  21. 21

    Ugly and crazy is not a good combination.

  22. 22

    Classy move, Anne. Again, why do celebrities publicly air piles of dirty laundry to ANYONE who will listen?
    David Letterman seemed a little uncomfortable with Ann's weird rantings and kept trying to change the subject.
    Hey Anne, try discussing the problems in the lawyer and family counseling offices!
    Won't be long until her current marriage is over too

  23. 23

    I don't find her attractive but she is batshit crazy - friggin' certifiable - and they can be some of the nastiest chicks in bed.

    Just don't fall asleep aferwards…..

  24. 24

    Where is her career? She's so 1995.

  25. 25

    Doesn't matter what the facts are. You should not be publicly airing family issues. Not EVER!

  26. 26

    Re: ilovepugs
    # 26
    There are always 2 sides to every story. And keep family issues in the family

  27. 27

    He may be lazy, but she's being completely inappropriate regarding her child's psychological health. She always has been a jerk.

  28. 28

    You'd be angry too if you had to give a huge chunk of cash monthly to some user loser. Say what you will about Anne Heche, she works hard and she's damn talented.



  29. 29

    She's the whore who cheated on her husband. Dumb ass .

  30. 30

    she does have a career. your writers are idiots. have you seen hung? it's a very successful show on HBO.

  31. 31

  32. 32

    UM, she left HIM & The kid to screw her co-star. The bitch want to cry because she has to take care of her son. Some people need to get real.

  33. 33

    I think YOU should shut up, get married and then talk! When you see people you care about getting divorced and having to pay all that money to their ex who totally don't deserve you'd understand WHAT THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MARRIAGE!? You arrogant ass.

  34. 34

    Even better marriage advice: don't marry someone you already know is batshit crazy insane. Did her ex really think this was going to end well when he married her?

  35. 35

    What the hell are you talking about? She has a lead role on Hung on HBO…after Trueblood. Awesome, awesome show.

  36. 36

    i watch hung lol. shes still kicking.

  37. 37

    After what she did to Ellen….this is Karma at it's best.

    She sucks on Hung, too.

  38. 38

    that would be its not it's….

  39. 39

    I'm not the biggest fan of Anne Heche but she does still have a career. She's currently on the fabulous new show 'Hung' which she plays a shallow bitch, which admittedly, is fitting for her.

  40. 40

    Re: cherrymuffinlove – IT's Child Support SHe is PAYING!!!!!SHe Left the kid with him .

  41. 41

    Funny how all the chicks finally realize what an atrocity it is to have to pay spousal support to some deadbeat. Welcome to the world of being a man, you hypocritical gold-diggers!

    I hope he takes her for half of every dollar she makes, just so you can fully appreciate what B.S. it is and what we have to go through to support the life style you've grown 'accustomed' to